How to make darn sure (or near as darn it) that your application is accepted in the 2012 cleantech open
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  • 1. Join Us Startup Success 101:How to Make Darn Sure (or Near as Darn it) That Your Application is Accepted in the 2012 Cleantech Open
  • 2. Our 60 Minute Agenda• A Little About the Cleantech Open (5 minutes)• Impact & History of the Accelerator & Competition (5 minutes)• How the Accelerator & Competition Work (10 minutes)• How to Apply (10 minutes)• How to Make Darn Sure (or near as Darn It) that Your Application Will Get Accepted (5 minutes)• Have Your Questions Answered (15 minutes)
  • 3. The Cleantech Open EcosystemOur Network of Networks Our Team… Venture Capital Government National Labs Cleantech Open ServiceFoundations Participants & Alumni Providers Volunteers, Mentors, Judges Individual Corporations Donors Utilities
  • 4. Our MissionThe mission of the Cleantech Open is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’smost urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.
  • 5. Cleantech Open Runs the World’s Largest Cleantech Accelerator US Regional Business Founded Competitions A Not-For-Profit States Volunteer Annual Events in Professionals 26 Cities Nationwide Nationwide
  • 6. The World’s Largest Cleantech Accelerator • National Academies, National Webinars, Regional Training Training • 861 participating mentors nationally: 475 Mentoring generalists and 386 specialists • 18+ Business Clinics nationally • National Investor Series: Pitch Panels Access to Capital Networking Receptions, Investor Connect • Regional event and showcases Showcasing • National Conference & Global Forum • Press exposure
  • 7. Results and ImpactSince 2006 • 581 US alumni companies • 40% of US alumni companies have received external funding • $660 million+ received to date, from 225 reporting US alumni • $154 million secured in the last 12 months
  • 8. Our Alumni are Getting Funded - Over $660M Company Cleantech Open Status Date AmountAdura Technologies 2006 Energy Efficiency Winner 2010 $12M Alphabet Energy 2009 Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Winner 2011 $12M EarthClean 2010 North Central Finalist 2011 $1M EcoFactor 2009 National Grand Prize Winner 2010 $5.9M FloDesign 2009 National Grand Prize Winner 2010 $37.5M Green Volts 2006 Renewable Energy Finalist 2010 $35M Halotechnics 2006 Renewable Energy Finalist 2010 $5.2M Mission Motors 2007 Transportation Finalist 2010 $4.7M OnChip Power 2010 Northeast Winner 2011 $1.8MRivertop Renewables 2009 Rocky Mountain Winner 2011 $4.75M SustainX Energy 2008 Northeast Finalist 2011 $20M Xolve 2010 North Central Finalist 2011 $2M
  • 9. What Cleantech Open Alumni Are Saying “I’ve been to business “The Cleantech Open did school. It takes a few years. an outstanding job of This takes a concentrated providing us with two months, it’s pretty informative workshops intense, and it’s probably and extraordinary more important. It really mentors… prepares you to move a To us, this was more than a company forward.” competition, it was an invaluable learning Dennis Murphy, Ground Source Geothernal, experience.“ 2008 Green Building Runner Up and 2008 Sustainability Award Winner Gabriel Ayala, Enovative Group, 2008 Energy Efficiency Finalist
  • 10. Accelerate Your Cleantech Startup to the Next Level
  • 11. The Pathway to Winning ~150 Regional Semifinalists Participation in mentoring, events (over 50% of all applicants) Up to 24 Regional Finalists$20,000 in cash and services for each Regional Finalist (typically three finalists per region) 7 Regional Winners 7 Regional Sustainability Winners Plus $10,000 in cash and services for each Regional Winner (one per region)And $10,000 in cash and services for each Regional Sustainability Winner (one per region) 1 National Winner Plus $250,000 in cash and services for one National Grand Prize Winner Grand Prize includes up to $100,000 cash (seed investment) All cash prizes may be cash grant and/or investment and are subject to change
  • 12. Here’s How It Works1 Apply Within Your Region 6 7 Become a Regional Finalist and receive expert Present your idea to a and receive a “Startup in a Box” feedback Regional Judging of cash and services and mentoring Panel and receive worth $20,000 expert feedback2 Qualify as a Semifinalist 5 Participate in the 8 Exhibit at the Global Forum to receive $45,000+ worth Regional Business and present your ideas Clinics to sharpen your of training, services, to investors and business plan, mentoring, network and presentation and business leaders visibility, including … strategy 3 4 9 Win the Grand Prize Participate in the Participate in the and receive up to $250,000* National Conference, Academy, an acclaimed, showcase your idea worth of cash, services, intensive, 3-day training and meet future national press coverage course led by experts clients and investors and more
  • 14. 1 Apply Within Your Category Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Green Building Air, Water & Waste Transportation Smart Power
  • 15. 1 Apply Early! … and work with our team to finalize your application. For questions, call our 800#: 888-989-6736 (989-OPEN) or complete a ticket: onbusinesscompetition
  • 16. 2-5 Qualify as a Semifinalist. Events include: Annual Launch (Feb/Mar) Breakfast Briefings (Jan-Apr) Networking Mixers (Jun - Nov) National Conference (Jun) Regional Awards (Oct) Global Forum (Nov)
  • 17. 2-5 … Mentoring, Training, Capital, Showcases Regional and National Media Academies (Jun/Jul) Training Program (Jul-Sep) Business Clinics (Jul-Aug) Investor Series Exhibit Booths (Conference, Forum)
  • 18. 2 Qualify as a Semifinalist & Be Matched to a MentorAccess the specialist mentor database for specialized help with your technology and business model …
  • 19. 3 Exhibit at the National Conference June 21st 2012 San Jose | California 1,000 + Attendees
  • 20. 4 Participate in the National Academy June 22-24th 2012 | San Jose | CA or June 28-29th 2012 | Boston | MA• Customer/market discovery, business model evaluation, validation and pivots• Fundamentals of sourcing funding and pitching to investors - prepare or polish your 10-15 minute investor pitch• IP strategy• Principals of financial modeling• How to win the Cleantech Open competition• Come out with the tools to complete your worksheets - required for the final rounds
  • 21. 5 The 10-week Summer ProgramDate National Webinar Topics Special Topic Sessions7/10 Business Model Canvas Cap Tables7/17 Product / Technology Validation Term Sheets Market & Getting To It7/24 Size, Trends, Competitive Dynamics, Regional Webinar Channels, etc. Financials Analysis & Modeling7/31 Regional Webinar Strategy8/7 Risk Analysis Regional Seminar * Regional Business Clinics8/14 Execution & Team Needed to Execute Regional Seminar* Regional Business Clinics8/21 Legal/Organization Structure Regional Seminar* Regional Business Clinics8/28 Sustainability Sustainability Mentor Assessment, Executive9/4 Regional Webinar Summary & Presentation * and/or local networking event/mixer
  • 22. 5 The 10 Tuesdays 9-3 9-3 9-2 9-2 Business Business Business Business Clinics Clinics Clinics Clinics (NE) (SA) 9-3 (NC) (SC) 9-2 9-2 Business Business Business Clinics Clinics Clinics (RM) (CA) (NW) 2-4 2-4 3-5 3-5 Webinar or Webinar or Webinar or Webinar or Regional Regional Regional Regional Seminar * Seminar * Seminar * Seminar * 3-5 3-5 4-6 5-7 5-7 6-8 6-8 National National National National National National National Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar 5-7 5-7 6-8 Webinar or Webinar or Webinar or Regional Regional Regional Seminar * Seminar * Seminar * * and/or local networking event/mixer
  • 23. 6-7 Regional Judging & Awards Become a Regional Finalist and Receive a “Startup in a Box” of cash and services worth $20,000 Receive Expert Feedback
  • 24. 8 Participate in the Global Forum November 8 - 9th 2012 | Silicon Valley | CA Showcase Investor Connect Pitch to future Customers & Investors • Showcase your products and services in the Global Forum Expo • Participate in Investor Connect • Present to a panel of judges on stage to 1,000+ investors, and business leaders who will decide on the national winner
  • 25. 9 Win The National Grand Prize of $250K* Category Winner National Grand Prize WinnerAll Semifinalists, Finalists and Winners are part of our Alumni Network for life *grant and/or investment and in-kind services
  • 26. Getting Started• Enter the 2012 Competition• Create a Team Note: you will need a minimum of 2 team members (including the team leader) by May 8th to qualify• Access your Online Application Complete and submit by May 8th, 2012, 11:59pm, PDT• View this helpful video
  • 27. 2012 Application Criteria and FeesApplication Criteria*• $1m max in external private financing, cumulative• $5m max from grants or friends and family, cumulative• 1 US resident, citizen or legal alien minimum per teamApplication Fee• $140 Per Team (professionals)• $90 Per Team (students)Participation Fee (as Semifinalist)• $475 Per Person• Heavily subsidized by sponsors and the generous contributions of many volunteers across the country *Must meet all eligibility criteria by May 8th
  • 28. Participation Fee Includes• Participation at the National and/or East Coast Academy• Participation in all Training (Seminars and Webinars)• Participation in Mentor, Investor, Sustainability Programs• Some Meals at National Conference, National and/or East Coast Academy, Global Forum*• Exhibition space at National Conference, Global Forum*• Tickets to all regional and most national events^ * Most, but not all of your meals will be catered at our events. ^ Excluding National Investor Panel and National VIP Events/Receptions.
  • 29. Participation Fee Includes• Materials like the new book from Steve Blank & Bob Dorf “The Startup Owner’s Manual”• Exclusive Software Offer from the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program - a full commercial software license of the Autodesk® Product Design Suite at no cost (up to $10,000 value) to all semi-finalists who attend either the East or West Coast Academies.
  • 30. Deadline for Application Submissions Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 11:59pm, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) Semifinalists Will be Notified – May 23rd• Semifinalist Participation Fee of $475 per team member (Minimum team size of 2 people) – includes participation in full program (excludes travel and accommodation)  National Conference June 21 – San Jose, CA  National Academy (West Coast) June 22-24 – San San Jose, CA AND/OR National Academy (East Coast) June 28 & 29 – Boston, MA (participation at one National Academy by at least one member of your team, or a deputy, is mandatory)
  • 31. Participation in Full Program Regional Business Clinics Tuesdays, July – September – Recommended. Locations will vary by region. Remote access may be available Final Worksheets deadline – Sept. 10th (Mandatory) Regional Mock Judging September 18th – Recommended. Location will vary by region. Remote access may be available in some regions Regional Judging and Awards October 9th -12th - In your region. Date will vary by region (Mandatory) Global Forum, November 8th – 9th – Bay Area, CA (Mandatory for Finalists; major opportunity for Semifinalists)
  • 32. Global Partner
  • 33. National Education Partner
  • 34. National Sponsor
  • 35. Regional & Multi-Regional Sponsors
  • 36. Making Darn Sure (or near as Darn It) That Your Application Will Get Accepted
  • 37. Round 1 Judging CriteriaJudging DescriptionCriterionTechnology the technology or service is potentially disruptive and/or demonstrates the potential for a sustainable competitive advantage; the product, service or business model has protected or protectable IPMarket the potential market size is large enough for sustained business growth, and aligned with the expectations of possible funding sources (if any)Team minimum two people; team members must credible, able to attract additional quality team members; at least one team member US resident, citizen, or legal alien; no member of the team is directly affiliated with the operation of the Cleantech OpenBasic Due the team owns its own IP, or has an exclusive license to the IP or to a key improvementDiligence in the IP, or has reasonable expectation of being able to secure such a license; the team believes their IP claims are valid; team members are well-reputedFunding the company has received less than $1M from private third party investors and less than $5M from all other sources of funding (maximum $6M in total)
  • 38. Key Areas of Focus for a Winning Application3. Technology & IP
  • 39. Key Areas of Focus for a Winning Application2. Market
  • 40. Key Areas of Focus for a Winning Application7. The Company (Team)
  • 41. Key Areas of Focus for a Winning Application10. Funding
  • 42. Key Steps to Starting Your JourneyCreate an account with the Cleantech Open by starting here
  • 43. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey Fill out all required information to create your free Cleantech Open account
  • 44. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey Make sure that you’re logged in so the system can recognize you
  • 45. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey• Create your team name• Make sure you read the release and check the button
  • 46. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey• Select the category you fill best suits your idea or prototype. Note that if we feel you are in the wrong category we will move you to the correct one.• Check whether you are a professional team or student team
  • 47. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey12345
  • 48. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey1 Add a team member. You must have a minimum of two (2) team members prior to participating as a Semifinalist
  • 49. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey1 Invite other team members. NOTE: Send invitations to the same email address they used when setting up their Cleantech Open account. Make sure they have *first* set up an account before you send invitations.
  • 50. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey Once each team member has received the notification, have them click on the link and it will connect them to your team
  • 51. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey Once your team member has clicked to accept the team invitation they will see this page.They can then click on “Review/Finish Entry” to collaborate with your team
  • 52. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey As you complete the steps you will see checkmarksagainst steps that have been completed- it is important to note that you must click on the title of item to be completed and not on the square box
  • 53. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey Please take your time completing the online application – don’t wait until the last day to getstarted. You can save the page as many times as you need to until May 8, 2012, 11:59PM, PDT.
  • 54. Key Steps to Starting Your JourneyPlease remember to complete all areas of your application
  • 55. Key Steps to Starting Your Journey * Not all regions provide mentors before thesemifinals…but you can always contact us to receive guidance Requesting a Mentor *- Important: If requesting a mentor, be make sure to select “Yes” in answer to the question “Do you need…”.
  • 56. Not An Applicant? Get Involved…• Apply to compete in the world’s largest cleantech accelerator• Volunteer to become an active part of driving our programs• Mentor the startups that will create jobs & save the planet• Partner to connect your network with our evolving ecosystem• Sponsor to build your brand and gain privileged access• Donate to help us help more cleantech entrepreneurs thrive• Attend our 2012 National Conference June 21, 2012
  • 57. Join us again for any final questionsFinal Applicant Webinar Tuesday, May 3May 3, 201210am PDT 11am MDT 12pm CDT 1pm EDTSteve Hahn, Dow ChemicalCleantech VC
  • 58. © 2012 All Rights Reserved