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iVend Loyalty - Loyalty Management System


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Today, Loyalty Programs are a norm in Retail business and also in non-consumer industries like trading, manufacturing and non-profit organizations. The need to be closer to the customers, understand …

Today, Loyalty Programs are a norm in Retail business and also in non-consumer industries like trading, manufacturing and non-profit organizations. The need to be closer to the customers, understand their buying pattern and offering customers a value for their money has prompted these diverse industry segments to seriously think and deploy customer retention strategies.

iVend Loyalty, an application which is designed to significantly improve customer retention by bring them continuously back and at the same time aims to improve the customer satisfaction level. iVend Loyalty is currently integrated with iVend Retail and has capabilities to integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using the universal and platform neutral web services based APIs.

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  • 1. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e Business Challenges & Benefits
  • 3. • Loyalty ManagementAgenda • iVend Loyalty Architecture • iVend loyalty- Feature Set • Why Loyalty • Business Challenges • Business Benefits • Roadmap Ahead • Licensing • CitiXsys Fast Facts • Global Footprint
  • 4. Loyalty ManagementOne of the top 3 iVend Loyalty – Seamless SAP certified More than just afocus areas of a complete end- integration with solution loyaltyRetailers today to-end loyalty SAP application application
  • 5. Overview Enterprise Loyalty Server Store Operations LAN Store 1 Typically spread across Head Office different geographical iVend Enterprise Server locations • Head Office iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS • Store Manager Station Server Terminal • Multiple clients at store LAN LAN Card based licensing • Annual & Recurring for Internet cards • One time setup fee for iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS application Server Server Terminal SAP Business One Server Loyalty Stores connected • SAP Business One Server Store 2 to HO over the Internet • SAP Retail with/ without POSDM LAN Loyalty Enterprise • SAP ERP (ECC 6.0) connected to iVend n Number of stores • iVend APIs for 3rd Enterprise iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS party integrations Server Server Terminal • Loyalty APIs for 3rd party integrations
  • 6. Application Features Global Settings Wizard • Conflict Resolution Setup − The Conflict Resolution Hierarchy Setup allows the manager to combine Criteria Groups and Tender Types to create an hierarchy that is used by the Points Award engine to find loyalty plans in the defined order − Conflict Resolution Methods are used to resolve conflicts when multiple plans are awarding points on one or more transaction line items. • Plan Definition Basis Setup − Loyalty allows two types of plans to be created in the system › On Every Transaction Plans – These are plans that award points as soon as a transaction occurs at POS › Cumulative Plans – These are plans that award points on historical transactions
  • 7. Application Features Loyalty Management Features • Loyalty Plan Management (contd.) − Each loyalty plan can be configured to apply on selected stores and on Special days such as Customer Anniversaries, public holidays, festivals etc, − The plan also provide options to exclude items on discounts, price overrides, promotions, layaways etc. − Extensive combination of criteria such as Items, Item Groups, Customer Codes, Customer Groups, Slabs and Tenders Types can be configured to achieve even the most complex type of plans. − The plans award rewards in a hybrid mode, i.e. while one line item can award points, the other can award currency thus providing complete flexibility to the user.
  • 8. Application FeaturesLoyalty ReportsPredefined Reports• Loyalty ships with some predefined reports which are: − Points Spread by Geography − Points Spread by Slab − Slab Transition Report by Date − Points Expired Report by Date − Points Redeemed / Points Allocated Comparison Report − Promotion Effectiveness Report by Store − Points Earned/Redeemed Report by Store − Points Journal by Customer• While some are plain tabular reports, others allow drill down capabilities and generate charts for better analysis
  • 9. Why LoyaltyTo develop relationshipswith the customers byoffering two benefitsFinancial benefits that increasethe customer’s satisfactionSocial benefits that increase theretailer’s social experience with thecustomer
  • 10. Retailers Perspective – WhyLoyaltyCustomer’s buying decision is 30% rationaland 70% emotional according to behavioraleconomists.It’s the emotional side of the decision-making process that creates –• Connected• Passionate• Engaged customers80% of people don’t complain – they simplytake their business elsewhere.
  • 11. Business Challenges• Not able to analyze and determine satisfaction, engagement & Loyalty• Ascertain factors that drive customer Purchases• No medium to increase awareness among clients• Retention of customers (It costs 10x more to attract a new customer )• Increase the spending of existing customers• Shift spending to higher margin products• Improve the natural churn rate of customers• Identification of profitable customers
  • 12. Solution- iVend Loyalty Exclusive slab definition for variousEngage with your customers, reward types of customers like Silver, Gold &them on repeat footfalls Platinum Customizable exclusion rules toExcluding discounted improvise non discounted items, itemproducts in a loyalty groups etc.schemes with sixexclusion rules including iVend Loyalty supports creation ofpromotions, discount Membership group for allocation of corporateoverride, layaway etc. benefits with audit log functionality
  • 13. Business BenefitsIncreasing sales – from the same customer at the same store Customer loves the store Customer loves Customer needs the benefit and another product eventually the product Customer buys Increasing customer Customer returns the product intent to return to the store for more benefits improves financial result
  • 14. Business Benefits- iVend loyalty• Acknowledge the Customer – Instant • Interact with your customer more while they Gratification redeem their loyalty points at POS• Know the Choices, Preferences and Spending • Engage while educating customers, ways to Patterns earn more points• Follow Up with the Customer • Listen the Most When you Least Want To -• Retain the customer – Ultimate benefit Feedback• More business with cross sell / up sell • Follow up with new loyalty offers & schemes• Allow customers to earn points on each • Identify the regular customers and reward them purchase with additional discounts/benefits Just a small percentage of customers account for a high percentage of profit. Loyal customers spend twice as much as irregular shoppers • Improved customer communication • Improvement in the supply chain efficiency • Ability to track and monitor shopping habits • Customer loyalty is vertical independent • Improved promotional activity with • Ability to influence customer behavior focused & targeted campaigns
  • 15. CitiXsys Fast Facts Over 4000 SAP customers globally Over 550 Vertical Solution customers in 17 countries Each office having sales & delivery capabilities (Local CitiXsys Employees) Hundreds of partners globally Leader in Retail/ distribution segment within SAP community
  • 16. Global Footprint USA - New York USA - Chicago USA - New Hampshire Canada - Toronto Rockefeller Center, 7th Floor, The Merc, West Loop, 22nd Floor 30 264 South River Road, Suite 544, 2425 Matheson Blvd. 8th Floor, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, South Wacker Drive Bedford NH 03110 Mississauga ON L4W 5K4 New York NY 10020 Chicago, IL 60606 USA CANADA USA USA T: 1 347 768 8743 T: 1 905 361 2886 T: 1 212 745 1365 T: 1 630 359 5956 F: 1 646 349 3441 F: 1 630 303 9706 E: newhampshire [at] F: 1 905 361 6401 F: 1 212 618 6309 E: newyork [at] E: chicago [at] E: toronto [at] India - New Delhi Mexico - Guadalajara UK - London A-24/5, MCIE India - New Delhi InterContinental Plaza Del Sol, Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Mathura Road Level 2, Elegance, Mathura Avenida Moctezuma 3515, Esq. Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 New Delhi 110044 Road, Jasola, New Delhi 110025 López Mateos Sur, Edificio Astral 1BD India INDIA Plaza, Guadalajara, UNITED KINGDOM T: 91 11 4269 6666 M: 91 9560022735 T: 1 55 8421 9659 T: 44 207 193 5607 F: 91 11 4269 6600 E: newdelhi [at] E: mexico [at] F: 44 207 681 1016 E: newdelhi [at] E: london [at] Panama - Panama City Australia - Sydney Australia - Perth World Trade Center, 53rd Street, Tower 2, Level 20, 201 Sussex Australia - Melbourne Level 29, Forrest Centre, 221 St Marbella, 1st Floor, Commercial Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Level 27, 525 Collins Street, Rialto Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000 Area, Panama City, P.O. Box AUSTRALIA South Tower, Melbourne 3000 AUSTRALIA 0832-0588 T: 61 2 9006 1616 AUSTRALIA T: 61 8 9288 0662 T: 1 630 359 5956 F: 61 2 9006 1515 T: 61 3 9935 2916 F: 61 8 9481 3177 F: 1 630 303 9706 E: sydney [at] F: 61 3 9935 2750 E: perth [at] E: panama [at] E: melbourne [at] South East Asia- Singapore 3 Temasek Avenue, Centennial Towers, Level 21, Singapore 039190 T: 65 6549 7417 F: 65 6549 7001 E: singapore [at]
  • 17. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e Thank You For more information: