Letters Of Permission


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Letters Of Permission

  1. 1. Due to several different issues, we have had to request permission from various people to use their works in our project, or particular locations. While we are going to film outside for the majority of our opening two minutes, we are also going to film in an office and needed to find one (and get permission to film inside). The next slide shows a screenshot of the email sent to the teacher in charge of the office we wish to film in.<br />
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  3. 3. In addition to this, we will be filming near a church. While we do not intend to film inside the church, we felt that we should ask permission to be able to film in this area and sent an email to the Reverend of [church's name here], as seen in the next slide.<br />
  4. 4. To Reverend of Tooting Junction Baptist Church,<br />I am requesting your permission to use the alleyway located on Longley road on the left of your church for the use of my AS media project where I'll be making the first two minutes of an opening thriller film. The alleyway itself is very important in the making of the movie as a lot of the opening two minutes is supposedly shot in an alleyway with a majority of the characters taking part, which is which I hope to recreate this by using the alleyway located near your church.<br />In addition, the film will only be shown to my supervising media teachers at my school as well as the OCR exam board, so the video produced will only appear on my blog and primarily for research and evaluation purposes.<br />Thank you for taking the time to look at my requests, I look forward to hearing your reply. If you have any additional information regarding my request or you wish to contact me, please do so via my school email address.<br />Yours faithfully,<br />Bobby Jutton<br />
  5. 5. Finally, because we are going to be using music in our opening two minutes that we have not created, we needed to send an email requesting copyright permission to the company that owns the games they belong to. As we will be filming first and then choosing which piece of music to use when we edit the opening two minutes, we requested permission to use four different tracks, which means we will have full permission to use the track that we finally select. The next slide shows the email sent to Square Enix.<br />