iVend Unplugged - Retail Suite with ZERO ERP constraint


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iVend Unplugged - Retail Suite with ZERO ERP constraint

  1. 1. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e iVend Unplugged
  2. 2. AgendaiVend Unplugged – IntroductionApplication StackRetail Management SuiteOverviewBenefitsBusiness ArchitectureRecapGlobal Presence
  3. 3. CitiXsys Fast Facts Over 4000 customers globally Over 550 Vertical Solution customers in more than 45 countries Each office having sales & delivery capabilities (Local CitiXsys Employees) Hundreds of partners globally Leader in Retail/ distribution segment
  4. 4. iVend Unplugged – An IntroductioniVend Unplugged is an Unpluggedversion of iVend Retail – Unpluggedfrom a core financial application.iVend Unplugged encompasses allthat is offered by core iVend Retail.Unplugging the application from acore financial solution removes theconstraints of investments andprocesses of a financial solution. Integrate with any ERP NOW, LATER, WHENEVER
  5. 5. iVend Unplugged Application Stack Retailer’s Challenges & Positioning Retail Management • Integrated Retail System • Scalable, Flexible and Versatile Retail System • Integrated ERP Systems Process Management • Grow your eCommerce business • Integrated Business Intelligence • Effective Loyalty Program • Enhanced customer service with mobility
  6. 6. OverviewHead office / In-Store management iVend POSiVend Retail offers complete back office iVend POS is fast, dependable and powerful Point Offunctionality both at the Head Office and at the Service application with an easy to use keyboard orstore. It provides the respective managers a total touchscreen operated user interface. iVend POScontrol over activities. In-Store transactions are makes transactions processing error free and easyreplicated to the Head Office, allowing quick to manage & execute.decision making without any delays. Industry FocusApparel Footwear Optical Sporting Goods Books Specialty Supermarket Winery
  7. 7. Benefits Phase out investments Make the right decisions Stay connected with your Smoothly process routine and business operations complex transactions Inventory management and Reliable and safe Credit Card control transactions Never miss a sale Grow your average sales ticket Available in International Retain customers and manage languages customer communication Fiscal Printer Support Promotions that maximize profitability
  8. 8. Business Architecture (Deployment Landscape) iVend eCommerce Store Operations Three (3) licensed Loyalty Card components Store 1 • iVend Enterprise (at Loyalty Enterprise HO) Server iVend POS • iVend Store (at Store Loyalty Store for Store Manager Server functions) LAN • iVend POS LAN iVend POS (Till/Register functions) Internet iVend Enterprise Internet Server Stores connected to HO iVend Store iVend Store Server Manager Station over the Internet iVend LAN Analytics POS connected to iVend Store 2 Store over LAN Loyalty Store Server iVend POS LAN ERP / Financial Application iVend Store iVend Store Server Optional Manager Station NOW, LATER, WHENEVER n Number of stores
  9. 9. iVend eCommerceiVend eCommerce has out-of-the-box B2C feature set withenhanced features such as:• Seamless integration with iVend Retail and SAP Business One• Integrated loyalty management program for reward redemption• Downloadable products supported with automatic e-mail to customer with download instructions• Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or products with variants• Recent & Best-Seller Products Page• Phone Order Entry Module• Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer• Order notes can be entered by customer with special instructions• Integrated Product Search & Advanced Product Search• Order History Pages: Customers can get their prior order histories; check order status, etc. all online Traditional e-Commerce m-Commerce
  10. 10. Business to Business (B2B) iVend eCommerce has out-of-the-box B2B feature set with enhanced features such as: • Discreet pricing by customer group • The ability to restrict visibility on product purchases • Configuring Discounts • Create Shipping tax and Coupon Rules • Re-order of Common Items • Ability to track shipments and view order history online • Purchase orders and MicroPay ease up invoicing process for Bulk buyersNotably it allows retailers to create customer levels that allows to filter product options for different user’sview, and Customize and calibrate different prices for each levelExample: "Wholesale only mode" lets you restrict sales to only approved users
  11. 11. Why LoyaltyTo develop relationshipswith the customers byoffering two benefitsFinancial benefits that increasethe customer’s satisfactionSocial benefits that increase theretailer’s social experience with thecustomer
  12. 12. Customer Loyalty and its Importance Evangelism Customer Value Loyalty Satisfaction Indifference 68% of customers are lost due to indifference. Indifferent Its about getting more customers to customers are a result of pure neglect - Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D., author • Buy more of How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life • More Frequently You can increase profits by as much as 95% through A business tool to increase revenue by increasing retention by as little as 5% - Bain & Company • Building customer relationships • Targeted promotions and rewards It is far too expensive (over 7 times) to acquire a new They increase customer as against getting repeat business from an • Recency existing one • Frequency • Purchase Dollars Loyal customers are your best marketers
  13. 13. Strategic Insight What does the CXO wants to know? • Insights to fine tune the strategy • Insights to take tactical decisions Comparative Sales Sales Performance • Trends • Figures • Contribution (by product group, product, customer group)
  14. 14. Tactical Insight Side by Side Analysis • Compare sales figures and trends of multiple products in the same group • Comparison across stores Promotions Promotions • Which worked and which didn’t • Net Sales v/s Promotional Sales Inventory Insight • Product drill down to warehouse inventory • Available Stock • When to Reorder • Stock Shrinkage Benefits • No more Stock out situations • Visibility of Best selling / worst selling product • Loss due to excess stock • Shrinkage Analysis – insight into possible pilferages
  15. 15. Mobility Mobility as Mobile POS  Queue Buster-Ends the Shoppers interminable wait at Cashier Retailers  Shoppers who Wait Less, Buy More Mobility as mCommerce Growth in use of smart phones for in store shopping & scanning QR codes Mobile phones being used as Store Locators Mobility used as medium to send offers/info to customers based on their location around the Store /geography
  16. 16. RecapAutomate, Optimize, Enhance & Expand retail operations BEFORE considering ERP integrationIntegrate with any iVend Retail Management Suite application in order of your preference Integrate with any ERP NOW, LATER, WHENEVER
  17. 17. Global Footprint 4000+ Customers 200+ Partners 45+ CountriesNorth America4 offices EMEA 1 office Southeast Asia 1 office South Asia 3 offices Asia Pacific 3 offices Latin America 2 offices USA | Canada | Mexico | Panama | UK | Singapore | Australia | India Each office having sales & delivery capabilities As on December 2011
  18. 18. Global FootprintUSA - New York USA - Chicago USA - New Hampshire Canada - TorontoRockefeller Center, 7th Floor, The Merc, West Loop, 22nd Floor 30 264 South River Road, Suite 544, 2425 Matheson Blvd. 8th Floor,1230 Avenue of the Americas, South Wacker Drive Bedford NH 03110 Mississauga ON L4W 5K4New York NY 10020 Chicago, IL 60606 USA CANADAUSA USA T: 1 347 768 8743 T: 1 905 361 2886T: 1 212 745 1365 T: 1 630 359 5956 F: 1 646 349 3441 F: 1 630 303 9706 E: newhampshire [at] citixsys.com F: 1 905 361 6401F: 1 212 618 6309E: newyork [at] citixsys.com E: chicago [at] citixsys.com E: toronto [at] citixsys.com India - New DelhiMexico – Guadalajara UK - London A-24/5, MCIE India - New DelhiInterContinental Plaza Del Sol Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Mathura Road Level 2, Elegance, MathuraAvenida Moctezuma 3515, Esq. Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 New Delhi 110044 Road, Jasola, New Delhi 110025López Mateos Sur, 1BD India INDIAEdificio AstralPlaza, UNITED KINGDOM T: 91 11 4269 6666 M: 91 9560022735T: 81 8421 0315 T: 44 207 193 5607 F: 91 11 4269 6600 E: newdelhi [at] citixsys.comF: +52 33 3880 1200 F: 44 207 681 1016 E: newdelhi [at] citixsys.comE: mexico [at] citixsys.com E: london [at] citixsys.com Panama - Panama City Australia - Perth World Trade Center, 53rd Street,Australia - Sydney Australia - Melbourne Level 29, Forrest Centre, 221 St Marbella, 1st Floor, CommercialTower 2, Level 20, 201 Sussex Level 27, 525 Collins Street, Rialto Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000 Area, Panama City, P.O. BoxStreet, Sydney NSW 2000 South Tower, Melbourne 3000 AUSTRALIA 0832-0588AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA T: 61 8 9288 0662 T: 1 630 359 5956T: 61 2 9006 1616 T: 61 3 9935 2916 F: 61 8 9481 3177 F: 1 630 303 9706F: 61 2 9006 1515 F: 61 3 9935 2750 E: perth [at] citixsys.com E: panama [at] citixsys.comE: sydney [at] citixsys.com E: melbourne [at] citixsys.comSouth East Asia- Singapore3 Temasek Avenue, CentennialTowers, Level 21,Singapore 039190T: 65 6549 7417F: 65 6549 7001E: singapore [at] citixsys.com
  19. 19. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e Thank You For more information: marketing@citixsys.com www.citixsys.com