Be Calm and Carry On During #Shutdown2013


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#Shutdown2013 is having a significant impact on recruiters and jobseekers in the security cleared community. While many recruiters are feeling anxiety, frustration and uncertainty, there are a few things they can do to support their employment brand and maintain the positive flow of their talent pipeline. Communicate, evaluate, initiate and educate.

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Be Calm and Carry On During #Shutdown2013

  1. Frustrated, anxious and uncertain? Tips for cleared recruiters on what to do during #shutdown2013
  2. During #Shutdonw2013 you not only don’t know about your job, you also have a flood of applicants wanting to know what you are doing with your posted and future jobs!
  3. Some of our recommendations on maintaining your employer brand and keeping your talent pipeline flowing during #shutdown2013: Communicate Evaluate Initiate Educate
  4. Communicate with your talent community on your out of office messages, LinkedIn or through your ATS, what you are doing with current and future applications.
  5. Evaluate all of your social media channels by using management applications to keep an eye on frustrated jobseeker comments.
  6. Initiate current tools like targeted resume agents and clear job descriptions to help you ramp up quickly when the shutdown ends .
  7. Educate your talent community with tips on how to navigate #shutdown2013
  8. Just remember… You are not alone! If you would like to share your stories with me, I am here to listen. Thanks, Kathleen You can also check out one recruiter’s advice to jobseekers.