Irregular verbs (intermediate)
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  • 1. 1 Past Past Infinitive Translation Tense Participle(infinitivo) (Tradução) (Passado) (Particípio)to be was, were been ser, estarto become became become tornar-seto begin began begun começarto bet bet bet apostarto bite bit bitten morderto break broke broken quebrarto bring brought brought trazerto build built built construirto burn burnt burnt queimarto buy bought bought comprarto catch caught caught pegar; capturarto choose chose chosen escolherto come came come virto cost cost cost custarto cut cut cut cortarto do did done fazerto drink drank drunk beberto drive drove driven dirigirto eat ate eaten comerto fall fell fallen cair
  • 2. 2to feel felt felt sentirto fight fought fought lutarto find found found encontrarto fly flew flown voarto forget forgot forgotten esquecer receber; conseguir; obter;to get got got / gotten adquirir; give gave given darto go went gone irto grow grew grown crescerto have had had terto hear heard heard ouvir, escutarto hide hid hid / hidden esconder, ocultarto hit hit hit bater, ferirto hurt hurt hurt machucarto keep kept kept manterto know knew known saber, conhecerto leave left left sair, partir, deixarto lose lost lost perderto make made made fazer, criarto meet met met encontrarto pay paid paid pagarto put put put colocar
  • 3. 3to read read read lerto ride rode ridden andar, passearto rise rose risen levantar, erguerto run ran run correrto say said said dizerto see saw seen verto sell sold sold venderto send sent sent enviarto sleep slept slept dormirto speak spoke spoken falar, dizerto swim swam swum nadarto take took taken pegar; tomar; levar; teach taught taught ensinarto tell told told dizerto think thought thought pensar, achar ganharto win won wonto write wrote written escrever