Annika Östergren Pofantis presentation


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Annika Östergren Pofantis presentation

  1. 1. Keynote Address: Annika Östergren Pofantis European Commission, DG Connect, Stakeholders Unit and Digital Futures Taskforce
  2. 2. Digital Champions Annika Östergren Pofantis, European Commission, DG Connect
  3. 3. Digital Champions Helping every European become digital
  4. 4. Unlocking huge economic and social potential Martha Lane Fox, UK Digital Champion, is the Chairwoman of Go ON UK which aims to make the UK the world's most digitally skilled nation.
  5. 5. #Connected Continent • Free public access to computers & the internet in public libraries • Help people acquire ICT skills • Free wifi zones in rural and urban areas The Romanian Digital Champion equipped 2,300 libraries with 10,000 computers.
  6. 6. Opening Up Education • Promoting early adoption of digital technology • Promoting online education • Encouraging teachers to share teaching resources online VP Kroes and Lord David Puttnam (IRE) met with students and Future Creators, who learn coding, film-making and app development to be encouraged to consider a "digital" career.
  7. 7. Basic coding skills The Finnish Champion initiated the Rails Girls project, which aims to overcome the gender divide in technology. The Belgian Champion has organised more than five CoderDojos, which aim to teach basic coding skills to children, teachers and CEOs. This session was for senior managers, but coached by children.
  8. 8. Hands-on social media workshops The Austrian Champion’s initiative Digitalks aims to raise awareness of new digital technologies such as wikis, blogs, social networks and mobile platforms.
  9. 9. The School Dance The Slovak Champion runs a project connecting 300 schools and kindergartens. Young people learn in a fun way the basic principles of how to create a team, record a dance video and create an interactive poster through technology.
  10. 10. Grand Coalitions for Digital Jobs and Skills The Champions have been instrumental in the launch of Grand Coalitions for digital skills and jobs in Poland, Spain and Lithuania. In Poland the main tasks of the Coalition are to broaden digital participation, increase trust, raise awareness of the benefits of internet literacy and to ensure broadband access.
  11. 11. Promoting entrepreneurship, startups & innovation • The Bulgarian Digital Champion has established a StartUp Advisory Board with prominent entrepreneurs and in February 2013 she ran a start-up week. • The Cypriot Champion runs ICT innovation competitions.
  12. 12. Fighting youth unemployment The Belgian Champion organised a competition with an organisation to make an app to better link young people with job opportunities. This app is now in production.
  13. 13. #DigitalChampions
  14. 14. Find out more • Digital Agenda Europe • Wikipedia • Twitter @DigitalAgendaEU @AnnikaOP #DigitalChampions • Email