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CSU Month 1
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This presentation focuses on general CSU information and San Diego State and Long Beach State information.

This presentation focuses on general CSU information and San Diego State and Long Beach State information.

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  • 1. CSU MonthSouthern California
  • 2. Things To Consider When Choosing a College Faculty to Student Ratio Financial Aid Quality of programs that interest you Cost of Attendance Location Climate Study Abroad Programs Student Support Services Student Population Sports Size of Campus Housing Options
  • 3.  The CSU is the countrys largest four-year university system with 23 campuses located throughout the state of California. The campuses offer excellent educational opportunities at affordable costs.
  • 4. Why Go to a CSU? Affordable four year education.  Most CSU’s range from $15,000 to $20,000 annually. Many campuses to choose from under the same application system.  Can apply to several campuses with the same application.  $55 application fee for each campus. Variety of campus sizes and student populations. Variety of programs at each campus.  Each campus specializes in different areas.  i.e.: Engineering, Math and Science, Education Technical hands on approach to learning.
  • 5.  Grades and Test Scores  If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher there is no minimum SAT or ACT score required to become eligible.  A formula is used combining your GPA (of A-G required courses only) and SAT/ACT scores that determines your eligibility.  Your eligibility index must be 2900 with SAT scores or 694 with ACT scores.  Use the formula to find what you MUST score on college entrance exams to become CSU eligible.  Formula:
  • 6. ARE YOU CSU ELIGIBLE?Example: My GPA is 2.2 My SAT score is 1000 Index needed: 2900 Index needed: 694 My ACT score is 26 Am I Eligible?  With SAT: (2.2) x (800) + 1000 = 2760  With ACT: (2.2) x (200) + (10 x 26) = 700 Since many of you have not yet taken the SAT use the table on the next slide to find your GPA and the minimum score you must receive on both exams to become CSU eligible.
  • 7. When and Where Do I Apply? Although the CSU accepts applications for different terms, as a high school senior you will apply for the Fall term. Keep in mind that there is no essay requirement, but some “impacted” schools may request a written statement on your behalf.  For more information regarding the application process please visit: CSUMENTOR.EDU
  • 8. Local Area Admission CSU, North ridge: Los Angeles (5) CSU, Dominguez Hills: Los Angeles (5) CSU, Long Beach: Los Angeles (5), Orange (6) CSU, Los Angeles: Los Angeles (5) CSU, Pomona: Los Angeles (5), San Bernardino (7)
  • 9. San Diego State University is an academically rich, urbanuniversity that provides endless possibilities for students. SDSUgives you the tools to expand your knowledge and yourpotential. Youll have access to valuable internships, volunteeropportunities, and practical wisdom from experts in your field ofstudy to enhance your classroom instruction. San Diegos urbanand coastal access, beautiful weather, blue skies and sandybeaches give SDSU students a unique college experience.
  • 10. 38% had h.s. GPA of 3.75 and higher 32% had h.s. GPA between 3.5 and 3.74 18% had h.s. GPA between 3.25 and 3.49 Total undergrads: 24,590 9% had h.s. GPA between 3.0 and First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 3.24Calendar: Semester 3,339 3% had h.s. GPA between 2.5 andDegrees offered: Degree-seeking undergrads: 24,590 2.99Bachelors Graduate enrollment: 5,426 Percent applicants admitted: 30%Masters Student-to-faculty ratio: 21:1DoctoralImpacted MajorsAll San Diego State University majors and pre-majors are designated asimpacted, meaning they have more students wanting to declare that majorthan can be accommodated. Students who are admitted to SDSU are placed inthe pre-major of that program (if all requirements are met at the time ofadmission).All premajors must meet department-specific criteria to move from the premajorto the major, such as a specified minimum grade point average, completion ofprerequisite courses, tests, and completion of a certain number of units.Students should refer to the General Catalog of the year in which they declared amajor for official requirements. For example, if you declared a major in fall 2010,
  • 11. Located three miles from the ocean, California State University, Long Beach is auniversity of choice destination where talented and diverse students, including morethan 1,000 California high school valedictorians and National Scholars, have come toexperience a campus environment that is student-centered, service-oriented andglobally-engaged. CSULB provides an exceptional student experience throughnationally recognized academic programs and attentive support services. Anemphasis on undergraduate and graduate research and creative activity providesstudents the opportunity to work closely with dedicated and award-winning facultymentors.
  • 12. Most Popular Majors For BachelorsDegreesBusiness/Marketing: 19%English: 10%Visual and Performing Arts: 9% Calendar: SemestHealth Professions: 8% erSocial Sciences: 8% Degrees offered:Family and Consumer Sciences: 5% BachelorsLiberal Arts: 5% MastersPsychology: 5% DoctoralSizeTotal undergrads: 27,436First-time degree-seeking freshmen: 3,988Degree-seeking undergrads: 27,436Graduate enrollment: 5,980Student-to-faculty ratio: 21:1Percent applicants admitted: 34%SettingSuburban settingLarge city (250,000 -499,999)Commuter campus