Big Ideas for Small Business: Food Truck- Executive Summary for City Council 11.28.11


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Big Ideas for Small Business: Food Truck- Executive Summary for City Council 11.28.11

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  2. 2.       Photos from Walnnut Wednesdays
  3. 3.              
  4. 4.         Mobile Food Cartss / Trucks in the Neigghborhoodd    
  5. 5.       Sample of Mobile Food Shop Entree   Cleveland Beats & Eats Northwest Quadrant of Cleveland’s Public Square Tuesdays in August from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Featuring Cleveland’s mobile food trucks & carts and live music! Musical Guests 8/2 Bill Ransom Quintet 8/9 Horns and Things 8/16 The Funny Sound 8/23 Robin Stone 8/30 Noel Quintana and the Latin Crew
  6. 6.       Participating Food Trucks/Carts Cakes Plus Travelling Treats Umami Moto StrEat Mobile Bistro JiBARO Babycakes The Nosh Box Zydeco Bistro Elise’s Crepes Hodge Podge Streat Senstations In-The-Pan J&J Hot Dog LLC Angie’s Soul Café Motor Mouth Food Truck Dim and Den Sum Finger Licken BBQ Benefits of Mobile Food Trucks and Carts 1. Food Carts / Food Trucks have positive impacts on street vitality and neighborhood life in Downtown and commercial districts in neighborhoods. 2. Add vitality in “food deserts” within commercial areas, parking lots in the City; 3. “Eyes and Ears” on the street. Potential bombing in NYC was averted in 2010 due to a Food Cart operator; 4. Food carts represent beneficial employment opportunities they provide an improved quality of life and promote social interaction between owners and customers; 5. Stepping stone to opening a storefront business or small café; 6. Promotes minority business micro-enterprises; 7. Promotes immigration to Cities that support Food Carts (Portland, New York and Austin Texas) Economic Development Funded Projects under Food Cart Pilot Program  Next Step Family of Products  Jibaro  Baby Cakes  Kevin’s Creative Cuisines  Elise's Crepes  Umami Moto  Pedaling Hummus  Dim and Den Sum City of Cleveland’s Food Cart Pilot Program provided loans up to $5,000 to provide gap financing for the acquisition of food trucks and carts. Next Step Family of Products and Jibarro both received loans and grants under the Program. Additional businesses applied for small grants in partnership with City of Cleveland, Cleveland Public Art, Charter One Bank and local artists to artistically design the food trucks.