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  • First thing first: How many of you are in PR (exclusively or part of your job)Hate to break it to you – we have a problem. We’re not innovative enough.
  • Recent holmes report says
  • Innovation is critical for PR. If we don’t innovate, we’ll lose budgets to ad, customer service, tech and other departments.But, we’ll also be doing a disservice to our company or clients.We’re at a crossroads with major opportunity right in front of us: If we can innovate our approach and be more forward-thinking, we can generate better results and snag more budget.
  • Let’s look at an opportunity where PR is scratching the surface, but should be thinking bigger.Influencer outreach.Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report: blogs and influencers rank high with consumers for trust, popularity and influence. But, these don’t get a huge chunk of brands’ budgets. The report concluded that where brands are spending isn’t totally aligned with how and where customers are being influenced.
  • Asking an influencer just to write a blog post is boring. And, not nearly as effective. While brands are incorporating influencer marketing, they’re not being super creative with tactics. If we know its an effective way to shape perceptions and buying decisions, we should develop campaigns that foster ongoing relationships, not just one-off sponsored posts.
  • So, how can you take the concept and get creative? A few ideas …Roadshow: give customers exclusive access by bringing a thought-leader to them. You become the conduit, the connector between your customers and the person they admireChannel takeover: Let an influencer take over your Facebook page or create a special pinterest board, for example. Provides fresh content and an opp to re-engage your networkAmbassadors – need help driving ppl to your booth at a tradeshow? Or, need a “draw” for an event? Add an ambassador to your team.Surprise + delight – these camapigns can be so effective, esp if you personalize, which is easier to do than ever. Amazing how much people share online!
  • Real-time conversations make TV a participatory event through second screen interactionsAll local TV stations reported having at least one Facebook page in 2011. *50% of TV stations use Twitter “constantly,” with just 6% reporting their newsrooms were not active on Twitter. *Almost 80% of local TV stations report having one or more mobile apps. *
  • “The future isn’t either traditional or digital: it’s a feedback loop between the two. Television fans want to get involved and be counted. It’s how creative we are in engaging those fans – and keeping them connected even as they may move away from the traditional network – that will determine how potent and profitable we will be in the future.”
  • In other words, we need to become little data scientists. No more joking about getting into PR because you hate math. It’s time to chennal your inner Bill Nye
  • Commissioned research for Marketwired after the SEC disclosures to better understand how Wall Street uses social.Targeted pitching led to media placements, bylined articles, which helped reinforce MW as a leader in integrated social disclosuresPR: Worked with the researcher to develop the questions. Combed data to determine what would pique media interest.
  • Venueseen: first platform to manage IG campaigns.Support launch + show platform, we created a series of infogrpahics, incorporating data from the platform. Example: Most “IG” stadiums and Olympic venues.Mashable, Yahoo, etc. Drove traffic. Created new opps in sports, a major growth area for the company. This led to a relationship with the Indy 500, who used VS to power their “Indy 500 or Bust” campaign this year.
  • Marathon launched IG at RunFest
  • Quick case study that shows how digital can help mitigate a crisis.COTA – bus system. Strike during massive July 4th celebration and power outage. COTA enlisted my team to spearhead the online communication. GOALS
  • We took the talking points legal had approved and tweaked for social – focusing on tone and length. Standard legal talking points won’t resonate on social, so you need to get the green light ahead of time to tweak the tone.We also clarified the approval process. What did the client want to see? What did they just want us to handle? That eliminted a lot of back-and-forth and made us all more efficient.
  • Lots of questions/concerns on social channels. We rseponded, which at least let people know we’re listening and trying to help through this difficult time
  • Conversations during crisis aren’t limited to your own page. We even responded to questions/comments on local media FB pages. Go where the conversation is taking place.
  • Then, we switched gears and went into education mode. We needed to let people know that bus service would be back, while also rebuilding relationships with the union.
  • Strike over, but our job was still going. Lots of feedback, customer service opportunities.
  • What’s the role of social media in all this? If you ask the marketing director at COTA, she’ll tell you that they strongly believe ….
  • Once you get those media placements, that’s just step one. Insttead of thinking of the clip as the end goal, see the clip as the beginning.A media placement should trigger a series of other tactics to amplify the placement.
  • Competing against PitchEngine – posting to one site instead of amplifying across many publishing site. Juice to help you extend outside your circles.

Cision Webinar Slides - Next Generation PR Cision Webinar Slides - Next Generation PR Presentation Transcript

  • Next Generation PR: Innovating in a Social World Heather Whaling, President - Geben Communication @prtini Heidi Sullivan, SVP, Digital Content - Cision @hksully
  • Follow Us! Webinar Hashtag #cision 2 2
  • How to Participate Today   If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  3 3 During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode. Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session
  • Your Presenters President - Geben Communication Moderator, #pr20chat SVP, Digital Content – Cision PR Week’s 40 under 40 Contributor, PR Breakfast Club Founder and Blogger, PRTini @prtini 4 4 @hksully
  • 67% 10% PR innovation is lagging PR is highly innovative Source: Holmes Report
  • Source:
  • 65% Brands participate in influencer marketing 50% Influencers report being paid for a sponsored post/article
  • Source: flickr/com/photos/cristiano_betta
  • infuse creativity: 10 10
  • GOAL:    11 11 Launch iPad app Grow social footprint UGC for off-season
  • 12 12
  • PRIZES:    13 13 Backyard redesign (via Pinterest) $1000 to implement Daily gift cards
  • Results  6,000+ website visits  150+ photos submitted  130 participants’ email addresses collected  Facebook audience tripled  #GrowInspired reached 60,000 people
  • Digital First Section Divider
  • Evening News Viewership Decline 16 16
  • Newspaper advertising budgets move online… …as the newsroom workforce continues to decline. 17 17
  • News Magazines Find Digital Success 18 18
  • The Good News 19 19
  • The Social/TV Link  Real-time conversations  All local TV stations reported having at least one Facebook page in 2011. *  50% of TV stations use Twitter “constantly,” with just 6% reporting their newsrooms were not active on Twitter. *  Almost 80% of local TV stations report having one or more mobile apps. * *SOURCE: Pew Research Center 2013 State of the News Media 20 20
  • “The future isn’t either traditional or digital: it’s a feedback loop between the two. It’s how creative we are in engaging those fans – and keeping them connected… that will determine how potent and profitable we will be in the future.” -Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting 21 21
  • Data-Driven PR Section Divider
  • Source: flickr/com/photos/gsfc
  • Research & surveys   Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, TechCrunch Established as thought leader on social disclosure 24 24
  • Timely infographics    Mashable, Yahoo! Sports, Increased traffic 360% Opened new doors in sports vertical 25 25
  • Newsjacking   Monitor trending topics, current events Provide data to support journalists’ stories 26 26
  • Innovative Case Section Divider Studies
  • Columbus Marathon 28 28
  • Instagram Launch In July, Geben leveraged RunFest to launch the Columbus Marathon on Instagram. This provided an opportunity to get people talking about RunFest, while also promoting our newest social channel. 29 29
  • The Power of the Networks      30 30 Instagram “correspondents” Pre-event promotion Live photos at the event Interaction between accounts Result: @CbusMarathon had 300+ followers within 1 week of launching
  • Countdown to race day:  Launched 2013 “Instagram Ambassador” program 50 days prior to race day  Ambassadors share weekly training photos for @cbusmarathon to regram and share on the blog  Result: 700 followers in 3 months • • 31 31 Pittsburgh Marathon: 720 followers in the last year NYC Marathon: 445 followers
  • Live Facebook Q&A: A few weeks prior to the marathon, we hosted a live Facebook Q&A to answer athletes’ race day questions.
  • Ask the Race Director: “Ask The Race Director” is the marathon’s annual video discussion streamed live where athletes can interact with Darris directly and ask him questions about the upcoming race.
  • We Ask, You Answer: We Ask, You Answer featured training tips and race day advice for runners, from runners. Questions were posted on Facebook and Twitter, and the best answers were included in each post. Top posts: We Ask, You Answer: How Hard Should You Train Leading up to Race Day? We Ask, You Answer: What Are You Wearing on Race Day? We Ask, You Answer: What’s the Single Most Important Thing to Remember on Race Day?
  • A Labor Negotiations Case Study  Union and COTA couldn’t reach an agreement  Red White & BOOM  Massive power outages & extreme heat  Social goal: Leverage social channels to • • • • 35 35 Present facts Respond to questions Convey empathy Amplify community need
  • Preparation “Socialize” legal talking points Draft key messages, social responses Determine tone, aggressiveness & positioning Clarify approval processes 36 36
  • prior to the strike
  • Social Reactions 38 38
  • Facebook
  • the strike begins
  • Facebook
  • Interaction on 10TV & ABC6 Facebook Pages    
  • Timely Responsiveness
  • Sentiment Measurements on July 2 Facebook Sentiment: Main Page 81 comments:  55% favor COTA  13.5% favor union  31% neutral Facebook Comments: News Pages 382 comments:  39.3% favor COTA  17.5% favor Union  43.2% neutral 44 44
  • union re-votes, strike ends
  • COTA Updates
  • COTA Responds: Customer Service
  • Outcome? Social media accelerated the labor negotiation process and forced a faster outcome. 48 48
  • Identifying Social Section Divider Influencers
  • More Opportunities to Engage with Journalists on Social Sites 50 50
  • 2013 Cision Social Journalism Study Percentage of Respondents in each cluster (%) 2013 2012 31% 30% 26% 25% 18% 15% 20% 14% 11% Architects Social Journalist Expert 51 51 9% Promoters Hunters Observers Sceptics Social Journalist Novice
  • 2013 Cision Social Journalism Study Figure 14: Comparison between the % of respondents in each cluster currently contacted by PR professionals via social media to the % who would prefer to be contacted by this method Currently communicate Prefer to communicate 47% 41% 33% 22% 21% 31% 21% 16% 9% 6% Observers 52 52 Hunters Promoters Architects Sceptics
  • amplify content:
  • Sharing content outside your circles My mom My fans Their friends My friends My coworkers My customers The people I don’t even know yet The Book of Business Awesome. 2012
  • am·pli·fy: to increase the strength or amount of; especially: to make louder.” - Merriam-Webster 55 55
  • Native Advertising in Action 56 56
  • Native Advertising in Action 57 57
  • For more information… Heather Whaling • @prTini subscribe: Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers. Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices. 58 58
  • Questions?