Research into horror trailers


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Research into horror trailers

  1. 1. Research into the main horror trailers: By Clare Chequer
  2. 2. A Nightmare on Elm Street This trailer was relevant because this was the type of trailer we wanted to do, but as previous media students have based their horror's on this subgenre, we decided to go for something different and unique. However, there was some shots in this trailer which we liked and wanted to create ourselves. I liked the establishing shot at the beginning of the trailer, with the character running towards the camera as it built up the tension with the mese-en-scene very dull and gloomy, and there in an immediate enigma code as to why the character is running away. The overall pace of the trailer was also very interesting, as the fast moving shots made the film look tensional and successfully established the genre type. It didn’t give too much of the plot away but infact gave a lot of enigma codes to the audience and question what is happening. Press to view the trailer As I researched this film in more depth, I found that the film had a poem to go with it that the writers had created. I felt this added t the ‘fear factor’ and me and my partner think it would be a good idea to create a poem of our own.
  3. 3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose To make our movie trailer more original to past media students, we decided to go more into this sub-genre of horror. (supernatural) This I one of my favorite supernatural movie trailers, as I learnt a lot from it (the spirits and what happens when someone becomes possessed) and from it I have come up with a lot of ideas for ours, as it really stands out compared to other trailers, and lets the audience know what type of film it is clearly. This trailer did not give too much of the plot away but gave enough for the audience to get the basic idea of what’s happened. The music was the main technique I particularly thought was good, as it has a church, spiritual sound to it, which lets the audience know the type of film it is, creating tension to the viewer. Heartbeats and whispers have also been brought into it which still keeps the viewer on edge, still building up the tension. I especially liked the credits used, as the fonts and colours are basic but also gives it the ‘spiritual’ effect, as it look like the black is shining through the grey (looks like the sun shining through clouds) just darker and gloomier to make it look more supernatural. The pace of the film starts off slowly then builds up to become very fast which in effect builds up the tension to the viewer keeping their attention, which will result in them being interested to watch the film. Press to view the trailer
  4. 4. The Last Exorcism This is another trailer that fits in to the sub-genre we are planning to create as well, which is very similar to ‘the exorcism of Emily Rose’. I compared this trailer it to the ‘The exorcism of Emily Rose’ and found lots of similarities which illustrates to me the conventions of a thriller. The plot line got told by the characters by the script in the actual film, and also credits which tell the plot line as well to give the viewer a basic outline of what happens. The music in this trailer also has creepy hymn like music, which reflects and associates the viewer with the bible. Heavy breathing is also shown displayed in this which adds effect to the supernatural as well whispers and odd noises. These all add up to the conventions of a supernatural horror. Another thing that has the conventions of a thriller is the pace of the trailer. Both this and ‘The exorcism of Emily Rose’ start of slow pacing and then builds up to become very fast. This trailer adds up to the horror conventions as the main character which has been ‘processed’ is a girl. This demonstrates to the viewer a sense of ‘damsel in distress’ but also power as they have been overtaken, but by a demon/devil so that gives a status objective as being higher then the other characters. Black screens and flashes are used in this trailer a lot, to break own some shots and fasten the pace more creating a built up tensional trailer, which keeps the audience fixed on what they’re watching. This shoot is great as it is a close up on the main characters eyes, which looks directly at the audience, breaking the 4th wall, which makes the audience feel insecure and ‘put on the spot’ at it looks at though she’s looking at you. The colour has changed as well through editing, as the shot has been made into black and white., which shows the range of editing techniques that can be used to create an effect. Press to view trailer
  5. 5. The Exorcist This is amore old-fashioned ‘supernatural’ horror, which was considered the most scariest film produced at the time. Press to view the trailer A voice over- for its time, this was creepy as the mans voice is low and powerful sounding. The lighting is always dull which sets the mood of the film. It is set in the older days which means is got a periodic feel to it, making it seem more scary to the viewer. Black screens are used for pauses and for the voice over to talk, which creates an effect of suspense to the viewer. The little girl screaming, the priest talking about the devil and the voiceover is the main dialogue in the trailer which gives it a tensional feel, however the plot line is not revealed through the speech, but it is done through what the characters do. The editing speed is mostly slow but some shots are shocking to the viewer which keeps the audience interested that way instead of the pace the shots go.
  6. 6. An American Haunting This film is another supernatural type horror which I have researched, based on true events. The difference with this trailer is that it is set in an older period. Press to view trailer I like the idea of the black screens with part of the story plot wrote on it. It gives the trailer more of an edge. The negative effect was used once during the trailer , but used on a very quick flash of the girl screaming. This keeps the audience on edge and adds emphasis to the enigma codes. The music also includes church like choir music, which reflects the spiritual element to it. The music starts off slowly and builds up as well which increases the tension to the audience. Whispers and sounds from the spirit to make it seem more scary and haunting.Faced paced editing with speeding up effects to build up the tension. Not much dialogue and when there is, its mostly spiritually related, and screams coming from the young girl.
  7. 7. The Haunting in Connecticut This film is another supernatural horror which is also based on real-life events gaining more ideas of what is considered true life. Press to view trailer Sound over of the mother, slightly hinting the plot line and introducing the characters at the beginning. The music starts to build up round the middle of the trailer and when the music starts to get more of a pace, the shots also then become faster. The finishing shot of the trailer ends with this. It is effective as it gives the title of the film in a simple but also creepy way to grab the audiences attention. They used special effects in the trailer as well to shock the audience. This is not something I would be ale to do in my trailer as I do not have the equipment to do so. However there is other ways in which we can shock the audience.
  8. 8. The Orphanage This is another horror trailer which differs from the supernatural subgenre. It is closely intertwined with the spirits and a normal horror film. Press to view trailer There is a voice over, of someone telling the story/basic plot line. It is effective to the audience as it does not give too much away, but it also lets the audience understand more about it. The person speaking in the voiceover has a very low creepy voice which builds up the tension of the trailer. This dirty shot has been edited to negative and placed in with a quick flash., to build up the tension and create some enigma codes to the audience. The dirty shot shows the main child who we can tell is the baddy, as the balloons show he/she’s got something to hide. The music also comes in mid speed and builds up during the end. As the music speeds up, so does the editing of the shots to make the trailer seem very quick, which creates a lot of enigma codes for the audience. I like the idea of these credits and the font works well as it looks like something off a children's programme (reflecting children in the orphanage) but then made to look scary to show the genre of film.
  9. 9. Case 39 Press to view trailer This trailer is slightly different in that the start of the trailer gets very fast paced very quickly and then has a slow editing pace in the middle to which then gets fast paced again. This film moves away from the spiritual aspect as well, but like ‘The Orphanage” the storyline is based around a young girl. This brings new features and styles of trailers to my research. Special effects have also been used here as well but like ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ I do not have the equipment to be able to create this. The basic plot line is revealed in what the characters say in the trailer, but not too much to give away the twist at the end of the film. A close up of the mum breaking the fourth wall, and looking straight at the camera, puts us, the audience , in a vulnerable position as it looks as though she is looking at us. This works well to create a horror as it is scary towards the viewer.
  10. 10. The Omen This film also fits into the ‘supernatural’ horror type. However some of the conventions do not match up to the ones in the previous two trailers I will be closely working with. The last two trailers show that the main character is a teenage girl who has been processed by a demon/the devil, but in this trailer we are shown a young boy to be in this situation. This slightly breaks the conventions of the supernatural horror film, but it works well as young children can be made scary in films when shot in a specific way. The trailer did not give too much of the plot away and confused the audience more with the constant stream of enigma codes. In this trailer there is an editing effect of slow motion, with a shoe falling off a woman foot who had just hung herself. This works well within this trailer to create a certain mood, and to add emphasis to the audience of what’s happened, however it would have to be done correctly to mesh well with the teaser trailer me and my partner are going to create. Press to view trailer This trailer was good and it kept the viewer watching, however the pace of it was slower compare to the other trailers, and it didn’t keep me as interested as the previous ones did. The music in this trailer is not as built up, but the tension is still built up even though it is quite subtle, to add emphasis and build up the tension to the viewer, as it gets more of a beat and faster in pace towards the end. Black screens and flashes are also used which helps to speed up the trailer and make it seem more fast paced.
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