Eco-Friendly party ideas


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For all party lovers out there!!! Do you know? that whenever a party gets over it causes a lot of harm to out environment with the huge amount of non biodegradable litter that are disposed. It's not a rumor anymore that the climate of the earth is changing drastically and if we still don't take any fast action then the catastrophic day when this world would end is not far away. Let's wake up now and take the responsibility of saving our earth in
our hands. Come let's do every small bit that we can, and "Save our Earth"

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Eco-Friendly party ideas

  1. 1. Global warming and climate changes have become the most complicated issues today Warnings from the scientific experts are growing louder and louder pointing towards the upcoming dangers of itThe drastic changes in the earth’s climate is a primary warning for usVarious human activities are related to these harmful changes
  2. 2. Parties are fun. But at the cost of nature.A lot of leftover residue and general debris are left after the fun is over Most of them are plastics and other non biodegradable products These non biodegradable products releasetoxins and are harmful for our nature and to us
  3. 3. We need to get more responsible as individuals toprotect our environment before it gets too late… Even when we Party? Yes!! Plan an environment friendly stylish party without sacrificing the fun…
  4. 4. With a little bit of creativity and good knowledge youcan throw a fun filled party without harming thenature.Following are some trendy eco friendly party ideas…
  5. 5. • Paperless Invitations• Eco- Friendly décor• Eco- friendly supplies• Food and drink• Eco friendly party favors• Recycle
  6. 6. • Use emails or e-cards to invite your guests. This would save paper• Send invitations made out of recycled paper• Encourage guests to reach the venue by carpooling
  7. 7. • Instead of artificial flowers use real flowers for decoration• Decorate with candles and solar powered lightings• Use eco- friendly centerpieces made of glass, wood, metals etc.
  8. 8. • Ask party rental suppliers for real plates and glasses instead of plastic ones or• Ask for biodegradable plates, glasses, cups, napkins etc.• Opt for eco friendly paints• Opt for natural linen fabrics from Linen rental providers
  9. 9. • Grocery store food items have carbon footprints. Buy from local markets• Serve organic food and drinks at the party• Buffets, causes huge litter. Arrange for table wares to sit and eat• Use eco friendly place cards with name of guests written with non- toxic inks
  10. 10. • Give your guests eco friendly party favors made of biodegradable materials like glass, wood, terracotta, flowers etc.• Give party favors which can be recycled.
  11. 11. • Arrange for recycle areas throughout the party• Arrange for recycle bins for bottles and paper products• Dispose leftover food in compost bins instead of throwing in garbage
  12. 12. Come let’s join our hands together to keep oursurroundings clean and …“SAVE OUR EARTH”
  13. 13. To plan an Eco- friendly party please contact Address- Apex Tent & Party, 2152 Alton Parkway, Suite H Irvine, CA 92606 Call Us- (949) 474-5900 Email- Website-