“Choosing a Class C Motorhome Over a Larger Class A Motorhome - Right Sizing”The rising cost of fuel has forced many RVers...
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Choosing a class c motorhome over a larger class a motorhome


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A brief article about the benefits of a class c motorhome over a class a motorhome. A class c motorhome generally is less expensive to buy, own, and maintain then a class a motorhome.

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Choosing a class c motorhome over a larger class a motorhome

  1. 1. “Choosing a Class C Motorhome Over a Larger Class A Motorhome - Right Sizing”The rising cost of fuel has forced many RVers to rethink the larger Class A Motorhome that theycurrently own and consider purchasing a smaller Class C Motorhome. At NeXus RV, Class C Motorhomesthat we build are competing directly with the larger Class A Motorhomes. Our Class C Motorhomes areeasier to drive than the larger Class A Motorhomes. However, our class c motorhomes are just as strongand durable as class a motorhomes. NeXus utilizes a construction philosophy which uses steel instead ofaluminum in the construction of the motorhome. Lab tests have confirmed that our steel sidewalls are72% stronger than the aluminum sidewalls offered by our competition. Our Class C Motorhomes alsoinclude driver and passenger airbags, something not usually offered with larger Class A’s. With a NeXusRV, you will not only go further for less, you will get there safely, because safety is a top priority atNeXus.NeXus RV’s Class C Motorhomes are just as luxurious as the larger Class A Motorhomes. We use only topquality components in the construction of your class c motorhome. The seven foot interior ceiling of ourPhantom and the Maxx comfort furniture gives you the feeling of being at home. NeXus RVs Class CMotorhomes are built with top components, such as furniture, flooring, countertops, and fabric. Alsoavailable is a Clarion touch screen DVD/Mp3/iPod Player, available GPS navagation and back-up cameraand monitor, and Vizio LCD TV’s with Sound Bars. When you ‘right-size’ into a NeXus RV you will feel likeyou have upgraded from your previous unit, becuase of the luxury of your new class c motorhome.At NeXus RV, we build your dream, but we build it to your specifications. You Choose the paint, interiorfabrics, flooring style, cabinet finishes, and optional equipment. This assures that you will end up withthe class c motorhome of your dreams. And remember that we sell your class c motorhome to youfactory direct so that you save thousands of dollars over the competition. We also have a nationwideservice network so that you can be sure that your class c motorhome can be serviced anywhere in theUSA. And to make the process of right sizing even easier, we will take your used class a motorhome (orany other class of motorhome) in trade twoards your new class c Phantom. NeXus RV is the right choicefor anyone who is thinking about right sizing from a class a motorhome to a class c motorhome. Visitnexusrv.com or call toll-free: 1.855.786.3987 to find out more today!