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Mtg uk pdf summary version lr

  1. 1. Mind the Gap Understanding why we don’t always understand other people Why can’t everyone just be normal … like ME? deanvanleeuwenPsychologists agree our value systems are in placeby the age of twelve! Values don’t change just because you get older deanvanleeuwen deanvanleeuwen
  2. 2. deanvanleeuwen Winter Spring Summer Autumn 1929 1945 1968 1969 1989 2007 2009 (blog) Understand yourself… … lessons from history deanvanleeuwen Influences: Great Depression World War II End of the Industrial era Age now: Mid 60’s to early 80’sSilent Generation 1925 - 1945 deanvanleeuwen
  3. 3. Driving and defining values: •Sacrifice •Hard work •Perseverance •Duty before pleasure •Waste not want not •Respect for position •Don’t like debt •Reticent to express emotion •Stiff upper lip Silent Generation •Dedication 1925 - 1945 •Formal •Modesty deanvanleeuwen Influences Rock n’ Roll Television 1966 World Cup Grand visions Moon landing Age now: Mid 40’s – early 60’s Baby Boomers 1945 to 1968 deanvanleeuwen Driving values Self-expressive Media savvy Excellence Big talkers Youthfulness Idealism Workaholics Image Involvement Optimism Health / wellness Team orientation Nostalgia Personal growth Will “retyre”, not retire Personal gratification Live life “on credit” deanvanleeuwen Before… 1968 … and after deanvanleeuwen
  4. 4. deanvanleeuwen deanvanleeuwen Influences Constant change Cold War Strikes and downsizing Punk & alternative music The ‘broken’ family Personal Computers Age now mid 20’s to early 40’s Generation X 1968 to 1989 deanvanleeuwenChange SurvivorsGlobal InformalityTechno-literacy WhinersIndividualism Thrill seekersImmediate gratification Lifelong learningDiversity PragmaticNot scared of failure “Experiencers”Global awareness Self-reliantWant everything Relationships are vital customised – especially family! deanvanleeuwen
  5. 5. Influences Globalization Mobile & digital tech Social networks Helicopter parents 9/11 & 7/7 Age now: Early 20’s and younger Generation Y 1990s & 2000s deanvanleeuwenDefining and guiding values Optimism Diversity Conservative Confidence Civic duty Networkers High self-esteem Ethical consumption Globally aware Multi-taskers Achievement Need to know “why” Street smart Naiveté Techno-savvy deanvanleeuwen Boomers Gen X Silents GenY deanvanleeuwen deanvanleeuwen
  6. 6. deanvanleeuwenThree practical things to do back in the office Conduct a Generational Values Audit If your company was a person, which generation would it be: - Silent? - Baby Boomer? - Gen X or Gen Y? - Cusper? Do you have a gap? How can you close this gap? deanvanleeuwen Understanding why we don’t understand We may have been living in the same house or working in the same office as these people, but we have been living in different worlds deanvanleeuwen Dean is available to speak at your next company conference, team meeting or strategy away day Download the presentation: Contact: +44 7525 160 964 @newworktrends deanvanleeuwen