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People hailing from the modern business world are completely aware of the numerous benefits of using a blackberry international service while traveling abroad. Blackberry is one of the most competent technologically advanced mobile handset that hosts several features to aid the daily operations of a global business

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Clay's international-calling-cards

  1. 1. 2012Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards Clay Telecom Clay Telecom Pvt. Ltd 4/25/2012
  2. 2. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 2For your next trip abroad, get a rent free International SIM card from ClayTelecom and enjoy host of other value added benefits. To avail this offer booknow and we will deliver it nearer to your departure date.Getting an International SIM Card from Clay Telecom is quite simply the mostconvenient & cost effective way of making and receiving calls in over 40 countries.Also, call our 24X7 customer care number, to know about the latest productupdates, offers and plans only for you. We bring to you a host of Internationaltelecom services, VIZ, International Postpaid SIM Cards, International Prepaid SIMcards, World and Country Specific Data cards and Global E-mail Service.You can also reach us simply by filling the form and we will contact you within 3-4hours.Benefits from Clay Telecom  Free Incoming Calls in most of the countries  Itemized Billing  Save Forex, Pay in Indian Currency  Distribute your number before leaving India  Saving of upto 80% on International Roaming ExpensesE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 2
  3. 3. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 3About Clay TelecomTelecom is a premier telecom service provider that offers wireless telecomsolutions for both B2B and B2C segments of the market. Headquartered in Delhi,Clay Telecom has established it offices in the major metro cities of the countryincluding Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. It providescheap telecom services by offering international calling cards to the commonusers. Clay telecom has a vast coverage in 40 countries across the globe. Tofacilitate the requirements of the global travelers, the company offers prepaidand post paid international calling cards. It is acknowledged for providing 24X7dynamic customer support services with unmatched network coverage across theglobe.For technical support and other customer service queries the users can call its tollfree number: 1800-102-1113.Services provided by the Clay Telecom include: 3G Data Card International Roaming Card Global Travel SIM China SIM card 3G Data Card Plans World SIM card Germany SIM card Blackberry international serviceE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 3
  4. 4. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 4 Table of Contents 1. The Advantages each of a 3G Data Card and a Country Specific Travel SIM Card2. How to Find the Best International Calling Cards in India3. 4 Things to Look for in a Global Travel SIM card4. How to Find the Best International SIM Card in India5. 3G global Mi-Fi services now in India thanks to Clay Telecom!6. Why I Chose a Travel SIM Card from Clay Telecom7. How Clay’s Europe SIM card and other Telecom Products help me stay Connected8. With Clay’s Internet Data Card I can get internet connectivity anytime, anywhere in the world9. Clay Telecom offers Cost Effective Germany SIM card as part of its Germany- Student Plan10. Clay Telecom launches Mi-Fi Devices in India and other Asian countries11. Clay Telecom Presents an opportunity to earn Partner King Miles with its Roaming SIM card12. Clay Telecom launches Rent Free Travel SIM Card for Affordable International Connectivity Clay Telecom introduces new email and data roaming plans with their Blackberry international13. services14. Clay Telecom launches new world data card serviceE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 4
  5. 5. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 5The Advantages each of a 3G Data Card and a Country Specific Travel SIM CardA 3G data card and a country specific travel SIM card (like a UK SIM card, for instance) are justtwo the many international telecom services available to global travelers today. These areessential item for any savvy traveler, and you too should carry them in your travel kit. Here, wewill highlight a few of their main advantages. Go through them to see why you should get thesefor yourself as soon as possible.Country specific travel SIM card: A country specific SIM, like a UK SIM card, to use the above given example, is the best forgetting local connectivity in the country you are visiting, which here would be the UK. It is to allpurposes a local SIM card, so it will offer you crystal clear coverage, throughout the UK. Acountry specific card, also offers you huge savings on call and message rates. With the UK SIMcard, you can make calls, send messages, and access voicemail at the local rates. You will evenget incoming calls free throughout the UK. The resulting savings on your phone bill couldactually be as much as 70%!Such travel SIM cards are available from many good telecom companies; you can search forthese on the Internet. Many of these companies offer you add on services like delivery beforedeparture, which allows you to distribute your number to all your contacts beforehand, and thefacility of paying in Indian currency which helps you save valuable Forex. Some of them evenguarantee a replacement anywhere in the world, in case of any faulty products.3G data card:A 3G data card is a must for every traveler in today’s Internet age. Whether you are a businesstraveler, or a tourist, web access is a necessity and not a luxury. Earlier, you had to depend onlocal cyber cafes when abroad, but this is not a safe option, especially when sensitiveinformation is involved. But with the help of a 3G or 3rd Generation data card, you can accessfast and safe Internet on the go. The data card you get for your travels is slightly different fromyour local data card. Unlike your local data card, a global data card offers you data card servicesin more than a 100 nations around the world.You can get such special data cards from international telecom services companies which offerglobal data services. You can brow3se through some websites to see which offers the most costE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 5
  6. 6. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 6effective prices. There are even some companies that offer you pocket Wi-Fi devices. These areparticularly good for those who are travelling in a group.How to Find the Best International Calling Cards in IndiaSearching for the best international SIM calling cards in India can be really hard. There aren’tmany service providers for such solutions, but the amount of features and benefits they allpromise with their products make it all confusing for users to choose just one. Each one of thecompanies claim to offer the best international calling cards. So to really find the best solution,you have to do some research and look for some things. There are a few services and perks thatmake a solution a little better than the rest, and finding them should find you goodinternational calling cards or even a good prepaid data card. Here are the things to look for: 1. Maximum coverage With all international calling cards, the coverage is one of the most important things to look for. The same thing with international prepaid data card, you should look for the maximum coverage with prepaid data card solutions too. World SIM cards should get coverage in at least 200 countries across all the continents, you may never visit all those countries but knowing that you’d never get out of touch even if you did couldn’t hurt much. If you’re planning to visit just a single country, pick a country-specific SIM card. 2. Free incoming calls The provider should be able to offer you free incoming in at least 75 countries with their international SIM solutions. Charges for incoming is one of the major things that pile up money on your phone bills when you use your own Indian SIM on international roaming, and free incoming can help you cut down on the bills by a huge sum. Country specific SIM cards should have free incoming too, if you take a Spain SIM, the incoming should be free in Spain. 3. Low-cost international calls Low cost calls are essential obviously; the charges for outgoing should be minimal. Low cost outgoing combined with free incoming should help you lower the number in your bills. Again some of the Indian companies offer up to 80% savings, you should look for something like that figure too. 4. Additional services A good service provider should offer additional services like prepaid data card and international cell phone rental plans. As we all know, international cell phone rentalE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 6
  7. 7. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 7 plans are very useful; you will get everything from compatible phones and chargers to SIM cards all included in a single package with international cell phone rental.Those were the things to look for to find the best international calling cards.4 Things to Look for in a Global Travel SIM cardThough Global travel SIM cards and data card solutions have fast become a staple for Indianstravelling abroad for both business and pleasure, finding quality global roaming services andsolutions is still hard. There are too few companies that offer these global roaming services, andonly a couple out of them offer good quality. Adding to the woes is the fact that most peopleare still ignorant of even the existence of global roaming data card and global travel SIM cardsolutions. So basically, if you are looking for global roaming solutions without any prior ideaabout them, expect to find a lot of dead ends. That can be remedied by knowing a few keyfeatures to look for, and top 4 are listed below: 1. Maximum global coverage The first thing to look for in a global travel SIM or data card is the reception and coverage it can get. Global travel SIM, as the name suggests, is primarily designed to be used all over the globe so it should get glitz-free coverage in as many countries as it can. The number of countries should ideally be something close to or more than 225. Something like that number should help you rest assured that you’ll be connected through your phone wherever on the planet you are at. 2. Low cost outgoing and data charges Low cost outgoing and data bills are a must. There are global travel SIM cards from certain Indian service providers that allow subscribers to save up to 80% in savings. Compared to your own local Indian SIM card, the charges on the outgoing should be considerably lower for the solution to be any good. Same with the global data card, the charges for downloaded and transferred online data should be low. 3. Free incoming Charges for incoming while on international roaming is one of the main culprits that can lead to huge amounts in bills with your own local SIM card. Any good global travel SIM card should support free incoming in at least 75 countries worldwide. 4. Easy call details and recharge You should be able to recharge and access your call details easily online. This will help you keep a tab on your expenses and refill your call credit easily if you ever run out ofE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 7
  8. 8. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 8 balance anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Call details should help you clarify things if you feel you are being overcharged.So those were the top 4 things to look for in a global travel SIM card and data card solution.Looking for them should help you avoid dead ends in your search.How to Find the Best International SIM Card in IndiaLooking for the best international SIM card solutions in India can be a pain. There aren’t a lot ofcompanies out here, but the amount of perks that each offers make it really hard to narrowdown on just one. They all claim to have the best international SIM card and the best plans withthem. Having some personal experiences with the major providers, I’ve come up with a fewways to find the best international SIM card solutions. There are certain services and smalltouches that the best providers offer their subscribers, and you have to look for them. Here arethe top services to look for: 1. Worldwide coverage The first thing to check with any international SIM card is the number of countries it is going to get coverage in. Ideally, the number should be something close to or more than 225. You may never visit as many countries in your whole life but it’d be great to know that you’ll not have any trouble calling people home if you do. This doesn’t apply on country specific SIM cards. Country specific SIM cards are usually meant for use only within a single country, and they are the best option if you a visiting a single country only. It’s wiser to take a China SIM card for a China-exclusive visit. 2. Free Incoming For global SIM cards, the provider should be able to offer free incoming in at least 75 countries. Incoming is one of the main culprits responsible for piling up money on your phone bills while using your own Indian SIM on roaming, and free incoming can make a world of difference for you. Country specific SIM cards should have the same too – incoming on a China SIM card should be free in China. 3. Low-cost calls Low cost calls are obviously a must. This combined with free incoming will help you save a huge amount on your phone bills. The best international SIM card I’ve used offered me up to 80% in savings, so you should look for something similar too. 4. Online recharge and call detailsE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 8
  9. 9. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 9 Recharging your China SIM card should be an uncomplicated affair, so do check beforehand if your provider offers an easy online recharge facility. Same for call details too – sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the calls and the billings, so you should be able to see your call details online too. Online access problems should be solved by a 3G data card. 5. Other services If the service provider you’re looking at is any good, they should also offer additional services other than just international SIM cards. 3G cards are one of most useful things you can carry with you abroad, so check if they offer them too. Depending on the subscriber, you will find anything from Blackberry services to 3G data cards with them. Those were the top services to look for while searching for the best international SIM cardsolution. Looking for them should make your search much easier.3G global Mi-Fi services now in India thanks to Clay Telecom!I was looking for a pocket Wi-Fi solution to take with us for our trip to Japan last month. I readall there was to read about pocket Wi-Fi devices with 3G internet speed. Basically, I was lookingfor something that would give me 3G internet speed on the go. I could have taken a data SIMwith 3G internet speed, but the wife wanted hers too, and I didn’t want to buy two. So pocketWi-Fi was the only solution.Everywhere I read on the internet, I stumbled upon something called Mi-Fi. It would have beenthe perfect solution for us, but I wasn’t sure if any provider offered Mi-Fi in India let alone 3Gglobal Mi-Fi services, so I didn’t care to look for it. How wrong I was! My wife had managed tofind Clay Telecom’s website and showed it to me! Sure enough, they had 3G global Mi-Fiservices, and offered them for affordable prices too. We were ecstatic!We enjoyed our trip to Japan all because of Clay’s 3G global Mi-Fi services – we could instantlyupload photos on Facebook, update our activities on Twitter and check our mails at the sametime sitting in sushi and karaoke bars in downtown Tokyo! If not for Clay, I don’t think theexperience would have been that good. Thank you Clay!Why I Chose a Travel SIM Card from Clay TelecomE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 9
  10. 10. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 10As an international traveler, I know the importance of low cost international calls in makingyour sure that your travel budget does not go overboard. But the problem is that there are veryfew telecom companies who offer cost effective international SIM cards. I faced this problemwhen I was recently looking for a France SIM card for an upcoming trip.I wanted to get a France SIM card that offered connectivity throughout France, and low costinternational calls as well. At first, it seemed that I would not be able to get a travel SIM cardthat fulfilled both parameters; some offered France-wide coverage, but their call charges werequite high. And there were other which offered low call rates, but their coverage didn’t extendto every part of France. I had almost given hope, when I stumbled upon Clay’s website.I was so relieved when I saw that they offered a France SIM card that would allow me to makelow cost international calls, and receive free incoming calls as well. In addition, it offeredcoverage across all destinations in France. Needless to say, I ordered it for my trip as soon as Icould. And it was really a pleasurable trip, thanks to Clay. So if you too are looking for a costeffective international SIM card, I suggest that you choose Clay Telecom.How Clay’s Europe SIM card and other Telecom Products help me stay ConnectedClay Telecom is definitely the best choice if you want a Europe SIM card, or a world SIM card, oreven an international data card. This company is indeed a godsend for all frequent travelers likeme.I simply love to travel; at the same time, I love to chat with my friends, so I need to havetelecom connectivity wherever I go. Besides, as a savvy traveler, I know that having mobile withyou can be handy in emergencies. So some time ago, when I was planning a month long tour ofEurope, I decided to get a pan Europe SIM card. I came across Clay Telecom’s website, and gotone from them as they offered very good call rates.Their services were really superb; I got coverage in all the European nations I visited, and savedaround 80% on international roaming. So when I was planning to go on a round the world trip acouple of months back, I decided to get a world SIM card and an international data card fromthem. This time too, they more than came up to my expectations. I got seamless mobileconnectivity and data services throughout the world with Clay’s world SIM card and data card.E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 10
  11. 11. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 11My fellow travelers were quite amazed to see me using my phone and laptop so easily and sofrequently. So I told them my secret; I figured that it was the least I could do, as a way ofthanking Clay!With Clay’s Internet Data Card I can get internet connectivity anytime, anywhere in theworld.I am on my trip to UK and I am currently using Clay’s UK SIM card. Clay’s network follows meeven in the remotest areas where nobody else’s network reaches. Also, with the fast speeds onthe Internet Data Card, I find it really easy to connect with the rest of the world at any time ofthe day without any troubles with the network reception.On my last visit to the USA, I bought a USA SIM card from Clay Telecom and surprisingly myexpenditure on my phone bills were negligible, even after making quite a number of calls.Thanks to my friend who referred it to me. He had been on an international trip earlier this yearand I had heard him say several times that whenever I go abroad, I should choose Clay’s USASIM card. Therefore, instead of carrying my original number there, I decided to take hissuggestions and bought the USA SIM card along with the Internet Data Card.Calling home from abroad had never been so economical on any of my international tripsearlier. So for this trip too, I decided to get a UK SIM card from them.Having had the experience with both their USA and UK SIM card solutions, I can say that this isone of the best Telecom companies that offer quality services at the most affordable rates.E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 11
  12. 12. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 12Clay Telecom offers Cost Effective Germany SIM card as part of its Germany- Student PlanClay Telecom, renowned provider of Global Travel SIM cards and data cards, has announcedthat students planning to pursue higher studies in German Universities can now get a postpaidGermany SIM card as part of its special Germany-Student Plan. This Clay student pack offersvery affordable call rates to students during their stay in Germany.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, the Executive Director of Clay Telecom, commenting on this student pack,said, “Our endeavor always has been to offer world class telecom services at economicalrates. Our Clay student plan for Germany is yet another step in this direction. With this plan,you will get effortless connectivity across all the German towns and cities. It also offers youfree incoming calls, and the lowest rates for outgoing calls and messages. You could also geta certain number of free outgoing local calls, depending on the plan you choose. In fact, wecan guarantee that you will not find a better deal anywhere online.”As a Global Travel SIM card provider, Clay Telecom is acclaimed for the premium services itprovides. Therefore, with this Germany Student Plan, you can expect many benefits, such assimple and itemized billing, the facility of paying in INR, which helps you save valuable Forex,and easy dialing patterns. You can also get your number delivered to your doorstep beforedeparture, which makes it convenient for you to distribute your number to all your contactsbefore leaving for Germany. Clay also offers you a 24x7 customer support network andguarantees a replacement if required.E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 12
  13. 13. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 13Clay Telecom offers student plans for other countries as well like Australia, UK and USA. It alsoprovides tailor made plans for tourists and business travelers. Further details of these telecomsolutions can be viewed on the particular websites, or can be obtained through Clay Telecom’sCustomer Service Network.For more information about Clay Student Plans and Germany SIM card, visit Telecom launches Mi-Fi Devices in India and other Asian countriesClay Telecom has recently launched Mi-Fi devices in India. It is the first telecom service providerto launch pocket Wi-Fi or ‘Mi-Fi’ (My Wi-Fi) in India. It has also simultaneously launched thesedevices in other parts of Asia, namely in China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bahrain and theUAE. The company’s high speed Wi-Fi data services are available under the brand name of ClayMi-Fi.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, the Executive Director of Clay Telecom, said, “We are delighted to presentClay Mi-Fi, our new range of pocket Wi-Fi devices. We are extremely proud of the fact that weare the first telecom company to introduce these devices in India. These gadgets offer you 3GInternet speed, with the added advantage of portable wireless data service. With Clay Mi-Fi,you can enjoy group connectivity amongst your friends, family and co-workers while payingonly a single usage charge. This is undoubtedly its biggest benefit.”Clay Telecom’s portable Wi-Fi devices do not need any extra configurations and can beactivated with the touch of a single button. Moreover, they are very affordable. Clay’s Mi-Fiservice rates are also quite cost effective; especially when you consider that you can enjoygroup connectivity without paying multiple usage charges. Because of all these unmatchedadvantages, Clay expects its Mi-Fi devices to be highly in demand not only in India, but also inChina, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bahrain and the UAE.E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 13
  14. 14. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 14Over the years, Clay Telecom has consolidated its position in the international telecom servicesmarket and increased its customer base around the world. This is due to not only its wide rangeof telecom services, but also its excellent customer services. For instance, it has a 24X7customer support network to handle queries and clear doubts. It also offers simple andtransparent billing, which ensures that you know what you are paying for.For more information about Clay Mi-Fi, please visit Telecom Presents an opportunity to earn Partner King Miles with its Roaming SIM cardInternational travelers can now accumulate Partner King Miles with a roaming SIM card fromClay Telecom, the well known international telecom services provider. Members of KingfisherAirline’s King Club can stay connected internationally with these rent free global travel SIMcards from Clay and also get an invaluable opportunity to earn Partner King Milessimultaneously. These offer several other value added features as well.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, Executive director of Clay Telecom, commenting on this development,said, “We offer international King Club members the option of getting a premium rent freeroaming SIM card for over 40 countries around the globe, like the UK, Singapore, China, US,France and Japan, to name just a few. You can save upto 70% on international roaming withthese global travel SIM cards from our wide range. As we also offer you the facility ofcollecting Partner King Miles, we are the ideal choice when it comes to cost effectiveinternational connectivity.”Some of the other advantages of these global travel SIM cards offered by Clay Telecom includelocal calls at local rates, voicemail, itemized billing and the facility of paying in Indian currency,which will allow you to save Forex. You also get the facility of having your Clay roaming SIMcard delivered to your doorstep, before you depart from India, so you can distribute yourE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 14
  15. 15. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 15number to all your contacts beforehand. The services of Clay Telecom are also backed by a24X7 customer support network.Clay Telecom has a long history of successful partnerships with other companies in the travelindustry and the overseas education sector. This is arguably one of the major reasons why it hasbeen able to build up such an impressive market profile in a relatively short time. With theincreasing number of users it is accumulating, its position can only become stronger in thefuture.For more information, visit Telecom launches Rent Free Travel SIM Card for Affordable International ConnectivityGlobal travelers can now stay connected at competitive rates with a rent free travel SIM cardfrom international telecom services provider Clay Telecom. The company has announced that itoffers rent free postpaid international SIM cards for over 40 countries. Travelers who wouldprefer a prepaid card can get a World SIM Card from the company which offers networkcoverage in around 225 nations across the globe.Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Director, Clay Telecom, said, “The first criterion that peopletake into consideration in the matter of international telecom services is affordability. That iswhy we offer them the option of getting a travel SIM card that is absolutely rent free. It willallow them to save upto 80% on international roaming. Our World SIM Card also offers manyadvantages to travelers who would prefer to get a prepaid SIM card for their global trips. Butwhatever the Clay SIM card you do choose, we are confident that it will offer the most costeffective telecom services to you.”Clay Telecom will deliver your travel SIM card to you before your departure date, so you candistribute your new number to your friends and business contacts before you leave. You will getE-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 15
  16. 16. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 16the facility of free incoming calls with both the postpaid travel SIMs and the prepaid World SIMcard. Another advantage of getting Clay’s premium international SIM cards is that you can payfor them in Indian currency. This enables you to save valuable Forex.The company believes that it has been able to consolidate its position in the market, over theyears, because it has always strived to offer both affordability and quality. Simple, accuratebilling, doorstep delivery, uncomplicated dialing patterns and guaranteed replacement of SIMcards anywhere in the world are some of the unmatched advantages offered by Clay.For more information about Clay Telecom’s services, visit Telecom introduces new email and data roaming plans with their Blackberryinternational serviceIndia’s leading international roaming telecom services provider Clay Telecom has announcedthe introduction of new email and data roaming plans with their Blackberry internationalservice. The new plans will offer subscribers perks such as unlimited data roaming usage andunlimited emailing for affordable charges.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, the Executive Director for Clay Telecom, says,“We are happy to announce that we have introduced two new data roaming plans for ourBlackberry international service. Our subscribers will have access to unlimited emailing anddata roaming by paying nominal charges. They will have the option to either chooseunlimited emailing with 200 MB of free data or unlimited emailing with indefinite datausage; according to whichever suits their needs better. And following our own tradition ofkeeping the charges low, we have kept the prices low for both the plans – unlimited dataroaming and emails is priced at INR 3999 while the other plan is priced at INR 2999. Both arethe lowest prices on such plans available in the country right now.”E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 16
  17. 17. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 17Clay telecom offers a wide spectrum of wireless telecom services and solutions to itssubscribers apart from their Blackberry international service. They offer everything from globalroaming SIM cards to country-specific roaming solutions. They are one of the first and the onlycompanies to offer Blackberry international services and MiFi data roaming services, which hasbrought them to the top in the market for international cellular roaming services.Clay works hard towards offering world class services the most affordable prices possible too.Charges for their plans and solutions are highly affordable, and paid in Indian Rupees. This helpstravelers to save on Forex and brings down the prices too. All these features and services isbacked by a solid customer support, which has made them the preferred carrier with thousandsof Indians travelling across the world.For more information on the new data roaming plans for Blackberry international service andClay Telecom, please visit Telecom launches new world data card serviceThe leading Indian travel SIM card and international wireless telecom service provider, ClayTelecom, has just launched a new world data card. In comparison to the country specific datacard solutions they already offer, this postpaid data card will work in more than 125 countries,and is set to become the first of its kind in India.“We have broken new ground by launching this new world data card product and service”,says Clay Executive Director Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, “Since it is the first and the only global datacard solution available in India. It will be differentiated from our country specific data cardsolutions by the fact that it will get coverage in 125 countries without any hassles. Users willhave the convenience of simply inserting the card into a computer to enjoy unlimited accessto the internet from practically anywhere in the world, without the need for a mobile phoneor any other additional devices. And like the other solutions we have on offer, billing for thisservice is extremely simple – everything will be itemized and can be paid once the travelers’returns home. We are extremely proud and excited to have been able to introduce this.”E-mail:| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 17
  18. 18. Clay’s International Calling Cards and 3G Data Cards 18Clay Telecom offers country and continent-specific SIM cards along with global travel SIM cardsolutions. Their services include an impressive repertoire of features such as free incoming, 24-hour support and itemized billing in Rupees to help customers save money on Forex. Since itsinception nearly a decade ago, the company has maintained a steady position at the top.The company is the number one preferred telecom service in India when it comes to travel SIMcard solutions for any destination across the globe. This is arguably because they offer bothcountry-specific and world SIM cards that work in more than 200 countries worldwide, with theadded facility of free incoming in more than nations.For more information on Clay’s new world data card service, please visit| Customer Care +91-11-66470000 Page 18