FEDERATION EILFederation EIL is an international non-profit membershipassociation representing the worldwide network of The...
EXPERIENCE                                  “THE EXPERIMENT”                                  Q      uestion: Can you imag...
listening to what they do in favour of deprived people,education, and conservation of nature or culture. You willbe involv...
Ireland (page 15)   United Kingdom (page 22)      France (page 12)         Germany (page 13)            Italy (page 16)   ...
ARGENTINA           BOLIVIA                     PARAGUAY      BRASIL          Tucumán                         URUGUAY  CHI...
BRAZIL                                                                                           VENEZUELA                ...
CHILE                            BOLIVIA                                       BRAZIL                                PARAG...
ECUADOR                                                                                                                   ...
FRANCE             UNITED    NETHERLANDS            KINGDOM                      BELGIUM                           LUXEMBO...
GERMANY                                                                                                                   ...
GUATEMALA                                                  BELIZE                 MÉXICO                                  ...
IRELAND                                                                                                          NORTH    ...
ITALY                       AUSTRIA      SWITZERLAND                     HUNGARY                           SLOVENIA       ...
KOREA                                                                                                    North            ...
MEXICO                               UNITED STATES               MEXICO CITY         Veracruz                             ...
MOROCCO                                                                                                               SPAI...
SOUTH AFRICA                                          ZIMBABWE                     BOTSWANA   NAMIBIA                     ...
SPAIN                                                                                                                FRANC...
UNITED KINGDOM     IRELAND                             LONDONExperience the multi-cultural cities,     Edward Elgar and th...
EXPERIENCE“THE EXPERIMENT” teen group programme
Experience the experiment 2012
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Experience the experiment 2012


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Experiment 2012 Teen programmes catalog for cultural exchange around the world

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Experience the experiment 2012

  2. 2. FEDERATION EILFederation EIL is an international non-profit membershipassociation representing the worldwide network of TheExperiment in International Living. Its purpose is to supportthe work of its member organizations in 23 countries. TheExperiment in International Living (EIL), founded in 1932, wasone of the first organizations of its kind to engage individualsin intercultural living and learning. Originating in the UnitedStates, The Experiment introduced the homestay concept to theworld by carefully preparing and placing "Experimenters" inthe homes of host families to study other languages andcultures firsthand.Member organizations of Federation EIL work to advanceintercultural learning experiences through homestays, grouptravel, study abroad, language training, community service,work exchange and other cultural immersion programs. Theseprograms enable individuals of all ages to share experiences,languages, and customs with those from different traditions,with the goals of broadening horizons, gaining lifelong friends,and promoting peace.The Experiment Means The Experiment MeansWorking Together Family The Experiment Means Making New Friends The Experiment MeansThe Experiment Means Making a DifferenceExploring New Places EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 3
  3. 3. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” Q uestion: Can you imagine travelling to a foreign country with a group of students of your age accompanied by a responsible leader? How many situations will you experience ? How many people will you meet? How much of the language will you learn? Answer: As many as you wish, because everyday will be different and you will have the opportunity to learn, discover, explore, exchange and… experience. ORIENTATION UPON ARRIVAL: You will be welcomed by the Experiment partner, stay in a hotel, and spend a few days discovering the capital or main city. Local youth will accompany you on the tour to help you get a sense of the city, its history, and day to day life. During this time, you will get to know your group leader and fellow students, quickly making new friends with whom you will share this adventure. HOMESTAY: You will travel to your host community, a medium or small-sized town where a local family will host you. You will experience their daily life, share in their activities, learn about their local culture and practice the language. You and your host parents and siblings may also join with your other group members on excursions and other cultural activities. COMMUNITY SERVICE: You will get in touch with one or more NGOs, meeting their young staff and volunteers,4 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  4. 4. listening to what they do in favour of deprived people,education, and conservation of nature or culture. You willbe involved in their activities, help the community, and feelhow good it is to work for the progress of society.At the same time, you will get to know more about the locallife and people.EXCURSIONS AND CULTURAL TRIPS: You will spendone or more days going to special places learning moreabout the history, art, and people who make us proud to bepart of mankind. You will visit places where great eventshappened, great monuments have been built, and/or wheregreat actions have been performed by inspiring people.YOU: Your leader will be your reference point during yourstay. He/she will be there to explain, show, exchange,observe, and discuss all the experiences you have. Yourgroup members will be the friends who accompany you onthis journey of discovery. Your host family will care for you,make you feel at home and share their life with you.Other youth at NGOs will show you other aspects of the society and help you develop your sense of solidarity andsearch for progress.Still others will guide you to historical sites showing youhow the present is related to the past and how we have toknow it to build a good future. With them you will expandyour appreciation of art and other beautiful works.Prepare for the experience of your life! EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 5
  5. 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS ARGENTINA | 8 BRAZIL | 9 CHILE | 10 ECUADOR | 11 FRANCE | 12 GERMANY | 13 GUATEMALA | 14 Mexico (page 18) Guatemala (page 14) IRELAND | 15 ITALY | 16 KOREA | 17 Ecuador (page 11) Brazil MEXICO | 18 (page 9) MOROCCO | 19 SOUTH AFRICA | 20 Chile (page 10) Argentina SPAIN | 21 (page 8) UNITED KINGDOM | 226 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  6. 6. Ireland (page 15) United Kingdom (page 22) France (page 12) Germany (page 13) Italy (page 16) Korea (page 17) Spain (page 21) Morocco (page 19) South Africa (page 20) EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”| 7
  7. 7. ARGENTINA BOLIVIA PARAGUAY BRASIL Tucumán URUGUAY CHILE BUENOS AIRESExplore the city of Buenos Aires, active part in cultural, indoor andexperiment Argentinian´s way of life, outdoor activities and a communityshare cultures with your host family in service program.San Miguel de Tucumán, while you visitwonderful places, exchange with local • 1 day horseback riding adventureNGOs and help a community, learning immersed in breathtaking landscapes.more about their people, enjoy art, painting and music with your friends. • Return to Buenos Aires by sleeper bus with overnight at hotel and departure.OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE IN• Improve your Spanish language. TUCUMÁN• Get to know the Argentine culture andthe life in a northern province. • Welcome and orientation to program.• Experience family life in a different • 2 days of Community Service Project:environment. Volunteer work in a soup kitchen. Partici-• Meet with non-profit organizations pants will help workers and parents towhich are involved in activities of social repair doors, tables, roofs, etc, andjustice, education, citizenship and painting walls al well. Help withleadership. orchards and playing with the children.• Participate in a community service • 1 day horseback riding excursion withproject. an experienced guide.• Share your knowledge and culture with • 1 day tour to “Tafí del Valle”: One ofother teenagers. the most beautiful valleys in the world.• Enjoy nature at its best. • Trekking Experience: Participants will• Become involved in a variety of climb the nearest mountain along short-interesting activities. cuts and have a picnic by a pond. • A guided visit to the Food Bank to learnFORMAT how they work to help people in need. LENGTH OF PROGRAM | 21 days TIME OF YEAR | July/August 2012 • Walking tour around the main square GROUP SIZE | 6 to 10 students• Buenos Aires Arrival International to see the most emblematic buildings. A plus one adult leaderAirport - Transfer to 2 star hotel. guided visit to the Government House ACCOMMODATION | Host families - 3 days in Buenos Aires: accommoda- and to the Museum in the Independence (double placemente possible) tion (triples or quads) – guided House. A walk to the main park where LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR activities. the first sugar cane was planted in the LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes House of Bishop Colombres (the founder COST | 1.800 € Price remain• Travel to San Miguel de Tucumán by of the sugar industry in Tucumán). subject to change in case of majorsleeper bus. currency fluctuations. Contact your - 16 days in San Miguel de Tucumán sending office. living with host families and taking8 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  8. 8. BRAZIL VENEZUELA COLOMBIA BRAZIL PERÚ BOLIVIA PARAGUAY CHILE Sao Paulo ARGENTINA Porto Alegre Discover a different Brazil, a town with living with local families, participating in chrystal pure waters located 2 hours from cultural activities and doing volunteer work. the capital city of São Paulo. Experiment the •Return to São Paulo airport in a private van local way of life with the simplicity of its accompanied by staff to help with the airline 7.000 inhabitants and their customs, this is check-in process. Monte Alegre do Sul. You will get to know incredible and interesting places. You will ACTIVITIES IN MONTE ALEGRE DO collaborate with an NGO doing volunteering SUL activities that will allow you understand how people of a different cultural and social • Three days (once a week) of social condition live. community volunteer work at an NGO denominated Organização Rural Ecológica. OBJECTIVES This entity fundamentally develops scholar activities for children between 5 and 15 years • Participation of Portuguese lessons in of age that belong to the Monte Alegre do order to divulge the Portuguese language in Sul county. The main activies of the NGO foreign countries. are the provision of food, scholar, sports, • Sharing your experiences acquired during cultural and handy-craft activities. These your stay in Brazil. activities are based on Human Value • Lodge with a brazilian family where the programmes. Participants will join and help interaction will surely bring about new life with the daily chores of the NGO. expectations enhancing the social atitude • A free day to enjoy visiting an impressive helping the young people when maturing water-fall. into grown up persons. • A walk throughout the town of Monte • Social work, cultural visits and interaction Alegre do Sul, visiting the neighborhoods. A with local young people. trekking to the Cerro de Cristo where a • Participation with local authorities, com- spectacular view of Monte Alegre do Sul can munities and schools. be appreciated.LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days • One day visit to Parque de Aventura atTIME OF YEAR | : Any time except FORMAT Socorro that offers rafting.December 24th to January 4th and • One day visit to Serra Negra an importantJuly 1st throughout 15th •Arrival during the morning at Guarulhos, commercial town dealing in leather goodsGROUP SIZE | minimum of 8 São Paulo local airport. and traditional wool articles/garments whereACCOMMODATION | Local families •Cultural visit to the Pinacoteca Museum, students may shop.(double rooms preferably) São Paulo Contemporary Art Museum and •A cable-car may be taken to visit Christ´sLOCAL COORDINATOR AND/ORLOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes lunch at a restaurant on the avenida Paulista, statue. one of São Paulo´s traditional business and •Capoeira lessons (Brazilian-african ju-jitsu).COST | 1.860 € financial point •Visit to the Acquatic Center where the •Transfer from São Paulo to Monte Alegre do students may take massage, sauna and foam Sul ( 138 kms – 02:30 hrs ) in a private van. baths. • Introduction to the host families. •Visit to the coffee and sugar-cane cachaça •Three week stay in Monte Alegre do Sul, (brazilian rhum) farms. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 9
  9. 9. CHILE BOLIVIA BRAZIL PARAGUAY ARGENTINA Valparaíso SANTIAGO URUGUAY TemucoAn interactive learning opportunity for ACTIVITIES TO BE DONEparticipants not only to be exposed toSouth American culture in general but IN SANTIAGO • Santiago de Chile International Airportalso to appreciate Chilean culture in • Welcome Package. - Transfer to hostelparticular. Direct daily exposure to • Recreational activities and biking - 3 nights in Santiago (2 at the beggining + 1 at the end of thepeople, places and sites in Chile will help excursion to get familiar with the city program): accommodation in hostel.participants gain a first-hand under- and surroundings during orientation. Full board.standing of the similarities, differences • Cultural activities (visit to - 8 nights of homestay in Santiago.and influences of Spanish culture in Neruda’s house, Central Market, - Transport Card with initial charge.Chile’s daily life. Encounters with the Interactive museum of science, youth of money for programmed activitieslocal youth, organizations and authorities encounter, visit to local authorities - Cultural, recreational, artistic andto exchange views on different issues. and majors of different communes). volunteer service activities.Exploration to cities, neighborhoods and • Artistic activities (Chile dance - Farewell party.other points of cultural interest to lessons with youth group, going to • Transport to Valparaiso (return Ticket)discover history, architecture and people. theater for dance show or play, local - 2 nights in Valparaiso city at youthDiscovery of the Mapuche ethnic group handcraft workshop). hostel or similar.and its region. Opportunity to experi- • Recreational activities (excursion to - Boat excursion and city exploration.ence new realities by contributing with San Cristobal hill, Chilean barbecue, - Recreational, cultural and volunteersimple but meaningful volunteer work. excursion to the Andes range nearby service activities. Santiago, Rodelbhand.OBJECTIVES • Volunteering at a vulnerable • Transport to Temuco (return Ticket) - 7 nights of homestay accommoda- commune in Santiago. tion and meals in Temuco.• Gain understanding of social, economic • Farewell party. - Domestic transportation to pro-and cultural differences in a developing grammed activities and ethniccountry. IN VALPARAISO communities.• Discover Spanish influence and • Boat excursion, walking through - Volunteer service materials.Mapuche Ethnic group history that shape the hills, encounter with fishermen, - Entrance fees or equipment rentalup Chilean people. visit and recreational activity for for outdoor activities.• Share and experience life with local children in social risk, photographicfamilies and youth. contest of Valparaiso corners and• Discover Chilean culture and nature views. LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days• Meet local authorities. TIME OF YEAR | All along the year• Enjoy nature and outdoors. IN TEMUCO 2012• Participate in volunteer service actively. • Cultural encounter of discovery with GROUP SIZE | 10 students plus• Explore a world heritage site,Valparaiso. Mapuche People. one adult leader. Capacity to• Witness Chile’s geographical features • Volunteer work at Bicultural. accommodate two groups.from the Mountains to the Pacific. Mapuche School in the countryside. ACCOMMODATION | Host families and youth/backpacker style hostels• Have a lot of fun and entertainment. • Outdoor activities during excursion. to LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR• Make new friends and acquaintances. Pucon village and Villarrica lake and LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes• Understand themselves beter after volcano. program participation. COST | 1.700 €10 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 10
  10. 10. ECUADOR COLOMBIA QUITO Riobamba PERU Ecuador is a country of incredible natural - Visit to the Equator. beauty, indigenous cultures, and - Safety, cultural and homestay well-preserved colonial cities. You will orientation. walk through the colourful streets of Quito, live in an Ecuadorian family, help • Transfer to Riobamba: the community learning more about the - 18 nights in Riobamba, homestay people, discover the Amazon jungle, (1 student per family), voluntary dance salsa, cook delicious Ecuadorian service and activities. dishes, and much more… all of it… in Spanish! • Return to Quito. • 4 days trip to the jungle. OBJECTIVES • Return to Quito by plane. • 2 days trip to the cloud forest. • Improve Spanish language. • Return to Quito by bus, departure. • Experience family life in a different environment. ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE IN • Get to know the Ecuadorian culture RIOBAMBA and people. • Participate in community service • 3 half days of Voluntary Service.LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 27 days project. • Visit of Guamote indigenous market.TIME OF YEAR | January - June2012 • Share Ecuadorian knowledge and • Day trip to Chimborazo snow-cappedGROUP SIZE | 10-12 students plus culture with other teenagers. mountain.one adult leader • Get to know the environmental • 2 days excursion to the cloud forest.ACCOMMODATION | Host families richness of Ecuador. • 4 days excursion to the jungle.and hostels • Enjoy nature. • Day trip to thermal baths, trekking to aLOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR waterfall, cable car.LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes FORMAT • Juggling.COST | 1.890 € Price remain • Visit to the break factory where breakssubject to change in case of major • Quito International Airport - Transfer are made by hand.currency fluctuations. Contact your to hostel: • Meeting with Ecuadorian musicians tosending office. - 2 nights in Quito: accommodation in learn about instruments that are used to hostel – Visit of Quito, old town. perform Ecuadorian music. - 8 hours of Spanish classes. • Biking. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 11
  11. 11. FRANCE UNITED NETHERLANDS KINGDOM BELGIUM LUXEMBOURG PARIS St Malo SWITZERLAND ITALY SPAINStart your trip in Paris and explore • Transfer from accommodation towonderful places that make the Capital railway station by private coach andso charming, live the life of a Parisian and travel to St Malo by train (2nd class).find the best traditional baguetes, cheese • 14 nights in St Malo, homestay (Fullor local specialties, discover St Malo, a board – 2 students per family), coursesfamous destination in Britany that boasts and activities.a long and proud history of nautical - Full day excursion to Mont Stexplorers, experience the French‘s way of Michel during homestay.life and interact with French people andlife, make the French language came • Return to Paris by train and transferalive, enjoy the visits and the spectacular from railway station to accommodationviews of the Britany coast. by private coach. • 3 days/ 2 nights in Paris for last visitsOBJECTIVES and departure.• Get to know the French culture and ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE INpeople. SAINT MALO• Improve French language.• Experience Family life and discover the • 30 hours of French classes (1 closedart of living “à la française”. group with specialized teacher).• Interact and share with French people. • Guided visit of St Malo and its ancient• Visit wonderful sites and cultural wallet citadel with impressive.places. intra-muros of stone ramparts that circle• Enjoy urban and rural environment. the entire old city.• Have entertainment and new • Visit of the House of corsair and walkperspective in your life. along the Grand Bê. • Visit of the “Grand aquarium” in St LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 daysFORMAT Malo. TIME OF YEAR | July - August • Visit of a famous factory producing a 2012• Arrival Paris International Airport – speciality of st Malo “les craquelins” GROUP SIZE | 10 students plusTransfer to residence (biscuits). one adult leader - 5 days orientation in Paris: Eiffel • Treasure Hunting in St Malo (Rallye). ACCOMMODATION | Residence in tower, river cruise on the Seine, visit • Visit Dinard, a charming fishing Paris and host families in St Malo of Louvre museum, discovery of community along the coast. LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes Montmartre and Notre Dame dis- • Game and sports activities on the beach. tricts. • Full day excursion to Mont St Michel. COST | 1.800 € - 4 nights in an international residence in Paris in a central location. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 1212 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  12. 12. GERMANY POLAND NETHERLANDS BERLIN BELGIUM Weimar CZECH REPUBLIC FRANCE AUSTRIA Germany is a very diverse country which • Transfer to homestay community combines different subcultures in one (1 student per family): country. You will walk through the - 9 nights in host families, visiting the historic but also modern streets of the local school (if there is no vacation), vibrant city Berlin, live in a German host sight seeing program to get to know a family, visit a German school, support a second part of Germany. local community with a volunteer service, discover German everyday life, • Transfer to the community service spend time with local youth, have some location: typical German food, and much more… - 8 nights, accommodation in a Youth all of it… in German! Guest House, rooms shared. Commu- nity service program, sight seeing OBJECTIVES program to get to know a third area of Germany. • Improve German (and English) language. • Departure. • Experience family life in a different environment. ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE • Get to know the German culture and people. • Visiting a local school, taking part in the • Participate in community service lessons together with the host siblings. project. • Taking part in afternoon activities • Get to know German teenagers. together with host siblings. • Get to know the cultural and historical • Excursions to get to know the area: a richness of Germany. visit to the historic cities of Münster and • Enjoy! Osnabrück.LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days • A soccer tournament with all the hostTIME OF YEAR | January - Decem-ber 2012 FORMAT siblings.GROUP SIZE | 10-12 students plus • Voluntary Service during the week-days.one adult leader • Berlin Tegel Airport - Transfer to Youth • Day trip to the city of Weimar, whereACCOMMODATION | Host families Guest House: Schiller and Goethe used to live.and hostels - 4 nights in Berlin: accommodation in • Visit of a concentration camp (if theLOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR Youth Guest House. Visit of Berlin, group is interested in it).LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes the Berlin Wall, the German Bun- • Visit to the local swimming pool. destag, old town. • Barbeque and youth disco.COST | 1.900 € - 7 hours of German classes. • Learning how to do your own potery. - Safety, cultural and homestay • Doing sports with local youth. orientation. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 13
  13. 13. GUATEMALA BELIZE MÉXICO SANTO TOMÁS HONDURAS GUATEMALA CITY EL SALVADORGuatemala is a popular tourist destination • Exchange activity at Meloto High school:for its richness in flora, fauna, cuisine and songs, dances, art, food, traditions, legends,cultural contrasts and customs of a Mayan etc. Joint project of wall map.heritage. His landscapes, volcanoes, rivers, • Recreational activities / sports: Sportlakes, rain forests, fertile lands and cities competition with teenagers from Highmake the country a set of enchanting school. Climb to the active volcano Pacaya.beauty. Main emphasis is the interaction • Cultural activities: Visit the ruins ofwith Guatemalan teenagers for a Iximche. Mayan culture. Visit to the hill ofcross-cultural sharing besides visits to the the cross, jade museum and craftsmain touristic/cultural places of Guatemala. market. Visit the museum of coffee andYou will enjoy a great experience in the land coffee farm.of "The cradle of Maya civilization", the • Workshops: Workshop on Guatemalanitinerary includes lots of learning, travel, cuisine, preparation of corn tortillas andadventure, fun and cultural immersion by corn-based dishes.staying with Guatemalan families. IN NOVILLERO, SOLOLAOBJECTIVES • Community service with community-• To provide an opportunity for based ecotourism project Corazón delcross-cultural understanding among Bosque: repair and construction ofteenagers from different parts of the world, trails, painting signs and signals,through the sharing of their cultures. support in the preparation of meals at a• To appreciate touristic sites of Guatemala daycare, repair / construction of homeas well as the richness of its culture. playground. • Exchange activity with El NovilleroFORMAT High school: songs, dances, art, food, traditions, legends, etc. Joint project of organic agriculture.• Airport reception and transfer to Antigua • Recreational Activities / Sports: Visit(colonial city). to Lake Atitlan and its peoples, Activity• 1 Day Orientation in Antigua, stay in "zip line", horseback riding, trekking.hotel, city tour, typical lunch by Mayan • Cultural activities: Maya religiouswomen. Transfer to Santo Tomás. ceremony, the " Mayan sauna ", visit• 8 days Homestay in Santo Tomás. LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days the largest craft market.• 7 days in ‘El Novillero’. TIME OF YEAR | January-November • Workshops: Workshop on Maya• 4 days trip to Monterico and leisure time. 2012 culture and religion. Art Workshop• Return to Antigua for the reception and GROUP SIZE | 10 students plus one with forest products. adult leaderfarewell with host families in SantoTomas.• Transfer to the airport. ACCOMMODATION | Home stay IN MONTERICO and hotel LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/ORACTIVITIES TO BE DONE • Community Service: beach cleanup, LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes breeding and release of turtles, turtle nesting.IN SANTO TOMAS MILPAS ATLAS • Recreational Activities: mangrove tour, COST | 1.100 € sports / recreation at the beach and sea.• Community Service Project La Pinada: • Workshops: presentations on ecology,repair and painting of classrooms, endangered species, breeding and care ofconstruction of soil barriers. wildlife, iguanas, turtles, lizards.14 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  14. 14. IRELAND NORTH IRELAND Tuam DUBLIN Charleville This programme offers young people the • Transfer to Charlesville: unique opportunity of exploring different - 9 nights, homestay (two students pockets of the beautifully scenic Island of per families), English classes, commu- Ireland,whilst living with Irish families. nity service and activities. Your students will gain a true - Visit of Blarney and Cork, overnight understanding of Irish culture, history in Cork. and people, through language learning and intercultural activities. • Return to Dublin by bus and departure. OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE • Improve English language. • 36 hours of English tuition. • Experience family life in a different • Half days of Voluntary Service. environment. • Visit of Clonmacnoise, one of Ireland´s • Get to know the Irish culture and holiest places. people in two Counties: Galway and • Learning the popular sport of Gaelic Cork. football. • Participate in community service • Visit of the city of Galway. projects. • Traditional Irish Baking - learn to make • Share Irish knowledge and culture with Irish scones and soda bread. other teenagers. • Visit of The Burren, a place of unique • Visit beautiful sites and historic places interest to botanists, archaelogists and of the regions. ecologists alike as well as the Cliffs of • Enjoy nature. Moherare, rising like a cathedral over the • Have a lot of entertainment. wild Atlantic ocean. • Visit of a local farm and hear from theLENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days family about farming in Ireland today.TIME OF YEAR | July - August FORMAT2012 • Visit of the nice town of Killarney.GROUP SIZE | 1O students plus • Dublin International Airport - Transfer • Irish Music and Dancing workshop.one adult leader to hostel: • Outdoor activities in Charleville,ACCOMMODATION | Host families - 2 nights in Dublin: accommodation kayaking and climbing.and hostels • Day tour to Liscaroll Donkey in hostel. Visit of Dublin.LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR Sanctuary.LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes • Excursion to Lough Gur, one of • Transfer to Tuam Co Galway:COST | 1.895 € - 9 nights en Tuam, homestay (two Ireland´s archaeological and students per families), English classes, historical gems. voluntary service and activities. • Visit of Barney and Cork. EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 15
  15. 15. ITALY AUSTRIA SWITZERLAND HUNGARY SLOVENIA CROATIAFRANCE BOSNIA ROME Napoli Reggio CalabriaThis program will help you to learn 460–430 BC and are currently housed byabout Italian language, history, art, and the Museo Nazionale della Magna Greciaarchitecture. According to the host in Reggio Calabria.communities we choose for you, you will • Sailing lessons with a local expert.atend interactive language classes with • Trip to Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie infriendly Italian teachers, practice your Italian), located off the northern coast oflanguage skills and explore the region. Sicily. The group consists of seven islandsAfter your language course, enjoy your (Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Fil-second part of the trip in another Italian icudi, Alicudi and Panarea) and fiveregion learning about typical life in an small islets. Studied since at least the 18thItalian family and community. Your century, the islands have provided thecoordinator will organize trips, excur- science of vulcanology with examples ofsions and interesting activities involving two types of eruption (Vulcanian andhost family members, too. Strombolian) and thus have featured prominently in the education ofFORMAT geologists for more than 200 years. They are an UNESCO World Heritage Site.• Arrival at Reggio Calabria airport –pick up and transfer to host families: IN NAPOLI - 10 nights in Reggio Calabria. • Visit of a local buffalo farm Buffalo - Visit of the town. mozzarella (in Italian: mozzarella di bufala) is a mozzarella made from the• Transfer to Napoli by train. Pick up at milk of the domestic water buffalo. Buf-the train station and transfer to falo mozzarella from Campania bears the S. Sebastiano al Vesuvio: "Mozzarella di Bufala Campana" - 11 days. trademark. It is one of the most famous - Accommodation: host families. Italian products in the world. • Excursion to Sorrento, Naples and to• Pick up and transfer to the airport. the archaeological site of Paestum. LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days TIME OF YEAR | June - July 2012ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE GROUP SIZE | 10-12 students plus one adult leaderIN REGGIO CALABRIA ACCOMMODATION | Host families• 30 hours of Italian language.• Visit of Riace Bronzes. They are the two COST | 1.650 €most famous full-size Greek bronzes ofnude bearded warriors, cast about16 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  16. 16. KOREA North Korean Grangwon Seoull Jeonju Individuals selected by the EIL will spend ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE approximately 3 weeks participating in diverse activities to get a beter under- • Atend workshops to learn about basic standing of the history and present Korean manners and culture. situation of the Korean peninsula. Many • Explore Seoul with local youth and of the activities will be accompanied by share cultural differences. Korean youth of similar ages and •Watch a movie about the Korean War together participants will be able to share and atend a lecture of modern Korea and create action plans for world peace. history. •Discuss with North Korean defectors OBJECTIVES about their life in South Korea. •Visit demilitarized zone. • Learn about and understand the reasons •Voluntary service: foot and shoulder for the division of the Korean peninsula. massage for elderly North Korean. • Discuss the challenges of and solutions to •Experience authentic Korean Buddhists living peacefully. culture by participating in art activities, • Encourage further expansion of 108 deep bows, community work, and knowledge about Korean culture.. meditation. • Develop citizenship through intercultural •Live with a Korean family and learn exchange with local Korean students. Korean family culture by building relationships with both the younger and FORMAT older generations. •Learn traditional Korean archery, music, • Arrival in Seoul International Airport. make potery, etc. • 6 days in Seoul for orientation and •Do community service for the local Peace workshop. elderly people.LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days • 4 days in Seosan, geting to know •Explore beautiful mountains, valleys,TIME OF YEAR | Year-roundGROUP SIZE | 12-15 students plus Korean Buddhist culture. coastal towns, and local places, Visit Mt.one adult leader • 7 days homestay in Jeonju. Seorak National Park.ACCOMMODATION | Homestay • 2 days cultural trip to Gangwon.and youth hostels • Overnight in Seoul and departure.LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/ORLOCAL GROUP LEADER | YesCOST | 1.650 € (Excluding air fare) EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 17
  17. 17. MEXICO UNITED STATES MEXICO CITY Veracruz BELIZE Puebla Oaxaca GUATEMALALearn about Mexico’s people and its • Improve your Spanish, enjoying Mexicodramatic past at the Zocalo as you visit and have lots of fun and great experiences!the stunning monuments of the most impressive cities in the world, live with a FORMATMexican family in Oaxaca while youlearn to cook exotic food, learn how to • Three-day orientation in Mexico City:make local handcrafts, experience the visits of the most important sites.jungle at its best! have a lot of fun while • 8 days homestay in the city of Oaxaca.becoming conscious of your ecological • 2 days in the city of Puebla, one of thefootprint, enjoy the beach in Veracruz, most important cities in the countrydance with an orchestra at the main historically speaking and unique for itssquare, sing “la bamba” and experience cuisine and tiles.the joy and happiness of its people. • 4 days Cultural trip to the region of Los Tuxtlas staying at the eco-camp, ecologyOBJECTIVES and healthy living workshops. • 2 days visit to Veracruz for the closing• Learn about Mexico’s political and of the summer.economic reality starting in Mexico City.• Experience first hand the artistic life of the ACTIVITIES TO BE DONEcities of Oaxaca and Puebla and discover itsrich history and important role in the • Potery, piñata, cooking and paperconstitution of Mexico as a free country. maché workshops in Oaxaca.• Learn about the different handcrafts • Historical rally around the city ofproduced in the region with hands-on Puebla. LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 daysworkshops. • Building with sand workshop. TIME OF YEAR | June - July 2012• Meet young students with which to have GROUP SIZE | 1O students plus • Reducing the ecological footprintguided workshops and discussions on one adult leader workshop. ACCOMMODATION | Host familiescurrent topics of interest. • Building your own organic orchard. and hostels• Experience the everyday life of a local • Organic and healthy cooking. LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/ORMexican family by living as one of them. • Visit to a cigar factory. LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes• Learn about ecology and conservation of • Mangrove boat excursion.nature. • Discussion forums with local. COST | 1.790 € Price remain• Learn to cook organic food with products subject to change in case of major youngsters their age on current issuesgrown at the eco-camp. currency fluctuations. Contact your of interest. sending office.• Collaborate in a community service • Ecology workshops to learn on theproject in the region of Los Tuxtlas that will efforts made and help to preserve thehelp Mexico preserve the rain forest and the local jungle.jungles.18 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  18. 18. MOROCCO SPAIN PORTUGAL RABAT Chefchaouen Casablanca Marrakech ALGERIA WESTERN SAHARA MAURITANIA Discover Morocco, its lively, colorful • Visit of Marakech and Chefchaouen towns and beautiful landscapes, climb (1 night in Marrakech and 2 nights in mountains and see breathtaking sunsets, Chefchaouen) learn how to dance in the oriental way, • Return to Rabat. Departure listening to their beautiful music, have tea in lovely places, share family life, help ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE a community, cook delicious dishes, enjoy discussions with Moroccan • 18 hours of French or Arabic tuition. youth…learn Arabic, and much more… • Half days of Voluntary Service. • Visit of Marrakech city: Guided visits OBJECTIVES to historical places. • Experiential sessions: • Improve French language skills and - Cooking session. learn a new language: Moroccan Arabic. - Writing on the Wooden Board. • Experience family life in a different - Tour of Rabat Medina with host environment. family member. • Get to know the Moroccan culture and - Group discussion with young people. Moroccans. • Participate in community service - Oriental Dance. projects. - Visit to a Quranic School. • Share Moroccan knowledge and cultureLENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days with other teenagers. • Visit of the city of Chefchaouen:TIME OF YEAR | To be confirmedGROUP SIZE | 10 students plus • Visit beautiful sites and historic places - Guided visit to explore the city.one adult leader of the regions.ACCOMMODATION | Host families • Enjoy nature. • Musical Performance.and hotels during excursions • Have a lot of entertainment.LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/ORLOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes FORMATCOST | 2.140 € Price remain sub-ject to change in case of major • Airport pick-up in Casablanca.currency fluctuations. Contact your • Orientation in Rabatsending office. • Homestay in….. (15 days) - French or Arabic classes, voluntary service and activities EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 19
  19. 19. SOUTH AFRICA ZIMBABWE BOTSWANA NAMIBIA MOZAMBIQUE PRETORIA SWAZILAND LESOTHO Cape TownThe Intercultural Summer Programme to Grassy Park homestays on day 5,has been designed to provide global environmental conservation andyouths the opportunity to enrich lives community services, possibility of campand play a role in local community activities (weekends). Experience the WOW-ness of thedevelopment and environmental • Touring: Hotspots2c 3 Day WOW Tour Western Capeconservation. This is a chance to and 1 night accommodation at SASTS Familiarise with the Western Cape’sexperience the rich South African culture, House. hotspots and even visit a few localamazing landscapes and indigenous • Departure: Cape Town International secrets along the way. Experiencewildlife. Airport. Transfer from SASTS Hostel. the creative vibe of informal setlements, the grand elegance ofOBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE our wine farms and learn about the proud cultures and traditions of our• Improve English language. • Orientation Week: diverse people.• Experience family life in a different - Induction session at SASTS Office.environment. - Take a walking tour of Cape Town HIGHLIGHTS:• Get to know the South African culture city. - Cape Pointand people. - Engage in African musical culture - African penguins• Participate in community service with exhilarating drumming work- - Township culture tourprojects. shop. - Shark cage diving (optional extra)• Share knowledge and culture with - Visit local museums and Robben - Whale watching (seasonal)South African youths. Island. - Breathtaking mountain passes and• Visit beautiful sites and historic places - Table Mountain tour/possibility to endless white beaches.of the regions. hike – see the diverse flora and fauna• Enjoy nature. of the world famous mountain, overlooking amazing Western Cape LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 daysFORMAT landscapes. TIME OF YEAR | July - August 2012 GROUP SIZE | 1O students plus• Arrival (Suggested Wednesday): Cape • Community and Volunteering: one adult leaderTown International Airport - Transfer to - Partake in various environmental ACCOMMODATION | Host familiesSASTS Volunteer Hostel. conservation activities during the and hostels• Orientation Week: week. LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR - 4 nights accommodation at SASTS LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes House. Orientation will include • Tour and Adventure: - 3 Day Hot Spots Tour. COST | 1.500 €. Price remain induction session, City Tour, subject to change in case of major Mountain Hiking/Tour, visit to currency fluctuations. Contact your Robben Island and city museums. sending office.• Volunteering and Homestay: Transfer20 | EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  20. 20. SPAIN FRANCE MADRID PORTUGAL Toledo Sevilla Jérez de la Granada Frontera Cádiz You will have the opportunity to discover accommodation – guided activities – Spain, visiting its capital, Madrid, and meeting with local youths. the region of Andalusia. You will learn about this unique place in Europe where • Travel to Jerez de la Frontera by train: the three Cultures of the Mediterranean, - 15 days in Jerez de la Frontera, Jewish, Muslim and Christian, lived and living with families with cultural, worked together, contributing to a great indoor and outdoor activities and a extent to the cultural, economic and community service program. social development of Europe. You will - 1 day excursion to Sevilla. improve your Spanish, live with a - 2 days excursion to Granada. family, taste the delicious Spanish tapas, meet many youths, participate in a • Return to Madrid by train with Community Service and visit wonderful overnight at hotel in Madrid, and places. departure. OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES TO BE DONE • Improve Spanish language. IN MADRID • Get to know the Spanish culture and • Welcome and orientation to program the region of Andalusia. • Visit of the historic centre of Madrid • Learn about the three Cultures of the • Visit of the Prado Museum (great Mediterranean through historical sites, Spanish painters) and to the Reina Sofía art and culture. Museum (Modern Art, Picasso, Dali, • Participate in a community service Miro…).LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days project. • 1 day tour to Toledo.TIME OF YEAR | All along the year • Share knowledge and culture with • Meeting with local youths.2012 other teenagers.GROUP SIZE | 1O students plus • Enjoy the sea and beautiful nature. IN ANDALUSIAone adult leader • Experience family life in a different • Visit of the historic centre of Jerez de laACCOMMODATION | Host commu-nity with families and hostels environment. Frontera.LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OR • Have fun and a lovely experience with • Visit of the most famous cellar in Jerez.LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes their leader, their group, host family, • Visit of Cadiz. local people… • Visit of the beautiful natural park ofCOST | 1.800 € Doñana. FORMAT • Learning how to dance Flamenco. • One day excursion to Sevilla. • Arrival Madrid International Airport - • Two days excursion to Granada. Transfer to hotel: • One week of Community Service - 4 days in Madrid and Toledo: (half days). EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT” | 21
  21. 21. UNITED KINGDOM IRELAND LONDONExperience the multi-cultural cities, Edward Elgar and the site of the finalbeautiful countryside and historic battle of the English Civil War.buildings as you immerse yourself in • Community service programme.a new way of life. Where better to • 7 nights homestay in the Medieval.improve your English language walled city of Chester or traditionalskills? Live in the land of Harry Victorian seaside town of Southport. Potter, walk in the footsteps ofWilliam Shakespeare and sing with ACTIVITIES TO BE DONEThe Beatles. Have fun exploring ourfashion, football and fish & chips! • 30 hours of English language tuition.OBJECTIVES • Spend a day at a local school. • Excursion to the historic university• Improve English language. city of Oxford – Tour the world fa-• Experience a warm welcome from a mous Christ Church College (settingBritish host family. for Harry Potter films!).• Get to know British culture. • Day trip to William Shakespeare’s• Participate in a community service Birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon.project. • Walk the beautiful Malvern Hills.• Share your culture with local • Visit the Museum of Welsh Life atyoung people. St Fagens and Cardiff, capital city of• Have fun! Wales. • Play rugby, football or cricket.FORMAT • Traditional British afternoon tea LENGHT OF PROGRAM | 21 days • Meet the Mayor. TIME OF YEAR | January - Decem-• London Heathrow Airport – Trans- • English Civil War workshop. ber 2012fer to hostel for safety, cultural & • 3 day community service GROUP SIZE | 1O-12 students plushomestay orientation. programme. one adult leader• 3 nights in London. Visit the British • Visit The Beatles Story and Tate ACCOMMODATION | Host Families Gallery during a day trip to and hostels/university hallsMuseum, take a flight on the London LOCAL COORDINATOR AND/OREye, cruise on the River Thames. Liverpool. LOCAL GROUP LEADER | Yes• Transfer to homestay community • Traditional English music &(individual or double placements), 10 dancing workshop. COST | 1.935 € Price remainnights with host families in Worces- • Sports with local young people. subject to change in case of majorter - a picturesque city overlooked by • Visit youth radio station – take part currency fluctuations. Contact yourits twelfth-century Cathedral. in a live show. sending office. Birthplace of the composer Sir • Art workshop.22| EXPERIENCE “THE EXPERIMENT”
  22. 22. EXPERIENCE“THE EXPERIMENT” teen group programme
  23. 23. www.experiment.org