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Cision Webinar Slides - Blogging for your Business

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  • Piktochart – Provides basic templates as a taster but requires a $199/year ($29/month) sign-up fee.  Visual.ly – Limits your creativity, but very quick to set up. Logs in to your Facebook, pulls all the information and puts it in an infographic which you can then adjust afterwards. Infgr.am – Really easy to use, simple interface makes it easy to edit, undo, reasonable amount of editing options once you’re in however limited templates at the beginning.  Easel.ly – Great templates and with an easy editing page.
  • Get the Top 10 or 25 authoritative voices in your industry. Cision Influencer Reports deliver the names, contact details and profiles of the influencers talking about your product, your brand, your industry, your competitors. They’re the people reaching your customers directly, and knowing who they are gives you the advantage. Cision analyzes a number of criteria including blog posts, comments, unique commenters, views, votes, followers, fans and more to determine who’s reaching the most people with the most relevant content. The end result? You’ll get an easy to read report so you can quickly identify key people to focus your efforts on, with a complete picture of their spheres of influence and everything you need to engage with them. Cision Influencer ListsPOLL QUESTION: Are you interested in a free influencer report?
  • Many PR practitioners will tell you to start writing your release and then come back to sprinkle in your keywords. I disagree. I think if you take the time to do your research prior to sitting down to write, you will have much better success with the search engines. If you pick your keywords beforehand, you can keep them next to you as you’re writing and incorporate them as you go. This will lead to a more natural flow of your copy and in turn will not set off spam alerts on the engines.
  • Search Engines weigh the beginning of your release more heavily than the rest of it. Use this to your advantage. Once you have chosen the keywords that you want to incorporate into your release and decided which phrase you are going to use in your headline, optimize the rest of your keywords in the secondary header and first paragraph. Then, provide as much context around the release as you can.


  • 1. Blogging for your BusinessTerra DankowskiCommunity Manager,Seek Or ShoutLisa LarranagaSocial Media Manager
  • 2. Follow Us! Webinar Hashtag #cision22
  • 3. How to participate today  During today’s web seminar, attendees will be in listen-only mode.  If you are experiencing audio issues, please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317  Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session  Everyone will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to view a recorded version of today’s session33
  • 4. What We’ll Cover Sharing your content and generating a conversation Best practices for solo blogging versus a team of bloggers Easy-to-implement infographics, photos and videos Creating content even when you have writer’s block Thinking about SEO & measuring your success44
  • 5. Before you dive in with both feet… 5 5
  • 6.  What is your goal? Who will represent your brand on your blog? When will you find time to produce content? How will you measure your success?66
  • 7. Content Marketing Section Divider
  • 8. Why should my business blog? To create a hub or home base • For news, opinion and content To generate leads/website traffic To establish your brand/bloggers as experts To promote/raise awareness To connect with your target community
  • 9. Who should blog for my brand? Building a community around a blog is a marathon, not a sprint Bloggers should be passionate about the brand/industry and enthusiastic about blogging Seek out a fresh perspective
  • 10. Easy-to-implement infographics Alternative to text Gives audience a quick snapshot of news Ability to explore, create and share infographics! Social distribution
  • 11. Infographic template sites Piktochart Visual.ly Infgr.am Easel.ly
  • 12. Photos & Videos  Creative Commons for outside images  Search for licensed images that can be used for commercial purposes or can be modified  For video, all you need is a smart phone!  Stay still, get close, light should be behind you, and shoot in landscape1212
  • 13. Emerging Social Tools  Wavii • Personalized newsfeed  Medium • Next-generation publishing tool  Triberr • Share blog content with a bigger audience1313
  • 14. If you build it, will they come?  Create good content  Develop a great blog roll  Respond to comments quickly  Read other blogs & comment (social karma)  Highlight blog content on other social platforms
  • 15. Blogging Through Writer’s Block  Share tips & industry expertise • Answer questions to common concerns  Think like a journalist  Read! • Take to your RSS feed, Twitter, or Wavii  Curate • Interesting Industry News • Top Lists1515
  • 16. 1616
  • 17. SEOSection Divider
  • 18. Research your keywords1818
  • 19. Optimize from the top down
  • 20. Create a rockin’ headline Use your main keyword in your headline • Choose one as close to the beginning of the headline as possible Be clear vs. clever Avoid adjectives • “Industry-leading”, “revolutionary”, “best-in-class”, etc. are buzz words that are seen as marketing, not as news Keep it concise • Keep your headline to fewer than 22 words
  • 21. Developing Multimedia Content  Post content • In your newsroom, on your blog and social web • Videos to YouTube, photos to Flickr/Facebook, podcasts to iTunes  Accessing multimedia tools is easier (and cheaper!) • Post your content from your mobile device  Multimedia content is social  Provide how to’s, testimonials and FAQs2121
  • 22. Google Authorship: Get Credit for Content  Gives authors ability to link Google+ profile to content they create  Provides readers with link to other articles by the author  Offers greater visibility in search results  Builds social authority on AuthorRank2222
  • 23. Measuring Results Section Divider
  • 24. Measurement – Numbers  Unique visitors and inbound links  Use bit.ly or a similar service when you share posts on social networks  Find the source of your traffic2424
  • 25. Measurement – Adjust + Continue  Once you have numbers, use them to your advantage  Numbers will help you understand the type of content your readers enjoy most  Adjust your content based on what the metrics are telling you  Write, measure, adjust – repeat!2525
  • 26. Questions?Terra Dankowski, Community Manager, Seek or Shout@seekorshoutLisa Larranaga, Social Media Manager@cision