FSO Training: Preparing for Business Growth


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Facility Security Officers must support NISPOM requirements over a growing enterprise. Classified information must be protected through adding security personnel and/or expanding facilitates.

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FSO Training: Preparing for Business Growth

  1. 1. FSO SeriesA CL E A R A NCE JOB S SPECI A L R EP OR TPreparing for Business Growth —An FSO’s Roleby Jeffrey W. Bennett, Industrial Security Professional (ISP), for ClearanceJobs.com Business growth affects the storage or volume. When the FSO does not have credibility or influence, they will not be prepared to project the entire enterprise. In the best growth and will constantly be trying to catch up with the case, employees are actively work. Such a posture costs plenty in company overhead. engaged in making the companysuccessful. Each business unit does its part to Adding Security Personnelmeet deadlines, support the contract or perform Additional contracts or change in performance measureson the contract per the statement of work and may require additional security personnel. A sudden growth in security storage, additional cleared projects, orexpectations. The worst position for any unit to added facilities, could provide opportunities to hire morebe in is failing to project the growth and causing personnel to support the increased work load. The FSO should be prepared to provide specific job requirementsa bottleneck in production. for security positions. Professional growth potential and management potential, technical competence, andA Successful Growth Strategy necessary security administrations skills will help the hiring manager search for and select qualified candidates.When a defense contractor business grows, the engaged Potential security professionals should not only be U.S.cleared facility security officer (FSO) should be prepared citizens with security clearances, as required by thefor that growth. The FSO should continue development National Industrial Security Program Operating Manualand maintenance of relationships with employees and (NISPOM) but demonstrate competence in the tasks theykey business units. Such interaction allows the FSO to are asked to do and a desire to perform. They should alsoforecast requirements for the storage of classified material, have the ability to grasp and teach concepts of security toperformance of classified work and the protection of the help keep the security fresh in the corporate culture.enterprises employees, products, and capital.An FSO should have credibility with the senior management Establishing Proceduresand ability to contribute to a successful growth strategy. The FSO and security specialists should work towardThey should be able to recommend requirements for hiring establishing operating procedures and a job performanceand training additional security employees, accuratelycalculating classified inventory storage and managingclassified performance needs. The FSO should be able toaddress unique contract opportunities such as: classifiedprojects, new facility or alternate locations with newphysical security expectation and an increase in classified
  2. 2. description. New employees can become successful where the largest growth potential concerning classifiedfaster with formalized certification training. This training holdings would arise. Some resources or tools would becould reflect the companyʼs policies as they support the database where classified information is logged. TheNISPOM requirements and the overall enterprise culture. NISPOM identifies this as the Information ManagementThe training and certification program should be unique System. Such information would be useful to help projectto the organization and lined with milestones that where the organization might be in five years at theeventually allow new employees to work unsupervised current and projected growth rates.after demonstrating an understanding of governmentregulations and company policy. Good sources for Database research can prevent hasty and inaccuratedeveloping such a program include the NISPOM and decisions. For example, an untrained employee mayrequirements identified in contract statements of work assume that growth would require additional storageand the DD Forms 254 issued with each classified shelves for paper documents. However, the securitycontract. During the education, the new employee can department may be generating and receiving more DVDenroll in additional training provided by the government media and fewer paper products as evidenced in receiptson-line and in residence, lessons provided by company and file data. The FSO would dig deep to find information.personnel and any training offered directly under Good databases can break down inventory by year,their managerʼs supervision. With a good training or quarter, or any other necessary date range useful forcertification plan in place, much of the employeeʼs projecting future needs. Such research could help identifysuccess can be measured within the first 30 days. classified information that can be destroyed or otherwise eliminated from storage. This would free space and save on future storage and inventory costs. Such a move canExpanding Facilities save tens of thousands of dollars annually in employeeNew opportunities for growth can manifest through and storage costs, increase the FSOs value and possiblyadditional contracts, modification or renewal of current provide a career boost for the FSO.contracts. New requirements could call for additionalfacilities for the storage of classified material or theperformance of unique work in closed areas. Whether The Role of an FSOconstructing new buildings or modifying current facilities As a manager of a vital business department, the FSOfor unique classified work, the job calls for planning, should be credible and influential. When an FSOʼsbudgeting, and compliance. The FSO is critical to leadership provides cost reduction through savingforecasting the unique needs and regulatory requirements. resources, time, and finding other alternatives while remaining compliant they establish great credibility.A new defense contractor may not have all the facilities in Shareholders at all levels value such behavior and beginplace for future growth but should be constantly preparing to invite such leadersʼ input with growth and otherfor solutions as they bid on contracts. For example, strategy plans. Forward thinking FSOs play a valuablesuppose a defense contractor needs a conference room role in protecting our nationʼs secrets, predicting costs,to host classified meetings. The FSO would research the requirements and help plan for the successful executionrequirements and estimated costs of building or modifying and defense of classified contracts. ★ ★ ★space for such a conference room and present it to theexecutives and senior officers at a minimum. The FSOʼspresentation would cover controls necessary to eliminate Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, is a former Army officer, FSO and isunauthorized disclosure. Such controls include: limiting an accomplished writer of security books and periodicals.access to the room, the conference phone capabilities, the His books include ISP Certification-The Industrial Securityprojectors, overhead ceiling panels, doors and other areas Professional Exam Manual. He is the owner of Red Bikerequiring protection measures and inspections. Finally Publishing (www.redbikepublishing.com).approval from the cognizant security agency is necessaryonce the plan was complete.The FSO also looks into their security organization toaddress internal growth. They would conduct research on4101 NW Urbandale Drive • Urbandale, Iowa 50322 • 1.877.386.3323 • www.clearancejobs.com