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Slide that describe some overview about Indonesia Game Industry.
I used this slide when presenting about the industry at Nikkei Game Networking Event between Japanese Companies with Indonesian Companies.

I share it here due to many request for it,
But again,
DISCLAIMER : because most of the data in here is approximation, came from our experience and the discussion with players form the industry. Because there's still no proper research have been done in the game industry of Indonesia.

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About indonesia Game Industry - Agate Studio

  1. 1. Indonesian  Game  Industry   “  Overview  &  Opportunity  ”   Arief  Widhiyasa  –  Agate  Studio  
  2. 2. about:   ~ Live the fun way ~ Startup Company in Bandung Focus in Game DevelopmentFounded and Executed by Students
  3. 3. Video  compro  baru  
  4. 4. Now,..  THIS  IS  HOW  WE  START..  
  5. 5. At  First,…       @  1  April  2009   15  people   $5  /month   15  hrs/day   BEGINNING  
  6. 6. We  believe  in:   CraHing  fun  experiences   to  enrich  the  way  of  life   ~  Live  the  fun  way   Our  dedicaDon  is  simply  to  make  life   more  fun  to  live.  And  we  believe  that   The  same   game,  would  make  a  beFer  world  by   DREAM,     giving  fun  experience  to  mankind                      Mak e  us  Unite d  
  7. 7. Time  Pieces   Our  Dme  pieces  is  not  about  the  achievements  we  have  made  at  that  Dme.  Every  single  piece  tells  a  lot  of  stories:  fun,  inspiring,   empowering  that  could  be  told  to  others.  It  is  about  our  journey.  A  never  ending  journey  to  live  the  fun  way   Q3  2009   Q4  2009   Q1  –  Q2  2010   Q3  –  Q4  2010   •  27  crews   •  34  crews   •  0  Capital   •  Recruit  People  start  from   •  Boldly  spending  the  rest  of  $  to   •  0  Exp   $10/mo   renovate  office   •  Up  to  100%  crew’s  salary  mulDplied   •  Increase  100%  salary  every   •  Expanding  the  experDse  &   every  quarter   •  0  Management  Skill   services:  advergames   month   •  Geang  professional,  team  up  with  1  of   •  15  crews   •  Making  best  growth:  8,427%   the  best  quality  game  developer   •  $5/mo  crew’s  salary   •  Miss-­‐planned,  nearly   from  AcDon  Coach  Business   Coaching   •  Becoming  1  of  the  biggest  game   bankrupt  at  the  end  of  the   •  Create  own  IP   developer  in  Indonesia   year   Q1  –  Q2  2011   •  45  crews  rewarded  in  beFer  rate  &  make  steady  path  as  the  biggest   Indonesian  Game  Developer   •  Started  publishing  own  IP  and  get  a  tremendous  local  result   •  Relocated  to  the  new  bigger-­‐capacity  ‘playground’  office  Some  small  achievement  the  best  ade:   And  we’ve  m achievement  for  us  is  sDll:   •  Merit  Winner  of  Inaicta  2009   Happiness  to  do   •  Win  2  awards  in  IMULAI  3.0  with  Nyanyiyuk  &  Football  Saga,  Jakarta   •  Kaskus  Favorite  Winner  of  Inaicta  2009   2011   •  Most  Growth  Company  AcDon  Coach  2010   •  Champion  of  CIMB  Clicks  of  the  Year  2011,  Jakarta  2011   •  •  Winner  Indigo  Fellowship  2010   what  we  really  want  to  do   People’s  Choice  Mochi  Award  -­‐  Flash  Gaming  Summit  2010,  San  Francisco   •  Winner  of  BUBU  awards  web  game  :  Football  Saga,  Jakarta  2011   •  1st  Winner  Teknopreneur  Award  2010  
  8. 8. Somehow…  we  managed  to   SURVIVE   2009   Current  2012  15  People   76 People   120+   20+   Games   Parallel  Projects  Operates  in   3  Ci]es   Quality  talents   MulD  plalorms   ProducDon   MulD  purposes   Capability  
  9. 9. A  liFle  bit  overview  ABOUT  INDONESIA  
  10. 10. Some  Basic  Stat  Ø   Indonesia  is  the  World’s  4th  Largest  Country  Ø  Land  Size  of  1.9M  sq  km   with    around  17’000  Island  Ø  56%  of  populaDon  lives  in   Java  Island  Ø  Very  rich  in  culture.  There’s   1128  sub  cultural  tribe,  with   around  746  local  language   *  Data  from  Badan  Pusat  StaDsDka  
  11. 11. Internet  Stats  Ø 55  million  Internet  Users  (4th  in  Asia)   Ø   Nielsen  (2011)  48%  access  from  mobile  phone,  and     another  13%  from  handheld  mulDmedia  devices  Ø 42  million  Facebook  Users  (4th  in  World)   Ø   59%  male,  41%  female  Ø 67%  internet  users  are  bellow  25,  another  21%  from   25-­‐35   *  Data  from  internetworldstats.com;  Nielsen;  socialbakers.com    
  12. 12. The  Growth  Year   Users   Popula]on   %  Pen   GDP  p.c.  2000   2,000,000   206,264,595   0.9%   US$  570  2007   20,000,000   224,481,720   8.9%   US$  1,916  2008   25,000,000   237,512,335   10.5%   US$  2,238  2009   35,000,000   240,271,522   14.6%   US$  2,329  2010   45,000,000   242,968,342   18.5%   US$  2,858  2011   55,000,000   245,613,043   22.4%   US$  3,469   Future..?  2015   86,479,571   253,605,779   34.1%   US$  5,209  
  13. 13. Closure  Industry  News   Good  News  Ø   Indonesia  as  a  country  shows  potenDal  as  a  big  &  growing  market    (based    on  populaDon  &  GDP  per-­‐capita  growth)  Ø   Internet  ecosystem  is  growing  faster  than-­‐ever  Ø   In  term  of  market,  the  habit  potenDal  is  there,  (Indonesian  people  read  LaDn  alphabet,  and  weirdly  more  prefer  foreign  products  etc)   Not  so  Good  News   Ø   The  game  industry  is  sDll  very  new  (immature)   Ø   The  game  industry  market  is  also  very  small     (less  than  Vietnam  market)   Ø   There’s  sDll  no  exact  data  about  the  industry              (no  proper  research  have  been  conducted  yet)  
  14. 14. Let’s  dip  on  INDONESIA  GAME  INDUSTRY  
  15. 15. Trackback   1980   The  console  market  start   developed  when  Atari  came   1985   First  boom  because  of  NES  The  home  entertainment  becoming  more   (*pirated  games  started  >.<*)  &  more  popular  especially  on  rich  &   1990  middle  income  family  (*SNES  came  -­‐  1992*)   Big  boom  because  of  Sony   PlaystaDon  (1995)   Timezone  entered  Indonesia   (Arcade  Industry  Began  -­‐  1995)   1995   (*pirated  CDs  are  easier  &   cheaper*)   1998  -­‐  Matahari  Studio  established   1st  game  developer  in  Indonesia   Rental  access  to  play  games  grew   2000  
  16. 16. Trackback   Hacked  PlaystaDon  2  came  :D   2001   PC-­‐LAN-­‐Based  Games  began   First  MMO  game  publisher  came,   tracDon  (esp.  CS  &  Dota)   2003   BolehNet  with  Nexia  KOTW  (2001)   MMORPG  became  popular,   Indonesian  Game  Developer  built  an   Big  Boom  from  Ragnarok  Online  by   MMOG,  Inspirit  Arena  (2003-­‐2007)   Lyto  (2003)   2005   Rise  of  Flash  Game  Developer  (2005)   2008   Rise  of  Facebook  &  Social  Games  Phenomenal  success  of  Point  Blank  MMOFPS  by  Kreon  (2009  -­‐  present)   2011  
  17. 17. HOW’S  THE  STAGES  (MARKET)..?  DISCLAIMER:  From  this  point  beyond,  most  of  the  data  is  approximaDon          Based  on  Experience,  and  discussion  with  player  in  the  industry…!  
  18. 18. Latest  Stats  Ø  The  mone]ze-­‐able  local  market  is  Arcade,  Web-­‐ Based  MMO  (Social  Games,  etc),  Client-­‐Based   MMO,  and  Mobile  Games  Ø  Majority  users  sDll  from  Java  Island  (~70%)  Ø  There’s  around  30,000  PC  Café  to  play  Ø  Home  users  rate  is  increasing   2008  -­‐  Home:Café  =  3:7,  2011  -­‐  7:3   (*including  social  games  players*)  
  19. 19. How  Big  is  the  Market..?   Client-­‐Based  MMO  Games  Ø   Approximately  there’s  7-­‐8  million  player  in  Indonesia  Ø   Depends  on  the  games,  the  ARPPU  ranges  from  $3  -­‐  $12  /  month  Ø   SDll  depends  on  the  games,  the  paying  user  rate  is  around  10%-­‐30%  Ø   Approximately  the  monthly  sales  is  around  US$  8  million  monthly          (*  this  is  almost  half  of  Vietnam  monthly  sales  *)   Web-­‐Based  MMO  /  Social  Games   Ø   Approximately  there’s  12  million  player  in  Indonesia   Ø   Depends  on  the  games,  the  ARPPU  ranges  from  $0.5  -­‐  $2  /  month   Ø   SDll  depends  on  the  games,  the  paying  user  rate  is  around  0.5%-­‐8%   Ø   Approximately  the  monthly  sales  is  around  US$  1,200,000  monthly          (*  majority  comes  from  Zynga  Games  *)  
  20. 20. So,…  WHO’S  THE  ACTORS..?  
  21. 21. The  Actors   Academics   Government   Associa]ons   Developer   Publisher  Plakorm/Channels   Media   Gamers  
  22. 22. Publisher  -­‐  Facts   Client-­‐Based  MMO   Web-­‐Based  MMO   Mobile  Games   Arcade  Games  Ø There’re  around  20   Ø Dominated  with   Ø Most  player  is  local  Content   Ø There’s  only  5  big  player   Game  Publisher  here   Facebook  Games   Provider  who  act  as  a   in  the  country,  with  one  Ø Successful  games  could   (especially  by  Zynga)   publisher   focus  on  outside  Java   get  in  average  around   Ø Poker  is  most  popular,   Ø Average  lifeDme  revenue  of   Area   US$400.000  per  month   People  love  gambling   good  games  is  USD$8000   Ø PreFy  stable  industry   General  Stats   Popular  Games   IP-­‐Based  Game  
  23. 23. Publisher  -­‐  Top  Player  Client-­‐Based  MMO   Web-­‐Based  MMO   Mobile  Games   Arcade  Games   Carriers   +   CP  
  24. 24. Publisher  -­‐  Challenges   Client-­‐Based  MMO   Web-­‐Based  MMO   Mobile  Games   Arcade  Games  Ø  Big  Market  PopulaDon,  but  Low  ARPU  Ø  Archipelago  Country,  challenge  in  distribuDon,  and   BTL  promoDon  acDvity  Ø  There’s  sDll  no  solid  Payment  Channel  Ø  Infrastructure  is  not  evenly  built,  there’s  a  big  gap   between  big  ciDes  and  smaller  ciDes  
  25. 25. Developer  -­‐  Facts  Ø  First  developer  was  Matahari  Studio,  was  built  on  1998,   followed  by  Altermyth  at  2003  Ø  New  Game  Developers  boom  at  2005-­‐2007,  where   there’s  a  lot  of  opportunity  in  the  Flash  Sponsorship   Market  Ø  Now  there’s  a  second  wave  because  of  the  Startup   Euphoria  and  mobile  games  market  grew  with  small   entry  barrier  Ø  Currently  there’s  around  79  Game  Developers   Ø  Most  of  them  (85%)  sDll  indie,  less  than  10  people  
  26. 26. Developer  -­‐  Challenges  Ø  It’s  hard  to  find  ready  Talents  for  Game   Development,  but  the  potenDals  is  very  high  Ø  Access  to  Local  Market,  and  the  size  is  sDll  limited.   So  majority  of  Game  Developer  moneDze  from   Global  Market  Ø  As  always,  hard  to  access  capital  in  Bank,  need   other  way  for  financing  Ø  Sustainability  is  always  an  issue,  developer  needs   to  expand  their  business  wisdom  
  27. 27. Media   Offline  Media   Online  Media   Ø   There’s  sDll  no  established  Online  Media   Ø   Some  starts  from  Forum/CommuniDes,  currently   becoming  news  portal/blogsite   Ø   Some  black  horse  recently  appear,   www.duniaku.net  Ø   Started  around  1996  Ø   Very  popular  back  then,  but  currently,  the  popularity  sinking  
  28. 28. Government  Ø Indonesian  Government  recently  had  shown  a  big  support   towards  the  CreaDve  Industry,  especially  the  digital  ones   (since  2009)  Ø Support  shown  by  various  program  from  many  ministry  to   endorse  growth  of  the  ecosystem   One  of  the  popular  yearly  program  is  INAICTA,  from   CommunicaDon  and  InformaDon  Ministry.  It’s  a  NaDonal   Yearly  CompeDDon,  with  a  special  category  for  games   product  since  last  year  
  29. 29. Academics  Ø There’s  sDll  no  direct  support  from  Academic  insDtuDon  to   the  Game  Industry  Field  Ø But  from  certain  universiDes,  they  already  open  a  post-­‐ graduate  major  about  Game  Industry  Ø There’s  also  some  private  university,  that  already  made  a   game  industry  specific  specializaDon  course  
  30. 30. Associa]on   Focus  on  Wider  Area   Focus  on  Game  Industry    
  31. 31. Any  BUZZ  Lately..?  RECENT  EVENTS  
  32. 32. The  Crowd  is  There..!  
  33. 33. Video  id  bermain  
  34. 34. The  Future  Need  &  Opportunity  of  Indonesian  Game  Industry  A  GATE  INTO  GREAT  COLLABORATION  
  35. 35. First  of  All  Let’s  agree  on  some  point,..  1.  Indonesian  Game  Industry  has  a  very  big  poten]al,   yet,  it  sDll  very  new  2.  The  Market  itself  shows  a  great  growth,  but  sDll   need  some  effort  to  build  the  market  further  3.  The  Player  of  the  Industry  (especially  Publisher  and   Developer),  already  there,  but  s]ll  new  also  
  36. 36. So,…  I  believe  there  will  be  one  common  needs,..   Everything  :P     We’ve  to  build  the  Ecosystem  of   Indonesian  Game  Industry  
  37. 37. How  to  build  the  Ecosystem  SOME  IDEAS  
  38. 38. Developer  -­‐  Ideas  1.  Outsourcing  Service,  providing  early  market  access  to   the  Developers.  (We  have  the  skills,  and  our  rate  is   very  compeDDve)  2.  Co-­‐Development,  with  the  more  senior  developer,  we   could  create  a  co-­‐dev  project  to  accelerate  maturity  3.  Talent  Exchange,  to  accelerate  talent  maturity  and   knowledge  growth  4.  Access  Japan’s  Market,  help  the  developer  to  access   Japan’s  Market  
  39. 39. Publisher  -­‐  Ideas  1.  Publishing  License  of  Japan’s  games  to  Indonesia,   and  of  course  we  hope  a  value  deal  because  the   market  is  sDll  new  2.  Co-­‐Publish  games,  accelerate  the  maturity  growth   of  the  market  and  the  publisher  maturity  also  3.  Joint-­‐Effort  for  Market  EducaDon  and  Market   Research  
  40. 40. General  -­‐  Ideas  1.  Knowledge  Transfer,  especially  with  the  industry   player  and  students  2.  Joint  Event,  frequently  we  build  expo,  seminars,   workshop,  etc..  
  41. 41. Contact  me:  clawford@agatestudio.com  |  @clawford