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Nice Way Code

Nice Way Code



Tell us what you think by visiting www.facebook.com\nicewaycode.

Tell us what you think by visiting www.facebook.com\nicewaycode.




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  • @dlarditti I expect we need to be reminded of the bigger picture - that our actions do have an impact on others. I don't know if Google is worried about being mistaken for a horse but I've found the only concern when riding is being run over or nearly run over. Given that this is a current and very present danger I don't expect this campaign will worsen the situation. On the contrary, I think some (maybe not all) will recognise that our actions matter.
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  • 'When you stop your bike at a red or amber light, it’s not just you who gets a rest. Cyclists everywhere get a break from angry drivers. Because nothing annoys drivers more than cyclists (or other drivers for that matter) who don’t respect the rules.'

    This is reinforcing the unpleasant, unjust prejudices that my safety as an individual cyclist can be seen as dependent on the the behaviour of other cyclists who have nothing to do with me and on upon whom I have no influence, and that bad behaviour by those operating dangerous motor vehicles is somehow justified by the behaviour they see from some cyclists, who pose little danger to anyone. This campaign can only make things worse for cyclists in Scotland, and possibly throughout the UK. It is a disgrace.
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  • Awful, trite, misguided and a waste of valuable resources. Crying out for people to take the p
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    Nice Way Code Nice Way Code Presentation Transcript

    • In a perfect world, everyone would get along on the road. There’d be drivers and cyclists holding hands and singing Kumbaya while they wait for the lights to change. Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world. But we think it could be a much nicer one. This book is designed to give a few simple tips to help everyone, including pedestrians, become a better road user. And by following the Nice Way Code, not only will our roads be safer, they’ll be much happier too. Although preferably without the Kumbaya bit. WELCOME TO THE NICE WAY CODE.
    • Have you noticed that when you see a horse on the road, you slow down, give them lots of space and pass with care? That’s the way you should treat a cyclist. Giving them sugar lumps is optional. SEE CYCLIST. THINK HORSE. SLOW DOWN & PASS WITH CARE.
    • When you stop your bike at a red or amber light, it’s not just you who gets a rest. Cyclists everywhere get a break from angry drivers. Because nothing annoys drivers more than cyclists (or other drivers for that matter) who don’t respect the rules. So do everyone a favour and always stop when you should. RUNNING REDS. JUST DON’T DO IT.
    • Much like the high seas, junctions can be perilous places. You have to keep your eyes peeled as cyclists can be much harder to spot. And if you’re behind a cyclist coming up to a junction, be patient and let them sail through before overtaking. KEEPA LOOKOUT FOR CYCLISTS AT JUNCTIONS.
    • DRIVERS LIKE IT WHEN YOU DRESS BRIGHTLY. You need to stand out when you sit in the saddle. Front and rear lights are a legal requirement when it’s dark. And bright clothing is just good sense. But don’t let this cramp your style. Take your inner fashionista for a spin.
    • Predictive text is very useful. But it can’t foresee if a car is going to come at you unexpectedly. You’re much safer leaving your phone in your pocket and keeping your eyes on the road. And if you’re driving or cycling, don’t even think about it. DON’T LET YOUR PHONE DISTRACT YOU WHEN YOU’RE CROSSING THE ROAD.
    • It’s not rocket science. Advanced stop lines are for cyclists only. The main clue is the big bicycle symbol printed in them. They’re there to give cyclists the little head start they need at lights. And as an added bonus, they make dull grey roads a bit more colourful. IF YOU DRIVE IN THE SQUARE, YOU’RE A TOTAL RHOMBUS.
    • Calm down, cat lovers, it’s just a figure of speech. Cyclists love cats and they also love it when drivers give them space. It means they have room to avoid potholes and other obstacles on the road. So don’t be stingy. Give them as much space as you’d give a car when you overtake. GIVE CYCLISTS ENOUGH SPACE.
    • It’s hard for bus and lorry drivers to see you when you cycle down their left hand side. So you could be risking your life if you do. It’s ok to pass on the right, provided it’s safe and the vehicle you’re passing isn’t about to make a turn. Don’t feel like you have to overtake, though. It’s ok to hang back too. But if you are going to overtake, make sure the road ahead is clear and you have enough speed to get past. Then signal and be on your way. ALWAYS PASS LARGE VEHICLES ON THE RIGHT.
    • PEDESTRIANS ARE FRAGILE. LOOK OUT FOR THEM. Last time we checked, pedestrians weren’t fitted with airbags. Some carry shopping bags. But a loaf of bread and multipack of loo roll don’t give much protection if you get hit by a car. So keep an eye out for pedestrians and drive carefully around people crossing the street or walking along roads with no pavement.
    • SHOULDN’T YOU GROW OUT OF CYCLING ON THE PAVEMENT? Cycling on the pavement was cute when you were four. But now that you’re a bit bigger, you make grannies spit out their dentures when you zip by. So be nice (and mature) and stick to the road, cycle path or shared use path where you can.
    • E S T A B L I S H E D 2 0 0 3 @nicewaycode /nicewaycode For even more useful tips visit www.gov.uk/highway-code