How to make your own beginner weight lifting routine


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Short slide show on creating your very own personalized beginner weight-training routine!

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How to make your own beginner weight lifting routine

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEGINNERWEIGHT-LIFTING ROUTINEChris Kemp2nd Year Sports & Rec. StudentLambton College
  2. 2.  3 Full Body workouts a week 1 Day on, 1 Day off, 1 Day on, 1 Day off, 1 Day on, 2 Days off  Mon-Workout A  Tues-Rest  Weds-Workout B  Thurs-Rest  Fri-Workout A  Sat-Rest  Sun-Rest Each muscle group is hit 3x a week.
  3. 3.  Higher frequency>Lower volume 2-3 sets per exercise  Anywhere from 8-15 reps per set Pick one exercise per body part for each workout. Create a Workout A and Workout B These will be alternated throughout the week Week 1 Week 2 Monday- Workout A Monday- Workout B Tuesday- OFF Tuesday- OFF Weds- Workout B Weds- Workout A Thurs- OFF Thurs- OFF Friday- Workout A Friday- Workout B Sat/Sun- OFF Sat/Sun- OFF
  4. 4. Large Muscle Groups Small Muscle GroupsBack Biceps•Bent over barbell rows •Barbell Curls•Deadlifts •Seated Dumbbell Curls•Lat Pulldown •Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls•Pull ups •Concentration CurlsChest Triceps•Barbell Bench Press •Lying triceps extension•Incline Dumbbell Press •Overhead triceps extension•Dumbbell Flyes •Close grip bench press•Cable Flyes •Triceps kickbackShoulders/Traps Calves•Dumbbell Shoulder Press •Standing Calf Raise•Machine Shoulder Press •Seated Calf Raise•Upright Rows •Calf Press•Barbell ShrugsLegs Abs•Squats •Hanging leg raises•Leg Press •Decline crunches•Lying Leg Curls •Cable rope crunches•Leg Extensions •Oblique twists
  5. 5.  Create your schedule  Mon/Weds/Fri  Tues/Thurs/Sat Create your workout  Workout A- 1 Exercise from list per muscle group  2-3 sets per exercise with reps anywhere from 8-15 per set  Higher reps on smaller muscle groups, lower reps on large muscle groups  Workout B- Repeat Switch up exercises every 4-6 weeks when you no longer progress A warm up should always be included in any routine  5-10 minute warm up/dynamic stretching  Static stretching for 15-20 second hold post workout You should only try to lift to failure on 2nd last or last set to avoid overtraining
  6. 6.  Workout A  Chest-Bench Press 3x8-10  Back-Barbell Bent-over Row 3x8-10  Shoulders/Traps- Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x8-10  Legs- Squats 3x8-10  Biceps- Barbell Curl 2/3x10-12  Triceps- Lying triceps extension 2/3x10-12  Calves- Standing calf raises 3x12-15 Three sets used for large muscle groups Two or three sets used for smaller muscle groups depending on fatigue level Repeat same process for Workout B
  7. 7.  There is a recovery day after each workout, and two days off at the end of the week. Aim for 8 hours of sleep a night Optimal recovery  Less DOMS  More strength gains  More muscle hypertrophy. Low Intensity Cardio on Rest days  Enhances recovery  Promotes cardiovascular health  Helps boost metabolism Perform cardio 2-3x a week on rest days  Cardio can also be performed post workout (20 min)
  8. 8.  It is important to consume simple carbohydrates immediately after your workout (I.E. Gatorade, juices) Followed by a big meal consisting of high carbohydrates and protein Eating 4-6 meals every 2.5-3 hours is optimal to boost your metabolism and ensure proper muscle recovery Drink plenty of water, aim for 4L of water a day
  9. 9.  All the info you need to begin your own beginners workout routine! Consistency is key! A healthy, fit lifestyle isn’t easy, or everyone would do it! Research online, read articles and magazines!