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CVA Biology I - Lab Equipment
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CVA Biology I - Lab Equipment



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Lab EquipmentLab Equipment
  • 2. BeakerBeakerBeakers hold solids orBeakers hold solids orliquids that will notliquids that will notrelease gases whenrelease gases whenreacted or are unlikelyreacted or are unlikelyto splatter if stirred orto splatter if stirred orheated.heated.
  • 3. Erlenmeyer FlaskErlenmeyer FlaskErlenmeyer flasks holdErlenmeyer flasks holdsolids or liquids that maysolids or liquids that mayrelease gases during arelease gases during areaction or that arereaction or that arelikely to splatter iflikely to splatter ifstirred or heated.stirred or heated.
  • 4. Florence FlaskFlorence FlaskRarely used in first yearRarely used in first yearchemistry, it is used forchemistry, it is used forthe mixing of chemicals.the mixing of chemicals.Narrow neck preventsNarrow neck preventssplash exposure.splash exposure.
  • 5. Graduated CylinderGraduated CylinderA graduatedA graduatedcylinder is used tocylinder is used tomeasure volumes ofmeasure volumes ofliquids.liquids.
  • 6. Test TubesTest Tubes13 x 100 mm test tubes13 x 100 mm test tubes10 x 75 mm test tubes10 x 75 mm test tubesIgnitionIgnitiontubetube
  • 7. Test Tube HolderTest Tube HolderA test tube holder isA test tube holder isuseful for holding auseful for holding atest tube which istest tube which istoo hot to handle.too hot to handle.
  • 8. Test Tube BrushesTest Tube BrushesTest tube brushes areTest tube brushes areused to clean test tubesused to clean test tubesand graduated cylinders.and graduated cylinders.Forcing a large brush intoForcing a large brush intoa small test tube willa small test tube willoften break the tube.often break the tube.
  • 9. Test Tube RacksTest Tube RacksTest tube racks are for holding and organizing testTest tube racks are for holding and organizing testtubes on the laboratory counter. Plastic racks maytubes on the laboratory counter. Plastic racks maymelt in contact with very hot test tubes.melt in contact with very hot test tubes.
  • 10. Chem Plate/SpotChem Plate/SpotPlatesPlatesChem plates are used whenChem plates are used whenwe want to perform manywe want to perform manysmall scale reactions atsmall scale reactions atone time. We will useone time. We will usethese many times duringthese many times duringthe year.the year.
  • 11. Glass Stir RodGlass Stir RodA glass rod is used toA glass rod is used tomanually stir solutions.manually stir solutions.It can also be used toIt can also be used totransfer a single drop oftransfer a single drop ofa solution.a solution.
  • 12. Medicine DropperMedicine DropperA medicine dropper isA medicine dropper isused to transfer aused to transfer asmall volume of liquidsmall volume of liquid(less than one mL).(less than one mL).On top of each medicine dropper is a “On top of each medicine dropper is a “rubber bulbrubber bulb””
  • 13. ForcepsForcepsForceps (or tweezers) are used to pick up smallForceps (or tweezers) are used to pick up smallobjects.objects.
  • 14. FunnelFunnelA funnel is usedA funnel is usedto aid in theto aid in thetransfer of liquidtransfer of liquidfrom one vesselfrom one vesselto another.
  • 15. PipetPipetA pipet measuresA pipet measuresand delivers exactand delivers exactvolumes of liquids.volumes of liquids.
  • 16. Weighing Tray/BoatWeighing Tray/BoatWeighing Tray/boats areWeighing Tray/boats areused to weigh solids that willused to weigh solids that willbe transferred to anotherbe transferred to anothervessel.vessel.
  • 17. Bunsen BurnerBunsen BurnerBunsen burners are usedBunsen burners are usedfor the heating offor the heating ofnonvolatile liquids andnonvolatile liquids andsolids.solids.
  • 18. Compound Light MicroscopeCompound Light MicroscopeUsed to view microscopic organisms.
  • 19. Triple BeamTriple BeamBalanceBalanceUsed toUsed tomeasuremeasuremass inmass ingrams.grams.
  • 20. Petri DishPetri DishUsed to grow cultures of small organisms.
  • 21. Dissecting ToolsDissecting Toolsscalpelscalpel Bone cuttersBone cutters Dissecting panDissecting panDissectingDissectingpinspins scissorsscissors probeprobe Dissecting trayDissecting tray
  • 22. ThermometerThermometerMeasuring temperature in degrees Celsius.