You Never Forget Your First: at what age do we start to need a smartphone?

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Presentation for FILM 315 course at Queen's University. Topic: the necessity of smartphones for various demographics.

Presentation for FILM 315 course at Queen's University. Topic: the necessity of smartphones for various demographics.

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  • 1. “You Never Forget Your First”
    At what age do we start to need a smartphone?
    Image: mateoone
  • 2. Image: Ricky Romero
    Today, 19% of all phones sold are smartphones – and this number is growing every month!
  • 3. But who are the owners of all these smartphones?
    Image: Chris CB
  • 4. For what demographic do they become a ‘need’ rather than a ‘want’?
    Image: Byron and Tamara
  • 5. Children are asking for, and receiving, smartphones of their own - at youngerand younger ages.
    Image: dizzylizzy1227
  • 6. Image: Photo Giddy
    It’s clear why: The vast variety of available apps offers entertainment, useful information and loads of fun
  • 7. Image: chailey
    And they’re being targeted:
    Phones sport new “kid-friendly” designs and are promoted as ways for families always “on the go” to keep in touch.
  • 8. This mobile exposure is affecting childhood as we know it…
    Image: laffy4k
  • 9. 19% of kids worldwide (ages 2-5)can operate a smartphone application.Only 9% can tie their shoelaces.
    Image: woodleywonderworks
  • 10. Image: woodleywonderworks
    With simpler ways to stay in touch, smartphones are probably not necessities for children.
  • 11. Smartphones are even more prominent among teenagers – they are the device of choice for
    connecting to the web and to each other
    Image: esteban
  • 12. So, necessity?
    50% of teens say they text their parentsevery day70% say they use text messaging to do school work
    Image: Dave Shareski
  • 13. Image: Chris Campbell
    But most schools treat the phone as a disruptive force that must be managed and often excluded from the classroom
  • 14. Image: Bruno Barreto
    And smartphones can be dangerous:
    1 in 3 American
    teens aged 16-17 admits to
    having texted while driving
  • 15. But from a teen’s point of view: The new social norm is that you should respond to anyone about anything immediately. When you
    don’t, you are out of it socially.
    Image: sofianeb
  • 16. Image: Alberto Varela
    At an age when ‘fitting in’ is pivotal, maybe smartphones are necessary for teens trying to keep up with our mobilized world.
  • 17. But with Mom & Dad likely footing the expensive bills that smartphones entail, perhaps their opinion matters more.
    Image: William Ross
  • 18. Adults have the freedom to choose the phone that they feel best suits their needs…
    …but is this necessarily a smartphone?
    Image: sparktography
  • 19. In the working world, the consensus seems to be ‘yes’
    Image: Niccolò Caranti
  • 20. Having mobile access to email and other online services provides an edge in business.
    Image: Holtsman
  • 21. Email has taken over the workplace, and employees are expected to be informed on projects before they even arrive at the office
    Image: Dan Levy
  • 22. Image: Matthew Rutledge
    Smartphones also allow workers to stay connected to friends and family during the work day
  • 23. They’re also common outside the office:
    Smartphone ownership among stay-at-home moms is higher than in the general population
    Image: ChrisGoldNY
  • 24. Over 50% of the moms surveyed in a
    recent BabyCenter survey said they purchased a smartphone as a
    direct result of
    becoming a parent
    Image: boostmobile
  • 25. Fulltime parents claim that their smartphones are necessary for:
    1. Organization 2. Educational apps3. Media features
    Image: Jean Pichot
  • 26. Do smartphones help parents to ‘parent’? Or are they a distraction?
    Image: C-Monster
  • 27. Clearly, the ‘necessity’ of smartphones at any age is a matter of perspective!
  • 28. But whether they fill our ‘wants’ or ‘needs’, they are becoming the standard in mobility.
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