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AJE pings and people
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AJE pings and people


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AJE commissioned research looking at what social media skills are being used in newsrooms by whom

AJE commissioned research looking at what social media skills are being used in newsrooms by whom

Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • AJE commisoned researchClarify that accept many journalists go on to start their own business or be freelance. Accepted part of fragmented news landscape. But this is pramarily looking at social media within any established newsroom/magazine/online site/team of people
  • Do not mention macro!¬There was little or no need to discuss, or analyse the influence or role of individual players in this environment, except on the rare occasions when an individual journalist gained celebrity status The answer to this is: it depends.Sourcing practices changing, do you use twitter and curate and occupy large part of social spaces or do you rely on trusted contacts?how we write stories. Do you produce edited packages for prime time broadcasts or act as a curated feed back to the network?How we distribute stories. Are you linking to stories and incorporating a large array of voices?Discuss micro matrix – frame how you do journalism based on how you do sourcing and how you do your outputs.
  • So far interviews from BBC world service and north west tonight, Guardian, Sky, CN Group, C4
  • Main tasks: evangelising, audience engagement, finding stories and case studies, run live events gather set up Q&A, amplification, content curation, verification, SEO/SMO
  • Is social media something that is deliberately ill definedHow autonomous and proactive are you meant to beAre tasks just devolved, handed down. Very much something that everyone should actively be doing?If so what happens – as is increasingly happening – when boundaries need to be set between brand you and brand corporate or ownership?Increasingly seeing guidelines being drawn up to offer some sort of parameterThere is a tension between the more processed me on TV and the spontaneous me online’#savefieldproducer
  • Or is social media one person’s job?Has social media created new jobs in the newsrooms?Information architects, community engagement coordinators, community managers, seo sub editors, social media champion, editors of user generated content, social app developersEd Walker community coordinator at Wales Online now managing at Trinity MirrorHazel Tyldesely Sky News Interactive now digital coordinatorAdam Mclain organised the social media strategy for ITV and GranadaSome working titles that have arisen in newsroomsWhat are their responsibilities, where do they fit in the teams as a whole
  • For better or worse, some social media posts are seen as entry level – maybe just ‘for the young person’, digital natives, grassroots jouranlism, understand culture of journalism.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Pings and people @cecook
    • 2. Pings and people• How has social media changed a journalist’s job?• What are the social media tasks being done?• How much of it is just expected?• What entirely new jobs is social media creating in newsrooms?
    • 3. How has social media changed the way journalists do their job?
    • 4. What social media tasks do we mean?
    • 5. EvangelisingSEO and SMO Audience engagement Finding case studies Verification Run live Q&A, feeds, live blogs
    • 6. How much is social media just an expected part of the job?
    • 7. What entirely new roles are being created?
    • 8. To better understand the roles open to J- graduates
    • 9. To know what to teach
    • 10. Social Media for Journalists Clare @cecook• Image credits••• Press association••••