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  • 1. Marketing Through Content: Integrated Communications Strategies That Work
  • 2. 22 Your Presenters Heidi Sullivan SVP, Digital Content Cision @hksully Scott Livingston SVP, Market Engagement Cision Heather Whaling Founder/CEO Geben Communication @prtini
  • 3. 33 Agenda  What is integrated communications?  Content marketing for PR  Bringing social engagement into your communications strategy  Measuring your ROI  5 Case Studies on integrated campaigns that worked  Q&A
  • 4. PR Professionals - Tomorrow’s Skills Today Tomorrow Led by the Head of PR Led by the CMO Focused on Earned Media Focused on Converged Media Budget Devoted to Staff, Creative Budget Devoted to Technology, Content & Advertising
  • 5. Think Like a Markete r!
  • 6. What story does your audience need to hear? DecisionIntentConsiderationAwareness Display clicks Email Social Referral Paid Search Organic Search Direct Acts more as an ASSIST INTERACTION Acts more as a CONVERSION INTERACTION Source: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, Google www.thinkwithgoogle.com/tools/customer-journey-to-online-purchase.html
  • 7. Spread your message Social Source The Book of Business Awesome. 2012 People you know People they know People you don’t know
  • 8. Is your story reaching your intended audience? Google increased the importance of original content when they determine Search Engine Results Page Organic Search
  • 9. am·pli·fy: to increase the strength or amount of; especially: to make louder.” - Merriam-Webster In content marketing terms, amplification refers to tactics that help our content reach the audiences we are targeting. One form of this is native advertising.
  • 10. @prTini
  • 11. @prTini simple process: • Analyze content through a PR lens • Outline cornerstone/cobblestone tactics • Infuse sharing capabilities • Pre-seed with media/influencers • Launch + amplify • Release cobblestones • Measure. Evaluate. Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/32961941@N03/
  • 12. @prTini • Cornerstone: Big pieces of strategic content • Cobblestone: Chunks of content extrapolated from the “cornerstone” to extend the life of the marketing inititave • Credit: @TomMartin
  • 13. @prTini Example: Healthy eating/lifestyle-related • Cornerstone: Recipe ebook, in collaboration with top 20 healthy eating/lifestyle bloggers o Cobblestones: Q&As with those bloggers, recipe excerpts, weekly meal-planning tips reference these recipes • Cornerstone: Infographic about nutritional literacy o Cobblestones: Data snippets, healthy-eating tips from families, interviews with nutrition experts • Cornerstone: Look Book -- Drink Edition o Cobblestones: drink recipes, mixologist Q&A, tips from party planners
  • 14. @prTini content amplification: • Paid: Promoted/sponsored posts, enewsletter ads, sponsored content (blogs, Instagram, etc) • Earned: Influencer outreach, media relations • Owned: Website, blog, enewsletter, social channels
  • 15. @prTini ask yourself: • Does their community align with our target audiences? • Would their community be excited about this content? • Can our content succeed on that channel? • Can our brand meaningfully participate in that network with this content?
  • 16. Setting Objectives: Don’t put the cart before the horse
  • 17. Cost-Center Metrics vs. Profit-Center Metrics Cost-Center Metrics • AdvertisingValue Equivalency (AVE) • Followers on social media • “Vanity Metrics Profit Center Metrics • Sales leads • Revenue • Metrics that measure awareness and action
  • 18. @prTini Madison Electric Products B2B electrical product manufacturing GOALS: • Change perceptions • Build collaboration • Innovate best practices • Educate the industry
  • 19. @prTini Content buckets: • Innovation in action • Relationship-driven business • Cleveland (Ohio) rocks • Paving the way through leadership • Madison: Up close & personal Photo credit: changeable_fate/
  • 20. @prTini Sparks Innovation Center: crowdsourced product development GOALS: • Collect submissions • Drive sales • Become go-to resource for inventors and entrepreneurs
  • 21. @prTini Approach: Through content, we reinforced positioning and promoted Sparks. Relevant buckets: • Innovation in action • Up close & personal • Paving the way
  • 22. @prTini Approach: Through content, we reinforced positioning and promoted Sparks. Relevant buckets: • Innovation in action • Up close & personal • Paving the way
  • 23. @prTini Outcomes: • Hundreds of submissions • 17% company growth • 37% new sales growth • Reinforce positioning as innovative electrical manufacturer
  • 24. @prTini Innovation Roundtable electrical industry collaboration GOALS: • Facilitate collaboration among industry leaders • Build/nurture new relationships • Reinforce industry leadership
  • 25. @prTini Outcomes: • Achieved goals • Laid foundation for future collaborations • Enhanced Madison’s standing among its peers
  • 26. @prTini ShotTracker wearable basketball tech GOALS: • Drive website traffic • Reinforce positioning as shooting resource • Secure media coverage • Spark social chatter & participation opportunities
  • 27. @prTini Outcomes: • CBSSports.com & niche basketball sites • Viewed ~90,000 times • Increased web traffic • Social interactions with fans, players & reporters
  • 28. @prTini Seen Instagram marketing platform GOALS: • Drive website traffic • Generate leads in sports industry • Secure media coverage • Demonstrate platform power
  • 29. @prTini Outcomes: • ESPN.com, Mashable, Yahoo! Sports + more • Increased web traffic 360% • 50+ viable leads
  • 30. @prTini Outcomes, con’t: Through content, Seen also opened new doors in target verticals
  • 31. @prTini Sprout it Backyard Takeover: user-generated content GOALS: •Grow social footprint •Launch Sprout it’s iPad app •Collect UGC for off-season
  • 32. @prTini Approach: Partner with influential home/gardening bloggers expanded the reach of our content and campaign
  • 33. @prTini Approach: Support blogger outreach with social promotion and limited Facebook Advertising
  • 34. @prTini Social media outcomes: • Facebook fan base tripled • Facebook posts reached 7,500 people • #GrowInspired hashtag reached 45,000 people
  • 35. @prTini Overall outcomes: •6,000+ website visits •150+ photos submitted •130 participants’ email addresses collected
  • 36. @prTini Women’s Fund of Central Ohio: Keyholder 2014 GOALS: •Use Facebook to connect with potential ticket buyers •Sell ~500 tickets in three weeks
  • 37. @prTini Approach: Paired targeted advertising and promoted posts to drive sales while ensured the people seeing our content were potential ticket buyers
  • 38. @prTini Outcomes: • 2,500 attendees (just 40 tickets shy of selling out!) • 442 individual tickets sold in three weeks leading up to event • Nearly 50% of ticket sales tied back to Facebook posts and advertising
  • 39. 4040 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 40 “This year we rolled out a new feature called Ortho-pinions. We really want to drive people to our content. An Ortho-pinion piece on knee arthritis that we uploaded and amplified In October was the most visited page on the website as a whole, according to Google Analytics. So it's clearly working to drive traffic to our site.” Lauren Riley, Media Relations Manager
  • 40. 4141 Headlines & Photos Made a Difference Original Headline You have an ACL Tear-What’s Next? New Headlines Don't Let an ACL Tear Ruin Your Life (481 clicks) The 5 Stages of Dealing with Knee Pain Caused By an ACL Tear (415 clicks) You Have an ACL Tear: What's Next? (374 clicks) How to Deal with an ACL Tear That’s Causing You Knee Pain (280 clicks) Knee Pain from a Torn ACL? How the Recovery Process Works (251 clicks) The 5 Stages of Dealing with an ACL Tear (211 clicks) Torn ACL? Don’t Let It Get in the Way of Recovery (139 clicks) “Your Cision account manager keeps tabs on the stories you're amplifying. If one isn't working, it's up to Cision to rework the headline. This happened to us for the first time with a recent story we amplified. It wasn't performing as well in the first two weeks, so our representative emailed me to let me know they tweaked the headline.” - Lauren Riley, Media Relations Manager
  • 41. 4242 Case Study Cision US  With the Cision blog, we are posting great articles but we haven’t increased traffic to it in months  So, we set up an RSS feed of our blog to feed into Content Marketing!
  • 42. 4343 When amplified the RSS feed of our blog…  Our blog post headlines started to appear on sites: • How will Hashtags on Facebook Change Your Marketing Strategy? • 6 Things Even the Best Bloggers Sometimes Forget to Do • 4 Tips for Creating a Compelling Email Pitch • Easy Ways to Grow your Google+ Reach  Some blog posts didn’t work well in this format, and we removed them: • Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Kimberly Lyn • Digital Storytelling Webinar – Your Questions Answered • The Final Ride of the One Trick Pony  Some blog posts drove traffic, but not the kind we wanted: • 5 Pet Publications on Pinterest • 2012’s Most Cringe worthy PR moments • Instagram changes its Privacy Terms
  • 43. 4444 We quickly started seeing the results… Good content Underperforming content
  • 44. 4545 So what did all these clicks do for Cision?  Almost 50% of our blog traffic is coming from amplification! When we stopped amplifying our content, the traffic decreased.
  • 45. 4646 Takeaways 46 1. Think like a marketer 2. Find new ways to reach your audience 3. Know how to measure from the onset 4. Bring social engagement into your communications strategy
  • 46. Marketing Through Content: Questions?