Understanding the social gaming market


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Trends and time have changed. Today, by gaming people do not stick to play stations or video games only. The idea is more virtual today and includes mobile gaming applications as well.

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Understanding the social gaming market

  1. 1. Understanding the Social Gaming MarketAs you browse and network in the various social networking platforms, would you pause and thinkabout shelling out money to buy a speeding machine for your virtual farm? Would also take keeninterest in your neighbor’s roses and fertilize them? Perhaps few years back these questions wouldhave sounded strange. Not anymore today. This is the very dynamic and exciting world of the socialgaming market that is making itself big in social media. Apart from a favorite pastime, today it is athriving industry.Trends and time have changed. Today, by gaming people do not stick to play stations or video gamesonly. The idea is more virtual today and includes mobile gaming applications as well. At the same time,the social gaming market has exceeded with 200 million or more people playing interesting games inFacebook or any other social media platform. Market analysts are of opinion that the revenues earnedfrom online advertisements on social gaming is likely to increase in the forthcoming years. The industryhas already started churning out huge revenues real time and promises a prospective future for thesocial e-commerce market.Social gaming is not just restricted to the youth. Today more and more people including the middle agedprofessional too are gradually getting involved into it. Which means that a greater amount of moneyand time is being given to it? This helps in setting up a revenue channel. Though it might appear easy onthe onset, but social gaming market is an interesting and tricky subject. To understand it one needs tohave a basic knowledge in social intelligence and other metrics.For being able to understand the social gaming market it is essential that the social gaming enterpriseshave can access social data analytics and social media analytics tool on a regular basis. It is imperativethat they continuously monitor and evaluate the user’s social activity by keeping a track of viral invites,profile updates, wall posts and the like.Renowned service providers today have introduced innovative solutions that help customers evaluatethe social gaming metrics. Some of the essential features are as follows:- Provides real-time social gaming analytics seamlessly The tools offer users with gaming-specific actionable insights available to marketers and developers to help them increase engagement, enhance retention, broaden reach, and maximize revenues. Helps in arriving to the root solution fast with certain drill – down analysis tools With automation tools, the metrics allows lean teams to impact goals with minimal effortSocial gaming solutions with their new age social intelligence applications assists in tracking downimportant information across numerous social platforms and assists in estimating the customer behaviorand develop effective social gaming strategies.
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