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Overview of Claritum Soucing PRO

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  • Hello, and welcome to this webcast where we explore an overview of “Sourcing PRO”

    Sourcing PRO streamlines Request for Quote processes for complex spends such as print and marketing services and empowers buyers to deliver significant value to their organizations.

    You are able to Sign up in Minutes, See benefits in Hours and realise savings in days
  • As a print buyer, whatever your role and level of experience, manual administration of suppliers and RFxs can be time consuming and error prone. With more and more organisations looking to do more with less, print buyers are under increasing pressure to control more categories of spend, manage more transactions and demonstrate the value they bring to their organisations. Management are looking to monitor performance across an increasing range of measures including CSR and cost savings whilst ensuring compliance to best practice processes with resultant increased administration burden on buyers.

  • Sourcing Pro provides, low cost best practice RFx capability. A ‘lite’ version of Claritum’s powerful enterprise sourcing tools, and enables buyers to specify, invite suppliers to bid, compare prices and award bids quickly and easily.

    As well as inviting your approved suppliers to bid you have the unique ability to search the Claritum Supplier Network which contains thousands of suppliers. Through this Network you can bring on board suppliers to your “approved” list or alternatively invite suppliers join the network if they are not currently listed, allowing you to start sending them RFx’s.

    Once you suppliers have submitted their prices you are able to award the bid to the winning supplier.

  • Sourcing PRO is proven to help novice specifiers, up to expert print buyers to save time and money.

    The software insures sourcing best practice processes are adhered to.
  • Users are guided through a series or easy to use and intuitive specification templates for a wide range of print and related service items.
    Each element of the specification is captured in a series of dropdown fields to ensure completeness of the spec. This allows direct integration into supplier estimating and enables granular analysis of the spend.
  • The system profiles the approved suppliers with appropriate capabilities for that specification.
  • and sends the RFx directly to the suppliers,
  • Suppliers can enter prices directly into the application and buyers can review those prices in a easy to view screen

    Buyers can award the bid to a winning supplier and extract the data into their own ERP system,
  • The claritum system produces a “Master Sourcing Report”. The report is real time and can be either viewed on screen or Downloaded as a CSV file which can be manipulated.

    The data can be used to assess spend per customer and customer contact, value of awarded bids per supplier. the cost of the winning supplier verses the average cost across all suppliers as well as monitorong service performance against SLA’s or KPI’s
  • Over 50,000 print and marketing buyers use Claritum’s procurement software and have helped reduce their organisations RFx administration by up to 75%

    By improving visibility and enhancing compliance typical savings of between 15-40% can be achieved.
  • For an exclusive 14 day trial simply log on to to Subscribe and then invite your approved suppliers
    Enter promo code (if you have received one)

    Once signed up you and you have received your conformation Email – simply Log in & start using it!
  • I hope this webcast has been of interest to you. Sign up today and see how Sourcing PRO will empower your buying.

    Please log on to for more information on Sourcing PRO.

  • Sourcing PRO Overview

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