2010 4th Annual Maricopa Economic Update


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This 4th Annual event included a presentation from Danielle Casey outlining current projects of high priority and profile in the community.

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2010 4th Annual Maricopa Economic Update

  1. 1. Maricopa, AZ: Economic Activity Update. Housing and growth trends Major projects in progress Incentives and advantages
  2. 2. Residential growth. New permits by calendar year 2009: 400 SF, 57 commercial 2010: 180 SF, 49 commercial Increase of occupied homes since January 2010 (140) Influx of Canadian visitors /homeowners Affordable: Median home price of $109,200
  3. 3. Housing: foreclosure and supply. Maricopa’s monthly supply of listings is 5.2, lower than comparable Valley cities with an average of 5.5 or greater. Source: Elliott D. Pollack & Co. Maricopa Housing Outlook Report September 2010
  4. 4. Existing Maricopa industry. Global Water Center - recycled water leader and ranked #5 in Entrepreneur Magazine Pinal Energy LLC Yulex Corporation – Governor’s Innovator of the Year 2009 USDA Arid Land Research Facility University of Arizona Agricultural Farm Volkswagen Proving Grounds Nissan Proving Grounds Shamrock Farms Dairy Hickman’s Eggs
  5. 5. Higher education campus. CAC making a 217-acre purchase in the city of Maricopa Capable at full build-out of serving up to 15,000 students Working with SmithGroup In process of drafting a development agreement with the City
  6. 6. Removal of feed lots – future industrial sites. City purchase of approx. 68 acres of property Termination of existing feedlot use and site remediation Future development of residential and commercial uses on the site
  7. 7. Heritage District established. Single Central Business District Heritage District
  8. 8. District activities. GPLET incentive ready Citizen Advisory Committee working on utilizing 2nd $50,000 grant from Gila River Indian Community Initial grant: 783 tires collected, 20+ dumpsters of trash removed Blighted structures gone ADA ramp, home painting 2 nd grant: design standards
  9. 9. Pinal Power Biomass generation facility. 30 mw electric generation facility 46 acre site $92 million investment Fully capitalized $15 million annual economic impact to State when operational 100 temporary, 25 permanent, and 100 induced jobs Pinal Power, LLC owned by Phoenix-based Arbutus Bio-Energy, LLC Investment/Development partners: Elemental Energy, Inc and Western Bio-Energy, Inc.
  10. 10. Development and construction. Timeline Q1 2011: Planning & Permitting Q2 2011: Start of construction 2012: Begin operation Permits required Title V air quality permit FEMA flood plain control Local zoning, construction, safety
  11. 11. Maricopa hotel. Working diligently with Arizona Dept. of Transportation & City development team Traffic Impact Analysis approved with City Developer intends to break ground March/April 2011
  12. 12. Investing in entrepreneurs and small businesses. Close relationship with Maricopa Chamber of Commerce Encouraging shop local initiatives Maricopa20 programming Business Retention Program New Ventures and Growth Ventures training
  13. 13. Economic Development Strategic Plan. City contracting with Maricopa Economic Development Alliance TIP Strategies offering technical assistance work Stakeholder focus groups Result will be a 3-5 year plan developed with goals that are measurable, achievable and aggressive and created with citizen input Completion estimated for April 2011 Project website is: http://maricopameda.wordpress.com
  14. 14. Introducing MEDA. Purpose/history of formation Leadership & structure Current & future activities
  15. 15. Who is MEDA? Private non-profit organization approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 for economic development with a diverse Board of Directors experienced in business, infrastructure, finance and economic development.
  17. 17. Why was MEDA formed? Partner with and support the City in Economic Development Vetting of prospective companies moving to Maricopa Addressing infrastructure issues relating to investors Matching prospect with sites, investors and stakeholders Synchronizing governmental agencies and private parties
  18. 18. What is MEDA currently doing? Producing the Economic Development Strategy Plan for City/MEDA Meeting with companies interested in moving to Maricopa, expanding existing operations or creating new ones Responding to infrastructure questions including: transportation, water, sewer, electrical and telecommunications. Pursuing grants and private funding agreements
  19. 19. Why Maricopa, why now? Aggressive City Council making economic growth a priority City investing in itself with municipal projects - $65 million Higher education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial projects all moving forward Significant Development Impact Fee savings over next 18 months HB 2008 and HB 2478 moratorium on new or increased development fees through June 30, 2012 Commercial projects under 100,000 sq. ft decreased by 45% and fees for single family residential decreased by 39% from December 20, 2010 through June 30, 2012
  20. 20. We have the tools and resources to assist you. Data & Resources MaricopaProspector.com MaricopaMatters.com Labor Study Retail Gap Analysis One Stop Shop Services Partners & Programs CAREDF, GPEC, MEDA Fast Track Permitting Enterprise Zone GPLET opportunities in Redevelopment District Industrial Development Authority Green Business/Build incentives
  21. 21. Contact information.