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Karya Jovita Damiani dari Fastcomm Advertising dan Ummi Hani Neya dari Hakuhodo Indonesia

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Tanggal tua

  1. 1. Daun Muda Award   2012!
  2. 2. Background!The National Museum of Indonesia has !more than 140,000 historical collections fromall over Indonesia but lack of visitors.!The Problem!The National Museum competes against otherrecreation centers in Jakarta. Although otherrecreation centers are way more expensive.  Objective!To make The National Museum as a holidayrecreation destination for family.!
  3. 3. Insights!•  Most Jakartans are very high demanding for entertainment, they usually spend! weekends or holidays as family recreation day, and they would spend quite a lot ! of money.! Example: the price of a single entry to Dunia Fantasi ticket is Rp 250,000,-! Going to the mall will approximately cost Rp 100,000 / person.!•  Ironically, the phrase “TANGGAL TUA” is a well-known term for a condition ! that the monthly salary is almost depleted. At that time, they prefer to stay at home.!
  4. 4. The Solution!To change their habit at that particular time (TANGGAL TUA), from staying at !home into going to The National Museum.!
  5. 5. The Idea! Wisata Smart Gak Pake Berat!a unique campaign that take advantage from the TANGGAL TUA term, tomake the National Museum as their recreation holiday destination.!
  6. 6. State Curiosity!To gain massive curiosity through advertisements that offer very affordable travelling!destinations to all provinces of Indonesia. !We do not mention The National Museum on the advertisements, only its address!to gain the audience’s curiosity.!
  7. 7. Inside the bus / trans Jakarta bus! On bus shelter! on the bus! baliho on the street!
  8. 8. We use public figures that closely associated with travelling. They will buzz about this campaign from their social media. Every post will be tagged #WisataTanggalTua   Nicolas Saputra, Actor-Traveler! Riyanni Djangkaru, Presenter-Traveler! Trinity Traveler, Travel Writer! “Daripada diem di rumah pas tanggal “Tanggal tua gini gw “Asyiknya tanggal tua tetap bisa wisata,! tua mending ke Papua cuma 7000an pilih wisata ke Kalimantan!  Rp. 7000 bawa Si Kecil ke Bali. Info:!berdua. Cek: Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat yang gak sampe ceban. Coba Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat 12,12, Jakarta Pusat #WisataTanggalTua“! langsung aja ke Jl. Medan! Jakarta Pusat #WisataTanggalTua”! Merdeka Barat 12, Jakarta Pusat #WisataTanggalTua”!
  9. 9. Amplify / Continuity!To create society excitement in order to make them perpetually go to!The National Museum.!H O W ?!Make people upload their photos and stories about their recreation visits!to National Museum to WISATA TANGGAL TUA Facebook account.!The photo and story that collects the most LIKES will win the ticket destination to one!of Indonesia’s provinces. Every month there will be 1 family winner.!The prizes are sponsored by local flight company (Garuda Indonesia).!
  10. 10. Thank  You  