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Cision Webinar Slides: Successfully Add Influencer Marketing To Your 2014 Strategy

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It’s time to re-think the place of influencer marketing in your strategy! 2014 has been dubbed the year of the brand influencer and with only six percent of the average digital marketing budget …

It’s time to re-think the place of influencer marketing in your strategy! 2014 has been dubbed the year of the brand influencer and with only six percent of the average digital marketing budget devoted to influencer marketing, it’s time to prepare so you can successfully add this tool to your arsenal.

PR Couture founder and iMedia Internet Marketing Leader and Innovator Crosby Noricks and Cision’s social media manager Lisa Denten discuss the ins and outs of influencer marketing, and if it’s right for your brand. In this complimentary webinar, you will learn what influencer marketing is, how to take advantage of it, and how to make it work for everyone involved.

This presentation covers:
- 3 Different Types of Brand Influencers (and How to Engage Each One)
- How to Manage an Influencer Marketing Program for Success (and Not Screw Ups)
- Vendors You Should Know About (and what to do when your budget is less than a craft cocktail)

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  • 1. Successfully Add Influencer Marketing to Your 2014 Strategy Crosby Noricks, PR Couture @prcouture Lisa Denten, Social Media Manager @cision
  • 2. How to participate today   If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  2 2 During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode. Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session
  • 3. Hi, I’m Crosby  I’m a Fashion Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Author, Workshop holder and sometimes Irish Dancer  I’m the founder of @PRCouture – a digital resource for Fashion brands, publicists and PR students. We have an agency directory, job board and tons of free content about PR, marketing and social media.  After 10+ years in Digital PR/Social Media, these days I work with creative entrepreneurs and brands through Brand Elixir sessions, day-long strategy sessions that result in a potent mix of brand copy and campaign development. 3 3
  • 4. The Basics Section Divider
  • 5. What Are Influencers?  Influencers are everywhere and are not bound by employment with a traditional news source  Ability to cover news faster than many traditional news sources  Can reach new audiences that you aren’t currently targeting 5 5
  • 6. “We’re looking for influencers within every marketplace, who are the people who help influence decision-makers within that community.” - Keith Belling, CEO, Popchips 6 6
  • 7. Types of Influencers Section Divider
  • 8. 3 Types of Influencers  Brand Advocates  Social Influencers  Employees & Partners Finding the right influencers for your marketing activities starts by developing a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, goals and aspirations. 8 8
  • 9. Brand Advocates Section Divider
  • 10. Brand Advocates  Already enthusiastic supporters of your brand  Emotionally invested in your brand story and mission  Engage in word-of-mouth marketing both on and offline  Are motivated by a desire to help others, demonstrate knowledge  Don’t need an incentive to talk up their favorite brands  Often have had a brand experience that catalyzed their advocacy (customer service, nostalgia, cause) 10 10
  • 11. Turn to Brand Advocates for ongoing programs to drive actions & sales 11 11
  • 12. How to Identify Brand Advocates  Net Promoter Score  Segmented Emails, Refer-a-Friend  Social Media Listening  Referral Links & Reviews  Repeat customers  Capture repeat site visitors, long time spent on site 12 12
  • 13. Example: Rubio’s 13 13
  • 14. People StyleWatch 14 14
  • 15. Social Influencers Section Divider
  • 16. Social Influencers  Have a large online/offline audience  Are typically are less committed than brand advocates  Are motivated by opportunities to grow their audience and visibility  Most often require incentive to talk about a brand or product 16 16
  • 17. Turn to Social Influencers for short-term campaigns to drive conversation & awareness 17 17
  • 18. Example: #MKTimeless 18 18
  • 19. Example: Sutter Home/Good Girls 19 19
  • 20. How to Identify Social Influencers  Cision Blogger Lists and Influencer Search  Blogger networks  Site and Social Audience Metrics  Social media monitoring  Community managers  Thought leaders  Complementary Verticals  Natural tie-in – proximity, hobbies, lifestyle, values 20 20
  • 21. Social Influencer Search 21 21
  • 22. Employees & Section Divider Partners
  • 23. Employees & Partners  Are highly engaged  Believe in the value of their work  Will proactively promote and defend the brand  Have in-depth expertise in their area  Can wield external influence through branded content, events, recruitment, promotions and social media  Can wield internal influence by working on new products, solutions, championing company direction and information share 23 23
  • 24. How to Identify Employee Influencers  Internal surveys  Peer recommendations  Create employee-led committees  Social analysis 24 24
  • 25. “… influencers can transfer the trust they have built with their community to the brands they choose to support.” - Daniel Newman, The Millenial CEO 25 25
  • 26. Developing a Section Divider Strategy
  • 27. 3 Steps to Influencer Marketing 1) Identify Audience Needs 2) Create a customer journey map 3) Activate influencers through flexible, fun and simple programs 27 27
  • 28. Influencer Opportunities  Content Creation  Product Trials  Exclusive Content  Early Access  Open Dialogue  Social Takeovers  15-minutes of Fame  Gamification/Rewards 28 28
  • 29. Challenges with Influencer Marketing  Requires joint effort among multiple departments (PR, Marketing, Customer Service, Social)  Might require foundational adjustments in company policies – access, transparency, empowered customer service  Not just a dream up and do – campaigns require clear policies, plans for approvals and legal contracts  Requires doing or sharing something worth talking about 29 29
  • 30. Leading Questions  What is worth talking about?  What do we stand for?  Who are our people/tribe?  What possibilities does our brand allow for?  What experiences does our brand create?  How does our brand tangibly improve lives?  We want to live in a world where ______ 30 30
  • 31. Key Takeaways  Identify what your audience already cares about and create opportunities to advocate for those interests  Inspire a movement among advocates, not just a campaign for numbers  Create experiences worth sharing, rather than expectations of coverage  Invest in the user experience – click and go content, images, social promotion 31 31
  • 32. “True influence isn’t about reach or numbers, it’s about impacting relationships through passion, relevance and trust.” - Ekaterina Walker, Branderati 32 32
  • 33. STAY CONNECTED SAVE 50% ON OUR PITCH PERFECT EBOOK WITH CODE*: CISIONPP Visit: http://www.prcouture.com/resources CROSBY@PRCOUTURE.COM @PRCOUTURE *code valid until 11:59 p.m. PST on 2/26/14
  • 34. Sources • http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2013/02/06/influencermarketing-how-your-business-can-benefit-from-popchips-secretrecipe/ • http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-mediainfographics/social-media-influencers-versus-brand-advocatesinfographic/ • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-fidelman/the-10-best-influencerma_b_4098892.html • http://appinions.com/2013/12/leveraging-employeeinfluence/#sthash.KfLSTP47.dpuf • http://www.forbes.com/sites/onmarketing/2014/02/11/brandschoose-influencers-and-advocates-wisely/ • http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB100014240527023038745045 79375313680290816 • http://www.toprankblog.com/2013/01/engaged-employees-brandadvocates/ • http://www.slideshare.net/CompensationInsider/influencers-ofemployee-commitment
  • 35. Questions?