Top Secret Clearance Candidates


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Sourcing qualified technology and engineering candidates is hard enough. How about adding “Top Secret” clearance? That's where can help.

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Top Secret Clearance Candidates

  1. 1. Mission Accomplished: Sumaria Getsthe Job Done with ClearanceJobs.comSourcing qualified technical candidates, engineers and managers for demandingrequisitions is challenging enough. Add “Top Secret” clearance to the requirements andfilling the position becomes a difficult mission. In Brief Company: Sumaria Systems, Inc., Danvers, MassachusettsThat’s the challenge Gary Unger and John Holbrook face everyday. As recruiters for Sumaria Systems, Inc., a government service Business Profile: Sumaria is a $40 million ISOprovider, they specialize in sourcing professionals for IT services, 9001:2000 certified contractor that providesadvisory assistance, intelligence purposes, system engineering, comprehensive technology and professionalcontract management and more for Department of Defense (DoD) services to the Department of Defense (DoD).agencies. Situation: Sumaria sources a range ofAbout 85% of Sumaria’s requisitions require an active DoD security experienced professionals for the DoDclearance, including Secret and Top Secret clearances with including intelligence support personnel, subject matter experts, security and assurancespecial access privileges. “Typically, the programs we support personnel, software engineers, help deskinvolve weapons and vehicle systems used by the Air Force, so the technicians and more. Most of the company’spositions involve a high degree of security,” explains Holbrook. In requisitions require candidates with activeaddition, the DoD often calls for candidates with specialized skill security clearances and special skills, sosets and Air Force experience. Sumaria recruiters need a constant source of professionals with the right qualifications and current credentials.“ outshines the other two national Solution: Use to findservices we’re using.” candidates to fill immediate requisitions. — Gary Unger, Corporate Recruiter, Sumaria Systems, Inc. Results: • Six successful placements in two monthsSpecialized Search • Additional referrals from ClearanceJobsUnger and Holbrook have used a mix of sources to find candidates candidates that could lead to moreincluding large national and military job boards, Sumaria’s web site placementsand referrals from current employees. However, that mix wasn’t • Fast searches for qualified candidatesgetting the job done. • Excellent return on investment
  2. 2. In spring 2008, one of Unger’s clients tasked him with “It’s all about speed, efficiency and ROI. finding a professional for a highly specialized position. has it all.” “We didn’t have a lot of time and I knew the other services I was using weren’t going to provide the security- —John Holbrook, Senior Recruiter, Sumaria Systems, Inc. cleared talent I needed,” he says. At the same time, a representative from contacted Unger. his networking database. “When I get resumes that aren’t an exact fit for what I need, chances are I’ll be able to use He and the Sumaria management team decided to use them another time. With other boards they’re often not for three months. even U.S. citizens so I can’t use them at all.” Unger and Holbrook got hands-on tutorials on so they could use the tool to its fullest The quality of the candidates on is potential including creating keyword search agents, job key says Unger. “Almost 99% of the people that reply postings and database searches. to our postings are qualified for the job,” says Unger. “On other sites you’ll find people with Then Unger used the site to find the specialized a security clearance — but it’s expired. Our customers candidate – and met with immediate success. In only require clearance in place on day one.” two months of use, Unger and Holbrook made five hires from, and one of those candidates Unger says that because Sumaria’s first three months referred another professional who the company also with produced such good results, the hired. “The response we’ve gotten in two months has company has upgraded their subscription to a 12-month been phenomenal,” says Unger. “And we’ve realized a contract with 10 rotating job postings. And he adds significant increase in our revenue off those hires.” that he sees continued success ahead. “We anticipate that will be a valuable tool in our recruiting toolbox, allowing us to place more candidates A Balance of Function and Quality and increase our gross revenue.” Their business moves fast so Unger and Holbrook need a service that works as efficiently as they do. “The search tools and retrieval capabilities are robust,” says Holbrook. “I can find populations of candidates that I need quickly.” Holbrook says is also helping build All content Copyright 2008 • 4101 NW Urbandale Drive • Urbandale, IA 50322 • 877-386-3323