Zohar Sharon - Tel Aviv-Yaffo Digitel Residents Club


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Zohar Sharon - Tel Aviv-Yaffo Digitel Residents Club

  1. 1. Some people stand in line, others don’t  Tel-Aviv-Yaffo DigiTel Residents club
  2. 2. A municipality’s role: to take care of the quality of life in a given city
  3. 3. Often IS and more often VIEWED as a: Unconnected bureaucracy , not in touch with the life of the residents
  4. 4. On-line billing Tel-Aviv municipality has made many transactions on-line accessible, but the feeling is that this is not enough. Something has to be done to strengthen the connection and sense of partnership between the Municipality and its residents
  5. 5. A Municipality there @ every stage of the Circle of Life … by developing INTELLIGENT, TIMELY and LEARNING communication between the Municipality and its residents
  6. 6. The Challenge: How to manage customized information intelligently and deliver it to the resident at the right time and place? Level 2: Proactive Level 1: Reactive Responds after the Resident approach Information, push and activities across all channels, generically to all residents Level 3: Intelligently Active Matching information to individual needs in accordance with the cycle of life, living area, data and personal interests From a Reactive Municipality to a Intelligently Active Municipality
  7. 7. There are people standing in line some do not  Tel-Aviv-yafo Digitel citizens club
  8. 8. Tens of thousands residents Club members Benefiting from Personal Transactions Benefits Targeted individual information
  9. 9. Discounts and benefits for DigiTel card holders
  10. 10. Traffic and Parking Leisure and Culture Digitel News Green City Design and Construction Education and Parenting Sports and Bicycle Social Activity Health and lifestyle Personalized, geographically localized information fitted to the life stage of the citizen
  11. 11. Social networks Citizen’s Personal Area Multiple Channels of Communication
  12. 12. Personal Invitation to Dogs owners - The 1st. Doggie run
  13. 13. Wishes for the newborn and targeted information to the new parents
  14. 14. Calling residents of a specific neighborhood to Decide on the nature of the renovation of their neighborhood
  15. 15. Sending community activities at the nearest community center to the residents home and Invite Parents whit children age 6-12 to register
  16. 16. Greeting Golden age citizens and getting them interested in fitted activities at the nearest community center, nearby hiking trails and etc…
  17. 17. Residents gets relevant text messages about traffic, Infrastructure work near your home, and discounts for performances today
  18. 18. Dozens of Internal Organizational Knowledge employees from all the municipal units, continuously updating information for residents
  19. 19. Envisioning the Future - digital TLV Municipality  Allow citizens a choice of convenient service channels with preference for the digital and remote operation     .  Meet the needs for information of users and groups in the city  Enable the provision of all services digitally  Maintain privacy and ensure secure transfer of information
  20. 20. Hundreds of residents continue to join the club every day
  21. 21. 謝謝 Zohar Sharon- chief knowledge management Tel-Aviv-yafo Municipality sharon@tel-aviv.gov.il Grazie Mille