CityFibre York Announcement 27.03.2012


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A Tale of Two Cities

City of York: Digital Infrastructure Capital of the North

NextGen 2012 Roadshow York – 27th March 2012

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CityFibre York Announcement 27.03.2012

  1. 1. A Tale of Two CitiesNextGen 2012 Roadshow York – 27th March 2012
  2. 2. CityFibreDelivering Transformational Fibre Infrastructure• One of the UK’s leading fibre optic infrastructure providers• Delivered over 100 fibre networks with more than 350 sites connected• 30,000 km of fibre in the ground 20 June 2009 David Coates Mobile 07710 754338 E-mail:• Largest FTTH network in theNotice: Pathways 6.4 Content in DOS NHS Pathways CMS Change UK 20/07/2011 Dear applicant, Background APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP OF THE As you may be aware the clinical content of NHS Pathways is upgraded periodically - typically twice per year as spring and autumn releases.OF DERBY COLLEGE CORPORATION The forthcoming release of• Supported by two of the world’s (“THE CORPORATION”) Pathways 6.4 introduces significant changes, not to the clinical content itself but to the Symptom Groups (SGs) and Symptom Discriminators (SDs) that are reflected in the Clinical Details section of the DOS. leading investment banks; an application form together with notes for guidance which give details of the duties of a Thank you for your recent enquiry about joining the Corporation of Derby College. I enclose This change introduces revised structure, content and wording, which will allow services and Governor, personal qualities looked for, eligibility requirements and instructions for making an Macquarie Capital and Citigroup commissioners to capture and validate their own capabilities without the need for Pathways application. Authoring review. This gives control of the data back to the local health community and will enable the move away from t employed over the past year to ensure clinical safety. make an appointment after the Search Committee has submitted The Corporation recommendations. The process of consideration can be quite long. You may be invited for an initial interview with the Search Committee, and possibly asked to attend a second To facilitate this development it is necessary to introduce the Pathways 6.4 content to the DOS: interview if this is felt necessary. The Search Committee will then decide which names are to be put forward to the Corporation. DOS only you will see this once your area has migrated to new DOS.
  3. 3. Why We’re HereA Unique Partnership With the City of York• CityFibre has delivered and operates a dedicated digital backbone: – Over 100 km or fibre, throughout the city. – Over 110 sites in York are now connected• 10 Gbps fibre connectivity to schools. council buildings, data centres and hospitals• Fibre powering free public WiFi and CCTV projects• Future proofed fibre infrastructure – a foundation for economic growth
  4. 4. Why We’re HereA Unique Partnership With the City of York Transformational Fibre Infrastructure
  5. 5. So What’s Next? City of York:‘Digital Infrastructure Capital of the North’
  6. 6. Transforming York’s Digital Infrastructure• “To put York at the forefront of digital connectivity in the UK”• £30m private investment in purpose-built fibre infrastructure• To bring ultra-fast fibre connectivity to everyone – Public services – Business – low latency gigabit services for SME’s and enterprises – Residents – The best broadband through FTTH• 85,000 homes and 5,000 businesses to be connected• Supporting a consortium of service provider partners
  7. 7. Sparking ProgressFibre connectivity will Spark:• Economic growth – Productivity benefits – Attracting new businesses – Job creation• York’s ability to compete nationally and internationally• Innovation in public services• Better services for business and residents
  8. 8. Show Your Support Spread the word – help make this happen• Community engagement with City of York council is underway• Contact us: – to find out how you can get behind the project – if you would like us to keep you up to date with developments.• Further announcements coming soon FibreYork @