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Cision Webinar Slides - Bridging Social to Traditional PR

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  • Ketchum and Maslansky + partners worked with the Alliance to educate consumers on American agriculture.USFRA engaged consumers, detractors and influencers on Facebook, providing them with a platform to discuss food issues and questions directly with farmers and ranchers.Online storytelling through Faces of Farming and Ranching contest.Media partnerships with CBS Sunday Morning and Anderson Live.Panel discussions were held and attendees were encouraged to tweet using #FoodD and follow @USFRA. Custom-created site on FoodDialogues.com was built around the nine hottest food issues in food production today


  • 1. Bridging Social to Traditional PR Kevin Saghy - Chicago Cubs Manager of Communications @CredibleKev Lisa Larranaga Denten - Cision Social Media Manager @Cision
  • 2. How to participate today   If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today‟s session  2 2 During today‟s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode. Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today‟s session
  • 3. Your Presenters Kevin Saghy is manager of communications for the Chicago Cubs. He is responsible for promoting the team’s marketing and ticketing efforts, community involvement and other offthe-field endeavors through various communications channels, while also leading the club’s overall social media efforts. 3 3 Lisa Larranaga Denten is the Social Media Manager for Cision. Her duties include managing the online community, coordinating and writing for the Cision Blog; and measuring Cision’s social impact.
  • 4. Bridging Social to Section Divider Traditional
  • 5. Reconsider the status quo Is a press release the right fit for your announcement?  Cubs/Pearl Jam concert announcement 5 5  Bing/Twitter conversation to unveil extended partnership
  • 6. Can you integrate your social media platforms into your press release or pitch? 6 6
  • 7. Make Social Media Part of Your Announcement: “As announced to loyal customers on Facebook today (hyperlinked), Company Z is now the top widget seller in the United States.” 7 7 This Cubs Social Media Night press release coincided with our social media posts and hyperlinked to the platforms we were promoting.
  • 8. Example:
  • 9. Example: Hershey‟s Sweet Independence
  • 10. How to Leverage Section Divider Content
  • 11. Social content for traditional PR outreach Cubs Social Media Nights: Allow us to promote our accounts via traditional and social PR: 11 11
  • 12. Social content for traditional PR outreach Social media exchanges can be news… These exchanges helped drive local news interest in the Crosstown Cup series. 12 12
  • 13. Social content for traditional PR outreach Other professional teams have conducted city-wide scavenger hunts using social media, and that spreads in the news.  Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Lightning 13 13
  • 14. Traditional PR content on social Social media can support traditional communications efforts  Live-tweet press conferences  Align press releases and social media to hit at the same time • This breaking news gives people incentive to follow your brand • Or if possible, align your press announcements and social media to hit right after the media exclusive you set up goes live  Share video or images on social media to help tell your story  Create polls or hashtags to continue the conversation  Did you introduce a new fall line of clothing, or a new menu? Create a Pinterest board Possibilities are widespread if you brainstorm in advance 14 14
  • 15. Need to build your social audience? Use your other channels! Use press releases, website, emails, pitching, etc. to announce you‟ll be unveiling/giving away your company‟s next big thing to followers on a designated social media platform  Include the specific date and time  Make sure the incentive is valuable enough to attract people to follow 15 15
  • 16. Working with Section Divider Partners
  • 17. Chicago Cubs Working With Partners  Bank of America worked with MLB to create a campaign teams were excited to support.  The Cubs, Live Nation and Pearl Jam coordinated content for each partner‟s social media platforms. 17 17
  • 18. Uber + Uberx 18 18
  • 19. Internal buy-in and Section Divider participation
  • 20. Showing the Return of Converged Media 20 20
  • 21. Internal Advocates  Give your employees the power to share your news  Expand your organization‟s reach  Empower your employees 40 to 80 percent of customer satisfaction is affected by employee attitudes - NBRI 21 21
  • 22. Crisis and Section Divider Opportunities
  • 23. Catch and prepare for crises and opportunities Social media has become the quickest way to learn of both crises and opportunities that may affect your brand.  Start preparing immediately once you catch wind of a problem - Word travels fast.  Know who needs to review content ahead of time before you respond publicly. 23 23
  • 24. Examples Sophisticated companies are staffing up to respond in real time. Oreo‟s instant graphic during the Super Bowl blackout is a wellknown example. 24 24
  • 25. Examples GolinHarris created the award-winning “Bridge,” where a team of staffers look over the morning headlines, watch several TVs and computer monitors to catch breaking trends as soon as possible. This isn‟t just an online effort, as the group monitors both traditional and social media. Several case studies of this helping clients are available on their site. 25 25
  • 26. Paid, Earned and Section Divider Owned
  • 27. Shriners Hospitals for Children  MSLGROUP, Leo Burnett Business & Shriners built „Love to the Rescue‟ campaign  Patient and health care provider stories in national and regional media  National advertising on broadcast & digital outlets  Celebrity interactions with patients on social platforms 27 27
  • 28. U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance  USFRA engaged consumers, detractors and influencers on Facebook  Online storytelling through Faces of Farming and Ranching contest  Media partnerships with CBS Sunday Morning and Anderson Live  Panel discussions held and attendees encouraged to tweet using #FoodD and follow @USFRA.  Custom-created site on FoodDialogues.com 28 28
  • 29. Upcoming webinars  The Future of Content Marketing *Guest Presenter: Jayme Soulati 2 p.m. Eastern Thursday, October 31  Tools for Improving the Impact of Your PR Efforts 2 p.m. Eastern Thursday, November 7  Amplifying Your Content *Guest Presenter: Jay Baer 2 p.m. Eastern Tuesday, November 12 29 29