Civic Pride Catalogue 08


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Civic Pride Catalogue 08

  1. 1. contents Introducing Civic Pride - the Britain in Bloom Product Guide Introduction 3 Hiring & Maintenance Services Planter Services 4 Pelargonium Pillars 5 Oak Whisky Barrels Planters - Wooden 6-7 Rural Range – Softwood 8 Windsor Range – Softwood 9 Cathedral Range – Soft & Hardwood 10 Bespoke Planters – Specially Commissioned by You 11 Sheffield Range – Galvanised & Powder Coated Planters - Metal 12 Prestige Range – Stainless Steel 13 Africa Range – Large Stone Pots Planters - Stone 14 Accessories – Capillary Matting & Chains Hanging Baskets 15 Bola del Verde – Boxwood Balls 15 Bison Range – Hanging Basket Trees & Brackets 16-17 Derbyshire Range – Teak Collection Seat & Benches 18-19 Anchorfast Range – Concrete & Wooden Benches 20-22 Nottingham Range – Modular Seating 23 Malvern Range – Metal Picnic Bench 23 Commercial Street Range – Signs & Plaques The Sign Shop 24-27 Niagara Range – Water Bowsers Watering Machines 28-29 Shakespeare Collection – Bins Litter & Grit Bins 30-31 Telephone: 01246 864036
  2. 2. Introduction 3 Welcome to Civic Pride, a new company with innovatively designed products in Wood, Metal and Stone. Providing quality plants and planting services, backed up with a 30,000-sq.ft nursery ready and able to produce the finest flowers and features required. Our Company Mission Statement is to supply products and services that add to the design, functionality and quality of the street scene. Our Vision is to delight our customers, councils and In-bloom groups. On the following pages we would like to inspire you by using our product range to create contemporary street scenes, to improve your outdoor urban environment. Planters are an often overlooked part of modern developments and we offer a wide range of handcrafted products, with excellence in design and material durability. Used to contribute harmoniously to any type of environment, they can create aesthetically pleasing results and a happier feel amongst shoppers and residents alike. With councils and more importantly their customers, the rate payer, asking for a better looking environment, Civic Pride has the horticultural background to provide excellent plants and great looking planters for all situations and locations. Britain in Bloom is now over 1000 groups strong and is increasing each year. This wonderful competition puts back into our cities, towns and villages that lost sense of someone caring for the built environment. No longer is concrete king of the street scene. Civic Pride’s nursery produced over 10,000 hanging baskets during 2006, sent as far a field as Lancashire and Lincolnshire. As you look through this new catalogue, we hope you will see the care we have put into finding the best plants and planters available. Telephone: 01246 864036
  3. 3. 4 Hiring and Maintenance Services Nursery Plant Up – Floral Features and ‘off the peg’ Planters In the modern economic climate, many councils no longer have the plant nurseries able to meet their requirements for In Bloom and civic floral displays. Civic Pride’s nursery in central Derbyshire is well placed to fill the gap left for floral features of all kinds. Why not talk to us about your needs and requirements and let us plant-up your hanging baskets and planters with fabulous flowers this summer? We are able to provide great plants and wonderful displays to make your town the best ‘in show’. If you already have your own planters, let us fill them. We will collect your planters and baskets, fill them with high quality plants, bring them back, then all you have to do is water them. Too busy to water? Ask us for our FULL Maintenance quotation and we will look after them all summer long. Hanging Baskets – For Sale - effortlessly bringing colour to your high street With hanging baskets being the central feature of many town displays, finding the best quality ones around can be difficult, why not come to us and we will supply our quality guaranteed traditional baskets, filled to the max with summer flowers. We have the following sizes available: 16ins, 18ins and 20ins. Hanging Baskets – For Hire - saving you time and money Civic Pride specialises in superior planter solutions for street furniture schemes. Only have a low budget but need a high quality, cost effective floral scheme? No staff to install and maintain it…. impossible? Why not talk to Civic Pride about our unique solution. We can provide your town with a wonderful, colourful and vibrant floral display on your streets at a cost effective price. We offer a range of attractive looking planters, installed by our nursery team using the best quality plants available. You may purchase the planters outright, or we offer the alternative of a loan agreement with no capital outlay. Our services include delivery and installation of the planted up products at the beginning of the season, on site watering and maintenance to ensure a high quality display throughout the summer. We then collect and safely store your planters during the winter, ready for the next season, but don’t forget to ask us about winter displays. Choose from our Hanging Baskets, Pelargonium Pillars, Oak Barrel and Rural ranges to create a display of fine flowers. Let us design a scheme to brighten even the darkest ends of the street, while still fitting your budget. Telephone: 01246 864036
  4. 4. Pelargonium Pillars - Pillars of flower power 5 The elegant solution to bring colour and life to public places York & Norwich Pelargonium Pillars offer a full season of abundantly flowering summer plants in heights up to 2.4m. They offer a stable pillar of plants even in windy conditions. Delivered fully-grown and flowering. Available in Red, Yellow, Pink and Lilac. Rental only – Delivered. Maintenance packages available. Enjoy the benefits of large-scale planters, without the downside of heavy weight delivery and storage problems. These planters are provided on a rental basis only. We will deliver them to your site early in June in full bloom, ready to impress the public and In-Bloom judges alike. We can also offer a full maintenance package of dead heading, fertilizing and watering at a reasonable cost. Why not consider these excellent Pillars of flower power. Technical Specification: Pelargonium (Geraniums) plants planted in a strong durable wood and polyethylene frame. Available sizes are as follows: A pretty Norwich 240 Pillar in Lilac Code Type Height Width Technical PPN120 Specification: 120 Norwich 1200mm ( 47ins) 1100mm (43ins) Available sizes areYork 780 PPY780 as follows: 2000mm (78ins) 780mm (30ins) PPY900 York 900 2000mm (78ins) 900mm (35ins) PPN240 Norwich 240 2400mm (94ins) 1100mm (43ins) A stunning York 900 Pillar in Pink Beautiful Norwich 120 in Red Telephone: 01246 864036
  5. 5. 6 Oak Whisky Barrels A touch of recycling, direct from Scotland Genuine Ex-Distillery Solid Oak Barrels - used for the maturing of whisky. These are aesthetically pleasing as planters or as a display feature. All available as halves or full barrels. Half Barrel in full floral display Cradle Barrel Planters – These unusual and original half barrel planters are ideal for enhancing any town or village needing to retain its rustic charm. They come with a robust integrated stand for rigidity and strength. Cradle Planter Basket Butt Planters – A stunning and original design, this is our biggest barrel planter ideal for a large imposing display for maximum impact. Basket Butt planter – Create a stunning display with our biggest barrel planter Telephone: 01246 864036
  6. 6. Oak Whisky Barrels 7 Technical Specification: Matured Oak soaked in whisky. *Please note that due to the individual manufacture of barrels all the following dimensions are approximate. Code Half Barrel Dimensions* Barrel Towers – Available in single, double or three tiers with a solid steel Size Weight Diameter Height support post, these are great planters to BL BARREL 25kg (55lb) 600mm (24ins) 440mm (17ins) provide a splash of colour in any setting. HD HOGSHEAD 34kg (74lb) 765mm (30ins) 525mm (20ins) Looking good, outside your pub, in the park or any public space in need of BT BUTT 85kg (187lb) 915mm (36ins) 625mm (24ins) summer colour. Cradle Planters Length Height CBL Cradle Barrel 880mm (35ins) 500mm (20ins) CHD Cradle Hogshead 920mm (37ins) 584mm (23ins) CBT Cradle Butt 1250mm (49ins) 610mm (24ins) BBT Basket Butt Planter 1250mm (49ins) 1219mm (48ins) Barrel Towers Length Height BL2T 2 Tier Barrel Planter 690mm (27ins) 1270mm (50ins) HD2T 2 Tier Hogshead Planter 900mm (36ins) 1320mm (52ins) BT3T 3 Tier Butt Planter 900mm (36ins) 2311mm (91ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  7. 7. 8 Rural Range - Cost effective planters Excellent value softwood planters A cost effective and attractive solution for your planter requirements, these excellent planters are handmade from UK grown softwoods. Tanalised for long life, they are polythene lined to prevent the compost rotting the frame. Available in six colours, Natural, Dark Brown, Antique Pine, Teak, Medium Oak and Green. An ideal medium size planter - Rural 1 The best value 1m2 Planter - Rural 4 The largest of the excellent value planters - Rural 5 Technical Specification: English softwood, Tanalised Code Type Length Width Height RR450 Rural 1 450mm(17ins) 450mm(17ins) 300mm(12ins) RR600 Rural 2 600mm(24ins) 600mm(24ins) 400mm(16ins) RR800 Rural 3 800mm(32ins) 800mm(32ins) 600mm(24ins) RR1000 Rural 4 1000mm(39ins) 1000mm(39ins) 800mm(32ins) RR1500 Rural 5 1500mm(59ins) 1000mm(39ins) 800mm(32ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  8. 8. Windsor Range – Classic Pine Planters 9 Our largest, longest and widest, woodiest planters The Windsor range has a choice of 12 sizes of planter, plus The Herbery, including our largest trough at over 2 metres in length. They are available as either a square or trough, with standard or acorn top finials or studio legs, and a choice of lattice or plain sides. The largest of these planters are strengthened with a central divider. Trough 7224 with lattice side panels The Herbery – a large planter suitable for a small herb garden display and original style finials with 9 separate planting sections. Removable plant divides allows you to choose the layout. Technical Specification: Made from the most popular of softwoods, Pine. Tongue and Groove for strong construction, moulded top rails, each panel is fully framed. Colour finishes are natural (untreated), environmentally friendly brown or green preservative. Available sizes are as follows: Code Type Length Width Height This Square 36 planter in natural finish has plain sides and standard finial legs WRS30 Square 30 762mm(30ins) 762mm(30ins) 711mm(28ins) WRS36 Square 36 915mm(36ins) 915mm(36ins) 711mm(28ins) WRS42 Square 42 1069mm(42ins) 1069mm(42ins) 711mm(28ins) WRS48 Square 48 1219mm(48ins) 1219mm(48ins) 711mm(28ins) WRT4824 Trough 4824 1219mm(48ins) 610mm(24ins) 508mm(20ins) WRT6024 Trough 6024 1524mm(60ins) 610mm(24ins) 508mm(20ins) WRT7224 Trough 7224 1829mm(72ins) 610mm(24ins) 508mm(20ins) WRT8424 Trough 8424 2134mm(84ins) 610mm(24ins) 508mm(20ins) WRT4830 Trough 4830 1219mm(48ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins) Square 30 planter illustrating the WRT6030 Trough 6030 1524mm(60ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins) studio leg WRT7230 Trough 7230 1829mm(72ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins) WRT8430 Trough 8430 2134mm(84ins) 762mm(30ins) 610mm(24ins) WRTH The Herbery 900mm(36ins) 900mm(36ins) 400mm(16ins) The Herbery – a large planter with 9 planting sections. Telephone: 01246 864036
  9. 9. 10 Cathedral range – Large elegant planters High quality craftsmanship delivering a robust, modular and stylish range in hard and soft woods These classically elegant planters are always popular and are constructed to an extremely high standard, and may be selected and specified with confidence. Made from a choice of sustainably sourced solid hardwood or softwood using traditional mortise & tenon joints and supplied in bare wood, treated with preservative, or stained to a colour of your choice. This competitively priced range are extremely durable and designed to complement and enhance hard landscaped areas and other exterior environments and will last for many years. A brand new bare wood Beverley straight from the workshop A Canterbury 1 metre planter with studio legs Technical Specification: Code Type Length Width Height Made in both softwood and CRB600 Beverley 600mm(24ins) 600mm(24ins) 400mm(16ins) hardwoods to suit your needs. CRB800 Bristol 800mm(32ins) 800mm(32ins) 600mm(24ins) CRC1000 Canterbury 1000mm(39ins) 1000mm(39ins) 800mm(32ins) Sturdily constructed with rebated top CRD1250 Durham 1250mm(41ins) 1250mm(41ins) 800mm(32ins) rails, mortise and tenon joints, CRL1500 Lichfield 1500mm(59ins) 1500mm(59ins) 800mm(32ins) chamfered boarding and polythene CRN1250 Norwich 1250mm(41ins) 800mm(32ins) 600mm(24ins) liner as standard. CRS1500 Salisbury 1500mm(59ins) 1000mm(39ins) 800mm(32ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  10. 10. Bespoke Planters - Specially commissioned by you 11 Looking for something different? In search of a special planter, can’t see it here in our catalogue? Then give us a ring and discuss your ideas. Our bespoke planter design service can meet your wants and needs exactly. Maybe an exceptionally large planter with seating for eight will fire your imagination. We have the skills and flair to transform your dreams into the beautiful street planter you always wanted. Below you will see two ideas, which we hope will inspire you. Hexagon seating planter Hexagon seating planter – This specially built planter designed around the Rural range can be made in any size up to 1500mm(59ins) across the planter area. With seats for twelve on six sides, making an attractive planter and pedestrian rest area, which is suitable for any setting. Have an idea in Stainless Steel? – If you are looking for a stylish product in Stainless Steel? Then see our Prestige range on page 13. These stylish planters are made in a standard range of four planters with sizes from 800mm to 1500mm and we offer a bespoke service for cladding any existing rectangular planter. Contact us and we can combine your ideas with our knowledge and skills to provide you with a planter to be proud of Telephone: 01246 864036
  11. 11. 12 Sheffield Range - Galvanised & Powder Coated Planters Provides a stunning solution for street scene dilemmas The Sheffield range of galvanised and powder coated planters combines quality, sturdiness and durability with both modern and traditional designs. Available in five distinct shapes, Window boxes, Troughs, Cubes, Squares and Cylinders, these planters afford strength and aesthetic appeal whilst providing both a cost effective and long lasting solution. Choose from galvanised or any of 250 powder coated colours, so matching your town colours is no problem. Technical Specification: Hand made using high quality galvanised and Zintec steel for powder coating. The biggest 1000mm(39ins) square fully planted with bamboo. Available sizes are as follows: Code Type Length Width Height SRWB600 Window Boxes 600mm(24ins) 200mm(8ins) 200mm(8ins) SRWB900 900mm(36ins) 200mm(8ins) 200mm(8ins) SRWB1200 1200mm(40ins) 200mm(8ins) 200mm(8ins) SRT600 Trough 600mm(24ins) 300mm(12ins) 300mm(12ins) SRT900 900mm(36ins) 300mm(12ins) 300mm(12ins) SRT1200 1200mm(40ins) 300mm(12ins) 300mm(12ins) SRT1500 1500mm(59ins) 300mm(12ins) 400mm(16ins) A black powder coated cube ready for use. SRCB400 Cube 400mm(16ins) 400mm(16ins) 400mm(16ins) SRCB500 500mm(20ins) 500mm(20ins) 500mm(20ins) SRCB600 600mm(24ins) 600mm(24ins) 600mm(24ins) SRCB750 750mm(30ins) 750mm(30ins) 750mm(30ins) SRS1000 Square 1000mm(39ins) 1000mm(39ins) 600mm(24ins) Cylinders Diameter Height SRCY300 300mm(12ins) 300mm(12ins) SRCY400 400mm(16ins) 400mm(16ins) SRCY500 500mm(20ins) 500mm(20ins) SRCY600 600mm(24ins) 600mm(24ins) Planted up Galvanised Cylinder, Trough and Squares. Telephone: 01246 864036
  12. 12. Prestige Range - Modern, Sleek & Stylish 13 Design lead in Stainless steel Stainless steel is low maintenance, resistant to vandalism, strong and durable. With its contemporary look it is easy to see why this material is finding its way into many new build schemes as well as re-vitalising existing developments and townscapes. The Prestige planter is a smart contemporary design suitable for a wide variety of public realm applications. These high specification planters are made in 304 stainless steel; their straight lines design will match your vision of a contemporary landscape scheme, where quality and durability are key requirements. Bespoke designs While our standard range consists of four planters from 800mm to 1500mm cubes, we are able to offer a bespoke service for cladding any existing planter. So if you have an old planter needing a new look, a stainless steel cladding will offer a sleek design solution.. Wharf side display of Westminster planters. Technical Specification: Made from 304 Stainless steel suitable for most applications, but we would advise using 316 for coastal use. Code Type Length Width Height PR800 Kensington 800mm(32ins) 800mm(32ins) 800mm(32ins) PR1000 Westminster 1000mm(39ins) 1000mm(39ins) 800mm(32ins) PR1250 Chelsea 1250mm(49ins) 1250mm(49ins) 800mm(32ins) PR1500 Richmond 1500mm(59ins) 1500mm(59ins) 800mm(32ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  13. 13. 14 Africa range - Large Stone Pots Big Pots with impact, character and attitude With heights up to 1.60 metre (64ins) and widths of up to 1.1metre (43ins), the Africa range can only be described as Big Pots! The solid construction and considerable size of the planters make them particularly appropriate for displaying plants in a rural or countryside setting and eliminates any requirement for ground fixing. These pots offer a unique look to any planter designed bed or landscape bringing structural perspective and depth to any setting. Despite their size; they are light, resilient and easily manageable. They are robust, strong and winter resistant and can be hand decorated, stained or painted. Technical Specification: Gobi & Zambezi with optional rope decoration. Individually hand made in new reinforced stone material, in a one step process ensuring that each pot is uniform throughout. Rope is available as an optional extra. Available in grey, beige, terracotta and dark brown with sizes are as follows: Code Type Diameter Height Weight ARZ Zambezi 1090mm(43ins) 1630mm(64ins) 66 Kg ARZH Zambezi+Hole 1090mm(43ins) 1630mm(64ins) 62 Kg ARB Berg 480mm(19ins) 840mm(33ins) 15 Kg ARG Gobi 860mm(34ins) 1070mm(42ins) 70 Kg ARK Kalihari 660mm(26ins) 1090mm(43ins) 57 Kg ARS Sabi 660mm(26ins) 1370mm(54ins) 60 Kg Sabi Berg ART Tugela 630mm(25ins) 1370mm(54ins) 62 Kg Tugela Kalihari Zambezi with hole Telephone: 01246 864036
  14. 14. Accessories - Capillary Bola del verde - Truly 15 Matting & Chains distinctive & decorative Need the basics - or more? ‘Balls of boxwood green’ Want to plant your own hanging basket? We The Bola del verde is a new product to the UK. It have a wide range of heavy-duty wrought iron, wire, originated in Spain as a stunning replacement or rattan and wicker hanging baskets. These can be compliment to hanging baskets. They require no supplied either ready for you to plant or fully planted maintenance, as there is no watering or feeding to and they range from 254mm(10ins) to 500mm(20ins) in size. Also available are liners, chains, brackets, worry about. Unaffected by the British weather, Bola plants, compost and everything you might need. If del verde delivers a beautiful look throughout the you don’t see it here, ask us and our nursery will year. source it for you. Technical Specification: CapilMat - This high quality capillary Polyethylene Boxwood on a steel frame matting is a made from all Available in the following sizes: new fibres, which is critical to ensure the translocation of water and Code Type Size nutrients. Available in two BDV350 Bola del verde 350 350mm(14ins) weights: BDV400 Bola del verde 400 400mm(16ins) CapilMat 1 - High rise for BDV450 Bola del verde 450 450mm(17ins) large planters BDV500 Bola del verde 500 500mm(20ins) CapilMat 2 - The best for hanging baskets Suitable for all hanging baskets and planters. Specifically made for nursery and container grown plants. Chain and fixing supplies Need additional or replacement chains then we can supply them. Easy fit clips on black chain and our wrought iron chain is galvanised for extra durability. All have a large welded hanging ring. D-Links and S- Superb for all seasons Hooks also available. Telephone: 01246 864036
  15. 15. 16 Bison Range - Floral display and protection Hanging basket trees, tree guards & brackets Hanging baskets are the starting point of any town or village floral display and the brackets they hang from are just as important to have design quality and the inherent strength to hold up the baskets. Our range is weather protected by a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting. Available in Black, Green or Silver. Standard Lamppost bracket - These brackets are available as 200mm(8ins), 254mm(10ins) to suit most lamppost mounted planters. Simple steel band mounted. Suitable to replace any vandal damaged brackets. The Stirling Christmas tree and hanging basket bracket – This robust wall mounted bracket is useful all year round, during the summer it can hang up to 508mm (20ins) hanging baskets, then at Christmas time remove the insert and put up your town centre Christmas trees. The Dundee Hanging Basket bracket – this solid bracket has a square centre bar support for maximum strength, while supported by an attractive circular feature. As with our entire hanging basket bracket range, it has a secure end ferrule for D-shackle connection to the hanging basket. Available to suit simple wall mounting or with half- circle brackets for lamppost mounting as single or double basket brackets. Sizes 406mm (16ins) & 458mm (18ins). The Perth Hanging Basket bracket – A fully scrolled all- purpose bracket with an additional lower scroll for extra strength. Detailed with arrowhead ends to the back support bar. Standard D-shackle end ferrule for secure hanging basket connection. Available to suit simple wall mounting or with half- circle brackets for lamppost mounting as single or double basket brackets. Sizes 406mm (16ins) & 458mm (18ins). Telephone: 01246 864036
  16. 16. Bison Range - Floral display and protection 17 Hanging basket trees, tree guards & brackets Montrose Hanging Basket Bracket. – Heavy-duty lamppost hanging basket bracket can be supplied as a single bracket or with a double clamp fitting for double-sided lamppost mounting. Made from rolled square section with a supporting scroll and circle design, D shackle securing point and ball finial detail. Available in traditional black, or your choice of colour. Size 500mm (20”). The Forfar Hanging Basket bracket – Heavy duty hanging basket bracket, made for either lamppost or wall mounting. Can be supplied as single bracket or with a double clamp fitting for double-sided lamppost mounting. Made from tubular mild steel with a large circle, D-shackle securing point and ball finial detail. Colours to match your town centre scheme. Available as 508mm (20ins). The Edinburgh range of basket trees – This hot dipped galvanised and powder coated family of trees are an ideal way to make a stunning statement with hanging baskets. From a simple 4-arm tree to the truly distinctive large capacity ten-arm variant, each tree provides the widest options of decorative displays. Basket trees can be floor mounted with our simple fixing brackets or large planter mounted to provide an exterior design solution, which is superbly stylish as well as practical. Easy to erect and dismantle at the end of the season for storage. Available as 4, 6 or 10 arm variant and in a large range of RAL colours to match your existing colour scheme, the galvanised and powder coated finish gives your trees a long lasting protection against corrosion and rusting. If you have a current style of basket tree that needs matching or your own design ideas, then let us match or make your new trees. Contact us today and let us discuss your requirements. Glasgow tree guards - Strong and durable, Glasgow tree guards offer perfect protection to vulnerable saplings. These delicate young trees are easily damaged by vandals, vehicles, bicycles and animals and need all the help they can get during their early life. The Glasgow range can be used with or without grilles and made to match existing styles or to suit your other tree grilles. Made from solid flat or round steel sections, they are galvanised and powder coated for long life and provide a cost effective solution in preventing tree trunk damage. Available as 508mm (20ins) & 762mm (30ins) diameter. Telephone: 01246 864036
  17. 17. 18 Derbyshire range - Teak Collection Premier collection of the finest municipal benches available Burford Evesham The Derbyshire range of benches are a simple, stylish addition to any municipal park setting. Traditionally crafted to the highest standards with precise attention to detail, such as subtle contoured seats that ensure comfort, along with the smooth velvety finishes to guarantee that clothing is not snagged. Choose any of the classic or contemporary designs here and you will not be disappointed with your choice. Lingfield Mendip Telephone: 01246 864036
  18. 18. Derbyshire range - Teak Collection 19 Warwick Tree Seat Severn Technical Specification: Code Type Length Width Height Weight Only the finest Grade A teak with its DRB4 Burford 4ft 1260mm (50ins) 480mm (19ins) 950mm (37ins) 18kg exceptional qualities of warmth, durability DRB5 Burford 5ft 1560mm (61ins) 480mm (19ins) 950mm (37ins) 20kg and stability has been used to create the DRE5 Evesham 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 500mm (20ins) 930mm (36ins) 27kg municipal park furniture within this range. DRL5 Lingfield 5ft 1500mm (59ins) 470mm (19ins) 940mm (37ins) 25kg The teak comes from renewable and DRM5 Mendip 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 31kg sustainable natural grown and strictly DRM6 Mendip 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 37kg managed resources. DRM8 Mendip 8ft 2320mm (91ins) 500mm (20ins) 970mm (38ins) 50kg DRS4 Severn 4ft 1280mm (50ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 24kg DRS5 Severn 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 27kg DRS6 Severn 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 430mm (17ins) 880mm (35ins) 32kg DRW4 Warwick 4ft 1190mm (47ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 24kg DRW5 Warwick 5ft 1490mm (59ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 27kg DRW6 Warwick 6ft 1800mm (71ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 32kg DRW8 Warwick 8ft 2320mm (91ins) 490mm (19ins) 880mm (35ins) 42kg DRTS Tree Seat Diam: 2050mm (81ins) 910mm (36ins) 83kg Tree Hole: 900mm (35ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  19. 19. 20 Anchorfast Benches The Benchmaster - High quality bench for all seasons The Benchmaster is a steel reinforced concrete and wood picnic table, large enough to seat eight adults comfortably. Aesthetically pleasing with heavy-duty timbers and concrete support legs make it a bench for all locations and occasions. Especially suitable for local authorities, schools, leisure centres, public houses and garden centres. Technical Specification: Steel reinforced bolted concrete ends for excellent stability. Theft resistant with heavy-duty timber from sustainable and renewable sources. The Benchmaster Code Table Overall Seat Overall Weight Dia Width Height Height AFBM 1310mm 2000mm 450mm 740mm 250 kg (52ins) (79ins) (18ins) (29ins) The Big Bench - Traditional meets modern The Big Bench is a traditional style picnic bench made from modern materials, steel reinforced concrete and wood, seating eight adults with ease. The seat arrangement has been carefully designed for easy access to the seats. This bench is also available as a ten-seater arrangement with disabled access. Technical Specification: Steel reinforced bolted concrete ends for excellent stability. Theft resistant with heavy-duty timber from sustainable and renewable sources. Code Overall Table Seat Overall Weight Width Width Height Length: The Big Bench. AFBB 1450mm 710mm 745mm 1825mm 200 kg (57ins) (28ins) (29ins) (72ins) AFBBD Big Bench - Disabled 2430mm (96ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  20. 20. Anchorfast Benches 21 The Park Bench - Theft resistance comes as standard The Park Bench has steel reinforced concrete ends and is manufactured to the same exacting standards of quality and strength as all of the Anchorfast range. To resist theft, it is fitted with protective Armour Rings to all the nuts as standard. Technical Specification: Steel reinforced bolted concrete ends for excellent stability. Theft resistant with heavy-duty timber from sustainable and renewable sources. Security clamps available if required (own ground fixings required) The Park Bench. Code Overall Overall Seat Weight Length Width Height AFPB 1830mm 835mm 430mm 150 kg (72ins) (33ins) (17ins) Derby Picnic Bench - Big enough for any picnic The Derby picnic bench is constructed from natural pine from sustainable and renewable sources. Its square 1.26 metre table is big enough for eight to sit comfortably. Technical Specification: Large and robust picnic bench. Designed with eight individual seats in keeping with slatted tabletop. Security clamps available if required (own ground fixings required) Code Overall Table Seat Table Length Width Height Height AFDB 2310mm 1260mm 450mm 740mm The Derby Picnic Bench. (91ins) (50ins) (18ins) (29ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  21. 21. 22 Anchorfast Benches Sherwood Picnic Bench - Heavy-duty picnic bench The Sherwood picnic bench is a heavy-duty bench constructed from natural pine and has a round table with four separate seating areas for eight adults. Its round table is 1.30metres in diameter. Technical Specification: Heavy-duty outdoor picnic bench manufactured in pine with heavy duty bolting system as standard. All metal fittings, bolts and screws are zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Security clamps available if required (own ground fixings required) Code Table Seat Table Width Height Height AFSB 1330mm 450mm 776mm (52ins) (18ins) (30ins) The Sherwood Picnic Bench. Cotswold Picnic Bench - Traditional style picnic bench The Cotswold picnic bench is available in 7 different sizes from the tiny 4 seat junior version suitable for infant schools, up to the largest 8-seater adult version with disabled access. Constructed from natural pine, it is a traditional style picnic bench with bench seating either side of a large table area. Technical Specification: Traditional style picnic bench manufactured in pine with security clamps available if required (own ground fixings required) Code Style Table Table Table Width Length Height AFC4 4 Seat 610mm 1067mm 760mm (24ins) (43ins) (30ins) AFC6 6 Seat 610mm 1370mm 760mm (24ins) (54ins) (30ins) AFC8 8 seat 610mm 1677mm 760mm (24ins) (66ins) (30ins) AFCD8 8 Seat 610mm 2280mm 760mm The Cotswold Junior Disabled (24ins) (89ins) (30ins) Picnic Bench. AFCJ4 Junior 4 Seat 610mm 1067mm 630mm (24ins) (43ins) (24ins) AFCJ6 Junior 6 610mm 1370mm 630mm Security clamp Seat (24ins) (54ins) (24ins) AFCJ8 Junior 8 Seat 610mm 1677mm 630mm (24ins) (66ins) (24ins) Telephone: 01246 864036
  22. 22. Nottingham Range - Modular handcrafted seating 23 Will integrate with any traditional or modern, rural or urban environment The high specification Nottingham seat and benches range offer a choice of options, 6ft or 8ft lengths, and high backed seating with or without arms and bench styles. The seating area can be offered in a choice of solid hardwood timber carefully selected from renewable sources, recycled polyethylene or mild steel. Steel rails come in a choice of five standard colours but a much wider variety is available to special order. The high specification hardwood finishes; applied to the timber rails as standard, accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. Technical Specification: Code Type Length Width Seat Height Galvanised and powder coated mild NRB6B Nottingham 6B 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) steel with hardwood, recycled NRB8B Nottingham 8B 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) NRS6 Nottingham 6S 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) polyethylene or steel rails. Available NRS8 Nottingham 8S 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) colours for steel rails are black, grey, NRB6SA Nottingham 6SA 1830mm (72ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) blue, brown and green. NRB8SA Nottingham 8SA 2440mm (96ins) 490mm (19ins) 457mm(18ins) Malvern Range – Vandal proof outdoor living The strong outdoor picnic bench The Malvern is a functional and elegant, traditionally designed ‘A’ frame picnic bench which is immensely strong and ideal for any country park or rural setting. The 100% steel construction is designed to resist theft and vandalism and is available in two standard lengths; 1500mm(59ins) and 1800mm(71ins). Available in Black, Blue, Green or White. Code Style Table Table Table Seat Width Length Height Height MPB4 4 Seat 700mm (28ins) 1500mm (59ins) 720mm (28ins) 46mm (18ins) Technical Specification: MPB6 6 Seat 700mm (28ins) 1800mm (71ins) 720mm (28ins) 46mm (18ins) Mild steel construction throughout, galvanised & powder coated for maximum protection. Telephone: 01246 864036
  23. 23. 24 Commercial Street Range - The Sign Shop Pointing the way forward Good local signage is a great way to enhance your towns’ heritage and these beautiful finger posts will give visitors and pedestrians an attractive visual guide to the highpoints around your town. For traditional cast aluminium designs we can supply in black and gold, or as our picture shows any RAL colour of your choice is available. Balau hardwood versions fitted with bronze or as in this case zinc detail offer an attractive option for more rural locations. As each post is a bespoke individual design, don’t hesitate to discuss your exact requirements with us in detail. Technical Specification: Our signs are handmade and are mounted on hardwood or aluminium posts. Letters and borders (optional) in relief. Pogoda finial topped five fingerpost in blue Choice of Pagoda, Ball or Polo style finials and optional collars. Anti-tamper fixing to prevent turning. Beautiful Balau hardwood fingerpost Major and minor roadside signs available to order Roadside signs are as important as the place itself. From your local roads to village ‘Welcome to’ signs, we can provide a bespoke service for your town or village to have the best signs around. Major gateway signs are manufactured from heavy-duty 3mm aluminium mounted on 3mtr x 75mm grey plastic coated mild steel poles, complete with stainless steel clips and fixings, each sign is custom made to your specific requests. Wording and logos in multicolour are no problem and Highway Agency Class 1 (High Intensity) and Class 2 (Engineering grade) standards adhered to. Street Signs. Local street signs can say so much about the area and be it a functional or decorative sign, our signs can make the statement that matters. So if you need signs with a county, district or borough coat of arms or just a simple die-pressed aluminium street marker, we can make it for you. Let us have your ideas and requirements and we can turn them into signs that you can be proud of. Technical Specification: Standard street markers are available in either 3mm aluminium with stove-enamelled background, grey reverse and radius corners, with black uppercase letters and border on a white background or we can manufacture them in traditional cast aluminium for signs that are both functional and decorative. Telephone: 01246 864036
  24. 24. Commercial Street Range - Ascot Plaques 25 Distinctive signs of excellence Celebrate your success with a commemorative Ascot plaque. They can be manufactured in polymer, and aluminium, and engraved stainless steel, brass or bronze, these exceptional plaques are suitable for many purposes. Special winners' plaques for Britain in Bloom are designed each year using a unique flower feature. Other ideas are: • Bronze cast memorial plaques • Waymarker signs suitable for insertion into pavements • Prestigious street names • Historic Building markers – Blue Plaques • Heritage trail markers • Composite signs - incorporating both relief and engraved text Each sign is custom made to your specific requests and no detail is omitted. When only the best will do, make sure you choose an Ascot plaque. Telephone: 01246 864036
  25. 25. 26 Commercial Street Range - Cedarwood Signs High quality, sandblasted, three- dimensional signage Sandblasted cedarwood signs have been produced in the USA for the last 100 years and are new to Europe. These signs have a unique three-dimensional appearance that gives an elegant handcrafted look. There is nothing to beat the natural wood finish of a sandblasted sign, made to withstand years of weathering using the finest available materials, exterior glues and wood finishes. Our signs are designed for longevity. One of the major advantages of this system is our ability to manufacture one-off bespoke signs at an affordable price to your exact requirements. Talk to us today. Technical Specification: 40mm sandblasted Western Red Cedarwood. 25mm raised graphics or lettering. Stainless steel screws for fixing durability. Colour A big welcome from Looe matched oak plugs to hide the screw fixings. Wide range of posts, finials and wall fixing options. All 5 coat paint finishes are treated with UV lacquer for maximum protection. Bespoke sizes to suit your requirements. Materials Description: Western Red Cedarwood Quality detailing with these Oak finials Clear direction at Chatsworth Telephone: 01246 864036
  26. 26. Commercial Street Range - The Sign Shop 27 The Heart of the Village...its notice board Every village needs its notice board; this simple instrument provides information and identity. Manufactured in Iroko, Oak, Mild or Stainless Remembrance Steel, we only use the best materials to provide a long lasting and elegant display for your information. Memorials - Choose from our three distinctive Plaques and designs which each offer different solutions to meet your exact Granite signs requirements. The Pepys, a strong mild steel Special signs for utilitarian design, which is truly distinctive with space for a large logo special places or borough crest. Finest quality black granite plaques mounted on a stainless steel stake. Hand designed and finished in hardwearing enamels by professional artists and engraved to your specifications The Chaucer, made in either Iroko or oak offers a traditional look and in Gold, Silver or Pewter with reassuring design for any village motifs and images. Also green or public space. available un-mounted for alternative fixing. Technical Specification Made from finest Scottish granite and stainless steel Code Type Length Width The Wordsworth made in CSR102M Plaques with Motif 152mm(6ins) 102mm(4ins) stainless steel has superior CSR102 Without Motif 152mm(6ins) 102mm(4ins) security features including CSR114M Plaques with Motif 178mm(7ins) 114mm(5ins) top hinged front panel, a CSR114 Without Motif 178mm(7ins) 114mm(5ins) close fitting door with spring loaded tamper proof locks, ensuring a vandal proof solution for all of your notices. Technical Specification Dependant on the style, options include: • Single, 2 or 3 bay. • With or without lockable doors. • Top hinged front panel • Sign writing in white, black or gold vinyl lettering • Unglazed or Polycarbonate glazing. • Straight or gable colour coordinated headers • Self-healing pinboard or ribbed letter board. Please ask us for a detailed quotation for your chosen design. Telephone: 01246 864036
  27. 27. 28 Niagara Range - Plant & Hanging Basket Bowsers The essential ingredient - water Handyman 70 - Trolley Mounted Waterer (TMW70) An excellent 70-litre (15 Galls) water bowser, complete with its own 18 litre per minute electric pump, hose and lance. Mounted on a simple hand push-trolley. Ideal for small In- Bloom groups needing to water short runs of hanging baskets and planters. Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Polyethylene Tank Mild steel chassis Tank Capacity: 70 Litres (15 Gallons) Telescopic lance complete with rose watering head: 6m (20ft) reach 6m (20ft) hose Ideal for hanging baskets Workman 180 - 180 litre (40 gallon) Trolley Mounted Waterer (TMW180) This trolley mounted water bowser, mounted on a four-wheel turntable trolley can be pulled or towed and has its own parking brake. Great for longer runs of hanging baskets and planters it has a 12v electric pump or Petrol engine. This unit is also available skid-mounted for use in an estate car or trailer or pick-up with an electric pump. Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Polyethylene Tank Mild steel chassis Petrol or Electric engine Tank Capacity: 180 Litres (40 Gallons) Telescopic lance complete with rose watering head: Easy to use, manoeuvrable and practical. 6m (20ft) reach 6m (20ft) hose Workman 600 & 900 – 600 / 900 litre (130 / 200 gallon) Skid Mounted Waterer (SMW600 / 900) Skid mounted water bowser, mounted in a steel frame basket for rigidity and strength. All you need is a pick-up or trailer to transport it to your hanging baskets. It is more than adequate for most watering needs. Available with either petrol or an electric pump. Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Polyethylene Tank Mild steel chassis Tank Capacity: 600 / 900 Litres (130 / 200 Gallons) Telescopic lance complete with rose watering head: 6m (20ft) reach 6m (20ft) hose Petrol or electric pump available For those bigger watering jobs. Telephone: 01246 864036
  28. 28. Niagara Range - Plant & Hanging Basket Bowsers 29 The essential ingredient - water Fastman P1000 - 1000 litre (220 gallon) Trailer Mounted Plant Waterer - with safety watering platform (TMW1000) Full highway specification 200 Gallon towable trailer mounted water bowser with a high-level safety-watering platform. Polythene tank complete with 400mm(16ins) access with filler / vent. Fully galvanised chassis. Petrol powered pump, hose and shepherds crook lance. Available in Blue & Yellow Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Galvanised Mild steel chassis Polythene tank Tank Capacity: 1000 Litres (200 Gallons) Shepherds crook lance. 9m (30ft) hose Petrol pump / 45 litres per min Fastman G1100 - 1100 litre (250 gallon) Trailer Mounted Waterer - with safety watering platform (TMW1100) 250 Gallon road towable trailer mounted water bowser, complete with 400mm(16ins) man lid and 3-side collapsible hand railed safety-watering platform. Fully galvanised tank to ensure clean water at all times. Petrol powered pump, hose and shepherds crook lance. Available in white or yellow. Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Galvanised Mild steel tank and chassis Tank Capacity: 1100 Litres (250 Gallons) Shepherds crook lance. 9m (30ft) hose Petrol pump Fastman 2200 - 2200 litre (500 gallon) Twin axle fast tow Trailer For those bigger Mounted Waterer (TMW2200) watering jobs Mounted on a full road legal twin axle chassis, with 50mm(2ins) ball hitch, over- run brakes, jockey wheel, lighting and mudguards. Ideal for council and large In Bloom watering needs. Fitted with internal baffles to minimise surge during transport. Available with either petrol or an electric pump. Technical Specification: See Chart for dimensions Metal Tank Type Height Width Length Weight Mild steel chassis TMW70 800mm (32ins) 600mm (24ins) 1350mm (53ins) 99kg (Full) Tank Capacity: 2200 Litres (500 Gallons) Telescopic lance complete with rose TMW180 1090mm (43ins) 660mm (26ins) 1300mm (51ins) 250kg (Full) watering head: SMW900 1270mm (50ins) 1000mm (39ins) 1200mm (48ins) 985kg (Full) 6m (20ft) reach TMW1000 1290mm (50ins) 1530mm (60ins 2825mm (111ins) Unladen: 305kg 6m (20ft) hose TMW1100 1600mm (62ins) 1530mm (60ins) 2825mm (111ins) Unladen: 450 kg Petrol or electric pump available TMW2200 1600mm (62ins) 1800mm (71ins) 3500mm(138ins) Unladen: 780kg Telephone: 01246 864036
  29. 29. 30 Shakespeare Range- Litter Bins The simple solution for tidier towns A quality range of floor, post and wall mounted litterbins. These award-winning designs complement our rich variety of architecture, whilst retaining tough functional simplicity. Many with space for corporate branding opportunities. 7 Nestor (SCNL) - with lockable lid 1. Falstaff – Contoured modern styling with decorative 5. Mortimer – Stylish modern design featuring bayonet band. Available with contrasting coloured band, any fixing / locking mechanism to combine ease of emptying combination from standard colour range. Choice of with maximum security. Available with contrasting coloured standard liner for bolting down or short liner for ballasting. band, any combination from standard colour range. Choice Concrete Ballast may be ordered if required. of standard liner for bolting down or short liner for Fixing Options: 1. Bolted down using fixing bolts supplied ballasting. Concrete Ballast may be ordered if required. 2.Base may be ballasted. NB Please state intended fixing Bolts supplied free if ordered with standard liner. Fixing method when ordering Options: 1.Bolted down using fixing bolts supplied 2.Base may be concreted into the ground. 3.Base may be ballasted. 2. Dogbery – the dog-poo bin. See page 31. NB Please state intended fixing method when ordering 3. Othello – Large capacity post / wall mounted litterbin 6. Cressida – Designed to combine traditional styling with with lockable lid. Also available in open–topped version. all the benefits of U.V. polyethylene. Unique bayonet fixing Option of second colour for lid. Jubilee Clips available for locking mechanism. Choice of standard liner for bolting post fixing if required. down or short liner for ballasting. Concrete Ballast may be Fixing Options: 1.Banded onto post. 2.Mounted onto wall. ordered if required. Bolts supplied free if ordered with Universal fixing bracket incorporated into bin. standard liner. Fixing Options: 1.Bolted down using fixing bolts supplied 2.Base may be concreted into the ground. 4. Provost – Victoriana design in an inexpensive, easy to 3.Base may be ballasted. NB Please state intended fixing empty bin. Choice of standard liner for bolting down or method when ordering. short liner for ballasting. Concrete Ballast may be ordered if required. Bolts supplied free if ordered with standard liner. 7. Nestor – Large capacity post / wall mounted litterbin Fixing Options:1.Bolted down using fixing bolts supplied with lockable lid in traditional antique styling to complement 2.Base may be ballasted. NB Please state intended fixing the Cressida. Option of second colour for lid. Jubilee Clips method when ordering available for post fixing if required. Fixing Options: 1.Banded onto post. 2.Mounted onto wall. Universal fixing bracket incorporated into bin. Telephone: 01246 864036
  30. 30. Shakespeare Range - Dog Poo & Grit Bins 31 An attractive solution for an unattractive problem Dog waste on pavements, on grass verges; parks and children play areas is at best a nuisance and at worst a serious health hazard. Our dog poo bins provide a choice of solutions to meet your needs. 8. Dogbery – Looking for simple solutions for disposal of one of life’s little problems, the Dogbery handles it all. Dual position lid, self-closing in normal use, stays upright for emptying. Galvanised metal liner. 76mm(3ins) Post mounting available. 8 9 Fixing Options: 1 Post mounted. 2. Wall Dogbery (SCDP) Don’t forget your warning Dolabella (SCDM) mounted. signage - and set your penalty fee (SCDS) Technical Specification: 9. Dolabella – This dog poo bin has been Made from Polyethylene and Metal, our litterbins are coated to customer specifically designed to make the disposal requirements in a choice of colours and may be personalised using vinyl of dog waste as hygienic and simple as stickers, brass or aluminium engraved plaques or screen stickers. possible. Simple lid design for strength and Colour choices A: Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, Red, Blue and Beige long-term durability it is made from mild Colour choices B: Black, Green and Burgundy steel. Fixing Options: 1 Post mounted. 2. Wall mounted. Available sizes are as follows: Don’t forget you will need warning Code Type Colour Height Diameter Capacity signs as well - Dog-Fouling Signs. SCF Falstaff A 800mm(32ins) 500mm(20ins) 90 Litres SCO Othello A 730mm(29ins) 390mm(15ins) 40 Litres Under the 1996 Dog (Fouling of land) Act, dog owners are responsible for the clean SCOL Othello up of dog faeces from the land, with a with lockable lid A 530mm(21ins) 390mm(15ins) 40 Litres maximum penalty of £1000. We are able SCP Provost B 800mm(32ins) 450mm(18ins) 90 Litres to provide a choice of warning signs made SCM Mortimer A 1000mm(39ins) 490mm(19ins) 90 Litres up to your specification, including a choice SCC Cressida B 990mm(39ins) 485mm(19ins) 90 Litres of your Town logo and fixed penalty fee. SCN Nestor B 540mm(21ins) 390mm(15ins) 40 Litres Why not order these with your Dog-poo SCNL Nestor bins? with lockable lid B 740mm(29ins) 390mm(15ins) 40 Litres SCDP Dogbery Red only 550mm(22ins) 390mm(15ins) 40 Litres SCDM Dolabella Red only Height 600mm(24ins) 50 Litres Width 400mm(16ins) Depth 225mm (9ins) Strong, durable protection from the elements Grit Bins are available in two sizes - 200 litre and 400 litres and are ideal for use in roadside storage, car parks and company premises. Every grit bin is fitted with a lockable electro plated hasp and staple that, like the bins themselves, will not deteriorate through long term exposure to the elements. Although "grit" is moulded into the front of the bins, removable plates can be made to show "sand" or "fire" at an extra cost if required. Likewise, if a customer wishes to have their company name, logo and contact details moulded into their grit bins we can manufacture a plate that is simply placed into the mould before manufacture and then gives a very clear imprint of the details for some free advertising. An approximate cost of £250 applies to any new plate, and takes two weeks to manufacture Tough 100% medium density polyethylene 400 litre and 200 litre Grit bins – Shown in standard yellow, also available in red and green. Code Type Size Height Length Width Weight SCT200 Titus 200 200 litre 720mm(28ins) 750mm(29ins) 710mm(28ins) 14 Kgs SCT400 Titus 400 400 litre 1260mm(49ins) 750mm(29ins) 710mm(28ins) 22 Kgs Telephone: 01246 864036
  31. 31. ENTERPRISE HOUSE 97 High Street Clay Cross Chesterfield Derbyshire S45 9DZ Telephone & Fax: 01246 864036 Email: © Civic Pride 2007