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Cision Whitepaper - Paid Earned and Owned Media Cision Whitepaper - Paid Earned and Owned Media Document Transcript

  • White Paper Earned Media, Owned Media, and the New Marketing Mix How Social Media Has Made Public Relations Central to Modern Marketing Campaigns marketing narratives and corporate stories, and who initiated, engaged, and hosted the By turbocharging conversation with dialogue. customers and market influencers, social media has made public relations central to Now, PR professionals are in the driver’s the marketing mix in ways it never was before. seat, powering stories through earned media Marketers now are powering their stories while extending them through owned and first through “earned media” via narratives paid media channels via holistic, integrated developed in PR campaigns; next through marketing programs. “owned media” to tell their stories directly to their audiences; and, finally, through Earned Media: Beyond Media Relations advertising and other forms of “paid media” that extend the reach of those stories. PR professionals have traditionally been keepers of the narrative powering the The marketing mix is rapidly changing. marketing story. By communicating In the old world of top-down marketing, constantly with key media, analysts and paid media (advertising) was dominant. other influencers, PR is at the front lines of Owned media such as direct marketing and communication. PR pros often are the first corporate websites merely extended the to test product and marketing messages one-way communication advertising mindset. with key audiences. They refine those And earned media – public relations – was messages as influencers react, then evolve often relegated to a company’s publicity the story in real time as market conditions department and viewed as a “want-to-have” shift, communications by competitors alter supplement versus a “must-have” element of the environment, and audiences, especially the marketing mix. customers, move up the learning curve. Social media changed all that by breaking But until recently, the PR counselor’s down the silos between separate marketing marketing job stopped short of engaging disciplines. As marketing became a directly with those customers. Instead, conversation, it was public relations people PR professionals plied their craft through who increasingly were asked to develop the intermediaries, earning coverage in  866.639.5087  877.269.3367 Copyright © 2011 Cision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.332 S Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60604 1100-150 Ferrand Drive Toronto, ON M3C 3E5
  • Earned Media, Owned Media, & the New Marketing Mix White Paper media by providing good (and credible) with the media and digital market stories and useful information. As a result, influencers, and powering stories in ways the effectiveness of earned-media PR that engage and move customers and other programs was hard to measure — often publics, PR professionals have become viewed as more art than science, PR was the motivating force that shape modern frequently consigned to a secondary role marketing campaigns. when it came time to allocate investments in the marketing mix. Owned Media: Every Company a Publisher Now social media has given PR professionals As they step into broader roles as earned- multiple new platforms to initiate and media mavens and keepers of the company host conversations that directly engage story, PR professionals are also the driving customers. As a result, PR is driving force in marketing’s new push to develop marketing campaigns as never before. The owned content that reaches customers term earned media in the past referred directly and engages them. In fact, social mainly to the unpaid coverage PR people media has transformed owned media, the generated by reaching out to independent second element of the new marketing mix, as media. much as it has transformed earned media. PR people still perform traditional media Once mainly a static presentation of the relations, providing the information that story on the company website with an helps mainstream media outlets write occasional white paper or two, owned more accurate and comprehensive stories. media — any content directly developed and But social media has extended their controlled by the company — has emerged responsibilities far beyond traditional instead as the common meeting ground “publicity” duties by enabling them to start where companies engage directly with and conduct the real-time conversations that customers and other key audiences. are the principal driving force powering the Whether it be a corporate Facebook or LinkedIn page that is constantly updated with “PR is driving marketing the latest iteration of the marketing story, campaigns as never before” corporate Twitter accounts, a personalized direct email campaign that brings customers to an interactive landing page, or a webinar corporate story in the new marketing mix. that engages corporate executives directly Today earned media encompasses far more with customers, PR people are increasingly than traditional media relations to include driving the social media engagement customer dialogues, word of mouth, viral strategies, messaging, stories and dialogues pickup of marketing messages on websites that have come to define owned media. and social media platforms, inbound links from other websites, and numerous other In addition to sharing owned media interactions fueled by social media. actively, marketers can also make it a Therefore, PR professionals now are driving magnet for social media interactions by the conversations that power the stories search-optimizing their content. An entirely marketing has to tell. new marketing discipline has emerged that marries Search Engine Optimization They are initiating, hosting and conducting (SEO) techniques with creative content the social media dialogues that change development to make the marketers’ minds and influence customer behavior. By web presence more accessible to target creating narratives, developing relationships customers, more engaging when  866.639.5087  877.269.3367 Copyright © 2011 Cision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.332 S Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60604 1100-150 Ferrand Drive Toronto, ON M3C 3E5
  • Earned Media, Owned Media, & the New Marketing Mix White Paper arrive, and more interactive in ways that Paid Media: Advertising is Dead. Long Live dramatically accelerate the decision- Advertising. making and buying process. Encompassing videos, photos, presentations, infographics, Advertising is as healthy as ever, even whitepapers, interactive landing pages, 30-second TV broadcast ads. But paid direct email, company Twitter accounts, search, sponsored websites, direct online Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and dozens marketing and other forms of paid media are of other forms of media, owned social commanding an ever-increasing percentage content is driven by messaging, stories of advertising budgets. Now, paid media is and engagement strategies crafted by PR seen as an integrated element of a holistic professionals. marketing mix whose ultimate goal is to engage with, rather than talk to, customers. Developing great content and optimizing Advertising is no longer an independent silo is known as “social publishing.” When but instead must work hand-in-hand with PR pros come up this learning curve to the custodians of the corporate message optimize social content that directly engages and narrative, especially public relations customers, they take primary responsibility professionals. for generating valuable qualified inbound sales leads. By creating the narratives and More important, when paid media keys off powering the stories that directly engage the narrative developed with the company’s and motivate customers and other publics owned content, it can prime the pump for through multiple social channels, they and add a turbo-boost to earned media. are directly impacting tangible business Most people remember the Old Spice viral YouTube video featuring Isaiah Mustafa sporting nothing but a towel as “The Man “ ocial publishing... enables S Your Man Could Smell Like.” As of mid-2011, PR pros to use their content the video had gotten nearly 35 million views and story-development skills on YouTube—a huge earned-media hit. to directly drive both lead What many people fail to recall, though, generation and sales.” is that Old Spice kicked off the campaign with a pricey Super Bowl ad, described at the time as “steamy” and “over the top.” outcomes. Social publishing means PR The paid-media Super Bowl ad served as a people no longer always need to work one trigger to launch what became an earned- step removed through the media and other media YouTube sensation, an all-too-rare intermediaries.Instead, social publishing example of the synergy between paid media makes it easier than ever to tell the stories and owned media when the creative minds marketing has to power and enables them developing the message pay proper attention to use their content- and story-development to both. And at the core of the campaign skills to directly drive both lead generation was a rethinking of Old Spice as a fresh and and sales. exciting brand for young men, versus the aging demographic it had previously served. The new corporate narrative was presented on the company’s website and throughout the rest of its owned media, providing the fodder for its successful paid-media and earned-media  866.639.5087  877.269.3367 Copyright © 2011 Cision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.332 S Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60604 1100-150 Ferrand Drive Toronto, ON M3C 3E5
  • Earned Media, Owned Media, & the New Marketing Mix White Paper Cision Social Publish: Powering Integrated Marketing Powers Your Story Your Story’ Through Social Sharing Old Spice is just one example of many brands now breaking down the silos that Businesses, brands and organizations now tell their previously separated paid, earned and story directly to key audiences. They also have created owned marketing disciplines. Social media a significant amount of content – owned media – to has integrated all three disciplines in make that story appeal to those diverse audiences. new and exciting ways, transforming the By integrating Cision Social Publish, powered by concept of “integrated marketing” from an PitchEngine, into its campaign management software, over-used slogan into standard operating Cision empowers PR and marketing people to manage procedure. Content and the PR professional’s and control their owned media channels. communication and message-development skills are at the heart of the new marketing Users can harness “branded” content – photos, videos, paradigm. Now that marketing truly is a webcasts, podcasts, tip sheets and FAQs, promotions conversation, marketers are dependent more and infographics, white papers, press kits and more – than ever before on the story-telling skills of PR professionals and other communicators, and post it in multiple highly trafficked sites to directly who must learn to weave those stories into impact those audiences and make their stories easy to multiple paid, owned and earned media find, highly relevant, and easy to share. channels. Designed to drive positive results such as more web In the new marketing mix, earned, owned and traffic, greater visibility, more leads and more sales, paid media intersect and mutually support Social Publish lets Cision marketing and PR software each other, making the whole greater than users power their stories by: the sum of the parts. Social media has changed the equation, with earned media ► Uploading and managing all branded content in and PR professionals playing a central role in one central location defining the narrative and powering the story ► Posting all of your stories to your Facebook fan by initiating, hosting and driving marketing page with a custom newsroom app ► Making it easy to share your content on social “Paid search, sponsored web media networkssites, direct online marketing andother forms of paid media are Cision Social Publish increases “sharability” and leverages the power of Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook,commanding an ever-increasing Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and all social and content-percentage of advertising budgets.” sharing networks. This Social Content Optimization creates even more visibility on search engines. conversations. Owned media now is powered Cision Social Publish also instantly posts content to by the stories and messaging developed in both CisionWire and PitchEngine, sites that combine these conversations. And paid media has been transformed into a powerful integrative for almost half a million unique visitors a month. It element as it has become more interactive also creates online newsrooms where readers can and engagement oriented. PR professionals, engage with a brand’s story in all of its forms, and get CMOs and other managers responsible for emails or RSS feeds when new content is added. marketing strategy need to come up the learning curve quickly to take advantage of For more information visit the power of this new marketing  866.639.5087  877.269.3367 Copyright © 2011 Cision, Inc. All Rights Reserved.332 S Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60604 1100-150 Ferrand Drive Toronto, ON M3C 3E5