Social Media Marketing Report for the April 5th Cleared Job Fair


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For each Cleared Job Fair, we share the companies that will be attending. This is the report of how we supported our partners for the April 5th Cleared Job Fair.

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Social Media Marketing Report for the April 5th Cleared Job Fair

  1. 1. April 5, 2012 Cleared Job Fair Marketing Report for our Cleared Job Fair CustomersThank you for being part of the Cleared Job Fair in Springfield, VA. As part of your participation in theCleared Job Fair your company has received named mentions in advertising in email invitations,newsletters, print advertising, online advertising and social media.Print Advertising Print ads run in military base newspapers and web sites from Norfolk to Baltimore, reaching an audience of over 200,000.Email Marketing to the ClearedJobs.Net Database and Beyond An invitation is sent the week prior to the Cleared Job Fair to the approximately 100,000 security cleared job seekers in the ClearedJobs.Net email database. The ClearedJobs.Net enewsletter also highlights your company name and the Cleared Job Fair in the weeks preceding the event.
  2. 2. 2,000 cleared email addresses outside the ClearedJobs.Net database were purchased to reach a cleared audience beyond our database.Slideshare.Net The Job Seeker Handbook features your company and your position titles. It’s published on the social media platform the Friday before each Cleared Job Fair. The Job Seeker Handbook was viewed 1,434 times, Tweeted 321 times, Liked 9 times and Shared on LinkedIn 43 times.Animoto An Animoto music video promoting the Cleared Job Fair was viewed 3,307 times. The Animoto features pictures of your company’s recruiting staff. If we did not have a previous picture we used your company logo. This program is shared throughout the social networks of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. 3. LinkedIn Ads, Events and Discussion GroupsLinkedIn Ads are used in many variations in both targeted and broad campaigns to feature yourcompany to key candidates. These ads had over 280,000 impressions in the weeks leading up to theCleared Job Fair. Additionally we post Cleared Job Fair information in many LinkedIn groups.TwitterOn Twitter we post live updates from the event of what your recruiting team is sharing with the jobseekers, along with pictures. And prior to the Cleared Job Fair we share updates on Twitter about yourcompany’s participation in the Cleared Job Fair and how to research the jobs before the event.FacebookFacebook posts on the Cleared Job Fair, Best Recruiter and ClearedJobs.Net pages are highlightedbefore, during and after the event.
  4. 4. FlickrFinally, a picture album of the entire event is posted on Flickr.