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  1. 1. Munţii Bistriţei-Bistritei Mountains
  2. 2. Cheile Bicazului Bicaz Gorges (They were formed by the Bicaz river, linking Transylvania and Moldova: Red Lake – Ardelean Bicaz .)
  3. 3. Cascada Cailor – Munţii Rodnei Horse Falls - Rodna Mountains (the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Romania)
  4. 4. Munţii Bucegi Bucegi Mountains(They are among the most visited mountains in the country, offering guests a large number of hiking trails of different difficulties.)
  5. 5. Crucea Eroilor Neamului National Heroes Cross- Monument of historical and touristic significance- on the Caraiman peak (2291 m) from Bucegi Mountains, built between 1926-1928, in the memory of Romanian heroes who died in World War I.
  6. 6. Marele Sfinx din Bucegi Great Sphinx of Bucegi- It is a form of relief developed on sandstones and conglomerate, located on the Bucegi plateau at an altitude of 2216 m (Measuring 8 m high and 12 m wide it has the same height as the Egyptian Sphinx.)
  7. 7. Canionul şapte scări, Munţii Piatra Mare Seven Stairs Canyon, the Great Stone Mountains It has a length of 160 m and a level difference of 58 m. CANYON = a very deep and narrow valley with steep walls and narrow bottom, through which rivers flow stormy, forming vortices.
  8. 8. Munţii Făgăraş- Făgăraş Mountains Lacul Bâlea- Bâlea Lake Cascada Bâlea-Balea Falls
  9. 9. Transfăgărăşanul – leagă Muntenia cu Transilvania Transfăgărăşan Road- connecting Wallachia with Transylvania. Built over Fagaras Mts, the highest mountain range in the country, it is called "the road from the clouds‘.
  10. 10. Transalpina (Drumul Regelui) – Munţii Parâng Transalpina ( King’s Road) -in Parâng Mountains- is the highest, the most beautiful and oldest road in Romania.It is the highest road in the whole chain of the Carpathian Mountains.
  11. 11. Rezervaţia geologică Detunata Detunata Geological Reservation- In the form of basalt columns * of blackish gray color, with an amazing regularity, straight or curved, these columns are stacked next to each other, like the pipes of an immense orga. * BASALT = dark volcanic rock, employed in constructions and pavements
  12. 12. Vârful Detunata Goală – Munţii Metaliferi The Bare Detunata Peak - the Ore Mountains
  13. 13. Rezervaţia “Grădina Zmeilor” sau “Căpitanul şi soldaţii” ‘The Garden of Dragons” Reservation or" The captain and the soldiers‘-located on Meseş Mount from Apuseni Mts, the territory of Salaj, at 70 km from the city of Cluj-Napoca. It is a geological reservation composed of numerous, huge cliffs, with spectacular forms.
  14. 14. Parcuri naţionale-National Parks Rodnei Retezat Bucegi
  15. 15. Parcuri naţionale Protected animals from National Parks Ursul brun-The brown Bear Capra neagră-the Chamois Cocoşul de munteThe Capercaillie Acvila-the Eagle
  16. 16. Peştera Muierii (Muierilor), jud. Gorj The Muierii Cave (Women Cave), Gorj County- The first electrified cave from Romania.
  17. 17. Peştera Scărişoara sau Gheţarul de la Scărişoara, M-ţii Apuseni Scărişoara cave or Scărişoara Glacier, Apuseni Mts. It hosts the largest underground glacier in Romania.Right at the entrance guards ‘the ice seal' . (left image)
  18. 18. Peştera Urşilor - M-ţii Apuseni, Bears Cave - Apuseni Mts, the territory of Bihor county. The interior is impressively by the diversity of stalactites and stalagmites, and by the sheer amount of traces and fossils of cave bear, disappeared 15 000 years ago.
  19. 19. Peştera Vântului, M-ţii Pădurea Craiului The Cave of the Wind, Craiului Forest Mts (the largest cave in Romania)
  20. 20. rock salt =crystallized cooking salt, taken as such from a salt cave Salina Praid, jud. Harghita – M-ţii Gurghiului Salt mine, Harghita County - Gurghiului Mouintains(one of the largest rock salt mine in the country)
  21. 21. Focurile vii, com. Lopătari, jud Buzău Vivid fires from Lopătari village, Buzau County (a natural phenomenon caused by gas emanation which surfaces the crust cracks forming burning flames, lit by the sunlight)
  22. 22. Lacul Roşu-Red Lake It is the largest mountain lake of natural dam in Romania, located near the Bicaz Gorges and not far by the town of Gheorgheni, Harghita county.
  23. 23. Barajul şi Lacul Vidraru-VidraruDam and Lake Vidraru Lake is an accumulation lake on the Arges River.The road that passes over the dam is the spectacular Transfăgărăşan road.
  24. 24. Dunărea la Cazane- the Danube Defile (a sector of the Danube Gorge at passing through the Carpathian Mountains )
  25. 25. Statuia regelui Decebal -Statue of King Decebal (It is carved into a cliff on the Danube riverbank, near the town of Orşova.It is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe - 55
  26. 26. Delta Dunării-The Danube Delta
  27. 27. M ă n ă s t i r i d i n B u c o v i naMonasteries from Bucovina Arbore founded by Stephen the Great (here is the tomb of the ruler) Putna – Voroneţ Moldoviţa Humor Unique in the world for the high quality of the exterior painting ,they are preserved until today. There are famous colors: blue of Voroneţ, red of Humor and green of Arbore Monastery.
  28. 28. Mănăstirea Cozia -Cozia Monastery seen from the other side of the river Olt
  29. 29. Mănăstirea Curtea de Argeş-Curtea de Arges Monastery It is one of the most famous architectural monuments of Romanian Land. The legend says that in order to build this monastery, Master Manole built his wife, Ana, between walls. .
  30. 30. Mănăstirea Bârsana, Maramureş-Barsana Monastery, Maramures (Wooden Churches of Maramures are recognized for high steeples above the entrance and the massive roof.)
  31. 31. Cimitirul Vesel din Săpânţa, jud. Maramureş-The Merry Cemetery from Săpânţa, Maramures CountyIt is famous for the colorful tombs crosses, for the naive paintings representing scenes from the life and occupation of the persons buried there. On some crosses there are even lyrics,often on a humorous tone, about the persons concerned.
  32. 32. Suntem aici de peSte 2 000 de ani. We are here for over 2000 years . Sarmizegetusa Regia – Orăştie Mountains (Dacia’s capital city) Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa The Capital city of Roman Dacia)
  33. 33. Ruinele Curţii Domneşti Târgovişte-The Targoviste Princely Court ruins of
  34. 34. Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei-The Fortress of Suceava
  35. 35. Cetatea Neamţ-The Fortress of Neamt
  36. 36. Castelul Huniazilor (Corvinilor)-The Hunyad Hunedoara Castle (the Corvin),
  37. 37. Castelul Bran - Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)
  38. 38. Castelul Peleş din Sinaia, Peles Castle in Sinaia The summer residence of kings of Romania, was built at the wish of King Carol I of Romania
  39. 39. Monumental ensemble from Targu-Jiu (Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brancusi) Masa tăcerii-The Table of Coloana infinită- Column of the Infinite Poarta sărutului Silence the Gate of Kiss
  40. 40. Iaşi – Palatul Culturii-The Palace of Culture
  41. 41. Timişoara -The Orthodox Cathedral
  42. 42. Craiova – The Musical Fountain
  43. 43. Constanţa – Tomis Harbor
  44. 44. Braşov – The Black Church
  45. 45. Sibiu –Market Square (the European Cultural Capital in 2007)
  46. 46. Bucureşti – The Parliament Palace
  47. 47. Bucureşti – the main cultural center of the country Arcul de Triumf- The Arch of Triumph Teatrul NaţionalThe National Theatre Ateneul Român- Romanian Athenaeum Opera NaţionalăThe National Opera House
  48. 48. Muzeul Naţional al Satului “Dimitrie Gusti”-"Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum Inaugurated on May 10, 1936 in the presence of King Charles II, it became one of the biggest attractions of the city.
  49. 49. ZALAU „Gh. Lazar” Secondary School Salaj County