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  • What is Content Marketing?: CM is the creation & sharing of content - think of traditionalprint advertorials now amplified by the social web
  • Speak about where to host, discuss difference between hosting content on your social newsroom vs. propertiesSocial Newsroom works best for agencies or companies with multiple brands
  • Might be interesting to mention the difference between native advertising and brand journalism – one supports the other
  • Competing against PitchEngine – posting to one site instead of amplifying across many publishing site. Juice to help you extend outside your circles.


  • 1. Digital PR Tactics with presenters: Carrie Morgan @morgancarrie Heidi Sullivan @hksully
  • 2. 22 How to Participate Today  During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode.  If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session
  • 3. 33 Webinar Hashtag #cision Follow Us!
  • 4. 44 Your Featured Presenter: Carrie Morgan Author of ―Digital Haystack: Essential PR Tactics to Explode Online Visibility & Engagement‖ (Career Press, Spring 2014) Founder of #PRprochat (first Thursdays at 12pm PST) 20+ years of agency & corporate experience President & Consultant, Rock the Status Quo
  • 5. 55 Your Co-Presenter: Heidi Sullivan Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Cision Named to PRWeek’s 2012 list of 40-under-40 in PR Regularly sought as a panelist & presenter at conference and industry events
  • 6. Section DividerOnline PR
  • 7. 77 Digital PR = traditional PR + content marketing, social media and SEO
  • 8. 88 Digital PR  PR - not just about just media relations and press releases • we have more control, more outlets and FAR more visibility  Now includes ALL the ways a brand can be visible: online + off • traditional media + self-publishing (brand journalism) • direct conversations instead of mass outreach • being found, instead of finding them • challenge is not finding opportunities, it’s being heard among the noise  Content marketing expands coverage, shares value & showcases expertise • guest blog posts, bylined articles, blog syndication, slide decks, infographics, more content digested more ways  Social & search helps it be found, shared & discussed by the right audiences
  • 9. 99 Great Basics to Start With  Blogger relations • Intelligent comments (be an expert) • Guest blog posts (leverage their audience) • Syndicated content (improved reach)  Twitter lists to build journalist relationships & monitor editorial opps • Build by industry, client, trade, location – whatever helps you do more faster • They don’t have to follow you – private or public • Listen, listen, listen • Never pitch cold unless responding to a source request  Socializing to curate content & build relationships • Share with a targeted audience to build visibility • Talk about what you share • Share + promote your own content
  • 10. Section DividerContent Marketing
  • 11. 1111 What is Content Marketing?
  • 12. Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. Source: Content Marketing Institute
  • 13. 1313 Where is your content being created today? Company Blog Press Release Social Media Articles Infographics
  • 14. 1414 am·pli·fy: to increase the strength or amount of; especially: to make louder.‖ - Merriam-Webster In content marketing terms, amplification refers to tactics that help our content reach the audiences we are targeting. One form of this is native advertising.
  • 15. 1515
  • 16. 1616 Sharing content outside your circles  The First Circle: These are the connections that are closest to us — and the strongest. These are people who share our content simply because they know and trust us. You can think of these people as our ―brand fans‖.  The Second Circle: These are the friends of those in your first circle. They see our content on a regular basis because our first circle connections share it.  But how else can I reach these other circles to help promote organic growth? 16 The Book of Business Awesome. 2012
  • 17. 1717 Cision Content Marketing Suite
  • 18. Section DividerSEO
  • 19. “Don’t let SEO overwhelm you. Start with basics that directly apply to your specific role.” - Carrie Morgan
  • 20. 2020 Keyword Research 101 Identify the right keywords and phrases
  • 21. 2121 Keyword Research 101  Focus on ONE keyword or phrase per page or piece of content  Identify 1-2 primary keywords/phrases for the company or brand Beyond the Content  Use keywords to drive your blog, editorial calendar or posts  Share keyword research with clients • free insight into customer demand & trends.  Understand how relevancy matters • good content must support the keyword.
  • 22. 2222 Magic Trifecta of Keywords  Permalink + Page Title + Page Description  Leverage sites that already rank well for fast traction
  • 23. Section DividerSocial Media
  • 24. 2424 Know Your Audience  Be fully invested in the community you’re part of  Deliver real value to them  Follow the Rule of Three’s
  • 25. 2525 The Importance of Lists Use Public and Private Lists on Twitter to: • Cut through the Noise • Learn more about a group of people you want to build relationships with • Interact with Journalists, Influencers & Advocates
  • 26. 2626 Influencer Identification Question: How do you determine influencers in your space? Question: How will you measure their influence? Answer these before starting your social content marketing journey
  • 27. 2727 Finding Influencers  Blogs – Topics of Interest + Metrics • (Comments, Inbound Links, Subscribers)  Twitter – Search for Topic + User’s Stats on # of Industry Mentions, Type of Following, Interactions  LinkedIn – Look at ‘Top Influencer’ section Once you find your influencers, who do they cite & talk to? These people are more than likely influencers, too.
  • 28. 2828 Engaging with Influencers & Advocates  Participate: Engage with their content  Mention: Link to them in blog posts, include them in tweets, etc.
  • 29. Digital PR Tactics Questions?