Solvern Innovations: Growing Strongwith ClearanceJobsWhen the National Security Agency (NSA) or Central Intelligence Agenc...
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Finding Security Clearance Resumes


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Finding resumes with security clearance can be difficult. ClearanceJobs make it easy by allowing you to focus your hiring message to only cleared candidates. Read about one company's experience with

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Finding Security Clearance Resumes

  1. 1. Solvern Innovations: Growing Strongwith ClearanceJobsWhen the National Security Agency (NSA) or Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) needs technology andbusiness management solutions, they look for prompt solutions from Solvern Innovations. The mid-sizetech and business services provider based in Baltimore, Maryland meets those demands with agility,innovation and a deep bench of highly skilled professionals.Despite the challenging economy, Solvern Innovations’ servicesare in high demand and the company is in an aggressive growth In Briefphase. That means the company must source more skilled Company: Solvern Innovations, Baltimore, MDprofessionals with the high level, full scope polygraph securityclearance required by most of its clients. Until recently, Solvern Business Profile: Solvern Innovations is aInnovations relied on employee referrals and a small job board mid-size defense contractor providing tech andto find candidates. But the company needed a better – faster – business services to government and militarypipeline of qualified prospective employees. organizations. Situation: Solvern Innovations is in anNine Hires in Four Months aggressive growth phase. At any given time, theNeal Frick, senior technical recruiter at Solvern Innovations, company has up to 100 job openings for techinvited ClearanceJobs to demonstrate the service for the and business management professionals withcompany’s management team. They were sold. Solvern Innovations high-level security clearance. The company’spurchased a subscription in July 2009. Within four months the regular sourcing channels can’t keep up withcompany had interviewed more than 75 people from the site and demand.hired nine of them. Is Frick sold on the results from ClearanceJobs?“Absolutely,” he says. Solution: Subscribe to ClearanceJobs to access a database of highly skilled, security- cleared professionals.“ClearanceJobs has twice as many viable Results:candidates… it pays for itself!” • Nine hires in just four months — Neal Frick, Senior Technical Recruiter, Solvern Innovations • A constant source of candidates with diverse skills and current security clearance • Fresh resumes delivered via email every dayNow, is a key source for Frick. He’s on the sitedaily searching for cleared IT professionals including database • Easy access to passive candidatesdevelopers, programmers and networking experts, as well asbusiness professionals who can handle training, curriculumdevelopment, procurement support, financial analysis and more.“ClearanceJobs has a good blend of skill sets … We’ve had greatsuccess finding candidates with more than just IT skills,”notes Frick.
  2. 2. Fresh Resumes Daily “ClearanceJobs makes it easy to findHe posts jobs and uses the resume retrieval service,which delivers new resumes that match his specs right people with the right clearance.”to his e-mail box. “The number of fresh candidates on the — Neal Frick, Senior Technical Recruiter, Solvern Innovationssite is really appealing,” says Frick. “If the timing is right,we can get in touch with people within an hour of whenthey post their resume. It’s great to be the first company That was the case with a recent hire. The candidate, ato build a relationship with someone.” contracting specialist, was in the process of transitioning from an intelligence agency to a contract position. HerOn average, 15 new matching resumes are waiting in resume, which had been on the ClearanceJobs.comFrick’s inbox each morning from ClearanceJobs. When database for a while, came up in one of Frick’s searches.he opens them, Frick knows the candidates will have the Her qualifications met Frick’s job requisitions exactly. “Wesecurity clearance he needs. “Sorting through uncleared were able to connect with her and convince her to comecandidates on other boards is tedious,” he says. on board with Solvern Innovations,” says Frick. “It was a“ClearanceJobs makes it easy to find people with the right big win for us; we’d been trying to fill that position for aclearance. It’s been a huge time saver for us.” long time.”Quick Connection to Passive Candidates Time-saving services and qualified candidates coupledFrick also likes the fact that ClearanceJobs archives with competitive pricing – it adds up to an excellent value,resumes until the candidates delete them, which means says Frick. “The rates are the same as some of the largerthat the database has a large pool of active – and passive job boards, but ClearanceJobs has twice as many viable– candidates. “If you can identify someone who put their candidates… ClearanceJobs pays for itself!”resume up a few years ago, they may now be consideringa move and we might be able to start a dialogue,” In November, 2009 Solvern Innovations, Inc. was acquiredexplains Frick. by Telecommunications Systems. 4101 NW Urbandale Drive • Urbandale, Iowa 50322 • 1.877.386.3323 •