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Zola jesus press_sheet

  1. 1. Z OLA J ESUS P RESS U PDATE 7 December 2010 You dont hear singers like this every day, or even every year...” – Pitchfork, 8.1 ‘Be not mistaken, this is a white-hot star in the making’ NME Maga z ine“Huge, heartwrenching songspowered forth on epic synthand crashing war drums.” – The Guardian, UK “one of the most terrifyingly immense things you’ll hear all year...‘Night’ is an operatic, Lynchian peek into sonic armageddon.” – NME Rada r “Danilova’s voice is powerful and fragile and is at the centre of every song on the EP. There is a constant dark undertone in every song which is occasionally lifted by the power of Danilova’s remarkable vocals.” – Virgin Media “The most startling thing about this record is that it hints at the even bigger and greater things Zola Jesus might be capable of. If there was ever a doubt Zola Jesus had talent under all the noise and electronics, then here is the raw proof, howling at you from the stereo.” – Drowned in Sound “Well rounded and perfectly paced, Stridulum II ’s dark sonic tapestry proves that the future for Zola Jesus is as bright as Nika will allow.” – T h e L i n e o f B e s t F i t Her vocal performances can feel so heartbreaking theyre like Sinead OConnors Nothing Compares 2U with BONUS TEARS. Can you imagine?’ - Artrocker
  2. 2. Uncut, December 2010
  3. 3. Stridulum II #7 in NME’s 100 best records of 2010!! http://www.nme.com/photos/75-best-albums-of-2010/198150/1/1#70 Zola in Chronicart http://www.chronicart.com/webmag/article.php?id=1667
  4. 4. Q New Faces of 2011, Dec/Jan Issue
  5. 5. The Sunday Times, 28 November 2010
  6. 6. Nika reviewing NME selection:
  7. 7. Open Mag, France, December 2010
  8. 8. 8-page spread in Modzik magazine, France
  9. 9. Berliner Zeitung, Germany THIS JUST IN- Zola Jesus #14 on NME’s 2010 Cool List!! Limited press deluxe 7-inch Poor Animal/ Sea Talk out November 15 th** 29 September 2010 - Zola Jesus A-listed on BBC 6Music!!!! **
  10. 10. Tour with Fever Ray and headlining in September - see reviews below… Tour with Xiu Xiu in the fall still to come!!! Dates on last pageUPCOMING PRESS: – Les Inrocks feature – 28.10 – Feature in DOMINION MAG (Terrorizer Magazine supplement) – VICE - Album review – STOOL PIGEON – Feature – MARIE CLAIRE - feature on new women in music in November – Feature in TÉLÉRAMA SortirNEW ONLINE: Behind the Scenes feature, Glasswerk – Mon 4 October: http://www.glasswerk.co.uk/features/national/10654/Behind+The+Scenes+With+Zola+Jesus Le Monde mentions Zola Jesus... http://www.lemonde.fr/culture/article/2010/10/10/la-californie-se-redecouvre-scene-de- rock_1423012_3246.html#xtor=RSS-3208001 20 Minutes + Yahoo homepage http://www.20minutes.fr/article/609699/culture-los-angeles-nouveau-paradis-filles-infernales http://fr.news.yahoo.com/82/20101018/tcu-los-angeles-le-nouveau-paradis-de-fi-f46ac05.html
  11. 11. NME On Re peat, 23 .10.10
  12. 12. Mention on NM E Cool l ist cover, 23 .10.10
  13. 13. Les Inrockuptipbles, November 2010
  14. 14. No. 14 on Cool L ist
  15. 15. Zola Jesus Private Passions feature, Clash Magazine, 1 November 2010
  16. 16. Zola on Virgin.com, 15 October 2010www.virgin.com/music/top-music-blogs/zola-jesus-music-guest-blog-electronic-women
  17. 17. One of 7 be st new alb um s acc ordi ng t o i nfl ue nti al Dutc h m usi c site Ki ndaM uzik:
  18. 18. Zola Jes us in the S un!! 2 4 Septemb er 20 1 0
  19. 19. Ama zi ng NME ‘O n the Roa d’ Feature w ith t he Z ola Je s us c rew, 1 5 Se ptembe r ‘1 0
  20. 20. Obse rver Li ve Re vie w – Fe ver Ra y a nd Z ola J es us, 1 2.0 9. 10
  21. 21. ZO LA JESU S R EVIEW IN T sugi, Octobe r i ss ue
  22. 22. French Grazia Review
  23. 23. French Magic review
  24. 24. Headl ine ba nner in Magi c e-Ne wslette r …
  25. 25. French D-Side review, September-October
  26. 26. D-Side continued:Let’s Motiv Nord review
  27. 27. French NOISE Magazine September – October
  28. 28. September words:Glowing review in the Quietushttp://thequietus.com/articles/04911-zola-jesus-stridulum-ii-review8/10 on NME.comhttp://www.nme.com/reviews/zola-jesus/11522interview in the scotsmanhttp://thescotsman.scotsman.com/features/Interview-Zola-Jesus-singer.6511945.jpmuso’s guidehttp://musosguide.com/zola-jesus-stridulum-ii/11691French press: Zola Jesus in BRAIN Magazinehttp://www.brain-magazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4288:playlist-zola-jesus&catid=1:general&Itemid=5ad in discordancehttp://www.discordance.fr/zola-jesus-stridulum-ii-19437 ** Zola Jesus # 1 2 on NME’ s 50 be st new ba nds of 2010!!! **-
  29. 29. Artrocker, September 2010
  30. 30. Time Out Critic’s choice, 2 September
  31. 31. Brighton Argus live review, 3 September The Fly album review, 20 August:http://www.the-fly.co.uk/words/reviews/album-reviews/8365/album-review:-zola-jesus NME album review, 23 August: http://www.nme.com/reviews/zola-jesus/11522 ‘Sea Talk’ shortlisted for Steve Lamacq’s Rebel playlist on BBC 6Music http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/steve-lamacq/features/rebel-playlist/
  32. 32. UNCUT 4* review, 1 September:
  33. 33. NME tour preview, 24 August:
  34. 34. AUGUST PRESS…Drowned in Sound – 17 Augusthttp://drownedinsound.com/releases/15596/reviews/4140741Dazed Digital, 6 Augusthttp://www.dazeddigital.com/Music/article/8041/1/Zola_JesusThe Fly – 3 Augusthttp://www.the-fly.co.uk/words/features/8270/leviGod is in the TV announcement…http://www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk/news/news_detail.php?id=3884Rocksound Album review
  35. 35. SEA TALK…Stereogum -http://stereogum.com/446511/zola-jesus-sea-talk/mp3s/Pitchfork-http://pitchfork.com/forkcast/14635-sea-talk/The Faderhttp://www.thefader.com/2010/07/22/zola-jesus-sea-talk-mp3/Wears the Trousers Magazinehttp://www.wearsthetrousers.com/2010/07/free-music-friday-zola-jesus-2/Tonspionhttp://www.tonspion.de/musik/zola-jesus/musik/9925529/10 album review in Clash August issue!ZOLA JESUSSTRIDULUMSOUTERRAIN TRANSMISSIONSAs ‘Stridulum’ tolls its deathly bell a pitch black cape is draped over the sunand darkness descends. This album is the work of the startingly young, formeropera student Nika Danilova. Combining mastodonic dramatic projection and doomladen gothic drums, Nika creates the most gut-stirringly devastating murderballads you will hear all year. Come join the dark side.9/1031 July 2010 – the Guardian ‘Populist’ column
  36. 36. The Fly Magazine, August
  37. 37. Dazed and Confused feature, July 15
  38. 38. Toh! Magazine, July issue – main review
  39. 39. O LDER P RESSThe Faderhttp://www.thefader.com/2010/06/22/zola-jesus-live-in-brooklyn/The Statehttp://www.state.ie/2010/06/news/new-zola-jesus-single-night/In One Ear singles club – 21 Junehttp://inoneear.co.uk/features/9097-singles-club-210610Self-Titled Mag interview – 18 Junehttp://www.self-titledmag.com/home/2010/06/18/the-self-titled-interview-zola-jesus/Nylon Mag – Band Crush: Zola Jesus, 14 Junehttp://www.nylonmag.com/?section=article&parid=4743Drowned in Soundhttp://drownedinsound.com/news/4140309-listen--download-zola-jesus-nightIsthmushttp://www.isthmus.com/isthmus/article.php?article=29641“Night” pressFACT Mag, 24 Junehttp://www.factmag.com/2010/06/22/zola-jesus-night/SPIN Magazine, July 2010 - Songs You Must Hear Now! - Zola Jesus “Night” “Goth doyenne Nika Danilova unveils a transcendent wail that both terrifies and reassures.”Stereogum - Zola Jesus – “Night” Videohttp://stereogum.com/373781/zola-jesus-night-video/video/Pitchfork – Night – 8.0 (Best New Music section)http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/11791-night/‘Night’ one of the ‘10 Essential Tracks’ on NME.com...http://www.nme.com/reviews/vampire-weekend/11344Italian Voguehttp://www.vogue.it/en/people-are-talking-about/music-theatre-cinema/2010/06/zola-jesus-video
  40. 40. June 23 2010 NME
  41. 41. 5 June 2010-"Night" in NMEs On Repeat pages:
  42. 42. A mention from NMEs Ben Hewitt in the magazines "what our writers have been up to this week" section....
  43. 43. May 26, 2010: NME Feature – RADAR band of the week! (online blog version at:http://www.nme.com/blog/index.php?blog=145&p=8582&title=radar_band_of_the_we ek_no_7_zola_jesus&more=1&c=1)
  44. 44. NYLON Magazine, Mexico – July issue
  45. 45. Guardian Scene and Heardhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2010/apr/16/scene-heard-american-gothicPaste magazine – interview April 19http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2010/04/best-of-whats-next-zola-jesus.htmlPitchfork Stridulum review– 8.1http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/13987-stridulum-ep/Goth Love, Hung-Over Stomps – New York Times, March 11Zola Jesushttp://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/14/arts/music/14playlist.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rssNika Roza Danilova, a k a Zola Jesus, is a tiny 20-year-old from Madison, Wis., whoprojects a useful fantasy image: definitely from the dark side, but sympathetic. (She’sa bit like Talia Al-Ghul, Batman’s love interest and daughter of his archrival.) Trainedin operatic singing, she’s a student of cavernous post-punk goth, music that thrives invery narrow harmonic environments. Her previous record, “The Spoils,” soundedbaleful, Germanic, smoky. It jumped to conclusions about its own power, as if yoursubmission were already a done deal. But in the months since then, she’s grown: her’80s Siouxsie Sioux yelp has taken on a slight ’60s-girl-group tenderness, and likewiseher songwriting. Some tracks from “Stridulum,” her new EP on Sacred Bones, comeacross like proper love songs. (“I Can’t Stand” offers solace to a friend who’s given upon love: “I can’t stand to see you this way,” she howls from her great height, “It’sgonna be alright.”) They’ve still got sulfurous echo and war drums in the background,but they’re comforting dreams, not nightmares.Pitchfork April Feature with interview:http://pitchfork.com/features/guest-lists/7786-zola-jesus/