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  • 1. f a nNavigli Acqua Festival
  • 2. AGENDANavigli LombardiExpo 2015WaterThe FestivalThe Cube and other ideasThe Darsena dock, the projectThe Navigli
  • 3. Navigli LombardiNavigli Lombardi is the company in the Regional System responsible for promotion and heritage and tourisminitiatives for the Navigli System, a network of five historic canals dating back to the 12th century.The Company operates on behalf of its Members (the Regional, Provincial and Municipal Authorities, Chambers ofCommerce), in order to:•create services for the development of tourism in the area;•plan and carry out development projects for the area through public-private partnerships in a teamworkcontext;•plan and organise events and occasions for sport, leisure, art, design, music, performances also obtainingfunding from European, state and regional bodies.
  • 4. Navigli Lombardi
  • 5. The Darsena dock project
  • 6. The Darsena dock projectNavigli Lombardi works alongside and supports theMilan Municipal Authority in the development andexecution of the recovery project for the Milan Darsenadock in view of EXPO 2015.When work is completed (end of 2014), the city willhave its old commercial dock back, with spaces devotedto a market, restaurants, bars, shops and services and anew harbour where tourists can enjoy the canals on thewater or strolling along boardwalks.In the heart of Milan,the outsideEXPO 2015.
  • 7. Expo 2015
  • 8. Expo 2015108 paesi partecipanti, 9 aree tematiche , spazi riservati alla società civile
  • 9. Water incubator of lifeA primordial element which throughout itscycle of transformation is an essentialcondition for life.Water forms and transforms matter,modelling it, and renews itself over time as itchanges state. A force nature and naturalresource in a thriving and diversifiedenvironment which needs it as food, to growand in order to evolve.Man finds, tames, and harnesses water toregenerate himself and in turn to give newshape to matter, life.Water
  • 10. The NavigliNavigli, vectors of material, social andspiritual progressMilan arose in the centre of the Po Valley and hadno access to water. But the ingenuity of 12th centuryengineers drew water from the Ticino and Addarivers, channelling it into a complex system ofwaterways completed in the 19th century whichcomprises the five canals of Lombardy. The waterflowing through these canals was the life blood ofthe countryside, irrigating, flooding. It fed, washedand provided for the basic necessities of the peoplesof many areas. It generated energy for mills andlater, for factories, and even later, for hydroelectricstations. It created links between individuals andtowns, stimulating tangible and intangible exchangewith the transport of goods and people, fosteringthe development of cultures and traditions...Over the centuries the canals have spurred progressamong the local populations and given shape to theworks of man.
  • 11. The FestivalEveryone involved in making the most of the area will bemeeting up on the Navigli for a festival to celebrate thehistoric Milanese canals and the element of which they aremade: water.FAN - Navigli Acqua Festival is a series of events andinitiatives on the Navigli, where the creativity andproductivity of the area, fed by the water, translates intoservices, leisure amenities, culture, entertainment.The PROJECT is developed over 3 years starting in 2013and reaching a climax in May 2015, to coincide with theopening of the World Fair.2013 will be a year of preparation and will feature a seriesof micro events on the Navigli and around the city (from 5to 21 April 2013).2014 is “year zero” with a calendar of events on in Milanand on the Navigli focusing on the local specialities in Milanand Lombardy in terms of quality produce, innovation andcultural traditions (April – May 2014).
  • 12. The Festival 2013The 2013 edition will take place from 5 April 2013 to 21 April2013 (salon from 9 to 14)The festival will feature two main events:•Art parade: an open air exhibition in the inner circle of thecity, along the marble route, in order to promote FAN. Inorder to promote the exhibition, it has been decided to usea symbol, a sort of marker which immediately brings tomind water and therefore the Navigli. The element chosenfor the 2013 edition is a boat (e.g. an origami boat), with ameaning that is simple and immediate as well as evocativeand rich in emotional connotations. The objective is to“invade” the city with boats which will be represented bymeans of simple gadgets or flyers but also through actualart installations.•Calendar of events, activities and performances along theNavigli during the period of reference. The Navigli will betransformed into a workshop of ideas and initiatives whichwill bring together all kinds of different forms of creativeexpression under a single umbrella.
  • 13. The Festival 2013The 2013 edition of “FAN”, which is intended to be an experimentto demonstrate the potential of the Navigli System and theDarsena dock as its hub, and will feature a series of micro events(exhibitions, workshops, installations and artistic performances) incollaboration with a number of subjects operating in the arts andacademia (NABA, Politecnico, Columbia University, Cracking ArtGroup and other professional artists).As far as the logistics are concerned, floating structures will beconstructed which, together with courtyards and some of the mostpicturesque locations along the Navigli will host the various events.The aim is to create an art park, restoring vitality and stimulus to anarea which is a symbol of the city, improving the quality of life of theresidents as well as the level of services on offer.
  • 14. The Festival 2013ART PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP“Navigli Station: …from another side”In collaboration with NABA, organised by Stefano Boccalini15 selected students will undertake a voyage along the Navigli and usephotography to produce unique interpretations of the water as it isfiltered through the poetic sensibility of these young artists.The images will be collected and exhibited in a show during the festival.Apart from displaying the photos, the exhibition will feature a multimediashow and corollary events such as seminars andpresentations/projections in the presence of the students and teacherswho carried out the project.
  • 15. The Festival 2013NAVIGLI STATION … from another sideThe project, organised by Stefano Boccalini, an artist andteacher at NABA, aims to investigate the area of theLombardy Navigli canal system. Together with his studentsin the Public Art course and the Master in Landscape Design,Boccalini will try to use the publication of a “tourist guide” inorder to present an image of the navigli and its area thatgoes beyond the conventional stereotypes.The experience of the young artists taking part in the projectwill be used to highlight certain aspects of the landscapestarting with the waterways and the surrounding places. Thelandscape, in this case, will be understood as a physicalplace, but also as an anthropological place. This means thatbesides looking at the architecture and natural landscape,the area will also be considered from the point of view ofthose who inhabit it and the consequent social context.Throughout the festival an exhibition will be organised withsome of the materials produced during the workshop. At thesame time, there will be collateral events which generateinteraction with the public and promote the canals andsurrounding areas.
  • 16. The Festival 2013Architecture and Design WORKSHOP“(Un) Taming The Navigli”Liberating the hidden potentialities of the canals’ system Spring 2013 Workshop8 April – 13 April 2013 (in parallel with the Furniture Salon)In collaboration with:•Frederic Levrat - Columbia University GSAPP, New York;•Oliviero Godi – Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Architecture.24 selected students will work for 6 days in a floating workshop speciallybuilt on the Navigli.
  • 17. The Festival 2013(UN)TAMING THE NAVIGLITheme:Looking at the Navigli as a system stretching from the upperTicino and Adda rivers, entering Milano to arrive in Pavia.Re-enabling the perception of the Navigli as a place forevents, that can only take place thanks of its body of water.Body of water - shared space for the community.Extension of the perception through the physical extensions pedestrian,boat, bicycle.Extension of the perception through the digital realm.Lectures:Every evening a lecture will be held at the GreentainerLounge in relation to the theme of the workshop, withparticipants from Italy and abroad.The project’s sites are located along the Navigli.The workshop will attempt to reconcile the diverse layers of:the build environment, the waterways and the digitalenvironment, with the design of public spaces, spaces forevents, performances and leisure on and around the Navigli.Unexpected encounters will be explored through the prism ofthese multi dimensional layers, evaluating their impact on thedesign of a contemporary, yet unusual,public space.
  • 18. The Festival 2013CRACKING ART GROUPFrogs invasionIn collaboration with Cracking Art Group.Thousands of frogs will invade the Navigli and the Darsena dock forthe duration of the festival.Performances will also be organised to set the frogs floating down theNavigli.Once the festival is over, the frogs will be put on sale and the moneyraised will go towards the restoration of a heritage site along theNavigli selected in collaboration with FAI, the Italian National Trust.
  • 19. The Festival 2013CONTAINER LOUNGE – GreentainerIn collaboration with Oliviero Godi & Dorit Mizrahi Exposure Architects.During the days of the festival a floating container will be positioned alongthe Navigli.A location 60mq (12x5m) comprising a closed space with glass walls (2,45 x12m) for small-scale events (exhibitions, concerts, readings, creativeworkshops), as well as workshops and relaxation areas for visitors.A free WiFi area will also be set up during the festival for all the visitors tothe event.
  • 20. The Festival 2013THE LONG SCARF FOR THE NAVIGLIO GRANDEThere will be an event during the Festival to promote aninitiative by Associazione Culturale Coinvolgente. A scarf willbe made for the Naviglio Grande, to wrap around it andprotect it, made by those who love it.The scarf, which to date is 2 km long and has been workedon by hundreds of people, will be displayed along the banksof the first section of Naviglio Grande.There will also be a space along the Naviglio where visitorscan use the facilities and contribute to the initiative bymaking their own piece of scarf 30 cm wide and at least 40cm long from fabric remnants.
  • 21. The Festival 2013BOOK BARGE EXHIBITIONThere will be a space on the water devoted to books and publicationsfocusing on the Navigli. To coincide with the inauguration of thearchive, the Centro Documentale Navigli, there will be an exhibitionon board a boat so that in the course of the normal ferry schedule,passengers can take a look at old navigation log books and maps.A wealth of precious books will be on display in the company headoffices along the Navigli together with other publications on theNavigli canal system. These can be consulted in special reading areasset up in the exhibition spaces.
  • 22. The Festival 2013BOAT PARADEIn collaboration with major Milanese and Italian street artists, the art parade forthe 2013 edition of FAN features an object which can immediately be identifiedwith the Navigli: a boat.A “floating” art performance will comprise about 50 2-metre long installationsmade of plastic or aluminium, personalised by street artists and scatteredaround the Navigli area and the inner circle of the city (where the Navigli arestill present, albeit invisible, being underground).Boat-shaped flyers (made like origami) will be distributed all over Milan topromote the calendar of events on the Navigli.Boat-shaped gadgets made of plastic will be made and sold to promote theevent and the proceeds will go to charity.
  • 23. The Festival (wip)
  • 24. f a nNavigli Acqua FestivalRosalia Russorosalia.russo@naviglilombardi.itVittorio GargaglioneVittorio.gargaglione@naviglilombardi.it3356700200