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LWB12: Peter Wanless, Big Lottery Fund
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LWB12: Peter Wanless, Big Lottery Fund


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Presentation by Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the Big Lottery Fund, during the first plenary 'Promoting Well-being in London's communities - The here and now' at the third London Well-being …

Presentation by Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the Big Lottery Fund, during the first plenary 'Promoting Well-being in London's communities - The here and now' at the third London Well-being Conference.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine

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  • Key messages - BIG is currently responsible for distributing half the money that the National Lottery raises for good causes. - Since 2004 we have distributed over £3.6 billion across the UK to projects covering health, education, the environment and charitable purposes. - Our mission is to bring real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need. BIG is an outcomes funder, we are interested in what works and what makes a positive difference to the communities in which we deliver funding. - We are committed to being an intelligent funder, engaging with people and communities, responding to and targeting needs and disadvantage.  - We will offer a mixture of funding including open and targeted approaches.   - Last year 92% of our funding across the UK went directly to the VCS- We are interested in what works in communities rather than simply who is delivering the project.- We are keen to broker wider relations that find effective solutions and interventions to shared community issues or concerns. 
  • Big Local Trust - Building on the learning from our Fair Share Trust initiative and other “place-based” funding programmes.Fair Share demonstrated the effectiveness of a devolved but supported model.With Big Local Trust up to £200m over 10 years will be targeted at disadvantaged and overlooked neighbourhoods in England. This funding will: Give local people a say in how the money is spent, enabling them to make their communities better places to live, now and in the future. Enable BIG to make a difference in neighbourhoods we and other funders have found hard to reach, thus making good on our mission of helping bring real improvements to the lives of communities and people in need. Increase skills, confidence and connections, so that people are in a better position to help themselves in the long term.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Peter WanlessChief ExecutiveBig Lottery Fund
    • 2. About BIG• Funding across health, education, environment & charitable purposes• Focus on people and communities most in need• Commitment to the voluntary and community sector• Also interested in encouraging wider cross-sector partnership to address community need• Outcomes funder
    • 3. BIG and PeabodyInvesting in Well-being• ‘Activate London’ through BIG’s £160m Well-being programme• £4.6m to improve the health of social Housing Communities across London• 84 projects across all London Boroughs• Diverse range of approaches based on what works for users 3
    • 4. Challenge 1• Craft ways in which people can take responsibility for their own and others Well-being• Contraction of State Support• Cuts and increased demand for services 4
    • 5. Challenge 2• Understanding what works• Well-being approach• Evidence Platform 5
    • 6. Well-being Learning Legacy• Well-being programme evaluation• Led by CLES and nef• Year 2 Evaluation report: •Reductions depressive symptoms •Life Satisfaction is up •People are on the move •Healthier diets better food choices •Improved social Well-being 6
    • 7. Well-being Portfolio Evaluations• Review of 17 portfolios own evaluations• Early insight: • Holistic approach • Learning and family change • Community led and sustainable • Volunteer involvement• Review findings in March 2012 at
    • 8. Challenge 3• Using our evidence as a basis of investment• Older people and Silver Dreams Fund• Well-being 8
    • 9. Opportunity 1• Capacity of the Housing Sector to support local people• 1,200 Housing Associations in England• The largest 15 London housing associations contribute £6-7bn a year to the economy 9
    • 10. Impact Housing Association• Furniture Recycling Scheme• Project Awarded £94,305 from BIG’s Reaching Communities programme• Provides: • Volunteer opportunities • Work based training • Practical work experience • Proactive job seeking 10
    • 11. Opportunity 2Big Local Trust To enable people to make their communities better places to live in, now and in the future, by helping them develop the skills and confidence they need to identify priorities that matter to them and to take action to change things for the better.• Social housing residents are a pivotal stakeholder• Will enable people to develop their skills and confidence to improve their communities We will achieve this by setting up a £200 million England-wide endowment trust that will support local funding schemes in 100 to 150 selected neighbourhoods over a 10 year period.
    • 12. Opportunity 3• Exploring an increased range of evidence and techniques for engaging the least motivated • Men is Sheds • Let’s get Cooking • Greener on the Outside • The Tomato Man • Creative Routes 12
    • 13. Looking ahead...• Challenging times• Focus on need and impact• Build assets to tackle problems• Working in partnership• Housing associations and local people• Enabling confidence of local people to actFurther details at: 13