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CleanWafer has invented a patented, disruptive technology which allows the manufacturing of top-quality silicon wafers at a fraction of current costs, all without carbon emissions. In addition, byproducts of the patented manufacturing process can be resold.

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CleanWafer pitch deck

  1. 1. CleanWaferwww.cleanwafer.cominfo@cleanwafer.com2101 Garcia NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112415.515.5445
  2. 2. Overview• CleanWafer has developed a patented,disruptive technology which enables themanufacture of high-purity silicon at a fractionof current costs with no carbon emissions. Inaddition, all of the byproducts of themanufacturing process can be resold.
  3. 3. Problem & Opportunity• Silicon Wafers Too Expensive–CleanWafer can provide an 80% SiliconWafer Cost Reduction• Silicon Manufacturing Too Dirty–CleanWafer has no CO2emissions
  4. 4. Who Buys Silicon?• Semiconductor Manufacturers ($9B/year)
  5. 5. WAFERINGPURIFICATIONREDUCTIONSand Crude Silicon Pure Silicon WafersWaste Products WafersIndustry Landscape
  6. 6. CleanWafer Solution &Competitive Advantage• Chemical Process to Make Silicon Wafers• 20% Cost of Existing Processes• Source Materials = Industrial Waste Products• Zero Carbon Emissions, Zero Waste• Byproducts: Additional Revenue Stream
  7. 7. Toxic ByproductsCurrentSiliconReductionSand, Coal, and Wood Chips Ore, Sulfur, and PotashCleanWaferProcess:CaF2•SiO2SiF4SiI4SiElectronic-Grade Silicon WafersPurificationValuableByproducts($$$)No Carbonor ToxicsCO2Wafering
  8. 8. How It Works• Happens in OneLocation• LowerTemperatures• Where’s TheCarbon?• ByproductsSiF4 (gas)CaF2•SiO2 (solid)SiI4 (gas)SiI4 (8N, gas)Si (8N, crystal)
  9. 9. IP Strategy• Ladas and Parry Patent Attorneys• Full Patent Filing in Fall 2010– Non-Provisional, 20 Total Claims– Covers Process from Raw Materials to SiliconMelt• International Patent Filings in Spring 2013• Intermediate Step Verified– Evans Analytical Group– Sandia National Laboratories
  10. 10. CleanWafer Team• Recruiting, CEO• Matt Channon, Cofounder, CTO• Sean Scott, Cofounder, COO• Ladas and Parry, Patent Attorneys• Cliff Picard, Attorney• Board of Advisors– Billy Parrott, Franco Scalamandre, Brad Rotter, Bart Siegel
  11. 11. Investment and Milestones• Series A = $15 million• Pilot Plant = 75 metric tons/yr pure silicon (40 tonsof silicon ingot/yr which produces 20 million squareinches of wafer/yr)• 6-12 month lead time• Capital Cost = $12.5 million• Contingency = $2.5 million
  12. 12. Business Model• Direct sales of wafers into themicroelectronics industry• EBITDA of $20 million/yr from wafer sales• EBITDA $0.5 million/yr from byproducts• Additional revenue from byproduct sales• In year 2, pursue licensing deals worldwide
  13. 13. Value to an AcquirerTo reach = EBITDA of $150 million annually,CleanWafer is 92% less capital costFor a 10,000 Ton Plant:• $250M: One-time Cost to Build• $1.25B: Annual Cash Flow• >$1B: Annual Change to the Bottom Line• Becomes Lower Risk When Demonstrated• Green technology with no carbon emissions
  14. 14. Exit Strategy for Investors• CleanWafer Projects a Liquidity Event in Next 3-5 Years• Potential Global Licensing Model• Building additional plants• Enable Acquirer to Achieve $5B/Year Industry Savings– Product Sales– Process Licensing Royalties– P/E Ratio of 8: $40B Market Capitalization
  15. 15. Conclusion• CleanWafer’s Value is a Patent-PendingProcess– Multibillion Industry Savings– Fast Exit– High Returns– Significant Green Value