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Cision Webinar Slides: Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Story

Cision Webinar Slides: Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Story






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  • According to a survey by NetShelter Technology Media, 85% of respondents said the most useful and influential online content when they’re considering buying tech products are articles, reviews, blog posts, and videos by experts.
  • Here at Cision we’ve seen ‘Tribes’ in building influencer reports for our clients, and during our own outreach.
  • 80/20 rule
  • Think quality over quantity. It’s OK if the ‘influencer’ you find for your brand doesn’t have 100K Twitter followers. If you find someone that is passionate about your industry and market – whether that be beauty products or agriculture. The key is finding a natural fit – if someone only has 10 followers but those 10 followers are passionate about the industry and learning new things, it can be better than 10,000 followers who have no interest.
  • The same rules apply to building relationships with social influencers as it does with traditional journalists: make sure your brand is a fit for its readership, and then reach out. In our own efforts, we make our presence known before we reach out – follow on Twitter, RT, comment on blog posts, offer tips that don’t have to do with your brand and when it’s a natural fit, see if you can work together.
  • You don’t want to forget about fans while your building relationships with influencers. Fans are a great asset, and typically WANT to advocate for your brand.
  • An example of Rule of Thirds: Take Gini Dietrich. She is very well-known in the PR space and knows, shares posts by, and writes content on several other big players in the PR industry. If you started reading her blog regularly and looking at her social shares, you would be able to quickly identify other experts in the industry.Discover shares posts Twitter suggests for you, based on the content trending on Twitter and content people with similar interests to you are talking about. Search and advanced search allows you to search tweets or users for specific keywords, phrases, etc.

Cision Webinar Slides: Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Story Cision Webinar Slides: Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Story Presentation Transcript

  • Finding the Right Social Influencers for Your Story Vanessa Bugasch, SVP Global Marketing Sharifa Abubaker, Manager Product Development Susan Rubin, Marketing Campaign Manager
  • How to participate today   If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  2 2 During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listenonly mode. Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session
  • Identifying your Section Divider Influencers
  • Mass Influencers and Their Influence on PR  Influencers are everywhere and are not bound by employment with a traditional news source  Ability to cover news faster than many traditional news sources  Can reach new audiences that you aren’t currently targeting 4 4
  • tribe: noun ˈ trīb a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest 5 5
  • Identifying the tribe  Once you find one or two influencers in your space, see who they are talking to and who they reference  We find that influencers are often very aware of their community and talk to the other heavy weights in their arena 6 6
  • Metrics can help uncover your influencers  Twitter followers  # of comments  # of retweets  Blog traffic  Social demographics  votes on social news sites  Facebook Likes Source: Peek Analytics 7 7
  • Some tools that can help… 8 8
  • Niche Section Divider Communities
  • The power of a few  Find the RIGHT community  Sometimes that group may not have a huge audience, but they have the audience who will absorb and distribute your news  If you’re promoting a new athletic shoe line, look for those who specifically cover athletic shoes, not just footwear 10 10
  • Finding the RIGHT influencers  Narrow your search. Looking to promote nail polish? Don’t look for people covering general beauty; find those specifically covering nail polish.  Those nail polish influencers will be following – and have followers – who live, breathe, and love nail polish.  Goodbye are the days of pitching to the wrong audience! 11 11
  • ¼ About of bloggers tracked in CisionPoint cover one of 26 “first tier” general topics. The rest cover more specific topics. 12 12
  • Social Influencer Search 13 13
  • Relationship Section Divider Building
  • Social Media Outreach  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should  Building relationships takes time  Don’t ignore the little guys  Honesty is the best policy  Things can go viral in an instant 15 15
  • Interacting on Twitter  Use Search and Discover tabs  Advanced Twitter searches now available  Rule of Thirds • Sharing your content • Sharing others’ content • Interacting with audience 16 16
  • Empower your community  Allow them to “put their own spin” on your story  Give the community ownership of the message  This will help you get the commitment of your champions  Above all, work with integrity 17 17
  • Pitching your Section Divider Audience
  • Why is it important to target your pitch?  Journalists and influencers consistently complain about misdirected pitches  Some are so annoyed they’ve actually blacklisted PR people 19 19
  • Social vs. Traditional? Ask these questions.  What is my goal?  Who is my target audience or community?  How visual is my story?  Is my idea timely? 20 20
  • Spray and Pray  Journalists almost never open e-mails that are clearly mass releases  Exclusivity is key with journalists  Fast track to getting added to a blocked sender list  Risk getting labeled as lazy and have all future pitches, even if they’re appropriate, be ignored 21 21
  • Creating the perfect pitch  Know what they cover  Know their audience  Personalize  Keep it brief  Stay relevant  Update your lists  Be open-minded 22 22
  • “I really like it when somebody says, 'I saw something you blogged on and here's a detail or fact that wasn't quite right' or 'Here's an angle you haven't covered yet’.” - David Kiley, Editor In Chief, AOL Autos 23 23
  • Questions?