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Ema press sheet

  1. 1. EMAPress Update 1
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  11. 11. Sounding off | The Sunday Times 13.11.11 09:55 Sunday Times, December 2011 (UK) Sounding off Sounding off | The Sunday Times 13.11.11 09:55 Erika M Anderson is a 23-year-old South Dakotan whose songs — and Anderson also tries to establish lyrical links between herself and chart pop. “They use lines like “I’ll especially lyrics — demand attention die for you’ all the time,” she says. “That’s kind of the same, isn’t it?” Not really. It’s not quite the same as “I don’t mind dying”, or “These drugs are making me so sad/I can’t stop taking them”, or “When you showed up in that spot/I almost threw up on the spot”. Mark Edwards Published: 13 November 2011 These lyrics are, surely, honest representations of some fairly miserable states of mind. She nods: they are honest, but the very act of writing the songs helps. “I write songs to access the unconscious I magine, if you will, an alt-rock supergroup that comprises Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, Frank Black problem-solving part of my brain,” she says. “And afterwards, I feel much better. Oh, I didn’t know I and Lou Reed. Awesome, huh? Sadly, it’s not likely to happen (although with Stipe a free agent these felt that way, I didn’t know that was bothering me — but it often really does go away if I write about it. days, and Reed wise to the benefits of unlikely collaborations, following Lulu, his team-up with Metallica, who knows?), but if that combination of styles and talents appeals, you could do worse “Also, there is a level of self-awareness when you sing lines like that. The first time it comes storming than explore Past Life Martyred Saints, the debut album from Erika M Anderson, who trades under out of your unconscious, but, as you listen back to it in the studio, you find more of a cartoon element in it — ‘Oh, this is extreme.’ And sometimes it feels almost like a sense of duty, to say things her initials, EMA. that aren’t being said, to make things that aren’t being made.” Here you will discover the intensity of Smith, the vocal dexterity of Stipe, the off-kilter riffs of Black The other time in our conversation when Anderson refers to her sense of duty is when she recalls and Reed’s mastery of guitar tones on the edge of chaos, all combined in a 23-year-old singer who being a teenager in South Dakota, and thinking: “Isn’t any other girl going to form a punk band? Okay then, it’s up to me.” pretty much emerged from nowhere when the album was released earlier this year. (She was previously in a band called Gowns, but unless you’re a Los Angeles-based lover of drone-folk, you We should all be grateful for Anderson’s sense of duty. Without it, a quite remarkable album would probably never caught them.) never have been made — because nobody else was going to make it. ! EMA starts her British tour on November 23 at Heaven, WC2 This is one of those rare — too rare — albums where every moment matters, every lyric fascinates, every sound thrills. Even more remarkably, this extraordinary record draws its inspiration from the life of Anderson’s great-grandmother and from the differences between these two generations. It’s not your typical rock subject matter, but she takes this unlikely starting point and finds in it universal themes as she explores the conflicts we all face in making our own way in the world, separate from previous generations yet still inextricably linked to them. Anderson encapsulates both the distance and the closeness of her life and her great-grandmother’s in the four lines that close the album’s opening track, The Grey Ship, a seven-minute epic that has already referenced Anderson’s even more distant ancestors, with its mention of Viking ghost ships. “Great-grandmother lived on the prairie/Nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing/I’ve got the same feeling inside of me/Nothing and nothing and nothing and nothing.” It’s hard to imagine any rock lyricist who wouldn’t be proud of that verse, and the subtlety of the connection counterpoints the more immediately shocking lyrics that made Anderson one of the most blogged-about artists around when the album emerged. You can hear a typically unsettling example on her new single, Marked (out on November 21 on Souterrain Transmissions), which contains the repeated line: “I wish that every time he touched me left a mark.” Elsewhere on the album, we hearSounding off | The to “20 kisses with a butterfly knife” and the suggestion that “I don’t mind dying”. references Sunday Times 13.11.11 09:55 So when, on California, she opens by exclaiming “F*** California, you made me boring!”, it’s not entirely convincing. There’s nothing remotely boring about Past Life Martyred Saints.http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/culture/music/pop_and_rock/article817655.ece Page 1 of 3 Anderson explains to me how her great-grandparents ended up in South Dakota. “They came from Scandinavia as homesteaders,” she says. “The deal was the government basically saying, ‘We’ll give you free land if you’ll go and live in this shitty spot.’ They lived in sod huts in the middle of extreme http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/culture/music/pop_and_rock/article817655.ece Page 3 of 3 weather. And, gradually, they built a home and a life.” Anderson was born in Minnesota, but the family soon returned to South Dakota. “It’s one of those places that’s a good place to raise kids... technically,” she says. “But not really.” South Dakota is 50% bigger than England, but has a population well below 1m. “It’s all farms, ranches, empty,” Anderson says. “I think people there are confused. You’re a speck in the middle of nowhere — what’s going on? You don’t feel there’s any purpose. It all seems so arbitrary and a little bit futile. When I said I was going to move to LA, they’d look at me like I’d said I was going to Mars. Mind you, if I’d said New York, then they would have known I was insane — you’re going to end up dead in a gutter. With California... well, at least there’s a beach there.” You imagine that Anderson couldn’t wait to leave. In fact, she had conflicting emotions about her move to Los Angeles at the age of 18. “A lot of the album explores this conflict,” she says. “They moved here, they built houses and homes out of nothing, and now here I am moving somewhere else. Should I do that? Is that a good thing? Am I building on their achievements, on everything they’ve done? Or am I abandoning and rejecting them? Am I betraying everything these people have worked for through several generations to go to LA... and be an artist?” Anderson can barely utter the words at the end of that sentence. She says the idea of someone from South Dakota aspiring to be an artist is “a sin, almost”, and she was as hesitant about her artistic aims as about her move. “It took me a long time to say — even to myself, let alone out loud — that I really wanted to do this.” While she worked up the courage to commit to songwriting, Anderson carried on a parallel life, earning a living as a substitute teacher. “I think that’s most people’s idea of hell,” she says. “You’re working with an audience that’s quite likely to be openly hostile, but I really enjoyed it. You’re given an idea of what you’re supposed to teach in each lesson — try to do this, try to cover that — but it’s mostly improvised. I thought it was fun.” It sounds not unlike her writing process, which favours stream-of-consciousness creation over a broadly brush-stroked musical backing. “I don’t know why,” she says. “I mean, I like choruses.” Anderson refers to the way she writes music down as a “hobo score” because it resembles the hieroglyphics American vagrants would carve into fenceposts to indicate whether a householder would meet a request for food with generosity or a shotgun. “One musician looked at something I’d drawn and said, ‘Hmm, this looks like when Charlie Brown has stink lines.’ I said, ‘Okay, then, play stink lines.’ The thing is, I see sounds as shapes, and it’s hard to describe that to other people — ‘Oh, I want a synth that sounds like one of those rocks with lots of holes in it that people use to scrub their feet.’ So, anyway, that’s probably why the record is mostly me.” Anderson is obsessive over sound, an attention to detail highlighted by the moment in The Grey Ship when the lo-fi opening transforms into a glossy studio production. It’s been compared to the moment in The Wizard of Oz when the black-and-white film turns into colour. “I love sound,” she says, before reaching for an unexpected comparison. “You know, I’ve been listening to the most recent Britney Spears album on headphones. I love it, because every single moment is thought out, every single sound is very specific. I get thrilled listening to that. Friends say, ‘This is nothing at all like what you do.’ Oh, but it is, though.”http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/culture/music/pop_and_rock/article817655.ece Page 2 of 3 11
  12. 12. mente discoallasuave|Sione live. Darv!dere altrocontesto, in Rumore, December 2011 (Italy) Flo/cetlo o s.herzetto s a stato,pers che , l a l l u t r m o m t t r rH N k w l n d i,r s e n s o e l d lJa pr mo AcrdFestacqu lrnanuova sta pro. spetUva, Poter rigirare lritiataper panare la in mile battute acune reatà che,su queste di stessepagne,d fiicìmente uscircbbero dai sagacl consig der Pecorar. Bloos againstThè Youthce li perdamoper Lrn sofio, ma li vedem mo gà al Slnister se ùovandoll No decisamente rka M. Anderson unaragazona è america pertneftialcontesto.Peccato- ApeSkull ltre na di quelle ognitanto che capita incoÈ d senrbrano essereun piacevoe trait dunon Ùa ùafèsoiloi pofticÌdiBoogna alsabato Danava Lombroso, e qualofa aspi!ssero non pomergqio, giovani gÌtaprerÌrlo in rasmus:tfe a e pagine XL,Datenered occho- Lhadet d mesitutto cornpfeso, Frangetta bondopatino Baccanoconfermano assioma mogvaianone a clttàeuropea meticca sclriacciala occhi, sug facciatonda bambina, da secondo tantop ir bfuttaè a vedersi cui la doveo sbarco a pat- cazestrappate re, de infÌatedentro shortdijeans.E band, tantopiù saràun placere ascotara.a Damon da Abarnchiudea naturalmentescritta lonerbianca storta a e Mez ora strumentale, doom, tra irnpro kraut. & e a Fiesta Suds- des Qul s! ia t-shiftnera.E ùn persoiaggio: vocebef la Evocativ esaLstÌv. ed Notadolentei Tarsvs I lta:e datedovevano ess* ssimae a chtara suonata strappla fanno a saranno anchearmati dellep Ù buone intenzloni sonordottea quattro, tre somlgaread !n Nei Young adolèscenie quando ma,salvoquacheguizo, appaiofo fuorifuocoretagna I unica conti e sul parteconun pezzo ilaro. Srggest ce.to, so vo, nel lorc rockspazale tnte heav!, a kiLevanU.uds.che ha vintoI ballot malroppo mae. Purtroppo bandchedala min La De monolitici BlackRalbows, dettartualeJMilano proprio scelta per seconda canzone offresponda e pafemessa squadFOmega deglipsichede vibravoid, e ici per atetagliate troppi assieme quaÌche con elastico ur rotolo e di se Rumore non o comprate nola,dovreste a gàonist il paco denuncia Ie scotch: sopraltutto ritmica a suona evan-ascen conoscefne (tuttii) pfegie (queipochi) difeni.he sededi prove. qua- te, conunabatterlsta efa un maschio, in La (o chssè) fÌcazloni. Albarn easo, Tony Allera a batieria solletessonoa tramasu ucanica Hypnotik Brasse c a n o a l i a nc h e i c k h m o ef ghanlano [,,l.Aniiets, a taDaMra nonché perfóri m sLdaircano Shaigaanmenti Albarn canta alt: che iaogotra lonyA en e un ilcappello napóleonicolaquandó qùestuiimo dopacanli aWeAteHoneAe iettdeg shangaan trahope cubismo travesti. en i unacompilation, Lno dderaAlbarn, anzlché ún di . cè da d re che chop!p staisottoquestoprofilo, il tabile.discoche i quaitro I eRocket Juice AndThee o n u n p ao d i e p i s o d . o 12
  13. 13. Mojo, December 2011 (UK) 13
  14. 14. New Noise, November 2011 (France)!"#$%&%()*%+%&%(!,(-".!-//0%! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 14
  15. 15. ! ! Libération Next, November 2011"#$%&$!()"*!)++,$! ! ! ! ! ! (France) ! ! ! !! ! ! !!!! ! ! ! ! ! 15
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  23. 23. Plugged, November 2011 (France) 23
  24. 24. Stuz, November 2011 (Germany) „Manche Songs sind wie Zaubersprüche“ Eine zerbrechliche Stimme, dröhnende Gitarren und jede Menge Ehrlichkeit: Erika M. Anderson macht un- ter dem Namen EMA Musik, die unter die Haut geht. Vor ihrem Auftritt im Hafen 2 in Offenbach sprach die STUZ mit der blonden Hünin über musikhörende El- tern, ehrliche Deutsche und Frauen, die Gitarre spielen.STUZ: Du bist im Alter von 18 Jahren von South Da- dazu sagen würde! Doch sie meinten, dass sie das Album Es wäre cool, mehr Zeit in Deutschland zu verbringen. Ichkota nach Los Angeles gezogen. Hattest du zu dieser mögen. Über mehr haben wir nicht wirklich geredet. Ich glaube, es wäre gut für meine Persönlichkeit, von dieserZeit bereits den Plan, Musikerin zu werden? bin nicht gerade scharf darauf, mit meinen Eltern oder Ehrlichkeit umgeben zu sein.Erika M. Anderson: Nein, ich dachte nicht, dass ich das Großeltern über den Inhalt der Texte zu sprechen.könnte. Ich habe in der Nähe von L.A. Media Studies stu- Anfang der 90er Jahre gab es diese Riot Grrrl-Szenediert und wollte damals Dokumentationen drehen oder Hast du schon Pläne für ein zweites Album? mit vielen feministischen Bands – ich bin mir aberErziehungssendungen für Kinder produzieren. Ich habe ein paar Ideen, aber bisher hatte ich noch keine nicht sicher, ob das langfristig so viel in der Rockmusik Zeit, mich genauer damit zu beschäftigen. Wenn ich verändert hat. Meinst du, es gibt heutzutage mehrDas klingt lustig, denn deine Musik ist nicht gerade bisher etwas gemacht habe, dann war das immer für Mädchen, die Gitarre in einer Band spielen, als damals?für Kinder geeignet. mich und der Druck kam aus mir selbst. Ich weiß nicht, Ich denke schon, dass es heute mehr sind. Aber es wäreIch weiß. (lacht) Ich glaube, ich kann inzwischen wohl inwiefern sich das ändern wird, jetzt wo ich weiß, dass spannend, mal nachzuzählen, ob das wirklich so ist. Esauch nie wieder als Lehrerin arbeiten. Keine Eltern der sich auch andere Leute darüber Gedanken machen, was scheint mir jedenfalls so, als gäbe es heutzutage vieleWelt würden mich mehr in die Nähe ihrer Kinder lassen ich als nächstes tue. Ich bin nicht gerade jemand, der Musikerinnen, die ihr Ding machen. Allein im letzten Jahrwollen! einen Fün ahresplan hat. Ich weiß noch nicht mal genau, waren da so tolle Künstlerinnen wie Zola Jesus, tUnE- wo es als nächstes hingeht. Ich bin nicht besonders gut yArDs oder Austra. Ich denke, dass die Leute interessiertDie Songs auf deinem Album „Past Life Martyred im Planen (lacht). sind an einer weiblichen Perspektive und dass es mo-Saints“ sind sehr intim und verletzlich. Hatte die Ent- mentan eine gute Zeit ist, um als Frau Musik zu machen.stehung der Platte einen kathartischen E ekt auf dich? Du bist vor Kurzem nach Portland gezogen. GlaubstJa, auf jeden Fall. Lieder über bestimmte Erfahrungen zu du, dass der Ort, an dem man lebt, einen Ein uss aufschreiben, hilft einem dabei, sich besser zu fühlen und die Persönlichkeit hat? Erika M. Anderson alias EMA hat im Juni 2011 ihr So-Sachen zu verstehen. Wenn man bewusst über etwas Ja, und besonders auch auf die Kunst, die man macht. lodebüt „Past Life Martyred Saints“ herausgebracht,nachdenkt, ist es manchmal schwieriger zu begreifen, Ich denke, dass ein Teil meiner Faszination für lauten, welches aufgrund der intensiven Mischung vonwie man sich wirklich fühlt, als wenn man es in Songs dröhnenden Sound daher kommt, dass ich in South Noise, Folk und Pop sowie der abgründigen Texteverarbeitet. Manche Songs sind beinahe wie Zaubersprü- Dakota aufgewachsen bin. Der Himmel dort ist riesig und über obsessive Beziehungen und Selbstverletzungche, die man aussprechen muss, um etwas freizulassen. das Wetter spielt häu g verrückt. Ich wollte etwas davon besonders in den Musikblogs hohe Wellen geschla- in den Klang meiner Musik packen. Ich weiß allerdings gen hat. Im Interview zeigte sich die Endzwanzige-Aber hattest du nicht auch ein wenig Angst vor den Re- nicht, ob ein Portland-Ein uss das Richtige für meine rin dagegen unglaublich o en und freundlich – undaktionen, die du auf das Album bekommen würdest? Musik ist (lacht). wirkte in ihrer schlabberigen Trainingshose, der vielIch hatte keine Ahnung, was ich erwarten sollte. Wenn zu weiten Jacke und der riesigen Brille überhauptman ein Album herausbringt, weiß man ja nicht, wie viele Wie hat es dir auf deiner Tour in Deutschland gefallen? nicht wie die düstere und verletzliche Person, dieLeute es hören werden. Ich habe das Album vor allem für Es war großartig! Die meisten Aufritte hier in Deutschland man beim Hören des Albums vor Augen hat.mich selbst gemacht und mir keine Gedanken darüber liefen ziemlich gut. Einmal wurden wir allerdings von dergemacht, was Leute dazu sagen könnten. Ich meine, ich bayrischen Polizei angehalten. Wir hatten am Tag zuvorwusste schon, dass darauf einige Dinge sind, die man als in Amsterdam gespielt und dann hieß es: „Oh, ihr kommt Interview & Foto: Jonas Trautnerkontrovers bezeichnen könnte. Dinge, die die meisten aus Amsterdam?! Ihr seid eine Rockband?! Raus aus demLeute niemals laut sagen würden. Aber am meisten Auto!“ (lacht) Aber die Polizisten waren ziemlich nett. Mir Eine längere Version des Interviews sowieAngst hatte ich ehrlich gesagt davor, was meine Familie gefällt Deutschland, ich mag die Direktheit der Leute hier. mehr zu EMA ndet ihr auf www.stuz.de!46 // STUZ 140 www.stuz.de 24
  25. 25. Melodie & Rhythmus, November 2011 (Germany) 25
  26. 26. Visions, November 2011 (Germany) 26
  27. 27. Eclipse, November 2011 (Germany) 27
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  32. 32. Knack.be, October 2011 (Belgium) 32
  33. 33. Cutting Edge, October 2011 (Netherlands) 33
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  51. 51. Aachener Nachrichten, September 2011 (Germany) DE · Nummer 219 SPEZIAL Dienstag, 20. September 2011 OTIERT nds sind ber auf Tour Am Ende aller Träume und Versprechen Erika M. Anderson mischt Noise und Folk. Das klingt so gar nicht nach Kalifornien, ihrer Wahlheimat. Doch es ist bedrückend schön. ne (+,%-./0 VON CHRISTIAN REIN A"8T(5"&"("3$-(GJ0(8?/(P"48/3."0C 78/(9 ,/?%(8/$(!/3.$%($%/<%(748(8"#?%(GJ0( Aachen.( 1"44( #"4( 8"$( &/3-.%/( 8?/( g-33/4874&( 8/$$/4( R"$( Q-^( A"48([/03"$$/4n(1-##%(#"4(4-;<( ,"44( 748( R?33( 8"44( ?$%( O0?,"( E*( (+,%-./0 /?4#"3( R/&( [-4( 8/0( g/0</?f74&( :48/0$-4(8/0(5/&/4/4%R70G(8"S7*( $%$%6%%/ [-4(53J;,(748(=/?;<%7#(>0/?</?%( :48/0$-4( &/<%( /$( 4?;<%( 8"07#( 748( A?/./( 748( 8/#( /R?&/4( !-#C $?;<( $/3.$%( "7GS732$/4( ?4( ?0&/48C li Peppers #/0n( :4( R/3;</#( "48/0/4( +0%( R/3;</4(174$%G?&70/4*(!?/(?$%(,/?4/(+,%-./0 ,"44(/$(/?4/(K7,74G%(&/./4(R/44( k7//4( +G( Q-^( 8?/( $?;<( "7$( 8/0(/$$C:0/4" "#( +0%( 8/0( W067#/( "33/( W067#/( P/3%( %067#%( 748( $-( "48/0/4( /?4/( "7$&/%067#%(748("33/(g/0$^0/;</4( Q0-_/,%?-4$G36;</( GJ0( ?<0/( W067#/( &/.0-;</4(R-08/4($?48n(Z>7;,(c"C .?/%/%*( :48/0$-4( ?$%( 8?/( $,"48?4"C+,%-./0 3?G-04?"($?4&%(O0?,"(E*(:48/0$-4*( [?$;</( ZV37%C:B%( "4( 8?/$/#( +0%(4(:0/4" Zo-7(#"8/(#/(.-0?4&pa(.3/8("33(#T( [-33/0( d4R?0,3?;<,/?%/4*( !?/( S/0C .3--8(-7%pV7%(%</$/(0/8(^"4%$(%</T( <";,%("33(8?/($;<24/4(V?38/0(?4(?<0/( o 8-4q%( $<-R( %<"%*( I"S7( $6&%( /?4/( O?4S/3%/?3/( 7#( 8"<?4%/0( S7( (+,%-./0 [/0S/00%/(5?%"00/(3"4&$"#(<?4(748( $;<"7/4*( d#( S7( $/</4( R"$( J.0?&( 7$?,.74,/0 </0(R-&/48(%?/G(?4(8?/(!//3/(8/$(K7C .3/?.%e( 8?/( K/0$%2074&( 8?/( g/03/%C <20/0$*(Zc"3?G-04?"(?$%(8"$(SR/?%/( S74&/4( 8?/( i"0./4( 8"$( U?/0( 8"$( Power 8"$(./$%/(748(8"$(R?;<%?&$%/(!%J;,( b/%S%(8?/(P?0,3?;<,/?%* (+,%-./0 "7G(:48/0$-4$(I/.J%C:3.7#(ZQ"$%( 0 A?G/( E"0%T0/8( !"?4%$( X!"#$%&&()* Trotz und Auflehnung +&),-(,,("),./"#01* +&2%Y*( O$( ?$%( /?4/( :.0/;<474&*( d48( /$( ?$%( /?4/( i"%J03?;<( <"%( 8"$( R"$( 1"^7%%/$*( +,%-./0 A?/./$/0,36074&* i?;<%(7#$-4$%(R/08/4(g/0&3/?;</( 3%70G".0?, &/S-&/4( S7( 5074&/( 748( i?0["4"( S7(c-70%4/T(A-[/(748(Q"%%?(!#?%<*( mann & Die Befreiung H*(+,%-./0 „Ich liebe lange Songs. I-;<(?4(:48/0$-4$(!%J;,/4($%/;,%( 4-;<( /?4/( "48/0/( 1-#^-4/4%/e( 7$?,.74,/0 Und ich wollte sehen, a<0/( E7$?,( ?<0/( 5/$;<?;<%/4( ./C $-48/0$(?<0/(!%?##/(#?%(8/0($?/("33( o ob ich ein bezauberndes 8"$([-0%06&%(<"./4(/?4/4(W0-%S(?4( *(+,%-./0 Stück nur mit Stimme $?;<(/?4/(:7G3/<474&(/?4(P/?%/0C (K:11 #";</4*( :48/0$-4( ,3?4&%( 4?;<%( und Gitarre erschaffen R?/( /?4/( 8?/( $?;<( $/3.$%( ./#?%3/?C Record-Release-Party) kann.“ 8/%*( !?/( /0R"0%/%( ,/?4/4( W0-$%( 8"C +,%-./0 GJ0(8"$$(/$($-(?$%(R?/(/$(?$%*(!?/(G3/<%( 7$?,.74,/0 ERIKA M. ANDERSON ,/?4/4( 5-%%( "4( 8"$$( /0( $?/( "7G</C ./4(#2&/("7$(8/#(!%"7.(748(,/?C 4/4(A?/.<"./0(8"$$(/0(S70J;,,-#C N*(+,%-./0 O0?,"(E*(:48/0$-4(8?/(74%/0(?<C #/4(#2&/(?4(?<0/(:0#/* 0, 0/4( a4?%?"3/4( OE:( [/02GG/4%3?;<%( P/44("33/(W067#/("7$&/%067#%( <"%(!-7%<(I",-%"(?#(:3%/0([-4()D( 748( "33/( g/0$^0/;</4( &/.0-;</4( b"<0/4( [/03"$$/4*( :7$( 8/#( R/?%/4( R-08/4( $?48( R"$( .3/?.%( 8"44n( i?/#"48$3"48( 8/0( Q0"?0?/( S-&( /$( O0?,"( E*( :48/0$-4( $%/<%( "7G( 8/4( $?/( 4";<( A-$( :4&/3/$( ?4( 8/4( W0J##/04( 748( .3?;,%( ?4( 8?/( K7C I$;<74&/3( 8/0( 50-f$%"8%( `( 4";<( ,74G%*(O$(&?.%(,/?4/4(./$$/0/4(+0%( /?&/4/0( :7$$"&/( %"%$6;<3?;<( ?4$^?C "3$(8?/$/4* 0?/0%([-#(574$(iq(=-$/$C13"$$?,/0( ZP/3;-#/(W-(W</(b74&3/*(:48/0C EMA im Internet: $-4(R708/(S746;<$%(5?%"00?$%?4(./?( http://cameouttanowhere.com 8/4( :#^$( >-0( c<0?$%*( LNNH( &0J4C In den Spiegel geblitzt: Erika M. Anderson spielt eine Sorte Post-Grunge – (selbst-)zerstörerisch und voller Emo- 8/%/($?/(8"44(S7$"##/4(#?%(OS0"( tionen. Und doch weiß sie: Es gibt keinen besseren Ort. Foto: Erika M. Anderson/Souterrain Transmissions V7;<3"(8"$(I7-(5-R4$*(LNN@([/0C Konzert in Köln 2GG/4%3?;<%/4( 8?/( ./?8/4( 8"$( :3C $;</4( E/3-8?/4( 748( W/B%/4( 8?/( 8?0/,%/(i";<G"<0?4([-4(O0?,(V3--8C 8/#(!;<?GG(8"$(,-##%(7#($?/(S7( .7#(Z=/8(!%"%/(8"$(10?%?,/0("7GC /%R"$( S7( $"&/4( <"./4( #?%( 802<C :B/( $/?( /?4/#( 74."0#</0S?&/4( <-3/4*(Q32%S3?;<([/0648/0%($?;<(8"$( am 24. September <-0;</4(3?/f* 4/48/4( .0/?%/4( 13"4&R648/4( P?,?4&/0*( E"4( #"&( 8"$( &3"7./4( W/#^-( 748( 8J$%/0( ."7%( $?;<( 8/0( V/0/?%$(?4(8?/$/0(K/?%(/B^/0?#/4C 748( $^?%S/4( SR?%$;</048/4( >//8C -8/0(4?;<%(`(:48/0$-4($"&%(8?/(V/C !%70#( "7G*( :3$( /0( $;<3?/f3?;<( 3-$C Erika M. Anderson tritt am Sams- OTIERT %?/0%/( :48/0$-4( #?%( 8/4( 1-#^-C .";,$*(a#(>"33([-4(OE:(#7$$(#"4( &06.4?$$;<?GG/( ?<0/0( g-0G"<0/4( .0?;<%(,70S(748(</G%?&($?/<%(#"4( tag, 24. September, im Gebäude 9 4/4%/4(8?/($?/(</7%/("7;<("3$(!-3-C $?;<(8?/$/4(Q0-S/$$(?4(K/?%37^/([-0C $/?/4( a4$^?0"%?-4( GJ0( ZW</( 50/T( ?4( 8/0( W"%( 8"$( ,"3%/( ^/?%$;</48/( auf, Deutz-Mülheimer-Straße 127Musikfestival ,J4$%3/0?4(S7#(5/0J$%(?<0/0(E7$?,( $%/33/4(?4(/%R"($-(R?/(</?f/(A"["( !<?^( &/R/$/4( 8"$( ./#/0,/4$C i-08#//0([-0($?;<* in Köln. Beginn ist um 20 Uhr. Kar- #";<%e( >-3,( #?%( $/?4/0( W0"8?%?-4( /?4/4(V/0&(<?4".(G3?/f%* R/0%/( :7G%",%C!%J;,*( E?%( /?4/#( O?4/( >0"7( 8/$( i-08/4$( "4( 8/0( ten sind im Vorverkauf erhältlichn Düsseldorf 8/$( 5/$;<?;<%/4/0S6<3/4$( 748( i-;<( $-( /?4/( 5/$;<?;<%/e( :4C ,70S/4(="7$;</4(./&?44%("3$-(8"$( P/$%,J$%/( "3$-*( P/44( A"8T( 5"&"( (siehe Kasten links). Anderson, die4(4/7/$(E7$?,G/$%?["3( i-?$/( &/^G3/&%/0( A60#( "7$( 8/0( 8/0$-4(8"$(,3?4&%(?4(8/0(W"%($,"4C :3.7#*(I"44($/%S%(8?/(5?%"00/(/?4( GJ0(8"$(g/0$^0/;</4($%/<%(8"$(1"3?C das Album weitgehend alleine ge- ))*(.?$()h*(+,%-./0( /3/,%0?$;</4( 5?%"00/*( O$( &/<%( 7#( 8?4"[?$;<*(I?/(E7$?,/0?4($;<0/?.%( &/#J%3?;<( G"$%( ./<6.?&( 748( :4C G-04?/4( &?.%( GJ0( 8?/( E2&3?;<,/?%( spielt hat, wird auf der Bühne von-0G($%"%%*(I"$(i/R(>"33( 8"$( g/0$;<#/3S/4( [-4( <"0#-4?C "7G( ?<0/0( U-#/^"&/( 8"$$( $?/( /?4/( 8/0$-4(/0S6<3%(8?/(5/$;<?;<%/([-4( "33/$( S7( $/?4( 748( 4?;<%$*( P/44( einer Band begleitet. 3(Z/?4/4(./$-48/0/4( 0(./$-48/0/(1J4$%3/0( 8(GJ0(/?4(/0R";<$/C7#($;<0/?./4(8?/( 0("7G(8/0(U-#/^"&/*( Rick McPhail will nicht warten Elf Fabeln, ein Anfang %/(G?48/4(?#(=-./0%C C!""3(8/$(E7$/7#$( Tocotronic-Gitarrist veröffentlicht mit einem Seitenprojekt Musik im Internet Dear Reader ist nun ein Eine-Frau-Projekt %(748(?4(8/0(W-4<"33/(/0(P/0%(R/08/("7G( VON THORSTEN KARBACH J./0( :#"S-4( -8/0( ?4( /?4( "48/0/$( 5?%"00/Y( !%/G"4( i?/3$/4( XV"$$( g-C Aachen.( !/<0( 3"4&/( 3/.%( c</0?3T4( 8?/$/(>0"7/4([/0.?48/%e(!?/(,244/4( ?;</4(V/&?44(&/3/&%( a4%/04/%C1"7G^-0%"3( R?08( /$( 4?;<%( ;"3$Y(V/4/8?,%(=7/$$(X!;<3"&S/7&Y( E;i/?3(4-;<(4?;<%(?4(V/03?4*(I-;<( ?<0( U"48R/0,$S/7&( $?/( <"./4( /%C /4(&7%/4(!-748( Hamburg.( P/0( =?;<"08( :0%<70( /0<63%3?;<($/?4*(I/0(50748(?$%($?#C c"%<"0?4"( =7/$$( XQ?"4-Y( 748( $?/(#7$$%/(R-<3(G-0%("7$(?<0/0(U/?C R"$(S7($"&/4(748($?/(<"./4([-0("3C ?%/0*(E7$?,"3?$;<(.?/C E;Q<"?3( $?4&/4( <20/4( R?33( #7$$( ^/3e( E;Q<"?3( ?$%( /?4( 74&/8738?&/0( !744T( g-33</0.$%( Xc-4%0-3$Y( 7#( #"%( 7#( R/?%/0#";</4( S7( ,24C 3/4( I?4&/4( 8/4( E7%( 8"GJ0( 74&/C ["3(/?4/(&0-f/(!%?3C /?4/( OCE"?3( $;<?;,/4*( I/44( 8/0( 5/?$%( 748( $"&%/( "33/4( :4&/.-%/4( $?;<($^?/3%/(8?/(!-4&$(/?4(748([/0C 4/4*(E7$$%/($?;<(/?4/4(4/7/4(+0%( R2<43?;</(P/&/(S7(&/</4* 8/4(1J4$%3/04(8?/( $-4$%( $-( S70J;,<"3%/48( $%7##/( [-4(Q3"%%/4G?0#/4(GJ0(8?/(Q0-87,C ,J48/%/(0"%SG"%S(8"$(G/0%?&/(:3.7#*( $7;</4( /?4( 4/7/$( A/./4( ./&?4C Za8/"3?$%?;(:4?#"3$(8"$(SR/?%/( &%(<"./4(&/<20/4( 5?%"00?$%(748(1/T.-"08/0(8/0(U"#C %?-4(".*(O0(<"%%/($;<3?;<%R/&(,/?4/( P60/(8?/(E7$?,(4?;<%($-(&7%(#"4( 4/4*(E;i/?3($/3.$%(4/44%(/$(/?4/4( I/"0C=/"8/0C:3.7#([/0/?4%(/3G(>"C0/4(b-;</4(I?$%/3C .70&/0(V"48(W-;-%0-4?;(<"%(8"$(:3C A7$%("7G(8?/(R-;</4C(-8/0(&"0(#-C RJ08/( E;Q<"?3$( d#&"4&( #?%( 8/0( :.$;<?/8( [-#( b74&$/?4( /?4/( ./34*(E;i/?3(<"%(8?/(!%J;,/(?#(:3CV37#G/38Y(i-7[/33/( .7#( $/?4/$( !?8/,?;,$( 53";?/0( X+G( 4"%/3"4&/(Q0-87,%?-4(S7(R"0%/4*( !";</("3$([/0$;<0-./4/((O?&/4</?%( Zk7"0%/03?G/( c0?$?$*( O?4/( 10?$/( 3/?4&"4&( &/$;<0?/./4*( !?/( </?f/4( /$(o7?33(:&4/$(+./3( E"?4/Y( S746;<$%( /?4#"3( "7G( $/?C Za;<(R-33%/(/?4G";<(/?4/4("48/C /?4/$(E2;<%/&/04,J4$%3/0$(".%74*( 4";<( /?4/#( g?/0%/3( ?<0/$( A/./4$( Z>-B( X>7;<$Y( ZE-4,/T( X:GG/Y(5/4%3/#"4*(X;<0Y 4/#(=/;<4/0(&/<J%/%*(Z:.-[/(:48( 0/4(P/&(&/</4*(O$(R60/($?;</0(4/%%( E"4(RJ08/(?<4("3$(/?4/4(".$%/#C "3$-( 8?/( $?/( "7;<( #?%( U?3G/( 8/0( -8/0( ZO"0%<( -0#( X=/&/4R70#Y*( R V/$?8/( E/( $;<?;,%( E;Q<"?3( "3$( &/R/$/4( ./?( /?4/#( ;--3/4( ?4%/0C ^/34( 8/0( $-4$%( ?4( /?4/0( V"48( 8/0( !-4&$("7G(?<0/#(:3.7#(Za8/"3?$%?;( i"%J03?;<(&/./4(8?/$/(W?/0/($;<-4( ationen im Internet: A?4,("33/4(8?/($?;<(#?%(/?4/0(E"?3( 4"%?-4"3/4( A"./3( 74%/0S7,-#C U"#.70&/0( !;<73/( $^?/3%( 8?/( $?;<( :4?#"3$(./R63%?&%(<"%* /%R"$( [-4( 8/4( 5/$;<?;<%/4( [-0( new-fall-festival.de "4( ?4G-]&3";?/0C#7$?;*;-#( R/4C #/4*(:./0(8"$(<6%%/(/./4([?/3(5/C ?0&/48R?/( -./03/<0/0<"G%( "4( 8/0( O$(?$%(&/0"8/(/?4#"3(SR/?/?4<"3.( 8?/( ?4( 8/4( !-4&$( /0S6<3%( R/08/4( 8/4*(1-$%/43-$*(Z>J0(#?;<($?48($-3C 8738( /?4&/G-08/0%( 748( 8"$( :0&7C !^?%S/( 8/0( 8/7%$;</4( a48?/#7$?,( b"<0/(</0(8"$$(I/"0(=/"8/0(?<0(I/C 5/$;<?;<%/4( [-#( !;</?%/04( [-4( 51 ;</(#^M(8"$("7G&/4-##/4/(W"^/( #/4%( GJ0( #/?4/4( P/&( R"0( /./4( ./R/&%*( .J%( Z=/^3";/( P<T( P?%<( >744T( !/3.$%SR/?G/34( 748( I/^0/$$?-4/4*(ey gewinnt 8/0( 5/&/4R"0%*( :3$( ?;<( )M( R"0( 8?/$/$e( 8?/( K/?%( /0,360%( E;Q<"?3*( I"./?(<"%%/(/0([-4(LNNN(.?$(LNNF( [/02GG/4%3?;<%( <"./4*( i?;<%( 470( P?/(/%R"(8?/(5/$;<?;<%/([-#(.3?4C Prize 2011 ,-44%/(?;<(/$(#?0("7;<(4?;<%(3/?$C Za;<( <"./( "4( /?4/0( &"4S/4( =/?</( 4-;<("3$(=-"8?/(GJ0(W-;-%0-4?;(&/C 8?/( E7$?,( 3?/f( "7G<-0;</4*( :7;<( 8/4(E"73R70G(XZE-3/Y(8/0(?4(/?C U"0[/T(<"%(#?%(ZA/%( %/4( _/8/$( ?4%/0/$$"4%/( :3.7#( S7( [-4( :3./4( ?4( 8/0( g/0&"4&/4</?%( "0./?%/%( 748( R"0( /0$%( 8"44( "3$( 8?/( 5/$;<?;<%/( 8/$( I7-$( "7$( b-C 4/#(W744/3(/483?;<($/?4/4(A-[/0( ",/(8/4(0/4-#C ,"7G/4( 748( <"./( #?0( 1"$$/%%/4( &/"0./?%/%(748(8"$(P"0%/4("7G(8?/( V"48#?%&3?/8( /?4&/$%?/&/4*( I"$( <"44/$.70&( $-0&%/( GJ0( :7G#/0,C %0?GG%(8/4("./0(8/0(5/8"4,/(4?;<%( /0;70T(Q0?S/(GJ0(8"$( "7G&/4-##/4(.?$(?;<(#?0(Q3"%%/4( g/02GG/4%3?;<74&( <"%( #?;<( 8"44( #";<%/( ?<4( S7#?48/$%( ?4( U"#C $"#,/?%*(O$(,-##%(/./4(4?;<%(-G%( 3-$36$$%( 8"$$( /0( [?/33/?;<%( 8-;<(
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  96. 96. Quotes“Quite simply the most exciting thing Iʼve heard in a very, very long time.” – Glasswerk“An enchanting listen… EMA could well become a new icon for lo-fi electronic music.” – Qthemusic“A truly splendid debut album. 8/10” – Gaydar Nation via The Press Association“Apologies for the swearing so early on, normally we wait till paragraph two to get worked up. But then,Anderson, who now goes by the name EMA, will do that to you. (Note to her record company: you can usethat – "EMA: shes curse-inducingly good." Guardian New Band of the Day“Phenomenal debut album” 5/5 Sunday Times ʻCD of the Weekʼ“Blending roughness with beauty could be said to be EMAʼs thing” ʻDebut Album of the Monthʼ 4/5 Uncut“Deliriously woozy thrill-ride” 4/5 Mojo“Sheʼs already sailed miles past the ʻbright hopeʼ stage and is well on her way to lo-fi legend” Time Out“Dark, devilish and utterly intriguing, this is an album to lose yourself in” 4/5 The Fly“Masterful handling of each of the nine tracks makes this a truly one-off debut” 4/5 The Sun“EMAʼs raw power serves heartening evidence of a tough, fearless talent” The Independent  “9/10” Loud & Quiet“4/5” Stool Pigeon“4/5” Financial Times “Sheʼs a wonder to behold” Pitchfork SXSW 2011“Most exciting of all [new artists] has been the arrival of new single Grey Ship b/w Kind Heart by solo artistErika M. Anderson aka EMA… Slay it does” The Quietus“A whole heap of Americana awesome” NME “Youʼll have no idea where you are when the ʻGrey Shipʼ halts but youʼll know it has been wonderful” Metro“Past Life Martyred Saints is a remarkably accomplished record” 4/5 The Skinny“Utterly compelling” ʻSingle of the Monthʼ 5/5 Artrocker“A wistful layered female vocal juxtaposed with guitars that manage to alternate tonally” FredPerry.com/FredPerry Subculture“The best new guitar slinger in town” Hecklerspray“A rare DiScover recommendation...Youre sucked into an ornate vortex of a true artist, who is not justmaking songs but building a planet for us to inhabit.”  Drowned in Sound“Irresistible and constant… It is brilliant and EMA deserves to be heard. 4/5” Music News“This would already be sitting on top of the tottering pile of data that is our albums of the year long list…if wemade such things.” 20jazzfunkgreats“Some intelligent confessional songwriting, some sublime sky-sawing guitars at around 3:30, and that voice,warm and longing, with just the right amount of attitude.” Fred Perry Subculture“Deliriously woozy thrill-ride” 4/5 Mojo“Although it was actually released last week, itʼs taken us this long to get all the way through this slow burningpsychedelic alt.blues masterpiece [Kind Heart] – one of the stars of this yearʼs SXSW” Time Out    96
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