Warden Orientation 2007
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Warden Orientation 2007






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Warden Orientation 2007 Warden Orientation 2007 Presentation Transcript

  • PG Hall II Hall Orientation Fall 2007 http:// www.hkust-pg2.blogspot.com/
  • Wanna know our Warden?
    • Chii Shang ( 商啟 ( 启 ))
    • Department of Civil Engineering
    • Homepage:
      • http://ihome.ust.hk/~cechii
      • E-mail: cechii@ust.hk
      • Interests:
      • Sports (except soccer)
      • Music
      • Photographing
      • Games
      • Try new things
  • Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Organization Chart Hall Tutors Hall Attendants House Floor Committee Other student organizations Duty of Hall Warden
    • Setting Hall Policies
    • Authority to admit and dismiss students
    • Authority to approve request from students
    • Promote Hall Living Style
    Hall Warden (6 th floor) Hall Manager (G/F, PG II)
  • Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Hall Life
    • Included in the guide to campus life
    Hall Policies
    • Included in the Resident Handbook
    Please spend some time reading them
  • Warden’s rules
    • No noise after midnight,
    • No buying or selling hall places,
    • No unofficial swapping,
    • No smoking,
    • No alcohol and
    • No late application of hall places
  • Hall Manager
  • Clara Kwan 關慕霞
    • Profile :
    • Hall manager in PGII since September 2002
    • Library Administration since early 1990s
    • Married
    • Qualifications:
    • B.Soc.Sc. (HKU)
    • MBA (HKU)
    • now studying Msc(Library and Information Management)
    • Interests :
    • swimming, jogging, dragon boat
    • shopping, reading novels
  • Hall Manager ’ s duties (both UGs and PGs)
    • Helps warden to manage hall activities
    • Provides help and guidance to students for organization of activities
    • Bridge between students and management
    • Provides help during crisis/conflict resolution/noise control
    • In-charge of fire drill
    • duty one day/week – emergency situation in all halls
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • How to contact
    • Email :
      • [email_address]
      • [email_address]
    • Tel : X8645 (in handbook)
    • Directly
      • Goes to G02, PG II between 10 – 12pm (call before you knock please)
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Official Hall activities Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Activities Frequency What for Official welcome 1 time/year Welcome by warden and Introduce hall to new residents Hall forum- G/F Common room 2 times/year to voice your opinion Fire drill 2 times/year Familiarize with fire escape route (all students UG and PG must attend) Confluence dinner 1-2 times/year dinner with specially invited guests to broaden your exposure
  • Pictures of Official welcome Fall 2005
    • Official welcome by, Hall Manager and Hall tutors
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Pictures of Students in LTE and LG/7 Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Lunch at LG/7 in year 2006 Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Pictures of Fire drill Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Some tips of living in hall from Hall Manager
    • Encourages roommates to discuss about living habits in the beginning (e.g. early/late sleeper, sports fan, )
    • Be considerate, try to put common good in front of personal preferences
    • Freedom vs discipline
    • Learn to live with others
    • Think positively, be open-minded and be observant
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
    • The EOC training module on sexual harassment - A Matter of S/He
    • http://www.eoc.org.hk:8080/shoncampus
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Policy on Sexual Harassment
  • Hall Attendants
    • 11 hall attendants, 3 shifts
    • work on G/F Hall Office
    • Offers front line help to residents : noise control, minor accident, loan of electrical appliances, provides change for laundry
    • Tel : x8644
    • Photos at the notice board of the hall
  • Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Hall Tutors
  • Tony C.C. Ho PGII G/F Tutor Graduate Student, Biology Interest: Brain, Cognition and Motorized vehicles on wheels Favorite Activities: Grilling , Walking under the sun and a clear sky How to reach me? Rm 010, G/F of PGII 6302-1480
  • Facts of PG Hall II
  • PG Hall II – History
    • Established in 1993
    • Became UG Hostel in 1998
    • Provides 460 hall places
    • Now offered accommodation for both UG and PG
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • PG Hall 2 – Facilities
    • Common Room:
      • TV, microwave-oven, fridge, drinking fountain, hot-water boiler
    • Ground Floor:
      • Snacks, soft drinks, cup-noodles
      • Laundry, Fax-Machine
    • House V:
      • Mini-Barn 、 musical instruments
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • 1 /F Tutor
    • Name: YU Lan
    • Nickname: YoYo
    • Dept: Biochemistry
    • Rm: 133
    • Phone: 2358-813 3
    • E - mail:
    • [email_address]
    • Interests:
      • Pet & Flowers
      • Movie & Kartoons
      • Travel & Photograph
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Things to Note
    • Watch out for quite hours
    • No illegal residents
    • Don ’ t hang out clothes (unsightly)
    • Share public place and facilities
    • Take care of personal belongings
    • Dress code in Hall (at least with vest and shorts)
    • Get alone with your neighbors
    • Open minded
    • Question and problems, find ...
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Got Problems … ?
    • Possible Causes:
      • Difference in living styles/habits
      • Difference in culture/customs/ languages
      • Personal preferences, etc
      • Keep on eye on your properties
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • You Can Work It Out …
      • Be considerate
      • Think out of the Box
      • Express feelings politely
      • Compromise
      • Talk to your hall tutor ^^
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • 2/F Tutor
    • Name: LAM Wai Kwan
    • Nickname: Stephanie
    • Department: Biology
    • Interest: Singing (both karaoke & choral), TV games, etc.
    • Room: 231
    • Phone: 96263771 (but I may not answer when I ’ m working in lab)
    • E-mail: bolwk@ust.hk
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Fire Safety in Hall
    • Fire Safety
    • No smoking
    • No cooking
    • Don ’ t overload the power supply
    • If you hear a fire, leave the hall by following the evacuation procedure (we have regular fire drill)
    • If you discover a fire, raise the alarm, alert others and call Security Center (2358 8999) or call 999
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
    • Typhoon or Rainstorm
    • Make sure all loose items are properly fastened and all windows are closed
    • Stay indoor
    • Stock up some food
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Typhoon or rainstorm warning
    • Injury or illness
    • Minor: report the case to the attendant or the Hall Office if necessary. First aid boxes are available at Hall Office
    • Serious: call the Security Center or call 999. Report to the Hall Office
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Safety in Hall
    • Hall security (very important)
    • Keep your room locked and close the windows when you leave your room (theft happened)
    • Do not disclose the password
    • Better not to put too much food in the refrigerator in the common room
    • After washing the clothes, collect them ASAP
    • Do not let wet clothes drip on the corridor, slippery floor may cause accident to others
    • Inform attendants if you find any stranger
    • Do not go into opposite gender ’ s washrooms
    • Keep the female washroom locked
    • Residents/visitor should dress properly when walking in the corridor
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation Safety in Hall
  • 3/F Tutor
    • Name: Kam Man Fung
    • Nickname: 巴西
    • Division: Humanities
    • Rm: 333
    • Phone: 98102315
    • E-mail: kmfaa@ust.hk
    • Interests: Reading, Soccer
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Floor committee
    • A non-profit committee aimed at serving and providing entertainment to the residents on the floor
    • Two Sets: Big wing and Small wing with its own name
    • Committee members are from the same floor which share common interests
    • Outstanding committee members would get an hall living extension as a reward
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Floor committee
    • Common functions:
    • Photo taking
    • 糖水會 , 水果會 ……
    • Pub night
    • Design 樓 T
    • Communication with other floor committees
    • Joint floor functions (house soc), etc.
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
    • Common pose and work load (only for reference):
    Floor committee Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation 樓主 Chairman of the committee, leader of all the residents on the floor 副樓主 Assistant of 樓主 , coordinator of the committee Fin Sec 樓會費 collection and management Photo Sec Photo taking 雜誌 Sec In charge of Magazine 精 Sec In charge of daily things for cleaning
  • Name: Tu Shiyang Nickname: Eugene Room: 431 Phone: 90144969 Email: [email_address] Interest : Basketball, TV series (Prison Break) 4 /F Tutor
  • Advice on Living in Hall
  • How to enjoy your hall-life
    • Participate in hall and floor functions
    • Meet local and non-local friends
    • Sports and Games with hall-mates
    • Go to Confluence Dinner!!!
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Things to Note
    • When staying in Hall …
      • You are allowed to swap room with others …
        • Within PG2 ONLY
        • Fill in the APPLICATION FORM!!!
      • Don ’ t steal!
      • Don ’ t fight!
      • Be considerate of other residents
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • 5 /F Tutor
    • Name: WU Qian
    • Nickname: Whitney
    • Dept: Biochemistry
    • Room: 509
    • Phone: 61287949
    • E - mail:
    • [email_address]
    • Interests:
      • Traveling, outdoor sports
      • Watching Movie
      • Chatting with friends
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • International Culture in Hall
    • PG Hall II residents composition
      • Undergraduates: 55%
      • Including: Local 48% Mainland 7%
      • Msc PG students: 40%
      • Overseas Exchange Students: 5%
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
      • Gain international exposure
      • without leaving your residence!
  • International Culture in Hall
    • Local students
      • Serve as a host and friend
      • Welcome and help international students adapting to hall life
      • Introduce HK customs to international students
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
    • International students
      • Bring in new culture & living styles
      • Experience life in Hong Kong
      • Feel free to seek help from roommate, neighbors, tutors, hall manager, & warden
      • Gain a deeper appreciation for your own culture as well as new cultures
      • Enhance or learn a new language
        • E.g.: form language exchange partnerships
    • PGII and House 5
    Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Sports Culture in House V
    • Sports:
      • Regular Practice
      • Inter-Floor Competition
      • Joint House Sports Competition
    Fall 06 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Music Culture in House 5
    • We play any kind of Music!
    • All are welcome, please come to join us!
    • Every Tuesday, 8:30pm-10:30pm
    Fall 06 PG Hall II Orientation
  • Chairperson My Name is : 黃家賢 You may call me: 家賢 I study: PHYS U can find me @ : 3/F
  • Internal Vice-Chairperson My Name is : 尹卓祺 You may call me: 阿 K I study: BBA (MN) U can find me @ : 2/F
  • External Vice-Chairperson My Name is : 唐瑾瑜 You may call me: Kathy I study: CS U can find me @ : 3/F
  • Internal Secretary My Name is : 陳芷瑩 You may call me: Fiona I study: BBA (MN) U can find me @ : 4/F
  • Internal Secretary
  • Financial Secretary My Name is : 譚學文 You may call me: Mannice I study: BBA (MN) U can find me @ : 4/F
  • Financial Secretary
  • Welfare Secretary My Name is : 蘇佩瑜 You may call me: SoSo I study: IELM U can find me @ : 4/F
  • Welfare Secretary
  • Sports Secretary My Name is : 張尉 You may call me: 阿森 I study: IELM U can find me @ : 4/F
  • Sports Secretary
  • Q&A Fall 07 PG Hall II Orientation