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Chinatown Chapter 4

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Chinatown Chap4

  1. 1. <#> 4.1 CHAPTER 4. bridge recommended by the Vine Street Corporation along with other local and city Reconnecting Communities study should agencies should explore the potential to EARLY ACTION ITEMS be immediately implemented by the city in form a Neighborhood Services District to partnership with Philadelphia Chinatown improve trash collection and street cleaning. Following is a summary of suggested early Development Corporation and the Central action priority items for immediate imple- Philadelphia Development Corporation. • A Chinatown social services plan should be mentation and action. These projects have prepared to plan and coordinate existing been recommended for near-term action • Initial streetscape improvements, as out- and new community services and facilities, based on one or more of the following lined in this plan, initiated along the follow- including community outreach programming. criteria: ing street segments: OPEN SPACE, PARKS, AND • The project is part of a prior or currently - Along 10th Street - Ridge Avenue RECREATION underway planning or design effort spine from the Friendship Gate at • The project is a necessary first step for a Arch to Spring Garden • Representatives of the Chinatown commu- larger initiative - Along the 13th Street spine in the nity should work with the Pennsylvania • Sufficient capacity and resources are in Callowhill Loft District from Vine to Horticultural Society to plan and develop a place within existing organizations to Spring Garden Chinatown "greening" program. immediately undertake the work - Race Street from the Pennsylvania • Funding for the project is available CHINATOWN Convention Center to 6th Street • The Chinatown social services plan should - Arch Street from Pennsylvania incorporate recommendations to expand HOUSING AND COMMUNITY Convention Center to 6th Street recreation programming and facilities and DEVELOPMENT develop recreation programming manage- • Appropriate city agencies should move to • The Philadelphia Chinatown Development ment and leadership. secure the "priority development sites" Corporation should work with the city to identified in the plan. erect strategic gateways at the following ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT initial locations: • As an initial action the CPZC should work • Form a Chinatown Business Improvement with the city to develop a demolition delay - 10th Street bridge District to enhance the management, mar- ordinance and community design guidelines. - 6th and Race (National Constitution keting, development and enhancement of Center) the core business district. (Note: if this • The city, in partnership with the Chinatown - 6th and Arch (Gateway Visitors Center) organization is formed, it may be able to community, should commission an eco- - 11th and Arch (PA Convention Center) also assume the duties and responsibilities nomic impact study and master plan to - 7th & Callowhill of the Neighborhood Services District rec- evaluate the comparative costs and impacts - Spring Garden and Ridge Avenues ommended above). of demolishing or retaining and adaptively - 10th & Callowhill/Ridge reusing all or a portion of the former TRANSPORTATION Reading Railroad viaduct. • Appropriate organizations in Chinatown should initiate and implement a "Keep • Implement the initial recommendations of • Community connectivity improvements, Chinatown Clean" educational campaign. the Vine Street Reconnecting Communities including streetscape and gateway study by the city in partnership with the enhancements in the area of the 10th Street • The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Chinatown community. Use PCDC staff time Philadelphia Neighborhood Plans
  2. 2. <#> 4.2 to work on the implementation of the traffic calming recommendations, including bumpouts, on-street parking, and the 10th Street plaza. • In addition to implementing the initial rec- ommendations of the Vine Street Reconnecting Communities study, pedestri- an improvements should be made at the following locations: - Along Race and Arch Streets - At the intersection of Ridge Avenue, Callowhill and 10th Street - Along 10th Street, Spring Garden and 13th Streets • The proposed Business Improvement CHINATOWN District should work with parking garage companies to create a parking validation system for customers of local businesses. Philadelphia Neighborhood Plans
  3. 3. 4.3 CHINATOWN Philadelphia Neighborhood Plans
  4. 4. 4.4 CHINATOWN Philadelphia Neighborhood Plans