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People hailing from the modern business world are completely aware of the numerous benefits of using a blackberry international service while traveling abroad. Blackberry is one of the most competent …

People hailing from the modern business world are completely aware of the numerous benefits of using a blackberry international service while traveling abroad. Blackberry is one of the most competent technologically advanced mobile handset that hosts several features to aid the daily operations of a global business

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  • 1. Global SIM 2011 Advantages of using Prepaid Data CardInternational Get the Information How You Can save Money OnCell Phone International Call While RoamingRental Clay Telecom Article: Offers, International Prepaid SIM cards and provide you convenience of using one SIM card whichInternational International works in more than 200 countries.Calling Cards Roaming Clay Telecom is a premier telecom service provider that offers wireless telecom solutions for both B2B and B2C segments of the market. Headquartered in Delhi, Clay Telecom has established it offices in the major metro cities of the country including Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. It provides cheap telecom services by GermanyUK SIM Card offering international calling cards to the common users. Clay telecom has a vast coverage SIM Card in 40 countries across the globe. To facilitate the requirements of the global travelers, the company offers prepaid and post paid international calling cards. It is acknowledged for providing 24X7 dynamic customer support services with unmatched network coverage across the globe Global SIM One of the major players of the Indian Telecom Industry, Clay Telecom has announced that it has tied up with premier Travel Card provider ICICI for providing more comfort and discount to its global prepaid SIM Card users. The company has announced that it will provide a flat 5% discount to all the ICICI Travel Patrons for their next recharge. With this announcement the international travelers can now enjoy all the benefits of making cost effective international calls with their prepaid SIM Card at discounted rates. Besides offering discount benefits for the prepaid or pay-as-you-go users, the company is also offering flat 10% discount on airtime of post paid SIM cards. Both prepaid and postpaid international roaming card users can get numerous benefits and discounts from the company, owing to this tie-up. One of the most valuable features that attract a lot of users towards the services of the company is the fact that one can save up to 70% of the international roaming expenses and considerably bring down their mobile phone bills. Using global SIM cards is beneficial for the end users as it helps them to save Foreign Exchange that can be spent on other activities while roaming abroad. They can enjoy satisfactory network coverage in different countries. To know more about the discounted International Roaming Cards of the company, log on to Clay Telecom Clay Telecom Pvt. Ltd 4/19/2011
  • 2. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 2 Card Table of Contents1. Global Blackberry - Ensure an International Connectivity with a Classic Blackberry Handset2. International Calling Cards- Enjoy International Calling at Affordable Call Rates3. International SIM card - Enjoy Cost Effective Calling Solutions with USA SIM Card4. Top 5 Benefits of Using Global SIM Cards and 3g Data Cards5. Advantages of Using Prepaid Data Card6. Prepaid UK SIM Card Perfect Solution for the Global Tourists7. Enjoy Free International Roaming with Global SIM Cards8. International Roaming Services - Must have for the Globe Trotters9. 3g Data Card One of the Most Convenient Ways for Global Internet Connectivity10. Are International- Calling Cards the Most Economical and Convenient Options11. Tips to Reduce International Calling and International Roaming Charges While Traveling Abroad International Data Cards 5 Reasons to Avail Your International Internet Connectivity12. RequirementsE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 3. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 3 CardGlobal Blackberry - Ensure an international connectivity with a classic Blackberry handsetPeople hailing from the modern business world are completely aware of the numerous benefits of using ablackberry international service while traveling abroad. Blackberry is one of the most competenttechnologically advanced mobile handset that hosts several features to aid the daily operations of a globalbusiness house.What is the most common item found in the kitty of the maximum business people and executiveprofessionals? Undoubtedly it is the classic blackberry mobile phone. More than being a status symbol, astandard blackberry model is the most basic requirement of the top executives and business men. Further, ifthe charismatic handset is enabled with global roaming services, then it adds to the utility of the device. TheGlobal Blackberry is a unique offer from the telecommunication providers that enable the internationaltravelers to render the facilities of using a blackberry phone while touring foreign countries. Under thisscheme the blackberry handset is infused with international calling cards. The users can enjoys the facilitiesof blackberry international services for making cheap international calls and receive free incoming.The blackberry handsets are very helpful as they are integrated with hardware, software and serviceelements, which make it stand tall in the crowd of mobile phones. Cutting-edge technology like push mail,adds to the relevance of this handheld gadget. Owing to the numerous hi-tech applications, a blackberryhandset possesses several features that make it fully compatible to carry out the online transactions of a busyexecutive. Hence, this useful gadget has been relevantly termed as a mini computer. The Global Blackberry isan edge above the regular phones as they are enabled with the services vital for using the phone abroad. Withthe blackberry international services you can access unlimited e-mails from your handset at anytime fromany part of the globe. Besides accessing your mails you can also browse the internet from anywhere. The bestpart of using these international services is that, they are very cost effective and work out very cheapalternatives compared to accessing the global roaming services of a local network provider. In addition to allthese facilities you can also use 100 to 300 MB storage space on your gadget often provided by the popularblackberry international service providers.Next time you have plans to travel abroad, make sure that you have ensured yourself with the safe and secureservices of a Global Blackberry package deal. Not only this deal will work out cheaper alternatives for yourstaying connected needs abroad, but it will also provide you with a high-tech edge over your opponents. ClayTelecom is an India based Telecommunication company that offers blackberry international service.Headquartered in New Delhi, Clay Telecom has established its regional offices in the metro cities of Indiaincluding Mumbai, Bangaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 4. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 4 CardInternational Calling Cards - Enjoy International Calling at affordable call ratesThe popularity of international calling cards has gained a momentum in the recent times. One can easily citethe reason behind this is the fact that these calling cards are very convenient, easy to use and cheap comparedto the international calling charges while you are on International roaming. Now you can easily call yourfamily and loved ones back home sitting abroad, at strikingly low prices. All the major service providers areoffering affordable international call rates to the common people by providing international calling cardoptions.Initially making an international call used to be a very expensive affair, as the international call rates chargedby the local service providers are very high. Further adding to the amount is the roaming charge that isapplicable when the user is in a foreign country or abroad. Thus, making frequent international calls to yourhome when you were on a business trip to another country was almost like a dream for the common man.Later on methods were introduced to facilitate common people who wanted cheaper options for makinginternational calls and also avoid the international roaming charges. The international calling cards are aboon for those who frequently make long distance calls to their friends and family while on a foreign tour.These calling cards are much cheaper than the international tariffs of local telecommunication companies andthey can be easily availed over the internet. If you get confused to choose the most economical optionamongst numerous telecom companies, then online shopping is the best option. While shopping online youcan compare the call charges of different service providers and settle for the best plan to suit yourrequirements.The convenience of using a calling card can be judged from the fact that they are very easy to use and provideultimate flexibility to the users. The users have the option to choose amongst prepaid and post paid callingcards as well. You can enjoy receiving free incoming call with these cards as there are no roaming charges.The telecom companies offer international global SIM cards for most of the countries including the UnitedStates of America, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, China,Australia, Sri lanka, and other Far East Asian destination.Another advantage of using a calling card is saving the valuable Foreign Exchange. You can use foreigncurrency for other important purposes when you visit a foreign country. The prepaid card holders get theirnext recharge automatically done as soon as the validity of the card expires. Most of the telecommunicationcompanies are providing this facility. For more information about the tariff plan and other details oninternational calling cards you can refer to Clay Telecom. Clay Telecom is an eminent name in mobiletelecommunication industry offering several tailor made solutions to the international travelers.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 5. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 5 CardInternational SIM card - Enjoy cost effective calling solutions with USA SIM CardFor the global travelers prepaid international sim card is a perfect solution to accommodate the entire callingneeds. One of the most necessary requirements in todays world is to stay connected with people at all timesand at all places.Owing to the advent of technological developments and globalization, the world seems to be shrinking. Themodern man is incomplete without a mobile phone. The relevance of mobile phones can be cited from the factthat people often pay as much as thousands of rupees for global roaming charges. International roamingenables the user to acess the services of his/her network provider outside the territorial borders of thecountry. An international roaming enabled network connection enables the user to receive incoming call andmake outgoing calls in a foreign land.The only constraint of using local network providers services abroad is that they are unduly expensive. Forinstance if you are traveling to United States of America and planning to use your current network providersservices there, it would work out to be very costly. International roaming charges would be applicable to yournumber. But nowadays, some of the telecom service providers are offering prepaid / postpaid internationalsim cards to suffice the purpose. If you are traveling to USA then a USA Sim Card is the most appropriatesolution to stay connected with your loved ones back home. These global sim cards are available with prepaidand postpaid service options, which the users can choose as per their convenience.There are numerous benefits of using a postpaid or prepaid USA sim card that can be easily purchased in thecountry from various telecom companies. Besides offering cost effective solutions for international callingneeds, the global calling cards provide unmatched network coverage in the US. With the help of these globalcalling cards you can easily receive unlimited free calls without paying a penny for the hefty internationalroaming charges. Also, if you are using a global sim card USA, you can distribute your USA number to businessassociates and friends before leaving the country. Irrespective of the fact whether you are student, tourist orbusinessman, the USA Sim Cards accommodate tailor made tariff plans to satisfy the demands of differentgroups of people.The Indian market is flooded with numerous telecom service providers offering international sim card USAwith both prepaid and postpaid tariff plans. If you are planning to travel to the US for any reason do not forgetto shop for your USA Sim Card in advance. Clay telecom is a major telecom giant that provides internationalcalling solutions in 40 major countries of the world including USA, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy,Spain, Holland, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Sri lanka, etc.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 6. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 6 CardTop 5 benefits of using Global SIM Cards and 3g Data CardsGlobal SIM Cards and 3g Data Cards are the most recent discoveries of the telecommunication industry. Thesecards are not just affordable options compared to the conservative ways but they are also better in terms ofquality and service. International SIM cards are easy and convenient options for making international calls atcheaper. On the other hand, 3g Data Cards are the most economical options for uninterrupted internetconnections abroad. 3g card is a small device that can be easily attached to the computer for accessinginternet connection.For all those who travel extensively out of the country, both Global SIM Cards and 3g Data Cards are like lifeblood to them. These are relevant items that must be included in the travel bag of international travelers.They are easily available in the Indian markets now and can also be purchased over the internet. ClayTelecom is an acknowledged telecommunication company that provides prepaid SIM cards, postpaid SIMcards, wireless data cards and Blackberry services to people. Global packages of the company are very cheapand can also be accessed over the website of the company. It provides specific solutions to suffice the needs ofdifferent groups of people including business class, students and international tourists.Following are the benefits of using Global SIM Cards:1. They are very affordable compared to the calling charges of the local service providers.2. Roaming charges are not applicable on these cards. Hence, you can enjoy free roaming and the benefits ofreceiving free incoming calls.3. You can distribute your new international number to friends and relatives before leaving the country.4. By using these cards you can also save yourself the hassles of looking for other options like phone booths,when you reach a foreign country.5. They are available in postpaid and prepaid calling plans so you can choose one according to yourconvenience.Following are the benefits of using 3g Data Cards:1. You never loose on internet connectivity abroad. You can easily access uninterrupted internet connectionjust by attaching a pocket-size wireless device to your PC.2. These cards will save you hassles for renting a workstation or cyber café in a foreign country.3. You wont need to read your mails, on the small screen of your mobile phone.4. You can easily download or upload large files from the internet on your Laptop / Notebook or PersonalComputer.5. They are much cheaper compared to other options.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 7. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 7 CardAdvantages of using Prepaid Data CardFor all the business men traveling abroad a lot of times, the benefits of a prepaid data card are not unknown.The busy people traveling out of the country on official purpose realize that the utmost need of the hour,when they are not in the country, is to stay connected with their e-mail IDs. The official e-mail accounts arethe most active ones that need to be checked frequently. The official mails constantly receives severalimportant mails on regular basis, which is why it becomes important for the account holder to keep a tab ontheir IDs even whey are out.Realizing the significance of the matter, many telecommunication companies are now offering prepaidinternet data cards or pay-as-you-go internet connection cards to the users. These data cards are like USBmodem device that can be directly connected to the laptop or a PC for accessing internet connection directly.Following are the benefits of using a 3g data card (internet connection modem device):1. With a prepaid data card you can easily access internet form any part of the world without being botheredabout the hassles and the formalities of filling up forms with the local LAN providers abroad.2. You can stay connected to your most important official e-mail accounts, which is like a lifeline for themodern economic world.3. Using a 3g data card is much cheaper compared to the cost of purchasing a long-term contract forinternational wi-fi service. It even works out to be more cost efficient than renting a workstation at anInternet cafe abroad.4. The device is very convenient to use and it can be easily connected to your PC or Laptop to accessanywhere anytime internet connection.5. You need not to access your mails from your mobile phones and face troubles responding to them from thesmall size screen of your handset. No matter how advanced the mobile phone is but responding to e-mailsfrom a miniature mobile device is always a cumbersome task. Secondly adding attachments or downloadinglarge files is also not easily feasible even with the latest pocket-sized phones.6. The international internet data cards are very efficient in their performance as well hence you can enjoyusing good quality uninterrupted internet connection while on the move. Thus you can connect the data cardto your Notebook or Laptop and access constant internet connection even while you are traveling in a taxi orcab.There are several telecom giants selling the internet connection data cards in the country. Clay Telecom is amajor player of the telecom sector that provides prepaid mobile hotspot device. With Clay Telecom you canchoose from a wide array of wireless gadgets and prepaid USB Modems for all your international internetconnection needs.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 8. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 8 CardPrepaid UK SIM card Perfect solution for the global touristsPrepaid UK SIM card is the accomplished solution to suffice all the calling needs of the tourists, traveling toUnited States of America. Global SIM cards are the most economical solution for making calls to all friends andfamily members from a foreign land. For those who are compelled about traveling or touring foreigncountries, purchasing a global SIM card before journey is must..The some common problems that people face while touring out of country was get cheaper options forreceiving and making calls. With constant innovations in the realm of mobile communication technology,International telecommunication companies like Clay Telecom have come up with country specific global SIMcards like the postpaid and prepaid UK SIM card. Clay provides both the options for several countries like ShriLanka, Germany, Italy, UK, and UK SIM Card. So if you have been searching for better options to satisfy yoursand your familys communication needs, while touring a foreign country like UK then prepaid UK SIM card isundoubtedly your best bet.You can decide whether you want to pay in advance for the calling charges and buy a prepaid UK SIM cardthat comes with specific number of calling. Otherwise you can also pay an advance rental to buy a postpaidand prepaid UK SIM card that comes with unlimited calls and validity. According to the experts opinionacquiring a USA SIM card prepaid and UK SIM card prepaid are a better option for the tourist who travels fora limited period and dont have mass calling requirement. However receiving incoming calls is free with boththe cards. Another advantage of using the post paid and prepaid global SIM card are that you are not bound toa contract and hence not required to pay robust amount for connection charges. Also, the postpaid connectionhas a lengthy and stringent verification process whereas the prepaid card just requires few copies ofnecessary documents with a verification process. Whether you decide to purchase a UK SIM card prepaid orpostpaid, you will definitely encounter several benefits of using these global SIM cards compared to usinglocal network providers services abroad.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 9. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 9 CardEnjoy free international roaming with global SIM cardsCountry specific global SIM cards are the first choice of any international traveler. These calling cards enableyou to have long conversations with your loved ones even while you are traveling abroad.Off late, lots of people have been traveling to foreign destinations for specific reasons. If you have beenplanning to visit a foreign country then the first thing you need to include in your check-list is a global SIMcard, which would entitle you to enjoy free international roaming. Whenever you leave the country to fulfill aprofessional, personal or educational purpose, simultaneously you leave behind all your friends and relatives.From the moment you reach the desired foreign destination, you start feeling homesick, as you miss youracquaintances back home. What adds to the adversity of the situation is the fact that you are not even able toproceed lengthy conversations with your loved ones as global roaming charges would be applicable on yournumber and secondly, the international calling charges are very high. This is why you need to procureinternational calling cards before you leave the territories of the Nation.The Global SIM cards can be easily purchased from amongst numerous telecom companies offering costeffective solutions to all your international calling needs. One of the most obvious reasons behind thepopularity of these calling cards is their rock bottom prices. There are numerous international cell phonerental companies operating in India, which offer services like Prepaid and Postpaid international SIM cards,and Data cards for instant internet connectivity. The companies develop their tariff plans in the most costeffective manner to give maximum benefits to the users. Most of the major telecom companies are present inthe internet marketing platform, thus it is easier for the users to review important details like services, tariffplans and coverage area. These companies provide tailor made solutions to fit the requirements of differenttypes of customers like tourists, business men and students.Clay Telecom is an eminent name in the Indian telecom industry that has been providing most reasonablypriced tariff plans. Besides offering free international roaming services, the international SIM cards providedby Clay bring uninterrupted network coverage to the users. It has established technical collaboration with themost reputed network providers abroad, to ensure that you dont need to compromise on connectivity issues.It offers strong and effectual network coverage across 40 major cities of the world. Adding to the reliability ofits services, Clay maintains a 24X7 customer support service to answer all the technical and general queries ofthe users.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 10. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 10 CardInternational roaming services - Must have for the Globe trottersInternational roaming services from a reputed telecom company are required for ensuring uninterruptedtelecommunications services outside the territorial borders of your country. Whether you are a frequenttraveler or you are going to a foreign country for the first time, international roaming prepaid and postpaidservices are required to save money on the mobile phone bills.Those who have experienced huge international roaming charges while traveling overseas usually getfrustrated with their mobile phone bills. Complaining customer care executives of the service provider willnot resolve the issue. Rather you need to take some preventive steps to lower your international roamcharges. Experts from the telecom industry advice the global travelers to follow these steps:Donot carry your home mobile phoneThe mobile phones that you are using in India are fit for usage in this country only. Also the services of yourlocal network provider are not appropriate for usage in foreign countries. If you continue using your localnetwork providers services you would end up paying huge amount for roaming international charges. Allyour incoming calls and messages will be chargeable that would include huge international roam charges.Additionally you would have to pay roaming for the outgoing calls and messages as well.Do not buy a new mobile phoneAfter omitting the first option, the next best idea that comes to your mind is buying a new prepaid connectionat the country you will visit. Well this idea also fails the purpose of saving money. Prepaid SIM cards boughtfrom foreign countries might not work with your own phone so you will have to buy a new mobile phone forusing the SIM. Secondly it would have higher international call charges and it is obvious that you basicallyrequire the phone to stay connected with people back home.Go for the best optionThe best option is to purchase a postpaid or prepaid International SIM card from the Indian telecomcompanies. These global SIM cards come with FREE international roam thus you can enjoy the best of boththe worlds. You can effortlessly stay connected with your loved ones back home without even paying sky-scraping charges for making or receiving calls while you are on international roaming. Most of the premiertelecom companies like Clay Telecom offer both postpaid and prepaid international SIM cards. The users canchose one as per their convenience and requirements. The prepaid SIM cards that come with internationalroaming prepaid services are good for the tourists as they require it for a limited period of time. On the otherhand, the postpaid SIM is relevant for the students who are going to stay for a longer period of time.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 11. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 11 Card3g data card - One of the most convenient ways for global internet connectivityInternational 3g data card or global data card is one of the most valuable connectivity devices that enablesthe global travelers to access anytime anywhere internet connection. Those traveling abroad for commercialpurposes require instant internet connectivity at all times. Hence, the postpaid and prepaid data cards,providing online access over the PC are an important resource for them.The international travelers face numerous problems while traveling abroad. One of the most commonproblems faced by them is the lack of reasonably priced connectivity options. While the availability ofinternational SIM cards has resolved the concerns for making long distance calls from foreign base. On theother hand global data cards have provided cost-effective options for accessing internet with this pocket-sized device. Both postpaid and prepaid data cards are available in the Indian market that can be purchasedeasily over the internet and utilized in foreign countries. It comes with FREE postpaid prepaid internationalroaming enabling the user with instant internet connection.Following are the benefits of using the international 3g data card.Hassle-free connection: With an international data card you can access instant connectivity from anywherearound the world just by plugging in the small device to your notebook or laptop. You will not need to stay inyour Hotel room to access internet, you can easily stay connected on the road while moving from one place toanother or sightseeing.High speed connection: Irrespective of the country you are traveling to, with the services of a postpaid orprepaid data card from a premier telecom company, you can always expect quality service and high speedinternet connection. Hence it is important to ensure that the company you are going to for purchasing thecards is reliable enough.Reasonably priced service: The global data cards come with FREE postpaid and prepaid internationalroaming reducing the usage cost to a substantial amount. It is undoubtedly the most economically pricedoption for accessing internet in foreign countries. Owing to the immense competition in this market segment,numerous telecom companies providing global data card services offer competitive prices. You can comparethe tariffs of different companies over the internet before purchasing it.Several telecom companies in Indiaoffer international postpaid and prepaid data card to empower the global travelers with the uninterruptedinternet services. Clay Telecom is a popular Indian company that provides 3g data card services for foreigncountries. If you have been planning to visit UK, USA, Australia or Germany for any purpose and want to accessinternet during your visit, then Clay Telecom has the perfect solution for you.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 12. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 12 CardAre International Calling Cards the Most Economical and Convenient OptionsWith the cut-throat competition in the market amongst various mobile service providers, availing the cheapservices of an international calling card is not a big deal anymore. Those who travel abroad frequently oroccasionally are well aware of the fact that international calling is not an expensive affair anymore. People cannow easily stay connected with their family and business associates back home at very affordable cost.There are several options available in the telecommunications market today that offer a huge range of servicesfor the international travelers to choose from. Everyday numerous attractive deals and offers are launched inthe market to entice the interests of the callers. Availing the services of cheap international calling cards is oneof the easiest options preferred by major sections of the society. Although, there are other options like VOIPtechnology that can also be used as an alternative but you need internet connection to use this method.Following is a comparison chart showing the difference between these two options:International Calling CardEconomicalThese cards are very economical for making international calls as there are no roaming charges.CoverageGood companies provide a wide coverage area including all the major international countries.Incoming calls, SMSYou can receive unlimited FREE incoming calls and SMS.Easy UsageIt is like common mobile phones, you can ideally use it easily.MobilityYou can use it anywhere you go, just like you have been using your local mobile phones at home.VarietyE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 13. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 13 CardIt is available in both pre-paid and post-paid options. For example while traveling to America you can choosefrom postpaid and prepaid USA SIM card.VIOP TechnologyEconomicalThese cards are very economical for making international calls as there are no roaming charges.CoverageCoverage area totally depends on the availability of uninterrupted Internet connection.Incoming calls, SMSYou cannot ideally receive calls from anywhere.Easy UsageIt can be a bit difficult to operate for the first time users.MobilityYou cannot possibly take the Internet connection with you to different places you visit all the time.VarietyThere are no such options.This table clearly indicates the fact that using alternative options like VOIP technology can be a bit economical,but at the same time it is inconvenient. Nobody wants to face inconvenience, especially when they are visitinga foreign country for any purpose like business, leisure or studies or simply to meet relatives or friends outthere.Whether you are traveling to UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, or any other foreign country, you can alwaysrely on the cost-effective and user-friendly global calling cards for all your international calling needs. If youare traveling to UK for instance, you can get the pre-paid or post-paid UK SIM card according to yourconvenience. There are several telecommunication giants in the country like Clay Telecom, who provide cheappre-paid or post-paid UK SIM card, post-paid or prepaid USA SIM card and Australia SIM cards, and so on.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 14. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 14 CardTips to reduce international calling and international roaming charges while travelingabroadTraveling overseas is an expensive affair which includes the traveling charges, air tickets, hotel stay, food etc.What adds volumes to your overseas traveling expenses, are international roaming Charges that you need topay to your local subscriber for using their services in a foreign land. This is why, people should be morecareful when meeting their communication needs while traveling abroad.There are several measures you can adopt to save money on international roaming charges. By utilizing someuseful tips while traveling abroad, you can easily save a fortune whilst conveniently staying in touch withpeople back home. Following are some of the ways:1. Acquire a global SIM cardGlobal SIM card is the best bet when it comes to getting rid of your international roaming charges. It is a mustfor all those who travel to foreign countries regularly or even frequently. You can easily purchase aninternational SIM card from the local telecom companies at very reasonable charges. You can save up to 80 %of the money spent on global roaming with the aid of this card. With these cards you can easily keep in touchwith your family members and associates back home, at a fraction of the cost of using your home mobilephone there.2. Get an international cell phone rentalIn countries like America, the mobile phone functions on either AMPS or CDMA technologies with differentfrequencies. The idea of buying a new handset for the purpose of traveling is totally irrelevant as the phonewould be completely out of service in your country. Therefore, going for an international cell phone rental isthe most appropriate option that can help you save the extra money spent on purchasing a new phone for alimited and short period.E-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113
  • 15. Advantages of using Prepaid Data 15 Card3. Use the internet Café or Wi-FiAnother way of making cheap and affordable international calls in through Skype or other VoIP providers. Inorder to use this service you need constant internet connection that can be availed from an Internet Café or asmart phone like a Global Blackberry with an inbuilt Wi-Fi system.4. Use a local phone booth for making ISD callsYou can utilize the local telephone booth of the country you are visiting for making calls. This will help youavoid high roaming charges. In case, you are visiting a country with advanced fixed telecommunicationsinfrastructure you can simply purchase an international phone card and use it over a landline phone.By following any of these steps you can actually save a lot of money spent on the mobile phone bills with hugeroaming charges. The purpose of this article is to give you some tips to save you a fortune. You can refer tothe international cell phone rental and SIM card services of Clay Telecom - a leading international wirelesstelecommunication company. It also provides Global Blackberry services for the travelersE-mail:| Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 1113