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  1. 1. Screenplay
  2. 2. LOVE LIKE THIS - KODALINE LOCATION: STUDIO INSTRUMENTAL Girl walking into studio- Shots from mirror and face on. She appears to be very dressed down to highlight the difference throughout the song. Baggy white t-shirt, shorts, bare foot, hair tied up with very little/no makeup. Likewise, male would walk into the studio with just trousers and a plain white t-shirt, hair looking slightly ruffled. Cuts between both male and female actors sitting at the dressing table; many close ups of different facial features making slight movements e.g. blinking/licking lips/deep breaths etc. running through the heat heart beat you shine like silver in the sunlight you light up my cold heartit feels right in the sun Initial shot of all makeup on the table, fingers running over them. Shots of girl applying make up- powder and blusher. Extreme shots of the brushes on her skin and also the brushes within the make up pots. Slow motion shots to fit with the calm feel of the music. we’re running around like love is what we found and nothing else could matter in our lives but wait but wait but wait Moves onto camera shots of the male actor getting ready similarly to the female. Close up shot of gel being poured into males hand and then combed into hairstyle; side parting typical of that in the 1950s. the sun’ll stop shining soon and you’ll be dark in my life it’s as simple as a change of heart Shots of female continuing makeup in 1950s style: very thick liquid eyeliner- extreme close ups in slow motion, blinking etc. a love like this won’t last forever i know that a love like this wont last forever but i Female applying lipstick on first line- connotations of love, lips etc. Male continues to sort out hair, checking time, deep breaths. Although the shots will be constantly (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. changing very quickly, the action within the shots will be either slowed down or just very small which will create a nice contrast and keep it exciting. I don’t mind I don’t mind at all Split screen of both male and female vertically both doing the exact same gesture of checking time then looking straight back to the camera and taking a deep breath. slipping through the night love it grows dark but you don’t mind hiding in the back streets Females makeup is now complete and she adds a hair tie- matching the dress- into her hair. yeah you’ll never notice me Second split screen, side on shot of both male and female using hairspray, extreme close up to see the particles of the spray reflecting against the lights. all that I was thinking about was cleaning up my conscienceI got lost in the memory as it shakes up the corners of my heart Male and female begin to get dressed. Shot of male buttoning up his shirt one by one as the camera follows his fingers. Female does up the zip on the side of her dress. was it my mistake or maybe it was just as simple as a change in your heart Male and female both putting on shoes; brogues (1950s) tie up shoes. Close up of the laces being tied- clear difference in the male and female from the camera angle showing part of the costume e.g. the dress against the trousers. just as simple as a change of heart Horizontal split screen; boy running his fingers down braces and girl flattening her dress with the palm of her hands. LOCATION: STAGE a love like this wont last forever i know that a love like this won’t last forever Male and female walking to the stage, close up of their hands separating and them smiling at one another before beginning their routine. a love like this a love like this a love like this (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. a love like this a love like this wont last forever Many shots of the couples’ routine; the action would be slowed right down to fit in with the pace of the music. Mix of close ups, long shots, establishing shots etc. Some shots of them from the back of the stage looking out into an empty auditorium with beaming lights. On the fourth ’love like this’ there would be a lift between the male and female, again completely slowed down as this is when the music reaches it’s climax which then comes straight back down on the fifth and final ’love like this’. This would then show the couple walking off stage and away from each other and the curtains closing behind them. INSTRUMENTAL In the final 30 second instrumental, the sepia effect which was applied throughout the entire music video would end and it would be vivid colour to show an old lady sat in her front room watching the performance on her television. It would then cut to an over the shoulder shot of her holding a photo frame with a picture of the performers in it- linking the whole music video together as her watching herself perform when she was younger however her partner is no longer with her as there is an empty chair next to her. The vivid colour within the final shots will reinforce this audience to the audience informing them of the time change.